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The phone rings and takes you away from the computer. You glance at the clock and realize that noon is quickly approaching with the family expected back for lunch soon. the sun beaming in the window also tells you that today is a day to be spent outside.

You pick up on the third ring and answer, “Hello.”

“Hi Judy, its Sally from across the street. Are you busy? I have a box I need to move and no one is around and I could really use your help for a couple of minutes.”

“Hey Sally. Ummmm, sure but you need to give me a couple of minutes ok?”

“Of course. But if you can come before noon, I can offer you lunch for your help.”

“Sounds great, I’ll be there in about 15.”

You rush back to the computer, ending your on-line chat and shutting down. You place last nights leftovers into the oven and jot a quick note for Ralph and Amanda. You wrap a sweater loosely around your shoulders and walk across the street with the warm sun on your face.

Sally opens the door and greets you with a warm smile. “Hey I really appreciate this. I forgot all about it and I need to get this box into the garage so it can be picked up tomorrow morning along with the rest of the trash.”

You give her a quick kiss hello on the cheek, flashing back weeks ago when you shared several bottles of wine with her and the hubbies as part of an impromptu snow day party. Your thoughts still warmed by your earlier on-line chat reawakening those desires that had accompanied that “more than just friendly” buss.

Sally is two or three older than you and you’ve been neighbors for the last 10 years. The families quickly becoming friends with both sets of your children spending much time together as well. You’ve shared many a fond memory and she’s been someone you could call upon when needed.

Her hand touches your elbow as you give her the kiss and she frowns into your eyes as your face retreats. “I really hate that you’re going to move away next month. Its not easy to find good neighbors let alone good friends in this day and age.”

Your smile has a tinge of sadness as her words ring true and you both gaze silently for a moment, measuring the truth in her words.

“But we’re not moving that far. We can still stay in touch. You’ll be the first on our list for the housewarming party as well.”

“I will look forward to that, seeing your new home, but I still can’t help but wish you weren’t going.”

Hands joining, squeezing. Neither of you daring to say anything more as the sadness of parting rears in your minds.

She leads you upstairs where a large box of casino siteleri old clothes is next to the wall of her bedroom. You find yourself sneaking a look at her butt, the memory of that party returning along with your lustful thoughts.

You smile to yourself recalling how you described her big booty butt to your on-line lover, and how you wished that your husband had indicated a willingness to explore the bounds of your relationship with your neighbors that day. Kisses being exchanged willingly and with some passion at your parting.

The box is heavier than it appeared and you both struggle down the stairs with it. At one point, you thought you were going to stumble backwards and another she almost dropped in over the railing. Catching yourselves in time, tossing casual insults at the other to lay faux blame. Giggles following the insults.

Finally the box is laid to rest and you move to the kitchen. Sally has lunch ready, a simple shrimp salad with a citrus based dressing. And beside the plates, an open bottle of wine. Red and familiar.

Her eyes shine as your pleasant surprise of the wine dances across your face. She pours you a glass then one for herself. “Cheers!”

“To good friends!”

The glasses clink and you both sip. One of your favorite Cabs, in fact the one that you had shared before.

“Ummmm, delicious. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, thanks again for your help. I thought I was going to kill you and push you down the stairs so you’ve earned it too.”

Sitting down at the corner of the table, you start in on the salad. Quietly eating and sipping the wine.

You think your mind plays a trick on you and imagine that Sally just took a long look at your breasts while she clears the plates from the table. Your eyes do follow her butt again as she carries them to the sink and your almost caught looking as she glances back over her shoulder.

Sally returns with the bottle and refills the glasses. “Do you remember when we had this wine last?”

“Oh do I? That was some little buzz we had going by the time we left! I don’t think I laughed so hard or had just a good time in a long while.”

Sally looks at your face, “I know. I too had such fun. I…kind of wished it didn’t have to end. I really didn’t want you to go that day.”

Your eyes lock and your hand covers hers on the table. “Me too. I especially enjoyed our little kiss.”

A slight blush on Sally’s cheeks before she next speaks, eyes never leaving your face and her hand turning under yours to mingle your fingers together. “I had hoped it was more than canlı casino a little kiss. I found that I liked kissing you…and would have liked to had a few more.”

Your torso’s drawn forward slowly as if by some force neither of you controls. As if your eyes are calling her to you, and you to hers. You barely get out, “I felt the same,” when your lips join and the kiss from weeks ago is repeated.

You sit then together, one hand joined, as your lips make extended contact. Kissing gently, testing, affirming. Time passes slowly as you become gradually bolder. Chairs scraping on the floor as you both shift to get closer.

Your fingers touch her cheek at the same time that her mouth opens and you get the first real taste of her mouth. The ice broken, now your tongues do battle, both of you sure that the other has the same intention and desires.

As you part her hair behind her ear with your fingers, her hand lands on your knee. Your caress brushes her hair back, travels down and pauses at the nape of her neck. Her hand moves at the same pace up your thigh before jumping up along your side.

“I love having you touch me. I’ve thought about it a lot lately.”

“I thought about it a lot that night, when I first realized how much I wanted you.”

You hold the back of her head and kiss deeply. Shocked a bit to find that its her hand that first finds a breast. Her caresses now sure and confident.

You pull her to you. Her hand smashed between your chests, your desire growing ever stronger.

“What time will Paul be home?”

“He left early this morning for a business trip. He won’t be back until Wednesday. And Ralph, will he expect you home soon?”

“Not really, I left him lunch and a note. He may call but he had some plans for the afternoon.”

“Lets go upstairs then.”

You kiss your response and find yourself standing, still embracing. Your hands finally free to explore her ass. Several minutes past in this new position, mouths now very comfortable together.

Sally slips an arm around your waist and turns you towards the stairs. Your arm soon about her and you trade quick kisses on your way to her bed. Her hand under your top before you are halfway there, her eagerness and aggressiveness surprising you.

You decide to turn the tables a bit and show her that side of you as well. Your lips at her ear, whispering. “Mmmmm, I can’t wait to fuck you Sally. I’ve wanted to bed you for YEARS but Ralph doesn’t know that I like fucking women and you’re so close I didn’t want to risk it.” Your tongue probing her ear, you knowing what kaçak casino that does to most men and women.

Both of you pulling at clothing, it falls around you as you near the bed. Then its the two of you falling together on the bed. Nude bodies rolling about as hands and mouths and tongues and fingers and lips begin their journey.

This time its you that gains the first touch of finger in pussy. Her heat and moisture so inviting and she is quick to follow, seeking yours. As with the others before her, she gasps in astonished glee at the size of your clit, moving on the bed to get a good look at it to confirm what her digits discovered.

Your head falls back as her mouth takes you. She sucks loudly, obviously pleased with your size. “God, you could fuck me with this…”

You push her legs apart, moving into a 69 with her. “I intend to Sally,” spoken just before you bury your tongue in the folds of her sex. Fingers opening her so you can fully enjoy the first taste of the sweetness of a new pussy.

One, two fingers in you as her tongue lashes at your clit. It takes great will on your part not to abandon her and just relish in the pleasure she is giving you. You move a finger in and twist it to find the rough ridges that will bring her equal joy.

The two of you now locked together. Sucking, licking, fingering. Passion unleashed and soon to be fulfilled.

Her hips humping and yours join in. Almost without stopping your administrations, you tell her to suck your clit, how hot it makes you. Then after several feverish licks and probes, you’re now telling her how you’re going to fuck her silly.

Her thighs clamp on your head and your fingers are squashed as she cums. Fresh, hot wetness fills your mouth, causing you to push your hips with new vigor. Your clit sliding between her lips until its crushed by her pressing tongue.

Your orgasm is shuddering in its intensity and you are sure that her face is soaked. You fall off her and you both lay panting next to each other. Fingers locking together in silent as you take long, deep refreshing breaths.

“That was…nice…” Followed by giggles from both ends of the bed.

Sally sits up then turns to lay with you. Sharing soft kisses again, hands lazily moving along hips and sides.

“I really do think you could fuck me with that.” Sally voice laughing as she lightly touches your clit.

You roll over on top of her, pushing her legs apart with yours. Bringing your sex to hers, smiling down at her, breasts soft pillows between your bodies.

“I meant it when I said I intended to fuck you with it.” Looking into her eyes, you start your grind.

Her legs hook around you, a look of sudden awareness as your erect nub seeks to enter her. Realizing that she is about to be fucked, really fucked by you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20