I Got Her High Again!

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I got her high again. She always seems eager to do it though. Luckily, she doesn’t realize I push her and push her to limits! Want another hit? Go ahead, take another one. As many as you like. Ready for another hit? I just ask her every few minutes or so. I make sure to take nowhere even near as much as I push on her!

I love the point it gets her to. She stays horny and talkative. She even likes to watch all my crazy porn with me when she is high! At this point, day 2, we are lying in bed. Porn is always on the tv. I am making sure she stays wet. I swear this drug makes her do things she would have never done otherwise. But I have a big plan in store for her. Just a few more tokes – I want to get her to that loopy place. Like does she know what she is saying? Does she know if this is now or a dream? I love when she is “out of it” – I can fuck with her pretty bad when she gets like this.

Earlier in the day, I planted a sex wanted ad on Craigslist without her knowing. I have been going through responses on my laptop when she thinks I am just looking for another porn video for her. Oh wait, here’s a great response… This one might be the one…

I am planning this night right now! Great she took another hit. Her eyes are glassy… Perfect timing. She just told me she is seeing shit on the walls and ceiling! Perfect.

Before she almost passes out I get her to try on that sexy black lingerie I laid out on the bed. She loves it! She is a prime victim now. I am sneaking downstairs now to let my guests come in. I specifically said I wanted three big men – like 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds – big docks of course. All I had to say was that my wife was horny and high. I asked for three guys to come and “do with her as you wish” while I watch and film it of course!

My three new friends are just what I wanted! Jim is older, 50-ish, 6’2″ and 220. Nice tall white guy – he obviously has been working out his whole life! Tom is even better! Huge younger black guy! So glad to get a mix of races here! This is going to make a great video. I can see casino siteleri that he is well hung even through his tight jeans. Damn can’t wait to see how she reacts. Oh, and the last guy, Bob – he’s shorter only 5’10” but very muscular. He has long hair too! She LOVES long hair on those younger men.

I introduce myself and tell these guys that I want them to ravish her – throw her around – show off your strength. I let them know she is real REAL pliable right now. “I get her good and ready for you guys”

Upstairs we go. The porn is still on, she is almost passing out but still in her black lingerie. Once those big guys see that curvy womanly bod of hers, they will be even more excited. I let them in the bedroom and I follow close behind. I have already set up my camera and tripod in the corner of the room. Nothing is even said. They just walk in like they own the place and start to surround the bed. She hears movement and opens her eyes. She gasps but in excitement. I wonder if she thinks this is really happening or if she is just in la-la land!! (la la land is better!) Tom starts to take his cock out of his jeans – oh shit – he’s hung like a fucking horse! She immediately grabs his hard cock in her hand. But her eyes are wandering – she sees the other two guys too. I can tell she is trying to focus. The look on her face is like a kid in a candy store. Her face and eyes are saying – where do I touch – who do I grab – where to go first!!

Once one cock came out showing hard and quick, the others were soon to follow. She had three large cocks right there to play with! Oh yea – the movie is going to be fucking hot!! She grabs two cocks – one in each hand. She licks her lips and her mouth is dry (damn drug side effect)! She moves her head right toward the last cock – it’s in her mouth now.

She gets up on her knees on the bad. I see big male hands starting to rub her all over. She is moaning, and her eyes are rolling back! She hasn’t even looked in my direction – I don’t think she even knows I am making her a movie star! My cock is hard watching canlı casino her relish all this cock in her face. She is responding to the touch and the moans of all the men. I can see they don’t even need a script or anything – thy aren’t paying attention to me either! FUCKING HOT

Jeans are coming off in all directions. The big men are coveting this high bitch like there’s no tomorrow. Rubbing, pulling tweaking her nipples. She is moaning with MUCH pleasure. Thank goodness for my tripod – I need the steady hand!

Tom pushes her back on the bed and shoves his hard cock in her mouth. He starts just fucking her mouth. She reaches out aimlessly with her hands and the guys make sure their cocks are in reach! Hands are exploring her pussy. She is moaning and thrusting – practically begging for it. God my cock is hard watching this.

Tom seems to be the leader here! He starts getting her out of her clothes. He picks her up and puts her in the position HE wants her in – face down and ass up – on her knees like a fucking dog. His big cock is dripping with pre-cum and he shoves it in her big pussy – UHHHHHH she cries out. Then of course – she gets another hard cock shoved in her mouth. I knew she was such a whore – she always told me about her group sex fantasies! She looks like she knows what she is doing that is for sure. I keep filming – just trying to keep a good angle – hard to concentrate on the filming while being so damn turned on. The dicks keep swapping places. She always keeps her hand and mouth on one – while they take turns fucking her sloppy pussy.

Bob lays on the bed and pulls her on top of him – she straddles that man and starts riding his big cock! I have never seen her move like that! So curvy and he back is arched! Jim moves in from behind – no way – is he going to DP her? Oh, good please do – I want to see her pussy and ass get stretched like never before. She was so wet he didn’t even use lube. He spread those ass cheeks wide and just shoved his dick – OMG – she IS getting DP’d! I have never heard any sounds coming from her like this! kaçak casino One big dick in her pussy – one in her ass, and of course, the last in her mouth. Every hole is being penetrated! I swear I can make money off this movie I am filming!

They just keep taking turns – moving her this way and that way. Each cock had time in EACH hole of hers! She can’t seem to get enough! Damn, I could have added one more dude! When this bitch is high she gets insatiable! My movie is already like 45minutes long. Oh, here comes the first cum shot! He sprays his hot load all over her back! She is moaning and loving it! They turn her over and the other two cum all over her face (one of my requests!). Her mouth is open tongue sticking out – licking her lips – she is swallowing both loads at once! What a dirty slut!

Once they cum, things start winding down. I asked for no small talk with her – just fuck her and leave kinda thing. She looks SPENT! She has been tossed on the bed like dirty laundry! She lay there like wore out. She’s still trying to catch her breath while the guys just quietly slipped out. I got nods and silent high fives from each of them. Call me next time, Tom mouthed over to me!

With the house quiet again, I put my camera away – hide the evidence. I go over to the bed and lie next to her and just slightly rub her skin. Like just caress her as if I had never left our bed. Thank goodness for those last few hits! Put her right over the edge! Oh, she’s coming around a bit. I offered her another hit – she took it of course. I mentioned the porno on the tv. Of course, not acting like I just filmed HER own porno. I wanted her to think she dreamed it or watched a porn or something like that – it’s working.

I know she was drained – all the drugs, then the massive gang bang. I just encouraged her to rest now. She knows she has got to get some rest by Sunday night – she doesn’t want to be high and worn out for work on Monday. She lays right down, doing as I say.

She falls asleep pretty quick. Then I get out my camera – I watch my masterpiece! My cock has been hard for hours. As I watch my slut, whore, druggie wife get gang banged, I finally cum – I cum all over her! She doesn’t even flinch! Wait till next weekend – this movie will be on the TV for HER viewing pleasure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20