Ebb and Flow – A Bystander’s Life

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“Hey! Alan.”

It took me a few moments looking round the crowded club before I saw who had called out to me. “Sorry Rachel, how are you” I said when I reached her table.

“I couldn’t see you in the press.”

“I was waving to you You’re tall enough to see my arms. Perhaps something else — or should I say someone else distracted you. I waved but did you see me?” she answered her own question, by shaking her head, smiled and went on.” How are you?”

“Well thanks. And you know me by now. No one would distract me from you.” I looked at her wistfully ” I’m waiting to see Mike and Joe, we’re planning a hunting trip but they wont be here for a while. I came early. I wanted something to eat I couldn’t be bothered cooking tonight. Care to join me? What brings you here?”

“Like you, I’m waiting for friends.”

“I was hoping you might say that you were waiting for me to show up. You know I come here a lot.” I smiled at this hot sexy clever girl. Once again I thought its so unfair. “Girls are supposed to want romance, to want a relationship and here I am, I’ve offered all that – even marriage to Rachel and all she wants is casual sex. Its not even as if she has a real boyfriend- well not that I know anyway” But I had thought that so often over the last few months. I’ve sent her flowers, chocolates, taken her to all the girly romantic places and things I could think of- and its done no good at all. All she wanted to do was fuck. And if it had been any other girl I would have been happy at that. But this was Rachel. It hurt.

“No Alan,” she giggled. ” But yeah I’d love to join you for a meal. Let’s order from the bar. But let me buy you a drink first. Grab a table so we have somewhere to eat later”

We sat and talked after Rachel came back with the drinks. Then it was my turn to buy a round. When I came back to our table there was a woman standing next to Rachel. Rachel was fuming as the woman said “so why don’t you join us, are you thinking you re too good for us.” I saw Rachel clenching and unclenching her fists behind her back as she looked at the woman.

I ran my eyes over the other woman. She was also blonde, a little shorter then Rachel’s 5 ft 8 and perhaps a bit heavier. She was dressed in cheap finery, a lot of costume jewellery –cheap bangles and bracelets, her chin and nose both had a stud in them. She was certainly stacked, her tits just about popped out of the low cut t-shirt and her ass was really built. She was heavy where it mattered, her waist was fairly slim. All in all her build suited her slutty appearance.

I looked back at Rachel. There was no comparison between the two women. Rachel was tall slender stylish in her cream blouse and emerald green skirt. She looked exactly what she was- a successful business executive. The other girl looked like trailer trash which I was certain from her loud mouth and abrasive accent she was. Just as certainly she was giving Rachel a bad time. No way would Rachel want to lower herself by being with that sort of slut. I looked over at the intruder’s friends. There were another three of them, all dressed cheaply, two had tats on their arms, all were now looking our way.

Rachel snapped. She stood up, glared at the woman and hissed “Look girl. I am waiting for my friends and I really don’t want your loud-mouthed forced good humour. I do not want to have a drink with you and your friends. Now just let me enjoy my peace.” She caught my eye and gestured, telling me she wanted to handle this on her own.

I licked my lips for I had seen her handle another woman before.

One night last year some of us, including Rachel and her geeky physics lecturer brother, were out at a club and this knockout redhead picked him up. She just about seduced him right there on the dance floor, grinding her cunt to him, hands on his ass, and when he finally got up the nerve to ask for her phone number, the cunt slapped him. I wanted to laugh when he told us, he looked so whimpish he is just so clueless about women-, but! Rachel was furious. She walked over to the redhead with me in tow and demanded that the cunt apologise to her brother right then and there. The redhead whose name I found later was Laura refused; the two women traded insults, each feeding off the other, each getting more angry at each exchange.

Finally Rachel said “If you don’t stand up I will drag your from your chair and then beat you up! And then make you apologise to Steven.” I glanced at her, never had I seen her so fired up.

I turned toward Laura. She seemed to be sizing Rachel up; she was red in the face her breasts heaved. Then she stood up. “OK bitch I’ll make you eat those words” With that she slapped Rachel’s face hard.

Rachel responded by grabbing Laura’s long red hair with one hand and with the other slapping her face several times. Laura was handicapped by her position- she couldn’t go back because of the table and couldn’t move to her left because there was a bench there. She thrust her body forward trying to push Rachel güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out of the way but had to endure several more slaps before she finally got a bit of manoeuvring space.

I remembered looking at the two women. Rachel’s face was flushed, she had pinned her mane of blonde hair back to keep it out of her way and her hands were up ready to attack. Laura, already a little battered round the face, her blue top askew and exposing the top of her heaving creamy breasts was defiant.

She too wanted a fight. They both looked so hot.

Now that Laura had some room she darted in quickly seizing Rachel’s hair in one hand and punched her chin with the other. Rachel’s head snapped back, she groaned loudly, I am sure she was surprised at Laura’s move. But she responded fiercely by ramming her knee in Laura’s gut. I thought Laura would have been more hurt by that move but it didn’t seem to faze her at all for she elbowed Rachel in the face. She was clearly trying to work Rachel’s face hard.

Rachel was surprised again. She staggered back as far as she could with Laura still holding her hair. The two women traded punches for a few minutes. At first Laura wouldn’t let go of Rachel’s hair which meant she couldn’t defend with one hand while attacking with the other. Rachel got a few blows in till Laura realised her mistake.

When Laura had let go of Rachel’s hair the fistfight was a bit more even but I was sure Rachel had the edge, Laura had already taken some punishment. Laura must have realised this as well for she broke from the fight.

“Watch it the bitch is trying to kick you Rachel.” But my warning was not needed. Rachel had seen the move and sidestepped. She closed on Laura, body slamming her and forcing her back against the wall of the booth she had broken away from a few minutes earlier.

Her back to the wall, Laura tore her nails into Rachel’s back, slightly ripping her halterneck top. Rachel squealed more with anger then pain I think though blood seeped from the gashes Laura’s nails had made. Rachel punched at Laura’s sides and repeated the slam.

Laura almost folded. When Rachel dropped back, Laura stood there her body heaving, her mouth open as she sucked air in. She moved forward – slowly- punching Rachel hard on both cheeks. Even though she was tired Laura’s punches had force and Rachel’s head rocked back. She seemed to me to stagger slightly. Laura smirked and closed on her. But then Rachel slammed her knee up hard right into Laura’s gut.

The blow hit well. Laura looked winded. Rachel followed her move with successive punches to Laura’s face. Laura blocked some but she was bleeding from the nose and gasping for air. A minute later Rachel slammed her fist deep into Laura’s belly.

Laura had taken all she could. She dropped to her knees.

Rachel grabbed her foe’s red tresses. “Up on your feet slut!” Rachel hauled a sobbing Laura up and turned her round. Pinning Laura’s arms behind her back she marched the redhead over to where Steven and our friends were sitting.

“Apologise to my brother!”

But Steven cut in. “You didn’t need to do that Rachel. You went too far. Was I the excuse? You wanted a fight didn’t you?” He smiled sadly. “I know you too well.” He turned to Laura. “Its ok I guess. Come on, I’ve got an icepack and some cold presses and some gauze. Sit down and I will clean you up.”

Rachel whispered to me “That my brother is so nice to her, is more humiliating for Laura. None of her friends came to help her. Here is the guy she tormented, made fun of and slapped, washing her wounds, bandaging them and getting her salves and anti septics. How do you think she feels?”

“Its true, you like fighting.” I replied looking at her flushed, excited face. I squeezed her ass. “Come I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Give me a minute to freshen up.”

It was of course much more then a minute; it always is when a woman says she is going to freshen up. But Rachel did look good when she came back. We had a drink. I was surprised when Rachel asked me if I wanted to dance, I thought she would have been too hurt to want to do much more then go home. But we did dance. All the time Rachel kept touching me. She started just brushing against me, while we stood sipping our drinks which I at first thought was accidental, there was a lot of people around. But she got bolder while we danced, sliding her hand inside my shirt, grinding her thighs against mine and kissing deeply. After a bracket of songs we made our way back to the table. I looked at Rachel, she was still flushed, her eyes almost unnaturally bright, her lovely bosom heaving.

“Hey where is Steven?” Rachel asked.

“Err he went over there” one of her friends pointed “with Laura and her friends.”

Rachel’s mouth dropped.

“Come on hun this is something we gotta see” I said taking Rachel by the hand and walking over.

When we got there we saw Steven and a rail thin girl talking animatedly. I recognised the girl as a friend güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of Laura’s who had come over before to help her after the fight. Steven explained “Yvonne is doing math at college, she was finding it hard, I know some of her tutors, I’ll help her out. And she is into cycling.” Steven was a triathele, which I had always though a nerdy sport but it seemed he had found someone to talk to.

“Well Rachel, I think your fight made you a matchmaker.” I said. Steven smiled a little nervously. Yvonne flushed. I continued “lets leave them they don’t need us, come lets have another dance.”

This time Rachel danced even closer to me, her movements sexually charged. She nibbled my ear and whispered “take me home Alan. Steven can have our car.” She held onto me tightly her arm round my waist as we fount her brother still talking with Yvonne. They had got much closer now, Yvonne’s head resting on Steven’s shoulder. Rachel spoke to her brother and we left.

When we got to the walkup Rachel shared with her brother she invited me in. She was hot. We fucked in the corridor, before we were undressed, she gave me a blow job in the kitchen then I returned the favour licking her till she moaned while she waited for coffee to brew. I lost count of the number of times we had sex that night and the next day. She was one hot babe. I was so glad she had fought. I had wanted to get in her pants for ages. I know it was the fight that did it for me that night.

One of the oddest things though was that a few months later Steven and Yvonne got engaged. I don’t understand it. I laughed when I heard it. Rachel was so furious with me when I did she slapped my face and began laying into me with her fists. She gave me a black eye. But even that was ok as within a few moments I had her hands behind her back, she was bent over my kitchen table and I slapped her ass till she screamed. I fucked her from behind while she clung to the table. A fight really makes Rachel hot.

No, the engagement wasn’t the oddest thing. The more I had seen of Rachel the more I liked her. She wasn’t just a hot fighter, she wasn’t just hot in bed, she was clever, she showed me music and film and art wasn’t just for wimps. And that was useful for work too, I was able to impress clients with tickets to concerts and by taking them to art shows. I broke the barrier to become a senior associate after I met some of the senior partners in the crush bar at the symphony concert. It sure helped I had Rachel with me that evening. She was so impressive.

The oddest thing was that Rachel didn’t want to move in with me, I even said the “M” word. All Rachel did was smile and say “Alan you’re great in bed, you’re a fun guy but I could never trust you as a partner. And as for marriage, you don’t know the meaning of commitment.”

My chain of memories was broken by Rachel standing up and saying to the girl who had invited her to join her group “Now I have had enough of you. Get lost You are rude, ignorant and what’s worse you’re sober. If you were drunk then there might be a reason for your actions, not an excuse of course nothing excuses manners like yours but at least there’d be some hope you were not like this all the time”. Clearly the argument had got worse while I had been thinking of the nights last winter.

The girl looked at Rachel. “So you think you’re too good for us. Well you’re a rich snob bitch.” With that she threw the contents of her glass in Rachel’s face following that by yanking Rachel’s hair with her other hand. Putting her glass down she slapped Rachel’s face several times before Rachel had wiped her eyes and got her vision back.

“Way to go Cassie” yelled one of her friends, a girl whose tight black top showed she was wearing no bra and left much of her midriff exposed. Even I had to admit she looked hot.

Cassie continued her onslaught; she slammed Rachel’s head hard into the side of a booth. Rachel was stunned and fell back groaning. Cassie grabbed at Rachel’s blouse. She was about to rip it when Rachel got back in the fight with a knee raised to Cassie’s belly. It was Cassie’s turn to groan as the air whooshed out of her lungs. She dropped back. The two girls traded blows for a few minutes with neither of them seeming to get the advantage. In truth that meant Rachel was winning for she had overcome Cassie’s surprise attack.

Perhaps sensing that Cassie broke off stepped back and charged at Rachel. But my girl sidestepped raising her knee and letting Cassie impale herself on it. Cassie staggered forward bent double. Rachel bettingmarkt was now well in control. The fight continued for a few more minutes but Cassie was clearly losing.

Rachel clinched her win by clapping her hands over Cassie’s ears and before the stunned girl recovered, by seizing her hair and slamming her head into Rachel’s upturned knee. Cassie cried and gave in her face bleeding freely. Rachel reached out grasping Cassie’s top with both hands. She tore it wide open down almost to Cassie’s naval.

“This güvenilir bahis şirketleri is for trying to do this to me, bitch.”

She pulled on the top. Cassie had to follow or her top would have been ripped in two. Rachel grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her head down.

“No” squealed Cassie, she knew what was coming.

So did I.

“Oh yes” smirked Rachel pushing Cassie’s head down till she banged it against the table. Slap, slap, slap went Rachel’s other hand on Cassie’s ass.

Cassie squirmed and squealed, begging Rachel to stop but Rachel continued till she had slapped each of Cassie’s ass cheeks ten times. “Don’t mess with me again”

A beet red Cassie clutching her ripped shirt slunk back to the corner table where her friends were sitting.

I offered Rachel another drink but she told me she had to go and freshen up. I watched the scene a bit. Then Rachel came back with some girls. “Alan these are my friends, we were going to see the concert here.” She pecked me on the cheek and left with her friends. I finished my drink and waited a while for my friends to turn up.

When Mike and Joe arrived we sat in the main bar planning our trip. The club started broadcasting an ice hockey match, annoying but the volume was low so we were able to keep talking. But we were interrupted by a chubby young brunette at a nearby table raucously cheering the match. She was one of the group of trash that Cassie had come from. All of the others had left. I tried to ignore her till an Indian woman came and chatted with her. After a few moments the two got up. The chubby chick had some drink spilled down her top. She was lurching around. I thought she was drunk and turned back to Mike and Joe .

“Err Mike have we lost you?” He was staring at the two women.

“I’ve seen the brunette before”

“So?” I didn’t care much, I glanced up to confirm my opinion that the brunette wasn’t worth caring about. She was dressed in a mock leather jacket ad cotton t-shirt a denim skirt and mock leather boots “You’ve seen white trash before. Well duh! So have I. What’s with this one.”

“No, it’s not that. I saw her lose a fight, then she got gangbanged.”

“You begin to interest me. Do tell”

“It was at the beach a month or so ago. I was there with some other guys. Id’ been windsurfing, checking out the babes, having a few drinks- the sort of thing I like to do most summer weekends.. We were just sitting checking out the scene. I heard two girls arguing loudly. I looked around there was that fat brunette chick we saw just then –her names Jenn Peccavi by the way- and a slim blonde with huge tits just about popping out of her string bikini standing just about tit to tit and glaring at each other. The guys and me got up and walked over to where the bitches were just as they started shoving each other back and forth. Peccavi won that exchange so the blonde tried to knee her in the groin. She failed and the brunette closed on her slapping her face hard. It seemed the fat slut was going to have an easy win cuz even though the blonde ripped her t-shirt open because she body slammed her and the blonde ended on her ass on the sand. Then I saw the brunette straddle the blonde and slap her face a few times.”

Mike paused sipped his beer and continued “The blonde just managed to beat the fat bitch off by punching her repeatedly in the face. She split the brunettes lip. By this time the brunette’s tits were all on display, the ripped t-shirt didn’t do anything to hide them. The two girls got up and circled each other trading punches. For the first time I began to think the blonde might make a fight of it. She was lighter on her feet, moved faster and if her punches didn’t have the same force as the fat babe’s she landed a lot more. Then she made a mistake. Instead of punching the brunette into a heap she charged forward and the two women grappled each other. I could see this is just what the fat brunette wanted. She scraped her nails right down the blonde’s back and then got her in a bear hug. All the blonde could do was rip the other slut’s bottoms so they started to slide down.

“Peccavi had the fight as good as won when suddenly the blonde bit her hard.”

“That was dirty” Joe remarked.

“You aint heard nothing yet.” Mike took another swig of his beer before continuing. “The brunette dropped back. You could see she had a chunk out of her shoulder, it was bleeding freely. The blonde swung a few punches that really damaged the brunette chick- she couldn’t take them in her gut – just too fat. Well you saw her just a few minutes ago, you saw that yourself. Any way she dropped back further. There was a bit of a lull. The bitches stood there glaring at each other the blonde topless now- her bikini top had come off in that last clinch, the brunette was naked she had lost the rest of her t-shirt somehow. God they looked hot. Each of them had hard nips. Both of them stroked their tits. They were turned on by fighting as much as we were by watching. I bet Wayne Foster $50 the brunette would cream the blonde- perhaps in more ways then one” Mike chuckled and continued. “.Wayne said she was tired and out of condition and too fat. We both thought the winner would want a victory fuck — I thought Peccavi would want a gangbang. She was one hot slut.”

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