Bathhouse Lures Ch. 01

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In the cold grayness of winter, a bathhouse’s lures are irresistible. The sliding hands and legs in the whirlpool, the warmth and full contact of the dark room, hits of rush in a porn cabin, the shared sweatiness of the steambath, soaping my hard cock at the public shower while looking at other men, wondering about who will be playing with who, so many potential partners so close to hand.

I bettingmarkt find myself entering an increasingly intense haze of sexual bliss, where an hour goes by unnoticed in the company of other men, enjoying each other in ways that go far beyond any of my initial fantasies about bathhouses 3 decades ago. Its admittance policy plays a role in this, placing the focus clearly on male only delights, ensuring that complications do not arise between strangers. After all, any repeat bathhouse visitor knows what pleasures are offered, and a first time visitor likely grows too horny too quickly to be concerned about playing with other aroused partners in an adult playground.

Ensuring a second visit, then a third … all too easily falling under the seductive spell of the baths, all of us fully understanding why it was impossible to stop. Something shared in a purely male sense – the attraction of new partners, in unending abundance, satisfying all desires among men who understood just how good public group sex could be, all of us indulging in its various possibilities, from the voyeuristic to the fully submerged, servicing pure cock lusts and surrendering to others perfectly serving one’s own lusts, often only discovered as they arise through the skills of a man that loves cock.

I consider myself bisexual in a simple way. Women are incredibly sexy – but so is a hard cock. My major interest in a man to man sex remains cock, most likely resulting from some of my first orgasms with another person, looking at later-70s Penthouses and other mags when jacking off with my best friend. Both of us naturally focusing on each other’s cocks and faces, cumming together. Never touching, but it was still my first experience getting off with another naked person, as we almost always undressed during those hot summer days.

We would share the porn in a bedroom or bathroom or outdoors in the woods, the prized magazines before us, often four or five times a week in our horniness. Talking about what was most sexy in the spreads, looking at the other’s cock to see its reaction to the words and images.

My bi interests are focused at a simple level, compared to my female bi friend, now living with a younger woman for more than a year and a half. Her interests are truly bi, unlike my own, very male dominated sexual tastes. She can fall in love with anyone without caring about their sex, unlike myself.

Indulging my desire for anonymous male group sex is made easier by a lack of concern about personal or legal repercussions. A condition that undoubtedly makes my visits a lot less stressful than otherwise. My wife knows about my tastes, if not the precise details about my growing desires, the ones that a visit to the baths satisfy so well.

A purely male visit. Though my bi friend enjoys my stories, she has a difficult time imagining them, as such pure sluttiness seems more a male than female trait, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri especially when rush is involved. This fact is probably part of the reason why bathhouses are male only. Recently, on the local bathhouse’s guest book, a woman wrote that the sauna sounded very enticing – she was politely told that it is off-limits to women. Understandable, if only to protect the privacy of men that get off with other men.

I’ve never taken off my gold marriage ring when in the baths. Certainly, a number of the men in the sauna are married or in a relationship, likely quite uninterested in having their wives or girlfriends finding out about their sauna activities. After all, an attached men can get as horny as any other type of man. Especially the type of man that enjoys being nude with other nude men in an invitingly intimate setting.

Like the whirlpool, a place which has grown in its attractive force over the last few visits. Last Friday, it was difficult to leave after the fountaining had started. This is the least enjoyable part of the tub’s three phases, the enthusiastic bubbling and splashing simply too much for me to deal with. Even when wearing my titanium wire framed glasses to protect my eyes.

The maybe quarter of hour of bubbling along the bench ring and still water had been perfect, as the number of men in the water went from a pair to five, my hand or foot having felt all of them, getting them hard or experiencing their hardness. And they returning the attention in turn, singly and together. A shared hot tub can be quite enticing with like minded visitors, nudity making our desires obvious, watching and being watched.

Standing to leave, cock still extended, still on the verge of cumming, a couple of men put their legs out as I walked over the central pulsing fountain fixture, snaring me for a moment, toes fondling my balls. However, the last 20 minutes had been more than sufficient stimulation, now it was time to go upstairs.

Adding a bit of rush to the potent mix of sensations has become so irresistible. Within such a male only space, there are no worries concerning finding different types of action on a cold afternoon. What men might do among themselves is just for those men to know – a very thin fiction, of course, to anyone who has ever gotten off at a bathhouse.

Entering the steambath, it was apparent that the same mood existed here as in the whirlpool, a cock sucking pair in the corner, several other men paying attention, a couple of them already hard. A second pair formed against the distant wall, their bodies gradually moving into the deeper dimness of rear section as they started to play with each other’s body, rubbing and grinding. Walking to the wall, I turned and leaned back, my shoulders supporting me as I began to stroke my cock, legs lightly splayed. The nearby blow job and the less distinct activities of the shadowed pair added to my obvious enjoyment, my fist starting to pump my erect shaft.

Horny enough to try to slide past the pair in the darkness, I slowly approached, then stopped as the sounds of kissing became obvious. They were tightly wrapped in each other’s arms, cocks sliding together as they kissed, unconcerned about who was around. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I sat down on the bench, the light from the other passage making it barely possible to see how I was jacking me rigid cock off.

It took little time for two men to approach, the one on my right reaching for my cock a half step before the man on left. His hand slid over mine, making it easy for me to search for his own rod as his touch replaced mine on my shaft. It was not possible to control a low moan as my hand found his still swelling cock, its thickness notable. The man on the left began to play with my nipple, his other hand guiding mine to his stiff dick.

All three of us hard, I slowly pulled the two sexy cocks towards each other. The rhythm on my cock stopped, then changed – the other man was now jacking me, his hand leaving my nipple, running over my head before sliding over the other man’s bodies. It was obvious when he found a nipple, the touch causing the other man to groan and slump a bit in my grasp.

Visitors to the steambath are all lovers of cock – cocks being stroked, cocks being sucked, cocks fucking, cocks rubbing so good together. All three of us were fully enthralled, pleasure submerging us. The two hard cocks began to touch, right in front of me in silhouette, the sounds of kissing growing louder. I held both cocks together, moving their uncut cockheads against each other, the man to my right starting to touch my cock again.

I took a condom off the bench, ready for whatever came next, knowing that the two men in front of me were totally turned on, their gloriously slippery cocks sliding past each other, my circled fingers and thumb keeping them together. Well, at that level, as each was grabbing the other’s ass, fingers clearly exploring the sensitive skin where the cheeks separated.

A fourth man approached on my left, his hand reaching my nipple as he began to slide his body against the standing man, making him the middle of our foursome. Whose attention started to wander as the new man began kissing his neck, his hand meeting mine where the two cocks were still grinding. The jacking pace of man to my right slowed, his grip tightening along my rigid shaft, as a hand began to run over my head, its motions making clear the intentions of its owner.

Groaning as my mouth opened, having turned in response to the gentle guidance of the hand caressing my face and neck. The original pair had separated, as the first man to play with my cock became the first man I sucked during this visit, my hunger for cock finally being satisfied. It was easy to slide the condom on, his thickness stretching it tight as my lips and hand unrolled it down his length.

Finally, his cock filled my mouth, making me so horny, sucking a stranger’s hard cock in public. My jutting cock a clear sign of just how much I loved being a cock sucking slut. My left hand was on third man’s rod, which was gently bucking back and forth, the fourth man standing behind him, hands on his hips.

Far too quickly, the man I was going down on pulled back, his hand swiftly unrolling the condom. He then walked away, giving me a chance to look around in the steamy dimness. Other groups were spread through güvenilir bahis şirketleri the space, my attention growing as my right hand began to play with the slippery length of my turned on cock.

Letting my left hand roam, it was clear that the pair were turned on enough to fuck. Or to suck, with a sexy cock so close by my hungry mouth. I awkwardly found the other condom to my left, using my right hand.

Quickly opening it, bending a bit, my lips slid along the moist latex, teasing him as he moaned and sagged: The condom unrolled completely before touching my wanting cock, jacking off so good as a man began to fuck my mouth.

Only after a few minutes did the reality of the situation become apparent to me, as the pleasure flowed between us. A thick cock filling my mouth, stroking myself in rhythm to the fucking motion of a stranger’s cock, deep in the ass of another stranger. My left hand rose to slide over the sweaty chest of the man being fucked. We were a threesome, the man in the middle getting fucked and sucked, each of us completely lost in the bliss of male group sex. In a public space, surrounded by other men doing such things to each other, all of us true devotees of bathhouse sex.

The heat rose to the point that I needed to leave, taking the opportunity to go when positions shifted among partners, sliding out between turned on naked bodies. Back upstairs, I did another hit of rush. Leaving the cabin, undecided to porn or darkroom side. Choosing the porn theater, the porn was completely boring, the area empty apart from two closed booth doors.

Entering the darkroom, I could sense a presence, something grown rare over time. Stretching out my hand, I found the edge, letting my hand lightly glide over it. I moved closer, positioning myself to sit, my questing hand having found a leg when sweeping the space further back in the darkness.

A nicely hairy leg, very soft fur covering hard bone. My hand continued to stroke up and down, soon reaching his foot, providing an idea of where to position myself on the broad surface. Taking my time, enjoying the sounds and sighs created under my hand’s teasing journey. Touching his hard cock made him grasp mine, quite hard.

The darkroom is a sexy space for exploration, the lack of light enhancing the sensations. Right now, of our mutual cock stroking, both of us fully concentrated on the sexual touches and motions we were sharing. A combination of private and yet public sex, where anyone could join, but no one could see. And only those that joined could know what was actually going on.

In our case, how we lightly touched each other while being jacked off by an unseen stranger. I had forgotten the power of this effect, similar to that of a gloryhole, where all the pleasure is distilled into pure cock sensation, knowing that a man was the reason for how completely turned I’d become. With the added attraction that in the darkroom, it was easy to share it.

We rode the edge of orgasm until the wave receded, ebbing as it does when the wave doesn’t break. Another feature of sex in the baths – cumming is not exactly the single goal, as a half hour of talented shared sex is worth more than an orgasm in a couple of minutes. Not counting the occasional exceptional case, of course, having indulged in both sides of the equation before.

Neither of us interested in cumming right now, I decided to leave, fully aware of just how much I wanted to remain, reminded of just how good my bathhouse initiation had been, in this very space.

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