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Chapter 3 – Training Day

We made love in the shower and in bed twice more during the night. My bed was a single, so we moved to Mom’s bedroom. She had a queen sized bed which was much more conducive to our planned activities. One time we made love missionary style. Laura told me she liked this position when really making love. She liked the weight on her and the ability for her to hold onto me. I felt some sharp pains in my back during those sessions, which added to the overall lovemaking experience but really didn’t notice the pain.

The other time she was on top. I have to say I loved the total feeling of her vagina pulling my penis up, pushing it down and grinding sideways and back and forth, the expressions on her face as she concentrated, watching her breasts rotate in time with her hips, feeling those breasts with my hands. A total package of satisfaction.

In the morning, I asked Laura if she would like some coffee. She murmured “yes” I thought, so I pulled on some sweats, limped slowly downstairs to the kitchen and got it started. I wasn’t really sure how to make it as I hadn’t developed a taste for it yet, but had made it for Mom a number of times, so was pretty sure I could do it up right.

I knocked around a bit, looking to see what there was to eat and was about to head back up to tell Laura what we had, when I heard her voice behind me.

“You’re looking pretty industrious.” I looked over and there was Laura in one of Mom’s velour housecoats. She had the drawstrings pulled tight.

“Well, I thought I would make us breakfast. Mom made sure I can cook. She always says it’s the surest way to a woman’s heart, contrary to what you may have heard.”

“I could be convinced,” Laura said. “Show me your stuff.”

So, limping and hopping around the kitchen, I prepared Eggs Benedict, but with biscuits not English muffins. I have never figured out why anyone would actually eat English muffins. I stir fried some vegetables, juiced some oranges and voila – breakfast.

“I’m impressed,” said Laura as she worked her way through the meal. “I believe Rita may be right!”

After breakfast, Laura helped with the dishes and took advantage, poking and tickling me as I stood there on one leg. I finally had to grab her and hold her to me to stop the torture. When I did that, she put her head against my chest and put her arms around me too.

“I just want to hold you,” she whispered. “And never let go.”

I held her head against me and said back “I want nothing else myself.”

We hugged for a few more moments, then she stepped back and looked up at me. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were glossy with tears.

“What’s the matter?” I asked anxiously.

“Oh nothing, I’m just happy right now. Its been a long time since I felt this calm, and not been anxious, waiting for something lousy to happen again.”

I was a little mystified by what she said and it must have shown.

“Its just personal stuff Aaron. Not something you need to worry about.”

For some reason, Becky crossed my mind at that point. I thought probably no better time than now.

“Laura, I need to ask your advice about something. And I think you should sit down.”

A look of alarm crossed her face. “What is it?” she asked, moving to the kitchen table.

“Well you know, when you were telling me about your husband yesterday, the main reason I was crying was, a couple of days ago I experienced something very much like what your husband was doing.”

Laura’s eyes narrowed but she said nothing.

I told her the whole story. What had happened at Rick’s house, how I had fled, how I had felt.

Laura visibly relaxed as she listened and bent forward listening intently. And once I got started, I could not stop. I told her everything about me, from the gas station bunnies, to Mom’s underwear, to my masturbating – all the way to my humiliation the other night.

About half way through, Laura reached across the table and took my hands in hers. I kept on talking and didn’t stop until I was finished.

She waited a few moments after I stopped, then said to me, ” You said you needed my advice on something.”

I blushed a little and said, “Yeah, here I tell you my whole life story when what I really want to know is what can I do to help Becky?”

“How old is she?” Laura asked.

“I’m pretty sure she is at least 18. No wait, she might be 19. If I remember right, I think she repeated a year early in elementary school. Does that matter?”

“I’m no legal expert,” said Laura. “But if that guy started on her when she was a minor there could be issues.”

“Rick is the same age, or might even be younger.”

“Good point, well whatever, I doubt he learned that kind of behaviour by himself,” Laura mused. “Tell you what, will you write down their names and addresses and your whole experience, starting right at the restaurant? I have a friend who may be able to help”

“You bet! Sorry I don’t mean to drag you into this but it would be so great if we can casino oyna get her away from Rick!”

“Aaron, we don’t often get opportunities to really help someone. My neighbours saved my life. If I can repay them by helping this girl, I will happily do it. I would do it a thousand times if I could.” Laura replied, looking directly into my eyes.

And with that, she got up and walked around the table, sat on my lap and gave me a really passionate kiss. I could feel my engine starting again and moved my hand up to her breast. Laura however placed her hand on mine, removed it from her breast and said to me, “You’ve told me your story. Now I need to tell you about me. Then we can think about where to go from here.”

I was curious. What did I need to know?

“You should know, your Mom has been really worried about you for the past couple of years. I get what she was saying now. And once you told me about the gas station playboy bunnies, it all started to make sense.

Hormones and teen minds are an explosion waiting to happen. I think it’s amazing we don’t all just blow up from the emotions of puberty.

“You may have guessed by now that Rita and I set up this liaison.”

“It crossed my mind,” I said. “Especially after I recognized you were wearing the same blouse and that the letter had the same scent as that first day. The part about “treating you right” was the clincher though, when I thought further. So you guys actually planned this?”

“Yes, Rita really didn’t have to go to the conference, but it seemed a plausible enough reason for you and I to be alone. I was coming out to the worksite to tell you the story of my husband anyway, and would have lured you into my house for the night. Twisting your foot created a much more natural way to make it happen. And I got to sleep in Rita’s bed again.”

She waited for the shoe to drop.


I may have written already that I’m sometimes slow to catch on. I think it is because my mind is usually totally elsewhere. I kept waiting for her to say something more and then I heard it in my mind, like an echo.


Suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I was gasping for air. I tried to get up but fell off the chair and slumped to the ground. Suddenly there was the sensation of cold water hitting my face. Involuntarily, I gasped, spluttered and started to cough. It took a couple of minutes, but gradually my breathing returned to normal.

I sat up and leaned against the kitchen counter. I looked up at Laura who was sitting at the table, pitcher in hand.

“Are you saying what I think you are?” I asked.

“Yes, we’ve known each other for two years now and about a year ago, while we were serving on the same committee out of town and staying in the same hotel room, we had a little too much to drink. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, we were lovers. It didn’t last very long though because she felt guilty and stopped the affair after a couple of months.

Fortunately we have been able to remain friends, although I was more than a little surprised she wanted to talk to me about you. I had of course told her the story of my husband some time ago, so she understood why I was upset with you looking at me.

Over the past two months, we have talked a lot. I am really glad our friendship survived.

Of course we had a common concern – Your welfare!”

“I don’t understand, why would you care so much for me?” I asked.

“I watched you work, I could see the torment, I began to wait for you to arrive, and I spied on you when you were here – with binoculars – from my house. I think I became a little obsessed. Too much time alone I guess.”

“And I just thought you hated me. You rarely smiled, and spoke to me only when you had to.”

“I know. I apologize for that. Although maybe after last night, you can understand why I stayed away. If I had visited you while you were working, there may have been some fireworks. I think Rita knew I felt something for you. However, I was blown away when she asked me if I would do this!”

“What?” I exclaimed. “She asked you to seduce me?”

“Well not in those words, but yes in effect. I had made a promise to Rita when we first got together. I promised that no matter what happened between us, how much time elapsed, whether or not she or I were in another relationship – that I would always welcome her into my life and into my bed. She asked, as a favour, that I transfer that promise to you”


“So what do you think of this old woman now Aaron, turning into a slut for sex! Taking advantage of a boy who is confused and upset!”

At first I didn’t think I heard right. Laura was calling herself a slut? Was she serious?

I got up slowly off the floor, stood and looked down at her, sitting with the water pitcher in hand dressed in my mothers’ velour bathrobe.

I pulled a chair over and moved it beside Laura, who was looking down, not at me. I sat directly in front of her knee to knee, took the pitcher from her and canlı casino placed it on the table and took her hands in mine.

“Laura, please look at me,” I asked. At first she didn’t move, then slowly her head came up. She met my eyes and hers were full of defiance. Again I was surprised, I had almost expected her eyes to have tears in them. But I could see she was not about to apologize for anything.

“I have no right to judge you about anything,” I said. “You have been through a lot, my short life has been a cakewalk in comparison. But I do know one thing. I am going to remember what you and I did yesterday – forever. Can you think of a greater gift anyone could give? I sure can’t. Yesterday had everything. Comedy, tragedy, hyper intense sex, I felt wanted and needed. What more could a virgin boy want? If I was to publish it, my first experience would be the stuff of legends.

I don’t know if you want to have anything more to do with me, but I will always treasure and remember August 14, 1987. And if I have anything to say about it, I want to be with you, as much as humanly possible.

And one more thing. I really don’t like the word “slut.” It makes me feel uncomfortable and would appreciate it if you wouldn’t refer to yourself that way.”

“Comedy?” Laura asked. “What was the comedy?”

“OK, picture this,” I said. “Yesterday test your game plan was to seduce me. When we were both on the tractor, I was trying to stay as far away from you as I could and to try and get rid of my erection. I couldn’t do either. And our bodies kept bumping together. I wanted you really bad, and thought I was making you really upset. And here you were, plotting to get me in the sack.”

Laura smiled and then started chuckling “That was funny, you’re right, I wasn’t making it easy for you. I could have sat forward, but it wouldn’t have been near as much fun. I could tell you were trying to get off the hook you were squirming around so much, and when you just about fell off I almost laughed out loud. I had to close my mouth and hiss at you.”

We both hooted and laughed for a while, remembering the previous day. Then as our minds slowly cleared, I asked Laura if she would sit with me for a while in the living room. We arrived at the couch at the same time, me hopping over, her with a coffee. Sitting down, we snuggled closely.

“You know, I really don’t know how I feel about you being my Mom’s lover. I have to admit I like watching lesbians in porno films, but it feels a little too close to home, you being with her.”

“I have also been with other women Aaron. Are you going to be able to live with that?” Laura asked.

“I’m not going there Laura. I hope I don’t sound like a school boy, but I just want to be with you right now.”

“Lets take a look at your foot,” Laura said. She placed a footstool under my leg, unwrapped the tensor bandage, felt the area under my ankle and said, “I think the swelling is down a little. I’ll get an ice pack to see if that helps.”

I watched Laura walk from the living room into the kitchen. She must have known I was watching because she looked over her shoulder as she turned the corner, then wiggled her bum at me before disappearing from view. She was back almost immediately with the ice pack and a towel, moved the footstool so the pack would not fall off and wrapped them both with the towel. Then she snuggled against me again on the couch.

“Would you ever like to go down on me?” Laura asked.

My interest piqued, I said “Absolutely, what do I have to do?”

“When you go down on a woman, you have the best chance of giving her an orgasm,” Laura said quietly.

“Really?” I said. “More than fucking?”

“Definitely more than fucking,” she said. “If you get a woman off by going down on her, she will probably experience multiple orgasms and if you then start fucking, she will likely keep on having orgasms.”

I was all ears now. My penis was also obviously paying attention.

“I see we have an audience,” observed Laura.

Laura undid the ties to the front of the bathrobe and placed my hand on her breast. I began to move her breast about a bit, feeling her nipple and gently squeezing. Then she took my hand and placed it between her legs. She bent her knees and drew her feet up to open up the vaginal area to my fingers. “Please feel me,” She said. “Just let your fingers wander. There are many sensitive places in my vagina. I want to reveal them to you.”

Laura took hold of my fingers and placed them on her clitoris. “This is my clitoris,” She said. “It’s important to the orgasmic process. It will engorge with blood somewhat the same as a penis does and is very sensitive. Please spend time there.”

So I did. My fingers manipulated her clitoris and explore the area immediately around it, which included the front of her vagina. Laura started to move against my hand and said, “That’s right Aaron, that’s right.” My penis was fully erect now, but I was concentrating on Laura wanting her to come.

Laura said suddenly, “Let’s kaçak casino go upstairs and do this right.”

So before I knew it, she was on the move. She unwrapped the towel on my foot, dropped the ice pack on the floor and wrapped the tensor bandage again. She was good at it and my ankle felt much better. The bandage was tight. When I stood up, she stood by and asked if I could put any weight on it. Surprisingly I could. Some anyway. Laura decided to help me up the stairs and with my arm around her, we climbed to the bedroom in just a few seconds.

Laura rubbed my penis with her hand briefly and said, “I see there is some interest!”

Laura threw the covers off Mom’s bed, leaving just the sheet. I noticed stains and some blood which I assumed we had left there last night. Laura then dropped the bathrobe from her body, climbed on the bed and lay on her back, and put her arms out to me.

“Come Aaron, I am going to start teaching you about cunnilingus. You will become a Latin lover in the world of pleasuring women if you pay attention.”

I got out of my sweatpants and pulled off the t-shirt I was wearing. Now fully naked, I lay beside her.

“OK, the best way I know for this to work is for you to go down on me right from here. No, like this. Kiss me. OK, now kiss my breasts. Good, now continue on down until you get to my pussy. This is the best position you can be in. You can put your hand under my ass and push my vagina into your face. You can bring your fingers to my vagina from above like this. OK now you are in the position to make anything happen.

Your tongue has ready access to my clitoris right? Push your tongue down onto it!! Push it hard. That’s right. Now my vagina is right there in front of your eyes, Yes? Take a good look. The mysteries will start to unfold now. But it will take a lifetime to master them. Are you ready?”

I was so ready. Laura’s vagina sparkled with moisture just inches in front of me.

“All along my vagina on both sides are my vaginal lips. They can be especially sensitive. Just running your fingers along them or taking your fingers over the edge into the abyss and then back again can be heaven.”

I put two fingers gently on the outside of her vagina and slowly rubbed the length of her vagina, one finger on each side. Back and forth for a minute or so.

“Gawd,” Laura gushed. “Have you done this before?”

Following her lead, I started to push just inside. Starting close to the clitoris (which by the way was still receiving vigorous treatment from my tongue) I worked down one side, all the way to the posterior end, methodically pushing just inside and then withdrawing. From the posterior, I started back up towards the clitoris on the opposite vaginal lip, making sure every square millimeter received attention.

“Yesss, right Aaron. OK now I want you to find my g-spot. Go into my vagina right below my clitoris and press up into my pelvic bone.”

I rummaged around a little, but soon found a fleshy area about the size of large button. When I pressed on it, I could squish it into the pelvic bone.

“Gaaahh, that’s it!!” She cried. “Don’t stop!!!”

So my tongue was busy on her clitoris and two of my fingers were inside her vagina massaging something called a G-Spot. This was really fun! I kept at it and in a couple of minutes Laura started bucking her hips a little, and issuing sounds which seemed to come right from her gut. Because I was partially laying on her and had one hand on her ass cheek, she couldn’t move a lot, but bucked anyway. I felt pain on my back and suddenly she cried out, “I’m coming Aaron, I’m coming.”

I kept going, scared to interrupt the rhythm and flow of what was happening. Then I felt her vaginal walls closing on my fingers, pulsing in spasmodic contractions as she let out a very loud, “Oooohh God! Oh god! Oh god! O god.”

The contractions started to slow, I did too. I rubbed the fleshy area slower and tongued her clitoris slower as well. It seemed like the right thing to do. Then as her breathing slowed, I thought “I wonder what else I can do in here” and separated my fingers, placing them on either side of the purported g-spot directly on the thinner skin which seemed to be directly connected to her pelvic bone.

“Aaahhh!” was her response. Encouraged, I pressed a little harder, making short massaging movements and increased the frequency of my tongue ministrations on her clitoris. Within a couple of minutes I was rewarded with more contractions and more screaming. OK, I thought as she gradually relaxed, her hands circling my back slowly, it looks like there is a pattern here.

When she was breathing a little slower, I separated my fingers further and moved them just a little bit further down her vagina, one finger pressing against each side. Here there wasn’t bone to press against, but what felt sort of like sinew, covered with skin. It was sensitive though because Laura gasped and grabbed my shoulders. Nothing needed to be said. I started putting pressure on this new area, moving my fingers ever so slightly against the vaginal walls. Shortly thereafter there were more contractions, these more powerfully pressing my fingers together, I’m assuming because of the location within the vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20