Watching Anita on a new video

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Watching Anita on a new video
On Tuesday late afternoon I came home from my office. My sweet Ana was not there and I found a written note on the fridge. It said she had gone with her old friend Mark to help him finish up with some shopping.
She would be late, so, I should arrange the dinner by myself.
I knew that Mark, a huge black guy, had fucked my sexy wife on several occasions; so I figured they would end up in a bed until late evening.

When I entered the bathroom I found she had showered so I knew she was going to have sex. I could imagine she had shaved her smooth labia too.
I poured a glass of red wine and sat down on the couch. When I turned on the TV, I found the screen was just blue. Ana had been watching a movie apparently, so I picked up the other remote and turned on the VCR.

It was one of her private movies, some of the ones she recorded when she was fucked by other men…
The scene began with Ana walking into view completely naked and she got down on a bed, facing down. She was talking to someone off screen.
She was trying to convince him it was cool to record the whole scene…
All of a sudden a huge black hard cock came in from the right and then the owner of such incredible tool walked to my wife. He stood with his ass facing the camera while Anita obviously gave him head. Her perfectly painted finger nails were visible while she held his dark hips. I could hear just the soft moaning from this lucky bastard.

Then he crawled up on the bed and my wife laid back with her legs spread. illegal bahis siteleri He went down on her and gave my wife a nice cunt lapping and sucking. Ana enjoyed his oral skills very much. She moaned loud as he buried his face between her spread thighs. The way she was gripping the sheets and her hips trying to rise up, told me she had at least one very intense orgasm.
After her first orgasm subsided, the black man moved up between her wide open thighs; but from the angle of the camera I could not actually see his hard dick entering Ana’s sweet cunt.
As he got to the bottom, her long legs wrapped around his waist as he started to fuck my sensual wife hard and fast. He was quite a stud.
This black guy fucked Anita non-stop for over thirty minutes. Every time he pushed forward, my wife cried and screamed in ecstasy.

Suddenly he slipped off from her wet cunt and he laid down on top of Ana’s curvy body, as they kissed each other. Now I saw finally his face, but I could not recognize him.
He stood up facing her, again his toned buttocks facing the camera.
After a short talk he turned to walk away and I could see his cock hung from his body pointing at the ceiling. Though it was not fully erect, I could estimate it was at least ten inches long and very thick.
Then my wife swung her legs towards the camera and sat up.

Anita she looked straight into the lens and she smiled with an evil grin.
“Go ahead, babe… I know you want to jerk off watching at me…”
The bitch was right; I was bets10 dying for a good jerk of my hard dick.
She calculated I should come in less than three minutes and she was right.

Then she called her black lover; as she got on all fours onto the bed.
The man just climbed the bed and grabbed Ana’s round hips from behind.
“Are sure about this, bitch…?” He asked in a very deep voice.
“Yes, baby… shut up and fuck me in the ass…” I heard Ana whispering, as she looked directly into the camera again.

She cried out loud as she felt this monster black cock invading her very tight rosebud. She looked to be regretting her choice and she tried to escape; but this lucky nigger just held her in position as he pushed forward into her ass.
The guy pumped her nice asshole, making Ana cry and moan in both pain and pleasure. Very quickly he tensed his back and I knew he had filled my wife’s anus with a nice load of warm semen.
As he slipped off from her wasted asshole, the camera was turned off.

That evening after she came home I decided to not mention I had watched the movie. I saw Ana entering home with a big smile on her face. She kissed me deeply and I could taste fresh semen in her tongue.
She was wearing a big loose sweater and black leggings with high heels.
I asked her if she had got everything she needed. She smiled and told me she had not done any shopping herself.
I said I was not talking about shopping. She smiled and asked what I meant. Suddenly I blurted out: “Is your pussy a black mobilbahis güvenilir mi cum mess now, bitch…?”
Ana’s smile faded away and she left the living room. But after a minute, I heard her heels clicking and coming back…

“Stand up, lover… and follow me…” She whispered in a soft voice.
She went up to the main bedroom and I followed her, watching her hips swaying as she climbed the stairs. Her nice round ass moving made my dick get hard. As we entered our bedroom, she barked at me:
“Now strip off; you asshole! …”
Anita stood up straight with her hands on her hips and looking at me as I pulled down my trousers and lifted my shirt. Then she smiled again…

“Yes, lover… for your information my cunt is leaking Mark’s cum right now”.

“May I please eat your warm cum filled pussy…?
I begged her, almost in tears. But Ana laughed, saying I had acted like a bad boy and I did not deserve such a privilege of enjoy her cunt.
Then it took some serious pleading on my part and I finally ended up smearing Mark’s fresh cum all over my face.
Ana also let me lick her pussy lips and suck her swollen clit.

“Did he fucked in the ass…? I dared to ask her.
With no words, Ana just spread her nice buttocks with her both hands and she showed me her dark rosebud. This rear hole looked red, swollen and stretched; it also was oozing some sticky white substance…

When my wife had enough from my lips and tongue, she had me stand up.
“My cunt and ass are both very sore after Mark…”
Then she got her purse and handed me a compact disc.
“Here you have enough jerk material for you…”

Then she locked in the bathroom and I heard the shower water running.
I dressed again and went downstairs and put the disc on the VCR.
I wanted to know why my sexy wife was so sore after Mark…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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