Victoria’s Awakening

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Victoria’s Awakening
It was Victoria’s first night out since having the baby. She’d been really pleased with herself for losing the baby weight and she’d treated herself to a new outfit. Aged 25, 5’11 with 36f tits and a hour glass figure topped off with long red gait Victoria looked stunning in her figure hugging dress. The plunging neckline showed off her ample cleavage and the length of it just covered her shapely arse. She kissed her husband goodbye and promised she wouldn’t be late home.
Victoria has gone out with her friend from work Julie who was a little older with a perfect milf figure and short blonde hair she was also known as a maneater. It wasn’t long into the night that Julie had them sitting with a group of men in a pub. They were big burly men and Victoria felt they were a bit chavy to be sat with but Julie was loving the attention they gave her. One of the men looked at Victoria and said “you’re very quiet, not like us?”
“No i do” stammered Victoria
“Well come sit here then” and he pulled her over and sat her on his lap.
“That’s better” he said smiling
Victoria could feel his hard cock digging into to her. At the same time he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his hands in her lap his fingers curled around the hem of her dress. Victoria looked at Julie but she was to engrossed in this chav’s two friends chatting her up.
“I’m married you know” said Victoria
“Oh I like a challenge” he laughed “he got a cock as big as mine” he whispered in her ear
She blushed as he moved to position it between her arse cheeks
“Um no” she mumbled
“Does he make you cum?”
“Sometimes” she confessed
“Does he tell you how sexy you look?” He whispered with his lips brushing her ear.
She paused “no do you think I look sexy?”
“Oh I do” he whispered his hand had moved around to her arse caressing and squeezing it.
“You’ve made my cock hard”
She giggled “Have I?”
“Oh you have, we should go somewhere”
Again she paused before answering she knew he was only interested in getting in her knickers and she knew that she’d regret fucking him but she didn’t care
“Ok let’s go to your place” she said.
They stood up.
Julie looked at them “where are you two going?”
“He’s going to see me to a taxi I don’t feel great”
“Oh güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ok” said Julie disappointed
“Hope you feel better”
They left quickly and he waved down a taxi and they jumped in. Victoria couldn’t believe what she was doing but her pussy was in charge and it wanted cock. She decided she didn’t want to know his name. He gave the taxi driver the address and straight away started kissing Victoria, his hands went straight to her tits pulling them out of her dress and sucking on them shouted at the taxi driver “what do you think of these?” The taxi driver looked in his mirror and gave a thumbs up “very nice!”
He then pulled Victoria’s dress up revealing her thong pulling it down he opened her thighs and started fingering her. Victoria felt so slutty being used in the back of a taxi like this she’d always been a missionary position in bed type of girl.

He told the taxi driver to pull over and have a look at Victoria’s ginger cunt. He smiled “would love to!” and quickly pulled over in to a quiet industrial estate and put the interior light on. She was so turned but still nervous about the situation but she spread her legs for him. The driver was white in his 50s fat and bald and not attractive to her at all. He said “it looks fucking lovely”
The burly guy looked at Victoria and smiled as he said to the driver “get your fingers in it mate this slag is up for it!” Victoria knew that she was merely a plaything for this man but he had charmed her and against her better judgement she encouraged the driver by spreading her legs further.
The taxi driver reached forward and pushed 2 fingers in to her dripping wet ginger pussy she moaned as he thrust them in and out adding a third to stretch her more.
“Go on son! Shouted the burly guy.
The taxi driver laughed and did it faster.
“You gonna suck our cocks then?” Said the burly guy.
“Both of you?”
“Oh yes” he replied
Both men then get out of the car and walked around to the passenger door and opened it. They both got their cocks out.
“There you go love be a good girl” ordered the man.
Victoria positioned herself in the doorway and felt the drivers cock push against her lips it tasted unwashed. He said “I don’t believe güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this is happening” and started filming it on his phone. This made Victoria nervous but she was to turned on by the attention all common sense had gone. She started playing up for the camera licking and deep throating their cocks and at one point she stood up stripped completely naked out of the car and got them them both to stand with their hands against the car and then she got them to spread their arses, then she licked their sweaty arseholes eagerly swapping from one to the other.
“Fucking dirty bitch” moaned the taxi driver.
“She’s a keeper isn’t she?!” Laughed the burly man.
Victoria was really letting lose on her night out like she had never before.
Looking at the big man she said “let’s get back to your place so you both can fuck me”
He looked at Victoria she’d looked so innocent when he met her in the pub and now she looked like a pornstar sat in the back of the taxi.
“Ok he says “let’s go driver and don’t spare the horses!”
The taxi driver laughed and they sped off.
All the way to the flat Victoria sucked the big man’s cock. Whatever he ordered her to do she she thought she would do. She had became his slut and would do whatever he commanded.

They finally got the flat and the taxi driver parked up. It didn’t look the nicest area Victoria thought as she went to put her dress on to get out but it wasn’t there. She looked around panicked she must have left it where they’d pulled over.
“Lost something?” Her new master laughed “get out it’s not far you can walk naked” The Flat ended up being a couple of blocks away and he was putting her on show to the local chavs still hanging around drinking and smoking and now filming her walk of shame on their phones. “Don’t cover yourself up slut enjoy the attention”
She was relieved when they finally got to the house and he let her in.
They both led her into the living room and switched on the main light.
“Fucking hell you look even more gorgeous in the light ” said the taxi driver “and your tits look better then in the car so big you should be in porn and I love a big bush” he added “bet you’ve had loads of cock the way you suck”
Victoria güvenilir bahis şirketleri looked a bit sheepish “actually I’ve only ever been with my husband”
“Seriously?!” Said the big man with a look of shock on his face.
“Fantastic news now get on your hands and knees for your first spit roast”
Victoria obediently got in position and the burly guy got behind her and pressed his bare cock against her pussy lips.
“Are you not wearing a condom?” She asked
“No never do” he said pushing into her “do you mind?”
“Um no she said just don’t cum in me”
“I’ll try not to” he laughed pushing hard into her her making her tits swing.
The taxi driver smiling took his cock out and put it straight in her mouth waiting mouth making her gag, she sucked it eagerly running her tongue around the ridge of his cock.
The big cock thrusting in and out of her pussy was the most intense pleasure she’d ever felt. He pounding her pulling her hair and slapping her arse red raw. The pleasure and pain pushing her to orgasm. As she was cumming she felt him tense and push deep into her making her deep throat the drivers cock. As she gagged and choked on the cock she could feel him flood her pussy and womb with his cum. She took the cock out of her mouth Gasping “I told you to pull out!”
“Sorry love couldn’t help it” £he smiled looking at the taxi driver your turn now mate. He moved out of the way her gaping pussy leak in g his cum and the taxi driver positioned himself behind her resting his gut on her arse as he thrust in her bare “I don’t mind sloppy seconds, wouldn’t be the first time” he informed them.
Victoria rested on her elbows as he fucked her lasting a few minutes before cumming inside of her as well.
Victoria lay there feeling the 2 loads of cum deep in her. She played with her nipples and slowly stroked her clit. The two men watched taking photos telling her how much of a whore she was for letting them fuck her bareback. She realised she’d been missing out all these years of being with her husband and being faithful and was wishing she’d had this feeling a lot more in her life.
“Right I’ve got fares to earn” announced the taxi driver.
“Thanks for that love it was nice not to have to pay for it”
“You fuck prostitutes?” Victoria asked shocked
“Yeah all the time and they normally charge extra for bareback”
Then he left.
“Glad I fucked You first” laughed the burly man throwing her a long t-shirts “ you can borrow this to get him, now fuck off”
Victoria put on the t-shirt which barely covered her arse and began her walk of shame.

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