True Love, Never dies

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True Love, Never dies
True Love, Never Dies

By: Londebaaz Chohan

How could anybody believe that Nadir Caleb; aged 29 and Sana Caleb, aged 18 did not know each other; although they were real brother and sister. It happened because of the at least 11 years between them, they had not only not seen one another but it was hardly 2 years since they had a telephonic contact and they spoke with each other may be 3—4 times maximum. As a matter of fact, Nadir had joined a mission service and had spent all those 11 years traveling from country to country; city to city and remote towns where there were no modern services like phones or telegram or such facilities etc.

When he joined the mission; Sana was hardly couple of months old and then one thing to next; he had not returned home even once. Now lately, both parents gone; it was a blessing that Sana had a very wise head on her shoulders and now knowing that Nadir had asked for an honorable discharge from the mission service and they were to restart their lives from the very beginning; she had wisely tidied up all the affairs with the best lawyers. She had decided not to sell the parent’s home. It was a beautiful and comfortable home; in a remote but ritzy area of the town. It was sad that each one of the old neighbors had moved away but she wanted to live there, not only for the reason that she was familiar with the area but they both had grown up in this area and in this house and she knew; Nadir would appreciate to come home to the place that was not new or strange, after having spent so many years in tough situations.

It was a difficult adjustment for both of them but they were glad that they had each other. She did not know why Nadir had not married yet and had the k**s or maybe he was divorced but instead of asking; she only assumed that he was unmarried. She had graduated from the high school and now a big graduation party was coming up soon and most students were attending with their parents and other family members but she had nobody; literally nobody that could go with her. She was very hesitant to talk with Nadir about this get together.

She wanted to go but was afraid of her conflicting emotions and was not sure if she wanted to face everyone, with her brother; she did not even know well. She was heartbroken, she wanted to go but not alone, with some escort at least and she had no boyfriend. She was down.

She was beautiful, vivacious and wise person than many of her old classmates. She knew it was not nice but for this one time she wanted to rub it in their faces and show off with a classy man. She had the best dress, the shoes, impeccable personality to make this an affair to remember with a nice impression but the matter of who to take with her was the painful spoiler.

Nadir could feel some tension and when told, what it was, he came full throttle to solve the problem. “I would be very glad to go with you, sis; at least as a friend. Nobody has seen me before, I could use a night out, drinking dancing and may be a chance to meet some nice lady for me. I am not getting any younger. Please, casino şirketleri I shall rent a tuxedo”. He almost convinced Sana.

With his handsome looks, Nadir had been a heart throb of many girls and even Sana was kind of under his spell. After having occupied the floor for a decently long time, they sat down to rest a while.

Nadir ordered another shot of scotch for him and although she did not need any more alcohol in her; she ordered a glass of wine to please Nadir, who was enjoying her being cute and little bit tipsy. Sitting all alone on purpose, Sana whispered that she could see; some women were impressed by her stocky elder brother. Nadir quickly reminded her that they had not told anyone, I am your elder brother and right then Sana wanted it to look real for all and they kissed as a deception to ward off the bitches.

As he leaned, she prepared to kiss; just a kiss she thought but … Nadir was kissing her, really kissing her with the passion of a lover for his true girlfriend. Soft, gentle but wet of course; tongue, mouth and lips all involved and then Sana kissed him back as well. Everything seemed to fade and disappear; nothing else was happening in the world, no calamities anywhere, no conflicts accept the love birds kissing deep. So flawless like the evening, the food, the music, the gathering.

Sana felt a shiver, tingling throughout her body and even her head was spinning but Nadir was not breaking the kiss, not ready to pull away any soon. Oh Jesus! He could kiss, her brother could kiss; but then she suddenly thought, why not; the stud had been traveling all over the world, new places, new opportunities, different women at different and new place. She did not know much about her elder brother, especially as a sexy a****l. Finally, Nadir pulled away. She had her eyes wide open but not as wide as his.

“I am sorry Sana; I should not have let it get that far, but you see you are so beautiful, charming ……” burdened with the guilt, he stood up and wanted to go away but she held his arm, until he got seated again.

“No, Nadir; It was my fault, I should have stopped you”. She was so true. He looked at her and did not see a sister sitting there, only a woman, all woman, a real woman.

“I have never been kissed like that and I got carried away. I should have stopped you”. She said mouthful.

“Does that mean, you are still a v…..”? He did not want to say the word but hoping to break her seal.

“No, no, no. I had lovers and I experimented plenty as well but never was made to feel this good”. She sounded so true to Nadir. “I want more; it may be silly but I want much more of it. We are all each of us has; my dearest brother, my darling man; the sexiest, the most desired man I have ever met”. She whispered the whole of her feelings, hoping that he had the same. “You think; I am wrong”?

“No. Not at all. Although it’s very short time since I am back but the life is all changed for me. I cannot keep my eyes off you, I cannot stop my whole body to have you, I just cannot keep you apart from my soul”. He spoke the truth.

“Tell you what? Let casino firmalari us say good night here. You take me home and see as much of me as you want”. She could not say any more or less.

Nadir nodded but he was still in a state of shock. He did not want to confess or believe all this happening with his shy younger sister.

The drive back home was in complete silence. They both afraid of breaking the spell, they were in. Soon as they entered their shared home, they kissed once again. A passionate kiss, a loving kiss, a zealous kiss, an absolutely flawless kiss. He held his beautiful sister in his arms and carried her to the master bedroom. The cradle of his arms was so perfect that they kissed again. They kissed and kissed all during her being unzipped and undressed. Her body shivered in need unlike ever before.

Naked; she looked so tan skinned, toned muscles, perfectly round breasts, pink erect nipples in the middle of the large brown areoles. Her long legs alone were making her look like a live center fold come to life. Nadir remembered his lonely nights, fantasizing about girls but could never reach this height of imagination.

For no good reason, Sana felt very proud of her body; naked and on display for her big brother. She knew; at this time nothing in this world was more important than him. Nothing mattered to her like her own brother. Sitting down, she yanked him close by his tie and started to undress him. A touch of tease, a button here, a kiss, his jacket off him; a button here, a more lingering kiss; he removes the shirt, she pulled his boxers. O’ Lord; She has him all naked, in full view, so close to her. A birth mark, healed wound scars; memory of past days adding to his male ruggedness appeal.

The brother and sister, tumbling naked on the bed. Moving in unison, perhaps thinking to stop right there; kissing and deciding, no; why should they, it is perfectly alright. The way it should be. No other creation of the earth is allowed to discriminate and not allowed to love the ultimate way with the siblings but the self-created nonsense of human species. What the mother fucking hypocrisy; their kiss lingered, no way in the hell did they want to stop now.

Sana was not riding him but she was on top, her hands running all over his masculine body and his hands also on her boobs, trying to wake them up; she sighed… fuck! He had good hands, all knowing, what they were doing. Sana was becoming more than damp; she was wet, moist and heated too. His eyes closed tight, he sighed as his sister gets to know his body, especially his hard cock. She used all her expertise and skills learnt from the sexual, erotic experiences of the past to arouse Nadir. His bulge changed to a separate entity of a bamboo and a pair of larger mound. He definitely was an impressive specimen of its kind in multiple ways.

He was no derelict either, sucking her tits, flicking her nipples, biting them gently but she sighs to make him go harder, he pulls her closer. Her arms caressed, her naked body explored like a costly treasure.

Foreplay exceeding, she güvenilir casino slides down her elder brother’s body, kissing all along, softly smooching, lovingly over him, like a reverse cowboy. Her face away from him, right above his groin. She shivered, her hands holding his shaft at the bottom to make it go upright. She feels his warm soft lips touching her pussy, making her cry out. She opens her mouth and lunges on his man pole. Now that is what they call, no turning back; they had crossed every barrier, not a bit of shame, not an iota of disgrace or dishonor. Nadir had a beautiful, uncut, big cock. It was all hers for taking any time; she knew.

Sana did; like any wise, sane woman would do. She took it sliding her mouth, licking, sucking the shaft with her tongue making it shine all slithered from the thick root to the crown on top and back. In return, it made Nadir to eat her sister’s pussy with the same zeal and fervor, holding her hips tighter to keep her close to his face. The i****tuous game of 69 in progress for the both participants.

Damn!! Nadir was enjoying the taste of the wettest, the sweetest pussy ever much more addictive for any pussy lover. His tongue dipping deeper in his sister’s close trimmed cunt, nibbling action being improved; intensity increasing until every attempt of edging denied and he shoots his nectar and Sana all virtuous; did not miss a beat. She swallowed every bit down her throat licking him clean before rolling to the side on the bed; her legs still almost wrapped around his neck. She quickly pulled herself up to sit and relax on his acreage of the man chest. Her magical hands already beginning to wander all over him again as if she was having a mystic power over him. Both in a wordless conversation; smiled, nodded to give a go ahead approval, a consent to move on. Being inspired, excited; she began grinding on his sex muscle sending him the most delicious sensation of fucking act.

Nadir raised his neck to watch in amazement, how tight her pussy was and how hot her pussy was. She was becoming a fucking bitch with each passing second, fucking like wild pigs. His sister was far better a whore than any, he had ever fucked before this.

Sana broke the silence under the compulsive rubbing friction she had been tolerating and asked Nadir to fuck her faster and rougher. As if he was waiting for the command; Nadir held her hips and pulled her down on his probing dong much harder. He could enjoy the scene in between her legs, while reaching for her pair of jumping tits and the marveling of her, fucking his cock so gorgeously. The fuck- sweat at work providing a glow to her getting fucked body.

Nadir absolutely unable to edge anymore; finally, her body shudders in a familiar move of hitting the peek once again. Her brother tweaking her nipples to help her go over the edge and also add to her spasms of orgasm, she climaxed while being filled up in her pussy and her pussy flooding his cock.

Amid the elation of deep euphoria, she fell on the chest of his dear brother and they enjoyed another, the most perfect kiss. Being knotted together they exchanged their vows to stay together, belong together forever and ever as a couple for the world; nobody knew them well for all the useless facts.

The End. Your Comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan. March 23, 2019.

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