True Devotion

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True Devotion
He watched as his wife drove off to go to work. He had been annoyed with her for taking so long in getting ready, and he’d snapped at her unfairly. But he was so eager to follow his Master’s instructions for that day, that he’d been rather grumpy with her.

But now she was gone, and he finally had some extra time to do as requested!

He hurried to his workshop in the garage and quickly set up the small ‘shrine’ that he used during making his required Libations! It consisted of an clear, cut-crystal, antique bowl he had found in antique store some years earlier, and had kept it, not knowing why, but now he had a proper use for it!

He spread out a white piece of linen, about 14 inches square, onto to the now clean surface of his work bench. Then he got out two brass candle holders, along with two white candles. He then placed the low, shallow bowl directly in the very center of the square piece of linen. When he had it placed as perfectly centered as he could, he lit the canlı bahis two candles. He stood back for a second to compose himself. Then he took out his cock, and he began to stroke it, over and over. Though his cock was rather small, it stiffened as much as it could stiffen.

He was so excited to do the Libation that he had trouble making himself ‘last’ for very long; but that had always been his problem; and that was why he was certain that his wife was having sex with some other guy! The thought of his wife fucking another guy (a guy with a much bigger dick than the one he had) filled him with an incredible amount of excitement!

“Oh, Master,” he said out loud (to the Alpha Male who now ‘owned’ as well as ‘controlled’ his orgasm), “I’m here. I’m here to make my offering of devotion to You. And to re-dedicate my vow of submission to You! I am Yours, Master. All of me. My cock is Yours! My balls are Yours. And all my cum is definitely Yours as well!’ He stood a moment in silence bahis siteleri as he thought over the words he’d just said. Saying them had filled him with such excitement! So, he said it again! “I am ALL YOURS, Master!”

He was pressed for time, so he went ahead and completed his Libation. As that moment approached, he directed his cock head over the lip of the crystal bowl, and within a moment (no less), he was spurting his (though somewhat meager) load of sperm, and he watched, with such exhilaration, as the milky white substance dribbled down into the bottom of the bowl. When that was completed, he lifted the bowl up to his lips, and hurriedly tipped it up and let his sperm drip over the edge, and into his waiting mouth!

When the majority of it was swallowed, there remained a small residue, and he used his fingers to wipe up as much of it as he could! His instructions regarding that had been very explicit!

Then he hurried to put away his makeshift ‘shrine’ (he would come bahis şirketleri up with a better one eventually). He rinsed out the antique crystal bowl in the shop sink, dried it, and put it away in it’s special place for the next time he would do a Libation!

Then he hurried to work! He felt happy now that the Libation had been performed, just as his Master had said he would feel after words! He had made a somewhat clumsy video of it with his phone, and he would soon upload it so that his Master could see it! That excited him! He hoped his Master would be pleased by it! That would make him all the happier if that was so!

On his way to work, he passed where his wife was at work. It seemed strange to think of her as his ‘wife.’ They certainly hadn’t acted like husband and wife for a long time! Legally they were married on paper, but…now it seemed like a sham! Besides, he now his Master to focus all of his sexual longings onto! He didn’t need his wife for that. And, anyway, she hadn’t shown him any sexual interest in years! That was why he was becoming more and more convinced that there really was ‘another man’ in the equation somewhere!

Let it be so, was his feelings. He had his Master to turn to now anyway! 

The End  

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