Transforming Genevieve Ch. 9

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 9
Bill is an incredibly wonderful lover he’s gentle, caring, and very, very sexy. When he touches me, my body reacts exactly the way I’d fantasized about for so many years. His dark passionate eyes have the most erotic effect on me when I stare into them.

He has a hint of gray at his temples, which gives him a very distinguished look and only has a few wrinkles on his face mostly at the corners of his eyes. I love his thick curly chest hair for the effect it has on my nipples when I press them tight against him, and I could run my fingernails through it for hours.

When aroused his cock becomes incredibly hard. The skin along his shaft draws tight and his arteries stand out very noticeably crisscrossing along the length. What makes Bill’s cock so incredible is the glorious bulb of its head. His corona flares much wider than the shaft. Its soft texture feels incredible to the touch of my fingertips my lips and mouth. When I take him deep and his flaring corona slips through the narrow opening to my throat it feels so incredible and when he presses that beautiful cock head into my pussy it stretches the opening of my vulva sending a shiver up my spine. From the wonderful flare of his corona his cock head curves inward toward the tip. I love pressing pursed lips against the tip and letting the natural curve of his head spread my lips apart as they move to slide over the corona. His scrotum doesn’t hang loosely like some men. I suspect because his balls are very large. I love taking one of them in my mouth and moaning or humming while holding it in my soft oral cavity. Bill apparently loves that too because whenever I do that he groans with pleasure.

As he disappeared into my bathroom, I thought to myself, why had I not contacted him sooner after we made love that first rainy night several weeks ago? Had I gone that route perhaps my transformation wouldn’t have gotten so far off track?

While he was in the bathroom I went to my dresser and slid open my nightgown drawer. I quickly slipped into a peppermint green chemise trimmed with dark green lace. It felt very sexy as I let the fabric slid down over my body. My nipples still erect pierced the satiny material just below the lace trim. I quickly turned down the bedding and piled the two fluffy pillows on top of each other in the middle. I moved a few candles to the nightstands on either side of the large wooden headboard, and noticed his surprise bag sitting on the nightstand but resisted the urge to open it and look inside. Bill had taken the time to uncork the wine bottle so I poured two glasses of Merlot and slid onto the mattress holding my glass of wine. Propping myself on one elbow I turned slightly toward the bathroom door and curled my legs invitingly over one another. A moment later the bathroom door opened and the light switched off.

Bill took a step into my bedroom and froze in his tracks. He had a large white towel wrapped around his waist and had combed his hair straight back along his scalp.

“Wow Gen, you look absolutely incredible,” he said.

“Thank you I thought we might just enjoy our wine and relax for a little while,” I replied.

Bill moved to the edge of the bed and sat down facing toward the headboard. He reached for his wine glass and raised it toward me.

“Here’s too sensual thoughts and erotic nights,” He said offering a toast.

I lifted my glass and clinked it lightly against his. “Yes, and to passionate sex, and exotic encounters,” I added.

I moved back slightly and patted the bed just below the pillows. “I saved this spot for you,” I said.

Bill carefully slid across to the middle of my bed and rested his back against the stack of pillows and the massive wooden headboard. He took a healthy drink from his wine glass then lowered it to his thigh holding it there as I snuggled in close to him. I slipped one hand and arm under him between the pillows and the fluffy towel covering his loins and let my head come to rest on his chest just below his strong shoulder.

“Hmmmmm, this feels very nice,” I said as Bill lifted his free arm and wrapped it around my shoulder pulling me even closer to his body.

He began slowly stroking my shoulder and upper arm with his fingertips. Goosebumps instantly arose on my arm and the tiny almost invisible hairs stood on end as if electrified by his touch.

I wished I had a free hand so I could return the soft caresses he was pleasing me with. I took a sip from my glass letting a hint of the sweet tasting liquid remain invitingly on my lips.

Glancing up into Bill’s eyes I smiled at him just before I leaned over and kissed his nipple lightly. His hand slid over my back and into my long silky hair. He lifted his wine glass to his lips and finished the remainder of his drink.

“Would you like some more?” I asked.

“No thank you, I’ll save it for later,” he replied as he reached to his right and placed the glass back on the nightstand beside the half-full bottle. I playfully tipped my glass and let a drop or two spill onto his nipple. My lips quickly circled the droplets of red liquid and I flicked my tongue out to gather them up.

Bill cooed softly as my lips and tongue enticed his nipple. “You’re very playful,” he remarked.

“I love playing,” I replied.

Bill let his hand slid down my back and under the fabric covering my soft skin. I shuddered as his fingertips moved across naked flesh along my spine.

Taking my wine glass from my hand Bill tipped it pouring a tiny puddle of sweet wine in the indentation of his belly button.

“Want to sip from a different cup?” He whispered.

I grinned widely as I lowered my lips to his belly button and sucked the wine he’d just spilled there.

Hmm, it tastes wonderful,” I said.

I now had a free hand, which I slowly slid along his thigh below the fluffy fabric of the bath towel he’d covered himself with. As my fingers reached the bottom edge of the towel, I toyed with it making him wonder if my hand would slide under or over the material. His warm skin felt so inviting under my touch the muscles in his thighs are firm and I massaged them sensually.

I decided to slide my hand over the material, but as I reached the top where it was tightly wrapped around his waist, I hooked one delicate finger under the towel and ran it around his waist loosening the towel slightly. Bill’s stomach muscles twitched as my nails lightly traced across his abdomen.

“Am I teasing you too much?” I asked.

“Tease away Gen, I love it,” Bill replied.

My finger again slid under the towel at his waist and it came a little looser. My delicate fingers were having the effect I desired, working the towel off his waist and judging from the growing bulge in the fabric bringing him to a full erection again.

Bill lifted his knee furthest from me causing the towel to spread exposing his thigh. My soft fingers move to caress the newly exposed flesh. He moaned as my fingers slid from his knee down the incline of his thigh toward his loins. Once my fingers reached the spot where the towel was still connected, I turned my finger up and hooked the fabric. Lifting it slowly the twist that held the towel around his waist parted. I lifted one-fold of the fluffy towel toward me exposing his growing erection.

“So much for teasing me,” Bill whispered.

“Oh yeah, well I’ve only just begun,” I responded.

With my head and cheek resting against his hairy chest, and my right hand and arm tucked behind his back and between the pillows, he was resting on I slid my left hand back down his thigh half way. My nails scratching lightly at his flesh. I moved my hand in to massage his balls gently.

“Hmmmmm… these feel swollen with cum,” I whispered.

Bill responded with an almost inaudible, “ahuh,” as he enjoyed my gentle caresses.

I scratched across his balls and scrotum with the tips of my nails and elicited a deep groan from him when I started lightly tracing those nails up the length of his stiffening cock. My fingernails reached the base of his wide cock head where I slowly ran my fingertip around the corona.

“That feels so fucking good,” Bill said.

Bills cock twitched noticeably as my fingertip traced smaller and smaller circles around his cock head as I made my way up toward the slit at the tip. Just as my finger reached that spot a tiny droplet of pre-cum appeared from it and I ran my finger across the small drop and then brought my fingertip to my lips and tongue to taste his fluid.

“Hmm… Sweeter than the wine,” I whispered.

I returned my soft hand to his cock and slowly stroked from the tip down to the base pulling taut what little flesh was left that wasn’t already stretched tight from his now almost completely erect cock.

Bill said, “God I love the way you touch it your hand is so soft.”

I lifted my head from his chest and turned to look into his eyes. He smiled as I licked my lips with the tip of my tongue. Instead of returning my head to his chest, I slid down and settled my cheek on his hip. My moist lips now inches from his beautiful erection.

I didn’t move to take him in my mouth, I just watched how his cock reacted to the soft sensual massage I was giving him. His cock swelled and became rock hard as my hot breath and soft hand aroused him totally. The arteries along the shaft stood out clearly and from the corona to the tip, the head turned a deep red blood engorged color.

“My god Gen, you’re driving me crazy!” Bill said.

“I am?” I asked most inquisitively.

Lifting my head from his hip I again licked my lips as I looked up toward his face. Bill’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as he watched my tongue moisten the lips he wanted wrapped around his throbbing cock.

I asked the silly question, “Do you want me to suck it?”

Bill shook his head and mumbled “ahuh”

Keeping his cock firmly held in my hand I slid my other arm out from under him and slowly rose to a kneeling position. I lifted one knee over his leg and lowered my hips and chest to rest on his leg. The satin fabric of my chemise slid along his leg and my hard nipples pressed into the flesh of his exposed thigh.

As I moved my other hand toward his cock Bill tipped the wine glass he was still holding and let a drop of merlot splash onto the head of his cock. I instantly moved toward it and before it could run down the shaft, I licked it from him.

My tongue slid up along the underside of his cock to the tip where I again lifted my head to gaze into his eyes.

“More please,” I said.

The glass tipped and several drops of merlot splashed over his cock head. I again licked the sweet tasting wine from his erection eliciting a sensual groan from deep in his throat.

Bill tipped his glass yet another time and a stream of wine ran over the head and down his cock shaft. I parted my lips and lowered my open mouth over him sucking sweet wine from his throbbing cock as my hot mouth descended over him. I closed my lips tightly around the swollen shaft and moaned with his cock twitched inside my mouth.

“God damn that feels so incredible,” Bill whispered.

Lifting my mouth from him I again raised my head toward his. I spread my lips and extended my tongue offering him a place to pour another stream of sweet wine. Bill tipped the glass and my mouth caught every drop he pouring. Closing my lips, I lowered my mouth to the tip, pursing them I slowly pressed his cock between keeping the wine in my mouth. My lips slipped over the flare of his corona bathing him in sweet cool merlot and hot steamy salvia. Bill groaned deeply as my lips continued along his throbbing shaft. Once the head of his cock contacted the back of my throat, I swallowed both the wine and his cock head at the same time.

“Oh my god!” Bill exclaimed as his pulsating head pressed deeper past the narrow opening to my fleshy throat. Once I’d swallowed the merlot, I was able to open my lips wide around his pulsating cock shaft. I moved my head up and down several times letting his glorious corona slide through the narrow opening to my throat massaging his corona with the tightest part of my oral cavity.

Bill moaned deeply and said, “God damn, that feels fucking incredible.”

As I sucked his cock something interesting came to mind. I’d allowed myself to be used by so many men since my transformation. I had let myself become a cum slut for most of those men. But while I did, I learned how to please a man intensely. I’d learned how to take a man completely with my mouth and throat. Now that I was with a man who treated me like his equal, like his incredible lover I was glad that I’d learned all those sexual techniques from the men who only want to use my body as a cum depository.

Bill was different than all the men I’d fucked since I started my transformation. He was gentle, caring and warm. He made me feel safe, sexy and wanted and our lovemaking took on all those beautiful attributes.

Instead of wanting to fuck my mouth and throat, Bill lifted my head and pulled me up toward him so that I was straddling his hips with my thighs. His throbbing shaft pressed against my pussy. He made no move to insert this cock inside me. He just pulled my body against his and lifted his mouth to mine.

“Kiss me, Gen.” He whispered.

Our mouths met in a passionate embrace, lips parted tongues darting toward one another. His lips were so very soft, his kiss tender but intense. His hands roamed my body. Sliding along my satin covered back to my ass. He cupped my cheeks and pulled my pelvis tighter against him. My wet pussy lips slid along his cock shaft until the head was pressing against my throbbing clit.

I started making short little grinding movements rubbing my clit on his rock-hard cock. That all too familiar tingling started in my loins and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d need to have his beautiful cock buried inside me.

Bill’s hands never stopped moving he slid them from my ass back up my body and around between us to softly caresses my tits and lightly pinch my nipples through the smooth satin fabric of my chemise. My nipples tingled as much as my loins under his skillful fingers hardening to tiny points of complete pleasure.

“Yes, keep touching my nipples. I love how you touch them,” I whispered in his ear as I kissed along his jawline.

Our kisses became even more passionate, lips moving to suckle every inch of each other’s mouths and faces. He slowly kissed my cheeks, my eyes, my eyebrows, and forehead. His lips skillfully pleasured ever inch of my face and neck. I slowly moved my head about offering him each and every inch while showering his face with kisses in return.

As our passion, our lust, our intense craving for each other grew I moved my lips to his ear and whispered, “I want you I want that beautiful cock inside me.”

“Oh god yes,” Bill replied.

I lifted my hips ever so slightly and rocked my pelvis, so his glorious cock head was poised at the entrance to my throbbing pussy. His cock head pressed between the swollen lips its searing heat begging to be quenched in the pool of moisture just inside.

Ever so slowly I moved my hips back letting his throbbing cock slide inside. I felt the wide corona of his cock head stretch me open and slip past my pussy’s lips. Clenching my internal muscles, I pulled more of him inside. Bills hands slid down to my hips and grasped them firmly. He gave in to his lust and with one mighty thrust up off the bed his cock sank to the very depth of my steaming wet pussy.

“Oh god!” I squealed as he impaled me on his beautiful fuck tool. His firm grasp on my hips did not allow me to lift off him to begin fucking his cock. Rather Bill wanted to have his throbbing manhood soak in the wet warmth of my pussy.

“Keep me deep inside you like this, let my cock memorize every beautiful fold of your incredible pussy,” he said. “Let me bathe in the wonderful warmth of you Gen,” he added.

I was more than happy to be impaled his twitching cock, every time he caused it to twitch it sent rings of incredible sexual pleasure spreading from my loins.

We sat like that for what seemed an eternity, Bills cock soaking in the warm depths of my womanhood, and I basking in the incredible sensation of being totally filled by his glorious manhood. We were two passionate lovers wanting to pleasure one another completely.

I finally broke the silence, “It feels so good, I love the way you fill me.

“I can feel your pussy taking the shape of my cock,” Bill offered.

I clenched my muscles grasping at his cock with my warmth. He moaned deeply as the muscles surrounding him tightened.

“God, I’ve dreamt of this moment since the first time we made love together,” Bill said.

Suddenly I felt guilty. Bill had been dreaming of me for weeks. All the while he dreamt of me, I was allowing myself to be used by a multitude of men. Tears of guilt welled up in my eyes. I buried my face in his shoulder and tried to hide the fact that I was crying. I felt an incredible need to bear my recent sexual actions to him.

Bill sensed that something was wrong. He tried to lift my face from his shoulder to look into my eyes, but I kept it buried in his shoulder.

He whispered, “Gen what’s wrong what did I do?”

“It’s not you,” I replied as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

I broke down completely and began sobbing softly as Bill tried again to look into my eyes.

I finally allowed him to move my head and he quickly stared deeply into my tear-filled eyes.

“It’s me, Bill. I don’t deserve to have such a wonderful man as you,” I said.

Bill’s confused expression told me that he didn’t understand.

“There are things about me that you don’t know Bill. If you knew these things you wouldn’t have dreamt of me. You wouldn’t even want to be with me,” I said.

I slid off his lap knowing our lovemaking wouldn’t or couldn’t continue until he understood why I was telling him I didn’t deserve him.

Kneeling beside him I took one of his hands in mine. The tears continued to cascade down my cheeks and between sobs I said. “I have to tell….”

I stopped mid-sentence not knowing how I’d explain all my recent sexual escapades to him.

“Gen tell me, nothing can be so horrible that it would change the way I feel about you,” Bill said trying to put my mind at ease about what I needed to explain.

Gathering my senses together and trying to stop sobbing I decided to start from the very beginning.

“You remember when I changed how I look several weeks ago?” I started.

“Sure, I do, that’s when I started dreaming about you,” Bill replied.

“Well, the weekend before that I spent in New York. I had decided I was going to transform my image but, in the process, I also inadvertently transformed my sexual attitude,” I said.

“Okay?” Bill interjected.

“While I was in New York that weekend, I began feeling sexual cravings I’d never felt before.” I continued.

“I met several men while I was there and let them canlı bahis satisfy those cravings,” I admitted.

“So, you had sex with a couple of men that’s not such a big deal,” Bill replied.

“NO, you don’t understand. It was unprotected sex with men I didn’t even know. I let them pick me up and fuck me in any way they wanted,” I explained.

“Oh, I see,” Bill said, his face taking on a more serious and concerned expression.

“When I got back here to Regis after that weekend those cravings continued,” I said.

“Yes?” Bill said expecting a more detailed explanation.

“That first week I had sex with several men, including you,” I confessed.

“And the night we made love was incredible Genevieve,” Bill replied.

“Yes, it was baby, the most incredible sex of my life,” I replied.

“So, what else has happened in the last few weeks?” Bill asked.

“Well Bill, my cravings began to control my actions. I craved more and more sexual experiences,” I said as Bill listened intently to me.

I continued, “I seduced a student, I had a threesome with another woman and her lover….”

“That’s really no big deal,” Bill replied.

“Maybe not but I allowed some very kinky sex too baby,” I went on.

“Like what?” He said inquisitively.

“The student I seduced, he’s one of my students. He had asked me for some help with a writing assignment and instead of giving him that help I exposed my body to him and tricked him into exposing himself to me. I tricked him into masturbating so I could satisfy my lust for the taste of cum,” I said, looking away from Bill trying to hide the guilt I felt about letting my sexual cravings intrude on my profession.

“Did you fuck him?” Bill asked.

“No, but not because I didn’t want to fuck him. I didn’t fuck him because the opportunity never presented its self,” I said.

“And when I met another woman and her lover for a threesome, I let him fuck my ass, I admitted.

“Did you enjoy that?” Bill asked.

“Yes, I enjoyed it and much more,” I said.

“More?” Bill asked.

He gave us a golden shower,” I confessed.

“Oh my god, Gen you let him urinate on you?” Bill asked.

“Not only on me Bill, but I allowed him to piss in my mouth,” I said.

“Oh my god,” Bill said, “Did you really like that?” He asked.

I replied, “As he did it, I was highly aroused, it excited me incredibly. But as soon as he finished, I felt degraded and disgusted with myself for allowing it.”

I was beginning to ramble with my explanation of my sexual activities, but Bill seemed to want me to continue. In fact, I got the impression that my explanation was having the effect of turning him on.

I continued, “I craved every possible kind of sex I wanted to experience being fucked by as many cocks as possible and in as many ways as possible. I wanted to taste the cum of as many men as possible, I wanted to experience the feeling of having every size cock stuffed down my throat, in my pussy and my ass.”

“I do remember how turned on you got when I fucked your throat the night we made love,” he remarked.

Bill asked, “I guess that wasn’t the first time you’d allowed a man to fuck you orally.”

“No baby, one of the men I fucked while I was in New York showed me how to take a cock deep in my throat,” I admitted.

“Damn and I thought I was fucking virgin territory,” Bill said trying to make me feel more at ease with what I was telling him.

I had to tell him the whole story. I wanted him to have knowledge up front of all my recent sexual escapades. I wanted all my sexual skeletons out in the open so he could make up his mind if he still wanted to dream about me or cast me off like the slut I’d allowed myself to become.

“Bill….” I said, pausing. “There’s more,” I added.

Bill looked deep into my eyes, the tears had subsided somewhat, but the fear of bearing myself completely still showed in my now bloodshot eyes.

“More?” Bill said, his expression showing that he wondered when I’d get to the end of my lustful tale.

I again swallowed hard before I began, “A couple of nights ago I went to the East Street Café. It was close to closing time and I let the bartender lock us inside after he closed. I let him bend me over a bar stool and fuck me right there in the bar room.”

“Okay,” Bill said expecting more to this story.

“He used me, brutally fucked me fast and hard. Had I not wanted to be used that way his assault on me would have been more like being ****d,” I explained.

“Genevieve, I’m sure you’re not the first woman who has fantasized about being taken hard and fast like that. I’m sure a lot of women have fantasies about being ****d,” he said.

“Perhaps so Bill, but after I let him take me that way, I challenged him to gather as many men as he could to used me in the exact same way,” I admitted.

“He took me to his apartment and had six of his buddies come over to gang bang me,” I said.

“I let them all have me in any way they wanted. I let them stuff me with cock in every hole at once,” I admitted.

“And one by one they did exactly that. One by one I begged them to cum on my face,” I said, looking away from Bill’s eyes as I admitted to giving in to my craving for a complete cum bath.

Bill moved his hand to my chin and lifted my face so he could look me right in the eyes before he asked, “Did you enjoy being showered with their cum?”

My eyes blurred once again with tears as I looked at Bill.

“I reveled in it,” I admitted. “At the time I didn’t think anything could be more erotic. As each cock coated me with cum, I felt as if they were feeding my cravings, satisfying my addiction for the feel and taste of sperm.”

As I made that admission to Bill the tears again cascaded down my cheeks. I finally admitted to someone other than myself that I had a sexual addiction and that my addiction had turned me into a cum slut.

I began sobbing uncontrollably and a flood of tears poured from my eyes.

Realizing that I’d just completely bared my self to him, Bill reached toward me. His arms gathered me up and he pulled me close to him. I melted into his arms, crying and sobbing over his shoulder.

He didn’t speak a word. This incredible man just held me allowing me to shed my tears of guilt. His soft embrace comforting me as I emptied my soul of all the pent-up feelings of guilt about my actions and how I’d allowed my self to come to the point of seeing my self as nothing more than a dirty cum slut.

I cried for what seemed an eternity, but Bill knew I needed to cry. He knew that I had to get the guilt out of my system before I could begin to have any chance of rebuilding my self-esteem.

His soft embrace slowly had the effect he wanted. I began to feel safe in his arms and slowly my tears subsided once again.

Finally, I regained my composure enough to speak again.

“When you told me earlier that you had dreamt of me since the first night we made love, my guilt welled up inside. I suddenly realized that I had looked at our first night together as nothing more than a great fuck,” I admitted.

“A great fuck in what, at the time I wanted to be just another great fuck in a series of great fucks,” I added.

“Bill I’m so sorry for reducing what was the most passionate lovemaking I’ve ever experienced into just another great fuck,” I said.

He looked deeply into my eyes searching for an answer to his next question before he asked it.

“Is that night still the most passionate lovemaking you’ve ever experienced?” He asked.

“Without a doubt,” I replied instantly. “Tonight, I realized that. I’m so scared that because of my actions since that night you will see me as I really am.”

“And that is?” Bill asked.

I hesitated for a moment asking myself if I should admit to this incredible man exactly how I see my self. I decided I needed to have him hear the words.

“I’m so scared that from now on you will see me as a filthy cum slut,” I said.

“I don’t see you that way Genevieve,” Bill said. “In fact, now that you’ve told me what has happened to you since the first night we made love I feel partly responsible for what has occurred in your life,” He added.

“How could you feel any….” I started to ask but his fingertip came to my lips stopping me in mid-sentence.

“Genevieve think about this. If I had called you the next morning and told you how incredible I felt about being with you. If I had taken the time to express my feelings would you have gone on to, as you said earlier, the next great fuck?” Bill asked.

“What you say does make sense, but the fact still remains that you didn’t call me and I did go on to the next great fuck,” I replied. “I love you for trying to diminish my actions by trying to take some of the blame. But I still have to live with what I’ve done I still have to move on in my life. I just know that the path I took after we made love was all wrong,” I said.

Bill leaned over and grabbed the wine bottle from the nightstand. Rather than filling the glass he just took a healthy swig right from the bottle.

“I’m wondering if the path you think you should follow includes having an affair with a married man Genevieve.” He asked.

I pondered his question for a moment. Then taking the wine bottle from him I took a healthy gulp before I said, “As long as that married man is as sincere loving and sexy as you, I see no reason why not.”

“Think about what you’re saying Genevieve,” Bill said.

“Continuing our affair could be keeping you from finding that one sincere loving and sexy single man of your dreams,” he added.

I smiled at him and said, “You know anyone who fits that description?”

“Not at the moment, but he could be right around the bend for you babe,” Bill said.

“Well Bill, until he shows up, I’d like to continue seeing you. And if he never shows up, I’ll be happy being your discrete mistress,” I replied.

Bill reached out and cupped my face in his soft palms. Looking me straight in the eyes he asked, “Are YOU sure?” Emphasizing the word you.

“I’m sure,” I replied instantly.

I knew I may have been sealing my fate to be a married man’s mistress, but I also knew that by doing so I would no longer have to seek out strange cocks to satisfy my craving for sexual gratification. I’d no longer have to put myself in the position of letting any man fuck me. I’d have my own special lover, who pleases me beyond belief. And since I’d just told him about all the sexual skeletons in my closet and all my kinky sexual fantasies our affair would never become mundane or boring. We’d have not only my fantasies to live out, but his also.

Bill wanted me to absolutely certain so he reinforced his question and my reply by saying. “You remember that I told you I could never leave Tess?”

“Yes, I know you’ll never leave her,” I said. “And I’ll never ask you to leave her.”

He continued pointing out the limitations of having a discreet affair with him, “You understand the problems of not being able to be together when we want, and the strain of waiting until we can may have on our relationship?”

I smiled at him and offered, “I imagine the time we have to wait between meetings will do nothing more than build the anticipation leading up to the times we can be together. And as for the strain, maybe you and I can do a little internet shopping for some toys I could use to help with that strain.”

Bill smiled at me thinking of all those possibilities.

“I never considered the internet many times I’m left alone in my office at home after Tess has gone off to bed. I’m certain we could have some very interesting conversations online during those times,” he suggested.

“My goodness Bill, are you talking about cybersex?” I asked.

“It’s the next best thing to the real deal, I’ve tried it and it is very exciting,” he admitted.

“I like the idea, but I’ll still want the real deal as often as we can. No matter how good cybersex maybe, I can’t imagine it being anywhere near as satisfying as having your hard cock buried inside me,” I remarked.

Bill smiled and said, “We do fit together very nicely.”

I was feeling a little better about myself, and where I was headed sexually. While not a perfect situation I knew Bill would be a satisfying lover, and I was fairly certain I’d be able to keep him happy since his wife was only fucking him once a month or so. Our conversation was having the effect of lifting the weight of weeks of sexual addiction from my shoulders. I could tell from how our conversation was going that Bill and I were going to be discreet sex partners for the foreseeable future, and that thought excited me.

“Tell me something,” I said.

“What’s that,” Bill replied.

Of all the things that I described to you tonight, is there any one thing that you would not want to try?” I asked.

Bill grinned devilishly at me before he responded, “I wouldn’t want to share you with another man.”

“Is that the only thing?” I asked.

“I think so,” he replied.

“So, a female-male-female threesome would be ok with you?” I asked thinking of Marsha and her sexy body.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that, in fact, I’ve fantasized about it,” Bill replied.

“And what about anal sex,” I asked with a sheepish grin on my face.

“If it’s something you’d enjoy I would love to try it,” he said.

I let my sheepish grin turn into a wide smile letting Bill know it would be something I’d enjoy.

Bill’s smile widened, knowing that sometime in the future he’d have a chance to bury his cock in my ass.

Bill turned the tables on me as he asked, “I know you enjoyed our Master Slave role play last time. What other kinds of role play interest you?”

“Oh my, almost everyone we could think of,” I replied.

“Okay, but be more specific Gen, tell me what roles interest you most?” He questioned me further.

“Well let’s see, I’d love a teacher-student role play, we could turn that one around both ways baby. And then there’s housewife salesman, stranded motorist tow truck driver.” I explained.

I intentionally left off the list my most fantasized role-play scenario, that of a whore and her trick wondering if he’d mention it.

“Aren’t you forgetting one very hot role-play scenario Genevieve?” Bill asked.

I knew what he was thinking about but played like I couldn’t think of any other scenarios.

“Gee Bill I’m sure there are others, which one are you thinking of?” I continued.

He gave in and said, “The high-priced hooker and her john?”

Oh my, I believe I did forget that one,” I said grinning from ear to ear knowing he realized I saved the best for last.

“Gen, I believe when it comes to our little discreet affair, I’ll be tri-sexual,” Bill said.

“Tri-sexual?” I asked.

“Yes baby, I’ll be willing to try anything sexual with you,” he replied.

“Oh really,” I said. “Including a golden shower?” I asked.

He paused for a moment before he responded, “If it’s a turn on for you, even a golden shower.”

I winked at him before I replied, “Well that would be a part of being tri-sexual now wouldn’t it.”

“Yes, I suppose it would,” he said.

I glanced at my alarm clock on the nightstand to the right side of my bed. I was 10:55 PM. Knowing Bill didn’t really have to leave tonight and hoping Tess wouldn’t be arriving home until late Sunday I decided to see exactly how tri-sexual he was willing to be.

“Bill?” I said.

“Yes, Gen.” He replied.

“Can you stay the night?” I asked.

“Absolutely!” He instantly replied. “I didn’t bring my weekend travel bag in from the car earlier Gen because I wasn’t sure you’d want me to stay the night.”

“When is Tess due home?” I asked.

“Her flight doesn’t get in until 7:45 tomorrow night, we have all the time we want,” he said.

“Fantastic, I was hoping for that,” I said.

Bill only smiled knowing full well that he and I were about to again begin enjoying the pleasures that I had interrupted with my admission of feeling so very guilty.

“I want to make all those dreams you had of me come true,” I said.

His smile widened.

“Tell you what let me freshen up and then we can begin making memories we both will dream about,” I said.

Bill nodded his absolute approval as I slid from the bed and slowly walked toward my bathroom. I intentionally walked on the balls of my feet keeping my heels lifted on imaginary stilettos. I was certain he was enjoying the view of my legs and the waist length black tresses flowing down my back.

I reached around the doorframe and clicked on the bathroom light. Pressing my body against the frame I curled one leg up behind me and glanced back toward him.

“There’s something rather soothing and slippery in the nightstand drawer in case you’d like to keep busy while I’m away,” I said.

I turned and disappeared into the bathroom closing the door behind me. Stepping in front of the large mirror I looked at my face. My eyes weren’t swollen any longer, but they were still stained bloodshot red from all the tears I’d shed. What little eye make-up I’d worn was gone, with the exception of a faint shadow of mascara that had run during my crying.

I filled the sink with warm water and washed my face clean of all traces of my crying episode. Opening my medicine cabinet, I started with several drops of Murine in each eye to clear up the effect of my tears. As I let the Murine take effect, I brushed out my long silky tresses and pulled them back clipping them behind me with a large hair clip. Since my bedroom was dimly lit I saw no need to apply any blush to my cheeks, but I did want my eyes and lips to be highlighted so I applied a pale green shimmering eye shadow to my eyelids, thicken my eyelashes with mascara, and my favorite shade of red lipstick paying particular attention to give my lips a full sensual look about them.

A finger tip of my favorite lavender scented perfume behind each ear and between my breasts and I was freshened up for my discreet lover. Releasing my long dark hair from the clip I shook it out letting if cascade around my head and shoulders. I paused and studied my looks in the mirror. The image that reflected back at me was exactly what I’d imagined when I decided I needed a transformation weeks before. But for the first time, my mind was on the same page with my body. I smiled hoping my transformation would now be complete. I put my things back in the medicine cabinet, but before I closed the door, I opened the lavender perfume and placed a small dap on my pubic mound just above my clitoris for good measure.

I turned the light off in the bathroom before I opened the door. As I entered Bill was still resting on the stack of fluffy pillows. The towel he had wrapped around his waist earlier was lying on the floor beside the bed. As my eyes became accustomed to the dim candlelight in the room, I discovered that Bill had, in fact, opened the nightstand drawer and found the bottle of strawberry flavored massage oil I kept there for those lonely nights when I needed a sexual release before my transformation.

I again walked on invisible stilettos bahis siteleri toward the foot of the bed. I studied his form as I approached. In his left hand, he held the small bottle of massage oil. His right hand surrounded his beautiful glistening erection. He slowly stroked his cock as I came to a stop facing him at the foot of my bed.

Candlelight reflected off his shimmering cock. His hand and balls were coated with massage oil, but his cock, his glorious throbbing cock stood at full attention above his fist its wide flaring corona slowly disappearing and reappearing as he stroked the length of his rock-hard erection.

“I see you found my massage oil,” I said.

Bill replied, “Yes and the label says it’s not only soothing and warming, but also completely eatable. I tasted it and it is very nice.”

Bill held up the bottle in front of him holding it with his fingertips at the very bottom. The oil bottle is about 6 inches long and made of a soft plastic that can be squeezed. It has a domed shaped cap that pulls up to let the fluid escape when the bottle is squeezed, or you can tip it and let the oil drip off onto its intended target.

“And check out the very useful shape of the bottle,” he remarked.

I grinned at him and replied, “Trust me, I know how useful that bottle is.”

Bill tipped the bottle and gave it a gentle squeeze. I stared intently at it as one by one tiny droplets of oil dripped onto the tip of his pulsating erection. His tight fist slowly stroked and spread the oil over the entire length of his glorious manhood.

I knew from my own experience how sensual that massage oil is, how it was giving his pulsing erection a warm glowing feeling as he rubbed the oil into his naked flesh. I resisted the urge to crawl between his thighs and taste the combined sweet nectar of his balls and the warm strawberry massage oil.

Instead, I whispered, “Your cock looks so incredible, I want you to keep slowly stroking it while I perform a dance of seduction for you.”

Bill smiled widely at me knowing I was about to give him a memory he’d be able to dream about forever. He slowed the tempo of his masturbation as I did a perfect pirouette on the balls of my feet. As I spun away from my discreet lover, I let my hair fly around and dipped my head to have it fall over one shoulder in front. I slowly walked on invisible stilettos toward my closet on the opposite side of the bedroom knowing my lover was intensely studying my legs as I did.

I opened the door completely and took a step inside. My feet slipped into the highest heeled pair of stilettos I owned. Again, pirouetting to now face my man I stood in the doorway of my closet and struck the classic pose of a runway model with one heel tucked against the instep of the other and that leg turned slightly outward. My hands rested softly on my hips as I again flipped my hair this time letting it fall behind me.

I slowly moved my long delicate fingers from my hips to the inside of the door frame and slid them up toward the top. Even in the dim lighting of my candlelit bedroom, I could see Bill’s eyes widen as the movement of my arms slowly lifted the hem of the chemise, I was wearing exposing my loins to his lustful gaze.

“OH MY GOD!” He whispered softly stretching the words as he spoke.

I took one sexy step forward, the heel of one stiletto directly in front of the toe of the other. Doing a quarter pirouette to my left I repeated my slow-motion steps until I was standing in front of the dresser beside my closet door. Another quarter pirouette to the left and I was again facing away from Bill standing in front of the dresser. I reached for and pressed the power button on my compact stereo and soft jazz music filled the room. Next, to the stereo, I had a small lamp which I turned on. The seven-watt bulb did little to light the room more, but I was certain it silhouetted me perfectly as I stood there allowing the image to be burned into my discreet lover’s memory

“Hmmmmmmmm very nice,” Bill whispered confirming that the dim light was outlining my form perfectly.

I didn’t turn to face him again, instead, I placed my hands on the front edge of the dresser and spread my feet. I slowly started moving my hips side to side to the beat of the soft jazz music beginning a dance of seduction that I hoped would arouse my lover more mentally than physically.

As I moved slowly side to side, I inched my feet further away from the dresser but kept my hands resting on the front edge. The further away my feet moved the more I bent at the waist. I could feel the hem of my chemise sliding up the back of my thighs exposing the soft warm flesh of my shapely legs to him.

“Absolutely incredible,” Bill said.

Once my feet had slid far enough back, I let my hands fall from the dresser and come to rest on the front of my thighs. My long black hair slipped over my shoulder and hung straight down toward the soft carpet of my bedroom. I knew that my chemise had slid up enough that it barely was still covering my ass. My hands slid around my legs and slowly up the length of my exposed thighs until they came in contact with the hem of the satin chemise.

I knew where my discreet lover was looking, I was absolutely certain his eyes were fixed on the spot where my shapely thighs met. As I slowly lifted the peppermint-colored fabric I bent further at the waist until my cheek was resting against my knee. My long tresses cascaded down and spreading slightly around my stilettos and the fabric of my chemise slid part way up my back.

“God damn Gen!” Bill whispered.

As I slowly used my hands to spread my ass for him, I picked up the tempo of my seductive hip movements to the beat of the jazz music I love so much. I stayed in that position for several moments letting Bill enjoy what I knew was a most incredible image of my glistening pussy and tight little asshole.

I continued my dance by slipping my hands around to my knees straightening up slightly as I did. Once my hands were firmly placed on my knees, I threw my head up causing my long silky black tresses to fly up and over me and fall in place over my creamy white ass. I could feel strands coming to rest between my ass cheeks covering the tiny puckered opening to my ass and the shimmering folds of my very wet pussy.

This entire dance of seduction couldn’t have taken more than three or four minutes, but I was certain that in those few minutes Bill would now be ready to explode from the lustful dance I was performing.

As I straightened up and pirouetted to face him again everything fell back into place. I smiled widely at him and slowly began walking toward him accentuating the seductive movement of my hips and legs.

Bill had abandoned stroking his cock no longer needing to masturbate to maintain his erection. The sensual images unfolding before him were more than enough to keep him aroused completely. In fact, as I approached his oil-soaked glistening cock twitched almost uncontrollably.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked as I neared the foot of my bed again.

“Gen you’re fucking incredible!” Bill remarked. “Look what you’ve done to my poor cock. It’s twitching like crazy I’ve already smeared several drops of pre-cum down over its Gen.” He added.

“But I’m only half done,” I remarked smiling widely at him.

“I’m not sure how much more of this my poor cock can stand. Not to mention my other senses,” Bill said.

“I’ll make the wait worth it,” I promised.

I leaned forward and patted the bed right at the bottom edge directly in front of where I was posing.

“Slide that sexy body down here,” I said.

Bill followed my direction instantly moving down the bed to sit with his feet flat on the floor and his cock standing at perfect attention above his thighs.

I looked down into his eyes and asked, “Do you like my body?”

He shook his head yes.

“Do you like my long sexy legs?” I asked.

Again, he shook his head yes.

“Do you love the way my stiletto heels accentuating the shape of my legs?” I said.

Bill shook his head and said, “Fucking incredible Gen.”

His eyes roamed over my sensual body, taking in every incredible inch of soft flesh that was exposed to his lustful gaze.

I let my hands slide to the hem of my sexy peppermint shaded chemise and grasped the bottom between delicate fingertips. My discreet lover’s eyes were glued to my fingertips and the satiny fabric that still covered my steamy loins and succulent breasts.

Bill whispered, “Yes,” as I slowly lifted the hem exposing my naked pussy to his intense gaze.

His wide-eyed expression reminded me of a young schoolboy seeing a woman’s private parts for the first time.

“So goddamn sexy!” He remarked as the chemise slid up my torso.

I couldn’t move any slower, as I finally lifted the sexy fabric off my succulent tits exposing the fleshy orbs and pointed erect nipples to his awesome stare.

The chemise finally, almost mercifully, slid over my shoulders and fell to the floor behind me in a heap of seductive peppermint green color.

I stood before my discreet lover completely exposed, sensual naked flesh his for the taking. Deep emerald pools of passion for him alone to stare into. Soft perfect ruby red lips that would surround only his glorious manhood. Lush succulent breasts capped with tiny points that would harden and tingle under only his touch together with sensual cleavage meant for his throbbing cock alone. Soft delicate fingers and hands to gently massage only his flesh. Long shapely legs meant to be wrapped around his waist only. Sensuous thighs to be spread wide open by only his gentle hands. A sensitive nub of a clitoris that would be his alone to suckle, bite lick and stimulate. A tight ass begging to be spread and speared by his pulsing tool only. And finally, an incredibly wet, searing hot pussy that would be impaled, invaded and assaulted by his throbbing cock by his probing tongue, or his exploring fingers only.

I was ready for my incredible discreet lover ready to submit my being to him. Ready to please only him, and he only me for as long as he saw fit.

I looked deeply into his searching eyes and said, “Bill I’m yours and yours alone, take me, take me in any way you wish. Make me your discreet concubine, fulfill your every sexual wish with me and I will fulfill mine with you.”

My hands rested at my sides my breathing coming in slow deep breaths waiting for my lover to do with me as he wished.

Bill looked up into my passionate eyes, and slowly slid his hand behind him to grasp the bottle of massage oil he had so expertly used to bring himself to the fully erect throbbing state his manhood was now in.

He held the bottle firmly in his left hand between us. A gentle squeeze and few droplets of oil oozed from the cap spreading evenly down over the domed cap. The scent of strawberry massage oil wafted between us and into my nostrils. An erotic scent that was all too familiar from the times I’d used the massage oil to moisten my vulva when masturbating alone in my bed.

Bill lifted the dome-shaped cap to my right tit and drew a circle around my erect nipple. I instantly felt the sensual warmth of the oil as it soaked into the naked flesh of my breast. Another gentle squeeze and still more droplets of oil flowed over the dome.

Bill slowly moved the bottle to my left tit and circled the hard nub of my nipple just as before. Again, the warmth of the oil soaked into naked flesh.

I moaned deeply as the oil took effect and my succulent breasts began tingling.

Bill leaned forward and parted his lips, extending his tongue over his lower lip he used the flat broad part of his tongue to smear the circles surrounding my nipple over my areola and my completely erect nipples. The warmth of his passionate circles of pleasure spread over my nipples and with it the tingling of erotic pleasure.

“Oh baby, that feels so incredible!” I whispered.

Bill pleasured my fleshy orbs and taut nipples for several moments before he again leaned back. His eyes again met mine as he gave the bottle a stronger squeeze. Oil flowed from the tiny opening and down over the dome-shaped cap.

Bill lifted the bottle to the base of my neck and slowly smeared oil from there down and through my succulent cleavage.

My tits and cleavage now shimmered in the dim candlelight and warmed as he used the bottle to cover every exposed inch of my flesh. He placed the bottle beside him on the bed and moved his hands to softly cup my tits and slide fingertips over my erect nipples.

Looking into my eyes Bill whispered, “Do you want my hot cock between these beautiful tits?”

I gasped from the intense pleasure his hands were providing and moaned softly before I responded, “Oh god yes, I want that glorious cock sliding between my tits.”

He smiled widely at me as he again reached for the oil bottle.

Again, he brought it between us and squeezed even more soothing oil from the opening to flow over the cap.

He moved the oil smeared dome toward my trembling flesh again. Placing the rounded tip against my belly button he slowly drew a line straight down over my pubic mound until he reached my swollen clit. My flesh burned everywhere he applied the oil. As he slowly massaged my clit with the dome the oil again took effect and my clit instantly came alive with a warm lustful desire to be licked, sucked and bitten by my discreet lover.

He spoke again in a soft whisper, “Do you want me to lick this incredible clit?”

My deep sensuous moan confirmed that I wanted him to lick my throbbing clit. My body trembled with anticipation my voice barely audible I said, “Please lick my clit!”

Once again Bill squeezed the bottle of pleasure forcing even more oil from the opening. He moved one hand to my hip and turned me to face away from him.

In an instant the warmth of oil spread across the top of my ass cheeks and between as my lover, my incredible passionate discreet lover, slowly slid the oil smeared dome between my cheeks. Inch by incredible inch the flesh between my cheeks came alive with the glowing warmth of his lubricant of pleasure. Inch by incredible inch he slowly approached the tight opening of my sphincter. Bill finally reached his goal and he smeared warming oil around the opening to my ass. I groaned deeply as the heat built and my ass relaxed. He pressed deeper and I felt the warmth begin inside my ass as the oil smeared dome pierced my anal cavity.

He softly spoke again, “Do you want my oil-soaked cock piercing this tight ass?”

“Oh my god, YES, I want your glorious cock buried in my ass! PLEASE, fuck my ass.” I whispered hoarsely.

Bill’s seduction rivaled my own earlier attempt to seduce him. My breathing began coming in short lustful gasps as he slowly worked the oil bottle inside my ass.

I wanted him, I needed him, I had to have him. In a few short hours of incredible lovemaking, he had become my addiction. He was now what I craved most. My beautiful discreet lover was all I ever need to complete my transformation.

Bill withdrew the bottle from my ass and turned me once again to face him. I searched his eyes deeply, as he gazed into mine. Our lust, our wanton craving for each other had grown to immense proportions. My hands reached for his shoulders. He held the bottle up once more, it shimmered with a thin coating of oil. Slowly Bill slid it between my thighs and along the swollen lips of my dripping wet pussy. As the base of his incredible bottle of pleasure approached my clit, he turned to angle the dome between my pussy lips and pressed it inside.

His eyes caught mine, his lustful stare consumed my every thought.

“Do you want my rock-hard cock buried here Genevieve?” He asked.

I responded with one word, “PLEASE!” but before I could utter another word, Bill gave the bottle a strong squeeze.

The dome exploded shooting warming massage oil inside my already soaking wet cunt. I groaned as the warmth spread through every fold of my pussy. The intense heat of my loins combined with the warmth of the flood of strawberry scented oil sent swirls of intense pleasure through every part of my body.

Bill smiled at me, knowing the intense pleasure his oily seduction was providing me. He slowly withdrew the dome of his tool of seduction allowing my lips to close tightly holding a flood of fluids inside.

I stood before him, this incredible lover, awaiting the next step he’d guide us through. Wanted him to reach the ultimate climax of his lustful seduction.

Bill leaned back and incredibly held the bottle between us again. My mind raced trying to imagine where he’d next apply his glorious fluid of lust.

His shimmering cock stood at full attention from his loins. The bulging head glistened with oil. His abdomen glistened with the residue of oil from having his cock pressed against it.

With a devilish grin, Bill turned the bottle over and squeezed a stream of oil over his cock. I watched intently as the oil slowly flowed over his flaring cock head and dripped from his wide corona onto the rock-hard shaft. I watched it descended the length of his throbbing shaft. I stared at it as if flowed over the crisscross pattern of pulsing arteries covering the shaft and onto his beautiful ball sack.

Bill dropped that incredible bottle of passion to the floor between us before he spoke again, “I’m yours alone Genevieve. Fuck me NOW!”

My hands pressed his shoulders back to the bed, back down upon my altar of complete lust. As I mounted him, he placed his hands gently on my hips. Our loins warm and slippery melted together and in an instant, I impaled myself on his glorious cock.

The intense heat of our passion mixed with the warm flood of oil filling my pussy and coating his cock consumed us. As I slowly began fucking his rock-hard cock, we moaned in unison with the intense pleasure of finally giving in to our lust, giving in to our passion, giving in to our craving addiction for each other.

His cock pulsed and twitched inside me. My pussy convulsed and squeezed him almost involuntarily. Every inch of his cock filled me every fold of my pussy grasped him. Our lovemaking was slow, deliberate and incredibly intense. My hands rested on his thick curly mat of chest hair and his slid along my hips as I moved my pussy up and down on his beautiful cock.

Each of us wanted to please the other, we both wanted this to be the fuck of all time. To consummate a union of two incredible discreet lovers a union that would provide us with countless erotic encounters. A lovemaking session to measure all future sessions against.

“Oh god, this feels so fucking incredible!” I said.

He started to close his eyes, but then opened them to stare up at me. His hips began to lift toward mine as I descended over his throbbing cock over and over again. Hot fluids began escaping from our joined loins, running down over his balls and soaking the bottom bahis şirketleri edge of the bed.

“Your pussy is on fire! Burn my cock with it, Gen,” he exclaimed.

I began to feel shards of pleasure climb along my spine, spreading to every fiber of my body from my tingling pussy. His cock speared my pussy over and over as I increased the tempo of our union.

“God my cock feels almost numb! You are so fucking wet, so fucking hot! I love the way you fuck me, Genevieve!” Bill said.

My lover’s hand pressed me harder down as our pace quickened. My pussy swelled and tightened its grip on his throbbing cock.

” Squeeze my tits, pinch the nipples hard,” I pleaded.

Bill instantly slid his hands up to caress my slippery tits. He squeezed them causing my nipples to protrude through the circle his thumbs and index fingers formed around the hard nubs at the tips of my oil-soaked orbs of pleasure. The circles his fingers formed grew ever smaller as he slid his hands toward my burning nipples. Bill gently rolled my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers before he pinched the nipples hard as I begged him to do.

I love having him handle my tits roughly, the combination of pain and pleasure caused me to groan deeply.

“That’s it, that’s how I love you to handle my tits,” I squealed.

Bill lifted his head off the bed and brought one taut nipple to his mouth. He spread his lips and sucked the hard nub between, biting down hard on both my areola and nipple. I squealed with delight as he moved his mouth from one fleshy tit to the other performing his oral magic on my sensitive nipples.

Our loins were slapping against one another, my oily pussy sliding up and down his incredible erection faster with each passing second. Time after time his beautiful corona slid over my g-spot sending shiver after shiver racing through my loins.

“Your cock is fucking incredible,” I said.

It filled me so perfectly, touching every sensual spot inside my pussy with every stroke.

“I love fucking you it’s so goddamn tight, so goddamn wet, so fucking hot!” Bill said.

His glorious cock was taking me to the peak of sexual pleasure. My loins exploded in sensations of complete satisfaction as my orgasm slammed into me. I lost control of my muscles as the title wave of climactic pleasure crashed over me. My pussy twitched uncontrollably as I rode his beautiful cock up and over the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure.

I could do little more than hold on tight as he thrust up into me driving my climax on. A flood of juices filled my pussy and Bill’s thrusts up into it began to force fluid from inside bathing his cock and balls with hot fuck juice.

“Cum inside me Bill, please shoot your full load of cum deep inside my hot pussy,” I begged him.

Bill moaned deeply as he continued fucking my dripping wet slit. Every thrust up caused a stream of juice to escape me and run down his balls.

He reached up and pulled my chest down to his mashing my tits and taut nipples into the sweat-matted forest of chest hair. I pressed them harder into his chest and held on for dear life my head beside his, my chin digging into the muscles along the top of his shoulder.

His piston-like cock driving up into me with more force that I could possibly imagine. Time after time he drove that glorious cock to the very core of my loins. Time after time slivers of complete pleasure spread from my g-spot as his wide swollen corona rubbed across my most sensitive of spots. Time and time his incredible cock slammed into my cervix.

His hands slid down and roughly grabbed my ass, pulling my loins down to meet his thrusting cock. I felt his cock swell incredibly as he moaned deeply.

I knew he was nearly there, nearly at the absolute peak of fucking pleasure. I knew from the size of his cock that it was ready to explode inside me. I knew his balls were pumping sweet cum up the length of his beautiful cock. I knew he was about to explode with a flood of sweet cum.

“Yes, that’s it shoot your load, flood me with it, baby!” I screamed.

As I screamed my discreet lover, did exactly that. His cock exploded filling me with hot searing cock juice, flooding my almost completely numb pussy with his sweet cum.

He screamed, “Yeah!” As stream after incredible stream of boiling cum shot from his cock. His thrusting stopped and I let my dripping pussy settle down over his twitching cock as he continued oozing his seed into me.

I could feel our combined fuck juices running out of me, my spent muscles unable to hold it inside.

His hands slid up my back and held me tightly against his body, I could hardly move my shoulders to rub my tingling nipples through his sweaty hairy chest.

As he soaked in the combined juices of our incredible fuck, I began to regain control of my internal muscles. I clenched my pussy around his throbbing cock squeezing it tightly in the swollen flesh of my loins. Our sweaty bodies melted into one another as we began the long slow process of regaining control after the most spectacular fuck of our lives.

I turned my mouth toward his ear and whispered, “God that was fuckin incredible!”
He could only respond with the sound, “Hmmmmmmm”

“I’ve never had a more intense orgasm,” I said.

His breathing was deep and labored but he slowly began to also recover from the intense pleasure of our lovemaking. His lips touched my cheek, I turned and offered him my mouth which he instantly accepted pressing his tongue between my moist lips.

Our kiss was more passionate than any before, we searched each other’s mouths with deep thrusts of our tongues.

My discreet lover, my incredible man had shown me the way back. He’d shown me that I only need one glorious man to satisfy my sexual cravings. To feed my addiction for sexual release. As I basked in the glory of our lovemaking, I realized that my transformation was truly complete. I’d transformed myself from a mundane schoolmarm into a passionate sensual and yes, lustful woman.

Bill showed me that being a lustful woman was really alright as long as my lust was directed toward one man, one incredible glorious beautiful sexy man.

As our kiss broke Bill finally could speak, “Gen I’ve never experienced anything more incredible.”

“In all my life I’ve never been with a more passionate sexy woman,” he whispered.

“Do you have any idea what an incredible lover you are?” He asked.

Before I could speak, he said, “Do you have any idea how completely you satisfy me?”

I smiled at him and whispered, “If you’re half as satisfied as me, then yes I do have an idea.”

“I’m yours Bill, I’m your woman, your discreet mistress. I’ll always be here ready to satisfy you just like this,” I said.

I truly meant what I said. I could be happy for the rest of my life being this incredible man’s discreet concubine, satisfying his every sexual whim whatever that may be.

Bill’s cock finally softened to a point that it slipped from my swollen pussy. A gush of fluids ran from me as I slid off his body to snuggle into his side. We lay there for the longest time touching lightly, kissing passionately, caressing tenderly. Both of us basking in the incredible afterglow of the consummation of our discreet love affair.

“Baby?” I said.

“Yes, Gen?” Bill replied.

“Let me bathe you, shower with me babe,” I said.

“Let me cleanse your body, let me service you like a proper mistress,” I pleaded.

Bill realized this meant a lot to me, and happily accepted my invitation to cleanse him before we slept.

I slowly slid off the bed, standing at the foot and offering him my hands to help him up.

As he straightened up to stand before me, he gathered me in his arms and hugged me tightly to his body. His arms surrounded me making me feel warm and safe. I curled my arms up under his and slid them to his broad strong shoulders.

Bill’s body felt so good against mine. Even though he is perhaps three or four inches taller than me, when I’m wearing my stilettos, we are virtually the same height. And I was sure Bill would never have a problem with me wearing those sexiest shoes.

My lover released me from his warm hug but kept one arm around my waist as we turned and walked toward my bathroom. Bill let his hand slip down and gave my ass a gentle squeeze. I entered the bathroom and flipped on the light.

“I’ll grab us some clean towels,” I said.

“Great, I’ll start the shower,” Bill replied.

I took the three or four steps across the hard tile floor toward my linen closet. The sound of my heels on the floor must have caught Bill’s attention because as I reached the closet and opened the door, I noticed he was leaning against the door jam watching me.

“Sorry, I got distracted for a second there,” he said.

“Oh yeah, what was that?” I asked.

“I was just watching you walk Gen. Its an amazing sight how your legs and ass look and move when you’re wearing those heels. Bill complimented me.

“So, you think I have nice legs babe?” I asked.

“No actually Genevieve I think you have spectacular legs. I love their shape. I love how your thighs barely touch until the absolute top. I love your thin ankles. And those heels, well they accentuate the whole package perfectly,” Bill said with a devilish grin on his lips.

“I love wearing high heels, the higher the better,” I replied.

“I especially love wearing them while making love I love how they make me feel, how they make my legs look so sexy when I’m lying on my back with my legs raised in the air and the stilettos top off my long legs,” I continued.

Bill quickly added, “Yes and your lover can grab the heels for extra leverage. As I recall, your legs look very sexy when you wear seamed stockings and these stilettos.”

I giggled and said, “Not to worry, I’ll be wearing those stockings for you very often.”

“I’m counting on it,” Bill said as he leaned into my tub to start our shower.

“Hmmmmmm. that’s perfect,” he said as he stepped into the stream of water.

I slipped off my heels and placed two fluffy white towels on the top of the toilet tank beside the tub and joined my man in the warm shower holding a white washcloth.

Bill had already let the warm shower wet his body, so he stepped back as I joined him. Warm water cascaded over my shoulders soaking my back and running down over my supple breasts and soft nipples. I tilted my head back and let the warm water soak my hair. I turned around to wet my face.

“Damn Gen,” Bill said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him

“I can’t believe how long your hair is,” he replied.

I knew that when wet my hair actually extends down past my waist and onto my ass. I backed up into him rubbing my ass into his pubic area.

He slid his hands around to cup my tits and pull me back even harder against him.

I wiggled my ass against his soft cock as I reached for the washcloth and bottle of shower gel.

Bill’s hands continued massaging my tits and nipples while I squirted an ample amount of gel into the cloth. Before I put the gel down, I squirted a stream of gel on my chest just above where his hands were caressing my tits. His hands smeared the gel over my breasts. I leaned my head back and cooed softly as I began feeling my nipples harden once more under his expert touch.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be bathing you,” I whispered while lathering the cloth.

“I’m just enjoying myself,” Bill replied adding, “You can take over anytime you want babe.”

Without moving away from him I spun around and pressed my tits into his strong chest moving my shoulders from side to side and sliding my erect nipples through his curly chest hair.

“Sure hope you never decide to shave this Bill,” I said.

“Not as long as you continue rubbing your nipples through it,” Bill replied.

“Oh, you noticed how much I love rubbing my tits here?” I asked.

“Hard not to notice Gen.” He said smiling and looking down at my wet soapy tits sliding side to side over his forest of chest hair.

My cleavage was full of soap bubbles and his chest slowly started looking the same way. I lifted the washcloth to his shoulder and slowly began bathing him, cleansing his flesh of the sweaty residue of our intense lovemaking.

I slowly washed his shoulders arms and chest.

“Turn around,” I said.

Bill smiled and spun around. I ran the washcloth over his back and added some more gel to it as I worked my way down toward his waist. Having lathered his back completely I hung the washcloth on the towel bar and began massaging his back muscles with my delicate fingers.

“Hmmmmm. That feels so good,” Bill said.

The slippery gel made it easy to work individual muscles relaxing each one as I massaged down to his waist.

My soft hands moved down to his ass smearing bubbly soap across each cheek evenly. I let the edge of my hand slide between his cheeks cleansing him of the oil that had gathered there when we were making love. He moaned when I ran a finger over his sphincter to remove the oil from that spot. I thought about probing his ass but decided against that for now. I’d save that massage for another time when I’d have better access to his sphincter and prostate.

“Wow when you bathe someone you do a good job,” he said.

Crouching down in the tub I washed his legs before I again asked: “Turn again.”

My hands worked up from his feet along his legs to his muscular thighs. His soft cock hung invitingly in front of my face. I resisted the urge to take him in my mouth and use it to cleanse his manhood. The soapy washcloth did a better job of removing the oily residue from his inner thighs, scrotum and finally his beautiful cock. I paid particular attention to the corona and head rubbing it carefully so no oil would remain there.

Even in his softened state, I loved handling his cock. It’s about 4 inches in length when soft but still has the same glorious bulge where the shaft ends at his corona. I wonder if my cleansing massage would again arouse him to an erect state, but apparently, he’d not yet recovered enough from the intense fucking we’d shared earlier for that to happen.

He was, however, enjoying my massage as evidenced by the soft moans escaping his throat and the wide grin on his lips. I straightened up but kept his cock in my hand.

“Geez baby, you’re even sexy when you’re bathing me,” he said.

I pressed my body against his and lifted my face toward him. My shimmering lips invitingly parted begging to be spread by his probing tongue.

He leaned down and our lips touched. His moist warm lower lips suckled at mine drawing it between his. His kisses excite me, soft gentle sensual kisses that are as passionate as his touch.

Our bodies crushed together as he pulled me tightly against his soapy body and kissed me deeper probing my mouth with his tongue.

I released his cock from my grasp and captured it by pressed my pelvis tight against him, grinding my pelvic bone up and down his flaccid cock only caused him to moan deeper into my mouth.

His lips moved to my ear kissing along my jaw slowly.

He whispered to me, “As much as I want to, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get it up again tonight.”

“Bill I just love touching it, hard or soft I love the way it feels in my hand. We’ll have all day tomorrow to make love. Let’s just rinse off let me dry you and we’ll cuddle together until we fall asleep,” I said.

“You’re not dis….” He began to say but my fingertip touched his lips cutting him off in mid-sentence.

“Don’t even think for a second you could disappoint me. You made sweet passionate love with me tonight I’m not sure I could get wet again tonight for you,” I lied.

I stepped back pulling him with me into the warm stream of water and let it cascade over us rinsing the soapy bubbles from our bodies.

“Let me quickly shampoo my hair,” I said.

Bill stepped away and watched as I carefully applied copious amounts of shampoo to my hair. It exploded in bubbles. I pulled its length in front of my shoulder and quickly finished shampooing it. I didn’t bother with conditioner wanting to get us dried off and back to my bed.

Once I’d rinsed the shampoo out, I turned the shower off and reached out to the toilet tank for one large fluffy towel. Turning toward my discreet lover I slowly patted his body dry.

Bill smiled at me as I finished and said, “You are the perfect mistress. I’m going to love being with you, I’m going to remember every time we’re together for the rest of my life.”

I smiled softly and replied, “Let’s hope there are many memories we will share.”

I wrapped the towel around his waist and said, “All done.”

Bill stepped out of the shower and leaned against the vanity across the room watching as I patted myself dry. I wrapped my towel around my chest covering my tits and tucked the fold of my towel between them into my succulent cleavage.

“Can you grab me another towel for my hair?” I asked.

Bill opened the linen closet and grabbed another large towel and moved to the edge of the tub.

“Let me,” he said.

I smiled and turned around. Tilting my head back a little so my hair hung away from my back Bill slid the towel up and gathered my hair in it. Squeezing the excess water gently from my hair he gathered it all up patting me gently around the head. I took the edges of the towel and wrap it around my head tightly.

“Do you want me to brush it out for you?” He asked.

“Would you, I haven’t had someone brush out my hair in years, and I love how that feels,” I replied.

“I’d love to,” he said. “Let’s go sit on the bed and I’ll take care of you for a little while,” he added.

For the next thirty minutes, my discreet lover pampered me as no man has ever pampered me before. He took his time making sure not to hurt me or damage a single strand of my long silky black tresses, I was mesmerized by his skillful brushing.

“You can do that anytime you like it feels divine,” I said.

Bill leaned toward me and kissed me tenderly on the shoulder. Lifting his lips to my ear he asked, “Getting sleepy?”

“I’m ready to fall asleep in your arms,” I replied.

“I like sleeping naked how about you?” He asked.

“There’s no other way I want to sleep,” I responded.

Bill stood up and moved to cup his hand behind the candles on the nightstand. I rolled across the bed to blow out the others. Together we drew the soft comforter down the bed and pulled the crisp sheet loose. Bill fluffed the pillows and lay down first flat on his back. I slid in next to him and cuddled into his side his arm pulling me closer. He reached down and pulled the crisp top sheet over us as I settled into his loving grasp.

“I’m going to sleep so well tonight, I can’t remember when I last slept feeling more satisfied or more relaxed,” he remarked.

“That makes me very happy,” I said adding, “I want to satisfy you more than anything.”

He kissed me softly on the lips and said, “Goodnight love.”

“Night babe,” I whispered.

I snuggled in letting as much of my body as possible touch his. I wanted to keep in contact with him during the night. My head nestled on his strong shoulder a hand resting on his chest. I slowly closed my eyes feeling better then I’d ever felt before, safe, warm, and loved.

To be continued…….

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