‘Til Sex Do Us Part

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When I was younger and married, I used to think that attending weddings was fun. Now that I’m older and a single woman again, it feels more like an obligation – whether I am a member of the wedding party or a guest.

This wedding took place in the late afternoon at a larger-than-normal “wedding venue.” It was actually a hotel in Las Vegas that provided a small chapel with flowers, appropriate backdrop, pews, music and officiate. They provided changing rooms for the wedding party, and the reception area was just a walk away to the other side of the hotel complex.

The wedding itself was unremarkable. The bride was beautiful, as it should be, but the bridesmaids’ dresses were once again dull and funky. They were a far cry from the puffy sleeves and full gowns of the old days, but I wouldn’t even be able to cut and sew this one into a cocktail dress. The dress was strapless so I chose to go bra-less and use a little fashion/toupee tape to keep the bodice in the correct position. It had an A-line, mid-calf skirt and huge bow in the back that covered the zipper. The main problem was, it was cobalt blue – not my color…another donation to the Goodwill.

The wedding music started. All the bridesmaids lined up in the back of the venue with their accompanying groomsmen. I was walked down the aisle by an awkward teenager, who was clearly uncomfortable in a suit. Sigh. Thank goodness the rest of this ceremony won’t take long.

All the guests and wedding party now headed for the reception area. While we waited for the bride and groom, who I imagine were having a quickie upstairs in their hotel room, we indulged ourselves in an open bar and a flood of delicious appetizers on trays that were brought through the room by servers dressed in starched white shirts. Now we’re güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri talking…food and drink, my forte.

I realized I didn’t know a single person here, except the bride, so I stayed pretty close to the bar. All of us seemed to be taking advantage of the open bar and feeling pretty good.

Suddenly, I felt wetness splash on my exposed back and the back of my cobalt blue bridesmaid dress and I heard an “Oh, sorry, miss. I apologize! Let me help clean this up.”

“Oh, crap.” I turned around abruptly with a scowl on my face. “Dude! Take it easy!”

The bartender quickly handed me a wet rag.

“Ugh. Don’t want a wet bar rag on my back, thanks.” I said to myself, then, “No, thanks, anyway.” I said politely out loud.

The guy who spilled his drink couldn’t stop apologizing. I was a little bit drunk and while I was calming him down, I noticed I was a little attracted to this guy.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think a bar rag is going to cut it.” I said to the guy, “I really need to get to a sink large enough to contain this dress and some fresh water to rinse this drink out.”

“Well, you can use the bathtub in my room, or I’ll do you one better,” he said, “You can use one of the guest robes, and I’ll send your dress down to the in-house cleaners. I’ll bet they’ll have it ready in just a couple of hours.”

“That’s very thoughtful.” I said, “I’ll take you up on that.” We would miss the reception dinner (another chicken something), but I knew the bride would understand. I couldn’t sit through the meal with a sticky, wet dress.

We both grabbed another cocktail for the road and headed to the elevators. This wedding has turned into quite the adventure. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Twelfth güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri floor. He took my elbow and led me out of the elevator and to his room door. He pulled the key card from his inside jacket pocket and slid it through the reader. Green light – go!

Wow. His room was spacious with a balcony that overlooked the Las Vegas Strip. Fabulous!

He handed me a white guest robe, still folded and wrapped in crinkly, translucent paper and then directed me to the restroom where I removed my dress. I kept my lace panties and thigh-high stockings on and tried on my fuzzy, fresh robe…delicious and warm. I surveyed the hotel freebies on the counter top and slipped the baby oil into my robe pocket. I got the feeling I might need this later.

As soon as I left the restroom I heard a knock on the door. “It’s just the cleaners coming to pick up your dress.” he explained, “I called them as soon as you went to change.”

He handed my dress to the man at the door and walked back to me. “I hope you don’t mind, but since we missed dinner at the reception, I took the liberty to order us room service – steak and salad and a nice wine – Beaujolais nouveau. Did you want to add anything? I’m sure there is still time.”

“No, thank you. That sounds delicious…better than chicken surprise!”

He smiled and we finished the cocktails that we had snagged from the bar before leaving the first floor.

I am sitting on the bed and he is standing in front of me. My robe is starting to fall open slightly exposing the top of my stockings and the side of my lacy panties. I see him eyeing the goods and I deliberately open the robe further. He moves closer to me, positioning himself between my legs. He puts his hands on the outside güvenilir bahis şirketleri of each of my thighs and runs them down to my knees. This is a guy that enjoys the feel of a silky stocking.

I put my hand down the front of my panties and begin to rub my clit. He unzips and drops his pants and underwear. They gather at his feet. He grabs my panties on each side and pulls them down to my ankles. I kick them off. On his way back up, he stops at my pussy and teases me with a few licks. By this time, his cock is starting to rise. I encourage him to move just a little closer to me.

“Let me help you oil up.” I said.

I stopped touching me, reached into my pocket and poured some baby oil into my hand. I move forward towards his semi-flaccid dick, and wrap my oil-filled hand around it, moving up and down over and over. Very quickly, he is hard as an iron rod and thick as my whole hand. I smile and lay back, watching him take over for me. His strokes are quick and strong. He starts to lightly moan, and spews cum all over my belly. Cum is nature’s best lubricant. I scooped it off my tummy with my fingertips and continued massaging my clit. A warm wave of ecstasy washed over me, intermingled with a few twitches and spasms. That was a good one, for me. It looks like it was good for him, too. He has rolled on to his back; melted into the bed next to me.

Suddenly, there is a loud knock on the door. Talk about a short-lived afterglow! We both jump up. I look for my panties and he zips up his pants.

It’s room service. He rolls in our dinner. Thank goodness. Now I’m starved. The server uncorks the wine while I eye the steak. Looks scrumptious. The server pours a little for my host to taste. He nods with approval and the server pours the appropriate amount for both of us.

The server leaves. We clink our glasses together. “Cheers!” …and begin to eat. Outside, the lights of the Las Vegas Strip are blazing. It’s beautiful.

Another knock on the door…it must be my dress.

So, that wedding wasn’t so bad. I think I’m starting to like them again.

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