The Virgin Husband

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The Virgin Husband
(A story dedicated to Robert C. He knows who he is!)

When Robert and Melinda decided to get married, they did so based on one very unique and unusual condition—which was that though they would be ‘married’, any future offspring would not be based on Robert being the father; and would entail another man’s agency, instead!

To family and friends, this seemed a very strange agreement, but to Robert (in particular) it made perfect sense! So he and Melinda were married, but they sought out a very different venue from the standard church wedding scenario. They chose to have a ‘cuckold wedding’ ceremony; and as some might guess, it had nothing to do with any sort of sanctioned religious organization. Rather, they had availed themselves of (at that time) a little known service in Reno, Nevada (home of the ‘quickie-wedding’), called The Cuckold Wedding Chapel; which had been started by a retired lawyer for couples seeking, as The Cuckold Wedding Chapel web-site had described it: a ‘positive alternative to the long-held traditional, and monogamy-based, marriage dynamic!’

That was exactly what both Robert, and Melinda, were seeking! So, the flew out to Reno for the Independence Day holiday weekend (which seemed somehow a fitting observance, since he and Melinda were about to go their own very independent direction as a married couple!

The ceremony was quick and simple. Beyond the wedding rings, and a few other details, it consisted of stating their ‘vows’ of ‘non-monogamist’, open and honest relationships involving any number of other extramarital sexual partners for Melinda, but NO such partners for Robert. That was where the ‘ceremony’ departed the most significantly from all other traditional forms of marriage. It was, in other words, a cuckold-based marital relationship!

As the officiator closed the brief ceremony, she said: “I now pronounce you,” she said, indicating Robert, “the cuckold/husband, and you,” she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri said turning to look at Melinda, as Robert’s cuckoldress/wife!” She added, looking back at Robert: “You may kiss your bride!” And he did so, and with great enthusiasm!

But the wedding ceremony, though seemingly finished, was only half way over. Now Robert and Melinda were heading to their hotel room, where waiting for them in the lobby, were three very well-endowed black man that were to complete the cuckold wedding ceremony in the most complete manner possible! This entailed Melinda getting to have sex with these three studs while Robert merely watched! Indeed, his complete lack of sexual involvement with Melinda was not just for their so-called ‘honeymoon’ wedding night, but for ever after words! For not only was Robert to be a permanent cuckold-husband, but a virgin cuckold-husband; and this was what Robert had chosen to embrace!

The ‘honeymoon’ night went extremely well (and certainly for Melinda and the other three men), and there that night, Robert took his first of many steps down the Virgin Cuckold-Husband path; and as the weeks turned into months, and those became the first year of his cuckold virginity, Robert was surprised at how relatively easy it was to stay out of Melinda’s personal sex life; and though there were certain times where he struggled to remain a virgin cuckold-husband, he had other avenues, other options, that he could (and did) use to ameliorate his naturally understandable struggles! Porn was one of the biggest, of course, and there was masturbation, too; the ‘cuckold-husband’s best friend’, as it was called!

Often, when Melinda was entertaining a new Bull (for example), Robert would go to a private room that he had set up so that he could wile away as many hours as he wished and/or needed, in order to divert his sexual frustrations in a different, but significant direction! This was tipobet to be the pattern of his entire life as a married (and yet very much virgin)cuckold-husband).

So, as Melinda busy doing her thing, Robert would be alone in his private chamber, watching porn (mostly interracial porn), and stroking his cock! He would indulge in sometimes long hours of tease and denial practice, until he had reached a specific level of longing to have sexual release!

He’d lost count how many times he’d reached as nearly as far as he could go without ejaculating, and then holding back; and as he knew by now, from long personal experience, that he was now extremely close to coming! He’d almost forgot about Melinda by this point (but not quite completely), as he stood up in front of the glass-topped desk he was setting at, and as he did, his pulse and heart rate were pounding away; and his ejaculation was only seconds away!

When Robert did come, it was accompanied by one of the most intensely pleasurable ejaculations that he had had in quite sometime; and as he stood there facing the desk, he aimed his cock head just right so as to let his sperm explode across it’s shiny, glassy surface!

“Oh—GOD!” He said, shuddering as he watched the very first spurt of his sperm explode out, and, as it did, it surprised him at how far it shot! But then there was another, and then another, and several more after those! By then, he was trembling with the intensity of the pleasure, and his breath came in ragged, garbled gasps, and moans as he finished pumping every drop of his sperm out across the desks top.

Then, almost immediately, before his sperm could begin to cool too much more than it already had in coming into contact with the glass surface, he leaned over and eagerly began licking it up; his tongue sliding through the thick, white, clumpy, gooey mixture, and slurping it up just as fast as he could! As he did, his heart was still pounding with perabet the exhilaration of that long-delayed orgasm; but that was yet another thing he’d learned as a Virgin Cuckold-Husband—that the FEWER the orgasms (and the longer the wait between them) the more intense and enjoyable they were when they did occur!

He eventually sat back on the chair he’d been setting on before coming, and all that was left of his load of cum, all that could be seen, was a smeared area where his tongue had lapped up as much of his sperm as was possible; and he let out a long, drawn-out sigh of relief.

“Wow,” he said aloud.

He finished cleaning up whatever remaining trace of his sperm that he could detect, and he threw the wads of toilet paper in the trash can next to the desk. Then he stood up and pulled his undershorts and slacks back up, and tiptoeing down the carpeted hallway and passed he and his wife’s bedroom, where she was still very much engaged in HER activities, and he headed to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, and he would wait for her and the Bull to finish.

He was patient. As a virgin cuckold-husband, patience was the crux of your entire life, and he’d become very good at being patient! He took a special sort of pride in that!

He sat looking out the window into the backyard, sipping his coffee in silence. Then he heard the bedroom door opening, and he heard his wife’s voice, and the Bull’s as well. He turned to look over his shoulder, and saw them approaching. He smiled. His wife smiled. The Bull made no reply to him at all; but, he was used to that as well! That was all part of being a cuckold, after all, and that was exactly what he was, too. There was NO doubt of that! None at all.

As Melinda walked past him, she gently, affectionately, caressed the side of his face. As she did, he could smell her bodies natural aroma…and he loved that! He loved Melinda. And the fact that they never would have sex together had
created a curious sort of bond between them that was difficult to express with words.

Was he regretting agreeing to the life of the Virgin Cuckold-Husband? Not one bit. It was perfect for him. He had his own special niche, and he intended on staying in it!

(The End)  

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