The Taming of Elisabeth Part II

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The Taming of Elisabeth Part II

She lay immobile on the table, keeping herself as still as she could manage, so as not to attract any punishments while she calmed down and figured out what had just happened.

There was no time to think. First one and then the other, of her arms were lifted. The cuffs holding the chains were each unlocked and her arms were slid into what felt like a long,tight sleeve. The smell of leather hit her at almost the same time as the realisation that they had placed her into arm binders. Work on her continued as the binders were fiddled with and tightened, then the cuffs and locks were reapplied. “Listen and count” came words through the speakers. Elisabeth listened to the click, click, click as 8 further locks snapped into place on her arms, locking the straps on the arm binders into place. It didn’t need much imagination for her to envisage what was about the happen as hands took hold of her legs and lifted them. The process of momentary freedom from cuffs and chains, followed by increased restriction and encasement, was repeated on her legs. This time there were 10 clicks and a horrible thought grew in her mind, how were they managing the keys ?

Geoff and John continued their work on the leather clad, increasingly immobile, figure below them, applying black, steel leg-spreaders to her ankles, fixing them just below the ankle cuffs and chains. They were set initially at the minimum distance but once in place they were forced open to their widest setting and the little loops attached to the pins holding the width at its widest, were each fixed with yet another small lock in each loop keeping her legs widely spread.

She could now only feel what was happening, or hear when they allowed it. Hands were moving on her steel bound testicles and there was tightness and manipulations, followed by tension, a lot of tension and some pain. She couldn’t see it, but both her chastity device and her testicles were separately chained to loops on the leg spreaders. Above her head, arm spreaders, matching the leg spreaders, kaçak bahis were applied by the same process and her wrists fastened to the end of the bondage bench on which she lay.

?In a seamless transition of attention back to her legs the tension on her testicles was markedly increased as Geoff rotated a small knurled wheel set on a block in the middle of the chain, Elisabeth could not see this of course, she could just feel the increasingly strong tug on her scrotum as the tension was increased slowly but she was powerless to do anything anyway. The stretching, for by now it was more than just tension, increased more and more until it went from bearable to painful, she tried to shout, at best there was a grunt and thrashing also seem to have little effect on her Dominants, though it did cause her further pain as her own thrashing simply made matters worse. They could do what they wished, she just hoped that they would realise there was the possibility of damage and act accordingly.

They had noticed, the pulling and the pain both eased off a little as the device was backed off a little. She could now feel her penis being manipulated a little, within its steel tube, or rather she realised the catheter (which she had quite forgotten about) was being adjusted. It was indeed and the next thing she was aware of, was a gentle probing as the thin tube was gently threaded through the wide breathing tube of the inflated gag. The realisation of the end point came quickly “Oh no, please no, no” she thought but again, matters were not up to her. It wasn’t on the list of hard limits, so it was “on the menu” she thought, almost smiling at the irony of her own thoughts, a thought chain that carried on subconsciously and emerged again when she thought of all of the water she had been told, or made, to consume; “hydration” they had said not continuous, sealed-in, re-circulation.

She couldn’t move, actually in truth she could move a little but what she meant was she couldn’t escape, communicate, beg them to stop or call a halt. She had, after all, asked perabet that this session be one that went to completion, that couldn’t be stopped once it began. Perhaps she should have set a proper time limit, and not just assumed that it would be the same time or length as always.

A tug on her testicles brought her back to a semblance of reality as Geoff had just re-adjusted the tension and not in a good way. She almost twitched and a whisper in her ear told her that the adjustment was to get the best angle. The whisper didn’t say what for. Whoever it was started gently with the pinwheel, just touching it lightly here and there on the skin of her scrotum. She was so excited that it was actually not unpleasant but the little pricks got harder, more numerous and more long lasting as, over the course of the next 5 or 10 or 15 minutes, as one or both of them worked on her with increasing force and pressure, The wheel was rolled sometimes, or forced into her skin at others, sometimes it felt almost like they were using her skin as a drum, beating her with the spikes. The pain was heavier now, but it wasn’t worse, her endorphins had been induced and it was getting to that point where she was enjoying the pain rather than enduring it. Maybe her reactions betrayed this as there was a sudden upsurge in the activity and there was, suddenly, too much happening for it to just be each of the taking turns. They had indeed both started with a pinwheel each and one was considerably larger than the other, with many more spiked wheels than the first, dual-wheel version. The torment continued and some as they were unrelenting in the torture. Finally they got bored though and the pressure, the pain all stopped, all movement stopped only to be replaced by a soreness and stinging.

The next moment a pain so blindingly intense and severe that her brain seemed to flash white lights. It hit her entire body, she screamed or rather she did what she could to scream but little came out, she tried to thrash but virtually no movement resulted, she strained perabet giriş and managed some creaking leather sounds but little else, then a smell of alcohol pervaded the pain, they had applied surgical alcohol to the tiny pin-prick marks on her tenderised genitalia. A sensible precaution, and one with added pain, she mused, and this was still the first small part of the time to come. As the pain subsided, she pondered the care they had taken to hurt her in such a sterile and infection-considerate way.

The torment seemed to have stopped for now and she could tell from touches here and there that they were fiddling with her and checking, checking straps, buckles, locks, her gag was examined, and her tube, then as she calmed more she realised that there was an increasing pressure making itself known in her bladder. All that water. Soon she would need to pee and she knew full well where the catheter was placed.

All of these thoughts were brought to an abrupt end as a searing pain ran through her nipples which were being clamped. There was no comment through the headphones, nothing else, just nipple clamps, randomly out of the blue. One was flicked, and it stayed in place, gradually a glow became a throb and they started to ache.

A crackle through the headphones preceded one of them telling her that the first audience vote was going to take place. The horror of it dawned on her, heaven knows how many people had been watching what was happening to her. It wasn’t horror she realised, omg, it was actually a thrill, that this was happening. She had no idea who they were, or how many they numbered, but people were actually watching her and what was happening to her and soon they would vote in a form of participation. “you will hear what the vote is on my dear” said the voice in the headphones, which she knew was John, “my dear” was his way of speaking to her, he continued “The vote is a/ cock torture for 15 minutes , b/ renewed ball torture for 15 minutes or c/ torture of both parts for 30 minutes, please vote now”.

She had heard the subject of the vote, they didn’t, of course, tell her the result.

Part II will continue, but for now this is a far as it goes, we will leave Elisabeth ‘hanging’, but feel free to tell me which way you would vote if this were real ……

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