The Swimming Hole (part 1)

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The Swimming Hole (part 1)
There was a creek meandering through Jim Thompson’s farm, lined with trees and bushes that shaded it as it wound its way through the fields. About 500 yards from the house the stream widened and slowed as it flowed through a level area with few trees, and there Jim had used an excavator and bulldozer to build a swimming hole. He hauled in many loads of sand to line the bottom and planted lawn grass along one side that he kept mowed so swimmers could spread their towels and sunbathe if they wished. In the middle, the deepest part of the swimming hole he anchored a raft that had a diving board.

Jim had a couple acres of strawberries, a good cash crop that provided some income at a time of year when his other products didn’t need much tending and weren’t ready for market. They ripened ready for picking just about the same time as the weather got hot and school let out for the summer. Jim’s two k*ds, fo—–n yr. old Robert and his tw—e yr. old sister Tammy hated that strawberry patch. Other students celebrated the start of summer vacation, but they could only look forward to long days hunched over in the hot sun, picking berries. Jim paid them based on their production, but still they would rather not have had to do it.

But when 5:00 o’clock came and the day’s picking was over, they would change into their swim suits and head for the swimming hole while Jim prepared the day’s harvest for shipping and his wife Laurie prepared the evening meal. Around 6:00 Laurie would honk the car horn 3 times to signal the k*ds to come home for supper.

On their first trip to the swimming hole this year, Robert noticed that his sister’s swimsuit was too small, it was the same one she had last year but she had grown and developed, her small breasts were compressed in such a way that he could see the swell of them outside the confines of her suit. He was perpetually horny thanks to the hormones that raged through his bloodstream since p*b*rty and while he appreciated the glimpse of hidden treasures, he really wanted to see more. He hadn’t seen his sister naked since she started her own change of life no matter how hard he tried. She rejected his advances more than a year ago and he soon gave up, realizing it was futile. Attempts to spy on her in her bedroom or the bathroom had no chance of success. But they both sure enjoyed the daily swim after the hours picking berries.

A couple days after the start of the strawberry season, Jim got a call from his sister, saying her daughter Leena wanted to come stay with them and earn a little money picking berries. Leena was the same age as her cousin Tammy, her birthday only a month earlier. Jim warned her what the work was like and he would only pay on what she produced but she wanted to come anyway. “OK” said Jim, “Come on over, the strawberry season will last about three weeks. Bring your bathing suit, the k*ds go swimming right after work.” So late that evening, Leena’s mother dropped her off with a suitcase and stayed overnight before driving home the next morning.

Lena’s first day was everything Jim had warned her it would be, hot and sweaty and tiring, but she persevered. Five o’clock couldn’t come soon enough and when it did she was more than ready to dive in the cool, refreshing water. The three of them rushed to the house and changed, and Leena noticed that she had a problem – her swimsuit was too small as well. But she managed to put it on, and on the way out the house she said to her aunt, “Auntie Laurie, I didn’t realize it before but my bathing suit is way too small.”

“Oh dear, you too?” said Laurie, “I have nothing else here that will fit you, can you manage with it for today?”

“Yeah, but it’s not very comfortable” replied Leena.

“Tell you what” said Laurie, “Tomorrow morning, you and Tammy and I will run into town and get you both new swimsuits. OK?”

“Oh, great, thank you” exclaimed Leena, and she hurried after her cousins on their way to the swimming hole.

When she caught up to them, Robert immediately noticed her too-small swimsuit and her compressed little breast swells. “It’s like they’re teasing me” he thought, “or is it torture?” but he didn’t look away while they laughed and splashed and swam and dove until the car horn sounded.

The next morning Robert was ticked off. He had to go out to the berry patch and work while the girls got to go to town. “Not fair” he grumbled, “I shouldn’t have to work if they don’t.”

“Well tough, life isn’t fair” said Jim, “Get busy.” And Robert did as he was told, illegal bahis siteleri but in a grumpy mood which cut into his production, which made him grumpier because it meant less pay. The girls joined him in the berry patch after lunch but it didn’t make him any happier because it still seemed unfair to him. Besides which he knew their new swimsuits would fit and not squish their boobs out for him to ogle, and that made him grumpier.

When the workday ended and they had changed into their swimming attire, Robert’s grumpy mood vanished. Both girls were wearing new two-piece swimsuits! The old small ones had been onesies, and although their breasts were better covered in these, the major increase in exposed skin had his eyes wide open. They weren’t bikinis, but still their bodies were shown off in a way that stirred some movement in his own swimsuit. He enjoyed the day’s swim more than ever, watching their lithe, mostly-exposed sexy bodies as they splashed and swam and dived.

The girls exclaimed how different it felt to have their midriffs bare to the water. “Oh wow” said Leena as she immersed herself in the water, “Does that ever feel better than a one-piece!”

“Yeah, it sure does” agreed Tammy, “I never realized what a difference it would make.”

“It’ll feel even better if you take your tops off” suggested Robert, “Then it will feel as good to you as it does to me”.

“Ha-ha” said Tammy, “You just want to see our boobs.”

“No, seriously” countered Robert, “Really, it would feel a lot better. I won’t look”.

“No way, we’re not dumb enough to fall for that!” exclaimed Tammy.

“It probably would feel a lot better” agreed Leena, “But Tammy’s right, we’re not that stupid.”

Well Robert didn’t really expect them to go topless, but what the heck, worth the try. When the car horn sounded the call for supper, he walked back behind them, ogling their sexy bodies as they walked ahead.

That night in his bed, Robert tried desperately to think of a way he could get to see them both naked, or at least to remove their tops while swimming, but could envision no scenario that would work. He masturbated to the fantasy of a threesome with them before drifting off to sleep.

In the girl’s bedroom, Tammy and Leena shared a double bed. As they were settling in for the night, Leena asked, “Do you ever get to see Robert naked?”

“No” answered Tammy.

“Have you ever seen him naked?”

“Yeah, when we were younger.”

“You’re lucky, I don’t even have a brother to see. You think we could get to see him naked? Would you like to see him again?”

“No…well…yeah, but the only way he’d do that is if we were naked too.”

“Well….no, I was thinking of getting a peek at him in the shower or when he’s changing or something.”

“No that won’t work, he always locks the door.”

“Wait, you mean you’ve tried?”

Tammy giggled. “Yeah, a couple times…a few times but no luck. I know he tries to see me naked but I make sure he can’t. Maybe that’s why he makes sure I can’t.”

“Well I only have a couple weeks or so here, we gotta think of some way.”

The girls fell silent and soon Tammy drifted off to sleep. Leena found her hand caressing her pussy, she wanted to cum but worried that Tammy would wake up and catch her in the act. Oh hell, she was horny thinking about Robert naked, so just using the tip of one finger, with minimal movement she massaged her clit to orgasm, grunting softly and trying to suppress her body spasms as she came. When it was over she listened for any clue that Tammy was awake, but her breathing confirmed that she was still out. Leena soon joined her in sleep.

For the next two weeks, nothing much changed. They picked berries, they swam in the swimming hole every day and thought about seeing the other sex naked. Robert masturbated every second night, tortured by the thought of those two hot young bodies so close, but so unavailable. Leena tried to suppress the urge to masturbate but after three or four days, could resist it no more and would do it with the surreptitious one finger method. One time she was almost certain Tammy was awake and knew what she had done, but she couldn’t be sure. As she was drifting off to sleep, she was awakened by movement and sounds from Tammy and realized that she was rubbing herself off too. “Good, I’m not the only horny one” she thought, and smiled to herself as she heard Tammy grunting softly in orgasm. While Tammy had been somewhat interested in seeing her brother naked, the constant talk about it with Leena had awakened her hormones, youwin güvenilir mi and she was now very interested.

After two weeks had gone by, one day at quitting time as the k**s were heading to the house to change, Jim asked Robert to stay behind and prepare the day’s production for shipping. “The irrigation pump quit, I have to get it going. Sorry but I need your help today.”

Robert was grumpy again. Hot, tired and sweaty, wanting to dive into the cool clear water and ogle the girls at the same time and he had to stay behind and work. But after a quarter hour, Jim told Robert he could go. “It was just a loose wire, fixed it in no time. Go have your swim.”

Happy again, Robert dashed to the house and changed.

Meanwhile the girls were swimming for the first time without Robert there. “Robert’s not here, let’s take off our tops and see if it feels as good as he said it would” suggested Leena.

“OK” said Tammy, “Wait, what if he comes while we’re topless?”

“I’ll check and see if he’s coming, and we’ll only do it for a little while” said Leena, and she splashed out of the water and ran to the edge of the trees and looked down the path all the way to the house. No Robert. She ran back to the water. “He’s nowhere in sight, let’s do it” she exclaimed as she unhooked her top and dropped it on the grass.

“OKAY” yelled Tammy, and her top joined the other one on the grass. Both girls dove into the water. “Oh wow, it does feel better, I love it” said Tammy.

“Yeah, it does” replied Leena, “Too bad we can’t swim like this all the time.”

After a couple minutes Leena had another idea. “Let’s take off our bottoms too, go skinny dipping!”

“Yeah, that would feel even better…I’ll check and see if Robert is coming before we do.” She ran to the edge of the trees and peeked around an aspen at the path. It was clear all the way to the house. “All clear, let’s do it” she said, shedding her bottoms.

Leena did the same. “Just a couple minutes, then we better check again. Oh, yeah this is great.”

Meanwhile Robert had been walking on the path and was almost at the swimming hole when he realized he needed to take a leak, so he ducked into the trees to relieve himself. He could hear the girls but couldn’t make out what they were talking about, so he was looking in their direction from behind a tree while he peed. He caught a glimpse of his sister as she ran to check the path and then ran back, and he could almost swear she was topless! He finished what he was doing and crept the rest of the way quietly through the trees until he reached the clearing of the swimming hole and hid in the bushes. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Both girls were completely naked! He watched as they climbed out of the water onto the raft and dove off the diving board and then swam around.

“We’d better check” said Leena, and she came out of the water and scampered within 3 feet of where Robert crouched hidden as she went to look down the path. “Still nothing, we can skinny dip for a few more minutes” and she ran back to the water, right past Robert again.

Robert decided to take action before they put their suits back on. He emerged from the bushes and quickly walked over to where their swimsuits lay and picked them up, and then sat down. The girls were both standing in waist deep water and Tammy noticed him and shrieked, and crouched down so her boobs were hidden. Leena spun around and seeing Robert, crouched down as well.

“That was a nice view” he said, “What comes next?”

“Next you leave and let us get our suits back on” yelled Tammy.

“Nuh-uh” said Robert. “I have them and I’m keeping them until you come out of the water.”

“No way!” she exclaimed.

“Well how long do you plan to stay in the water? You gonna walk naked back to the house?”

“He’s got us” said Leena, “Let’s make a deal. You take off your swim trunks and we’ll come out.”

“No Leena!” cried Tammy

“We don’t have much choice” said Leena, and she whispered in Tammy’s ear, “”We wanted to see him naked, this is our chance.”

“OK,” said Robert, “but before I do, you stand up and come to the edge of the water and stand there facing me without covering anything up. Then I’ll take them off.

The girls looked at each other. “Let’s do it” said Tammy, and she stood up and walked to the edge of the water. Tammy rose slowly and followed her, and they and stood there, hands at their sides.

“Wow” said Robert, and he stood up and dropped his trunks to his ankles. “Come on out, let’s get to know each other” he said, and they walked youwin giriş up onto the grass and stood in front of him. Both girls had small, conical shaped breasts about the same size, Leena’s being a little bigger, the nipples puckered and hard from being in the water. Tammy’s pubic hair was a small T-shape, a small sparse strip across the top of her pubic mound, quickly narrowing to a strip running down and onto her lips. The bottom of her pussy was still bald. Leena had a sparse s**ttering of blonde hair over her vulva, a little thicker at the top. Her slit was clearly visible.

The girls’ eyes were fixed on Robert’s dick, which was at half mast. Leena reached out her hand and caressed it, and it went fully erect despite her hand being cold from the water. “Neat” she said.

“Leena!” exclaimed Tammy.

“Go ahead, touch it” said Leena, “it feels different than I thought it would.”

Tammy reached her hand out too, and both girls were caressing it. “Oh that is weird” she said.

Robert reached his hands and caressed one breast on each girl. “These feel different than I thought they would too” he said, “Much better.”

The girls caressed his erection for a minute and then Tammy dropped her hand down to his balls and felt them. Leena took the opportunity to wrap her hand around Robert’s boner and begin stroking the full length of it. Taking his cue from the girls, Robert lowered his hands to the two pussies in front of him, sliding down over their pubic mounds and feeling their slits. He felt pre-cum emerging from his dick.

“Ooh, you’re all slimy!” exclaimed Leena, “Tammy, feel this.”

Tammy moved her hand from his balls to his dick, running her finger tips over it. “Hey, yeah it is slimy, what is that?” she asked.

“It’s just lube” said Robert, “You get wet too, don’t you. Let me feel”

“OK”. Leena moved her feet apart to allow him access. He bent over a little, pulling his had from his sister’s pussy as he reached farther between Leena’s legs with his other hand. Her lips at the bottom were wet and slippery and he pressed his middle finger up between them, moving it back and forth.

“That feels good” said Leena softly, and she moved her feet even farther apart, and then resumed stroking his rod. Robert put his left hand on her right shoulder for balance and support while with his right hand cupped on her pussy, he massaged her slit with his middle finger fully encased in her lips, back and forth, unknowingly stimulating her clit. Tammy, meanwhile, no longer touching or being touched, had u*********sly moved her hand to her pussy and was vigorously masturbating, her eyes glued to the action in front of her. All three of them were quickly building to orgasm. Tammy came first, grunting softly as her body spasmed. Hearing her grunts, Robert looked over to her and saw her face, mouth open, eyes unfocussed and recognized what she was experiencing, noticing for the first time her hand busy between her legs. Within 5 seconds his cock erupted in his own orgasm, spurting semen on Leena’s belly where most of it stuck, a little bit oozing downward. And then she came too, uttering a sharp cry as the first pulse slammed her clit, then not breathing as the rest of the orgasm pulsed through her pussy.

All three straightened up and looked at each other, panting. “Well that was good” grinned Leena, and she touched the cum on her belly with her finger tips, smearing it around.

“I’ll say!” said Robert.

Tammy reached over to Leena’s belly and did the same. “Gooey stuff” she commented.

“We should go skinny dipping and get cleaned up” said Leena, and headed for the water. The other two followed close behind. They swam and splashed and dove, enjoying the sensation of the water all over and the sight of the bodies of the opposite sex until the car horn sounded three times, signalling time to go to the house for supper. They left the water and towelled off, and Leena exclaimed, “Hey, it shrunk! What happened?”

It’s what happens when it gets cold, from the water” said Robert, “Like your nipples, they’re all puckered too.”

“I didn’t know about that” said Leena as they put on their swimsuits.

“Me neither” said Tammy, and they started walking toward the house. Leena suddenly said to Robert, “Hey, your trunks are dry, better get them wet before you go back.”

“Oops, good thing you noticed!” said Robert, and he dashed back to the creek and got them wet before heading toward home.

All three realized that things had changed, the daily swim was going to be a lot more interesting than it had been. They all drifted off to sleep that night reliving the day’s experience. But Tammy felt a little bit….cheated. She hadn’t gotten nearly as much hands on time with Robert as Leena had, and she’d had to get herself off. Ah, but she knew tomorrow would bring another opportunity.

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