The Sisterhood is the answer. Part 2 of 3

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The Sisterhood is the answer. Part 2 of 3
Christina was surprised at how smoothly the physical transition to a girl had started. First of all, his girlfriend had been cool with it once she determined that regardless of gender he was into girls. Then when his sister and mother found out they took it in their stride. OK her mother had got blotto but they all had. Having Mum on board was definitely a help.

Christina along with her sister had got a job that they had started before leaving school. Both were bi-lingual and had impressive computer skills. Their family friend, Melony had helped them set up as technical translators for computer work French/English. It was a good thing as they were in demand. When they did a bit of translation it was not only technically correct but grammatically correct and easy to understand. This standard was apparently not always the norm. The point was though they were at home out of the sight of those who might make Christina’s life difficult.
The fly in the ointment was that same family friend who had got them a job was a fundamentalist evangelical who would be horrified that the little boy she had watch grow up was going to be a girl. To make it worse she was the mother of Christina’s girlfriend and their mother’s boss. The cherry on the cake, was she lived next door.

Since their mother had found her c***dren and having sex with Melony’s she had proved remarkably tolerant. This meant that with Melony out of the way, for once not working but running a cross-country race, Cleo and Christina could enjoy a cuddle. Of course, the cuddle soon became full on sex. Whilst Christian had a cock, they intended to make good use of it. Sonya had assisted all the girls who were now adults go on the pill without Melony finding out.

Screwing in reverse cow girl the two girls kissed and chatted in equal proportion as Christian screwed Cleo though currently not putting huge effort into it. It just felt nice for the two of them to be together and playing around.

“Your mother is going to find out sometime, the doctor said that if I come back sure in two months’ time, he will put me on testosterone blockers and then I will start to physically change. I will have tits.”

“Tits that I am looking forward to playing with. One thing I have learnt about is swapping over partners with our respective sisters is that I very comfortably bi as well. I like tits.”

“Yuh that makes me a lot more comfortable. How do you think your mum is going to be once we sc**** her off the ceiling and our hearing recovers.”

“I don’t know, but I am confident she won’t want to break off her friendship with you Mum. They really are close friends particularly Mum with Sonya. Also, I am quite as bloody minded as she can be and will make it clear that giving me an ultimatum of you or her will be a bad idea. Also, Lucy and Lyndsey are liable to do the same. That does leave my lovely, fiery mum in an awkward situation.”

“Ow that is rather brutal giving her a choice between her beliefs and her family and closest friends.”
“Serves her right for not breaking away from those nutters, she and our grandparents call a church. Most of them are the most un-Christian bunch you can imagine. Love your neighbour is not high on the agenda. Now let’s stop talking and screw properly.”

Cleo rocked back and forth stimulating her clit whilst Christina played with her tits. They got far more passionate leaving forward for a steamy kiss before going back to rocking and Cleo climaxed but kept on going until Christian filled her full of spunk.

In the next-door bedroom Lucy and Lyndsey were making good use of a double dildo enthusiastically writhing on either end whilst playing with each other’s pussy lips. They were not bothering with chatter just steamy sex. Their legs intertwined and they were caressing themselves and their lover indiscriminately.

In the master bedroom Sonya was trying to have a lie in but gave up when disturbed by the sounds of orgasm from the other two rooms. Instead she got out her vibrator and gave herself a good going over. Sonya casino şirketleri was feeling fairly frustrated as whilst she had the odd brief affair outside the gaze of her prim and proper boss it had been a while. Anyway, she knew full well that whoever she slept with and whatever their sex, the person in her fantasies were about that same puritanical boss. Sonya had the hots for Melony for most of the s*******n years she had known her. Unrequited love may be ludicrous but it is no less real for that.

Sonya ran the vibrator round her slit before giving her nipples a go. Thinking of ginger haired, gorgeous, Melony did far more to cause her to cum that the vibrator. Sonya back arched with ecstasy imaging having her friends tongue deep within her muff. Those long slim fingers playing with her nipples. Full lips upon hers kissing deeply and passionately.
Christina had attended a gender identity clinic and the had agreed that she had gender dysphoria. The support of her mother sister and girlfriend helped quite a bit. Whilst the medical profession wanted to be sure that she was indeed dysphoric they had not dismissed or belittled her needs. Most of the time she dressed in an androgynous way particularly if Melony was liable to see her.

One morning Cleo flew into the kitchen where Christina and Lyndsey were having their breakfast. A minute or two later Lucy arrived but by then the excited Cleo had blurted out her news.

“Mum’s going on holiday, abroad by herself for two weeks.”

“I know dear, I tried to persuade her to take three.

“Off to South America to go hiking in the rain forest.”

“She wanted me to go but too much exercise for my liking.” said Sonya. “It will be good for her to actually relax away from work for a change. If I was there, she might be tempted to check her emails or some such rubbish.”

“Hey with your mum away we can have some girly fun.”

“That is the plan and the second reason why I persuaded Melony.” I am getting to take some leave as well and the five of us are going to have a long weekend partying in London.

Sonya dropped Melony at the airport then came back for the rest of the girls and they headed for London. They had three bedrooms at a chain motel, Sonya on her own but she hadn’t even pretended to separate the two couples. Christina hair was styled to a suitably feminine style.

The first night they went out to a club, five dolled up women and almost nobody worked out that one was male. Almost but not quite s there were two girls dancing together who were obviously a couple.

Some men came over to them and were trying to impress them and equally clearly failing. The girls without talking sympathised with them. Eventually the blokes pushed off making audible comments about dykes.

The girls contrived to dance closer to Sonya and the girls. The taller of them who had a rich deep said “Would you mind if we stayed close to you as it will be easier to tell the arse holes to push off if we are close to another all girl group.”

“Join us, we saw what happened and as you say safety in numbers. I’m Sonya.” They went through the introductions and the couple danced with them.

After a while they sat down and the tall girl whose names was Alex asked if they would like champagne by way of thanks. Of course, they did and after some minutes she came back with a magnum and glasses. As she weaved through the crowd Christina enjoyed the view. Long slim legs showed off to best effect by a mini-skirt that whilst not ultra-short showed a lot of thigh because she was tall probably about five ten five eleven. On top she had a big bust that was only partly contained by a halter top. A pretty face and long elegant, beautifully styled hair.

They sat drinking the champagne and chatting as this club had sitting areas away from the music though they still had to speak up. They found that they got on rather well.

A bit later Christina decided she needed a wee and Alex said that she dd as well. They got to the loos and then the tall girl, Alex, said something that rocked Christina to the core.

“Remember casino firmalari to go in the ladies not the gents.” Christina hadn’t forgotten but was shocked that this elegant woman knew she was a man.


“I’m fully trans darling, if you like I will teach you how to walk like a girl. Somehow you walk like a bloke even in five-inch heels.”

“Oh shit, do I. Why didn’t the others tell me?”

“They probably didn’t notice, am I right that some of them, at least, are family.”

“My Mum and my sister and the other two we have known since we were k**s.”

“That would explain it. My wife, Lucy has difficulty noticing such things as well. We deliberately married just before I started to physically transform.”

“Hey so you like girls as well both before and after.”

“Yes, but I have learnt to like men, as well as some really fun combinations. One of our mates is a hetero man but a permanent cross dresser.”

They ended up spending most of the weekend with Alex and Lucy who were staying in a friend’s flat. Alex showed Christine some ways of looking more feminine still. Not just the way she walked but other things that women naturally did differently from men.

Of course, they also got to play for Lucy and Alex were even more inclined to naughty fun that their new friends. Alex was completely feminised apart from retaining her penis. It was smaller that it had been but still functional which was the reason for keeping it. Lucy and apparently quite a few of their other friends liked Alex to screw them. With Lucy’s permission, Sonya and then the other girls found out why Alex proved to know exactly how to make good use of what she had.

The only one who didn’t try Alex out was Christina but this didn’t mean she was left out as she was lying on top of Lucy in a sixty-nine having great fun pussy munching. Christina was on top and was quite absorbed when a hand snagged under her crutch and started playing with her clit. Angling her head, she saw that it was Cleo.

The entire weekend was just what they needed but soon they were back home faced with the problem of explaining to Melony still existed and was getting urgent as the testosterone blockers started to work. Christina lost muscle mass and had started to develop breasts. Dressing as Christian all the time now she tried to ensure she did all the things that Alex had told her. They were all friends on social media now so catting was easier.

Christina practiced walking in flats like a girl something that turned out to harder that doing so in high heels which changed the way you walked where as flats didn’t. Now that Sonya had the problem pointed out to her, she saw what was meant and was helping.

During one of the practice sessions the proverbial hit the fan as they were never very formal about going in each other’s houses and Melony came through the kitchen door.

The fiery red head stopped at the door watched for a few seconds until Christina and Sonya noticed she was there. Christina didn’t have the faintest idea what to say but her mother did.

“Christian in becoming Christina, she transforming to a girl.”

“Oh.” The expected explosion hadn’t come yet.

“Does Cleo know?”

“Yes, and so does Lucy.”

“So, it is only me that has been kept in the dark. Do you mind if I sit down this is a but of a surprise?” Of course, she could they were often in and out of each other’s houses.

“I don’t suppose I could have a cup of tea, could I?” Sonya didn’t want to leave Christina with Melony but couldn’t think of a good excuse why not.

Once Sonya was out in the kitchen Melony looked at Christina dressed in skirt, tee-shirt and some pretty flat sandals. Wearing just a bit of makeup.

“I realise that you have been avoiding me of late and can see why.” Christina took a deep breath and thought here it comes. “I feel a little hurt but the logical part of my brain says its my won fault I can see you waiting for the explosion. Its not going to come though this is none of my business. Am I that scary?”

“Yes, Aunt Melony you really are that scary.” This was Lyndsey who güvenilir casino had come in having worked out who was here.
“Oh bugger, I think I have a lot to do to make it up to my nearest and dearest. Are you feeling happier now Christina?”
“Yes, thank you, the only bit I was dreading was just now.” Melony did the one thing that was expected she came over and gave Christina a big hug and held it for a long time, pulling Lyndsey into the hug as well.

“How are you and Cleo then I thought you were going out together?”

“We still are.” Now the explosion would come as Melony processed the implications.

“I am proud of you and my daughter. You have both shown great strength of character standing up to an old harridan like me.”

“You’re not old.” Said Sonya bringing in tea for all of them. Melony looked at her long and hard then stuck out her tongue. “Whilst we are pushing you then you probably should know that Lucy and Lyndsey are an item as well.”

“So, both my girls are lesbians or bi. For that matter I suppose both these two count. This is going to be fun to explain our neighbours aren’t the tolerant type and my church is far worse.”

“Your taking this extremally well particularly finding out that your girls are having a lesbian relationship. I thought that at the least you would be disapproving even if you manage to hold on to your temper.”

“I can imagine well I’m not because for all my faults and we all know I have a few I am not a hypocrite. If my girls are lesbian its because they get it from me. Their I have admitted what I have never told anyone I prefer girls.” If a clanking sound was to be heard it was three jaws hitting the ground.

“Do you mind if we call my girls over, I think they need to be in this conversation.” She phoned Cleo’s mobile and the first thing she said when her daughter answered was. “I have met Christine I think you and your sister better come over to Sonya’s Don’t panic your not in trouble I find I am rather proud of you pair sticking by your friends.”
A few minutes later they were all sitting together it was a bit crowded but much to Lucy and Cleo’s surprise Melony suggested they sit on the other two girls laps.

“OK Melony could your repeat that last sentence before you called them.”

“If my girls are lesbian it’s because they get it from me. Their I have admitted what I have never told anyone I prefer girls. I discovered after our husbands came out. I have never admitted it to anyone but myself until now and I haven’t done anything sexual to another women. I am only really interested in one anyway.”

Sonya looked very hard at Melony who smiled and nodded.

“Oh, for fuck sake all this time and all I needed to do was seduce you.”

“I’m not sure I would have admitted but knowing our girls are lezzy too it no longer matters.”

Sonya and Melony then kissed for quite a prolonged period encourage quite vocally by their girls and with a great deal of giggling on the part of all involved. When they broke off Melony let out a whoop, this was a side of her the other had never seen.

“Mum are you OK, you seem so different. I don’t think that your church leaders would be amused.”

“The church leaders can take their disapproval and stick it up their po faced arses. I have been trying to square their views with my own feeling for a long time. I have taken to reading the Bible and deciding for myself what is said. In some cases I don’t know, but it most definitely was not what those hypocrites say. Also they have been asking for more and more money mainly because I have it. It has got too much and you lot have given me an out. How do you feel if we all bugger off and move somewhere quiet and rural where we can all be ourselves?”

“Blimey that was quite a speech Mel, Lets think about it but I think we all like the new you and the idea is certainly attractive. Let’s go to your place its more private and we can be ourselves.”

That night three double beds held three couples, enjoying each other in all the ways that intelligent and imaginative women could come up with. In the morning all six sat naked in Melony’s king size bed. They all played with their breasts even those tiny one of Christina, they kissed and they cuddled but most important they decided. The decision was that they would all be one family together and if required against the world.

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