The Inception Of Adventures Of Amu – Part 1

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The Inception Of Adventures Of Amu – Part 1

not a week has gone since c***dhood when I hadn’t savored chicken tandoori like an a****l (because of my friends who are mostly Punjabis). And yes I grew up in a filthy rich household. My dad is a multi-millionaire and has polymer and textile factories all over NCR.

I ‘suffer’ from hyper-sexuality, and it is genetic from my dad’s side. But since c***dhood, my parents were mostly away for business purposes. Hence I grew up as a loner in a big mansion. So, I developed a few hobbies to pass my time. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and dancing.

I am a Bharatanatyam expert, and also an amateur gymnast. Although I had many friends with whom I used to spend considerable time, they were intellectually very inferior to my tastes. Hence I grew up mostly in the company of likes of Voltaire and Rousseau.

But I did have many servants in the house to assist me as required. So basically, my life was comparable to that of a princess living in a caged palace. Enough about my background as this is not why you are here. Let’s go to the part in which you are primarily interested, my body.

I was born on April 19th, 1996. I am an extremely fair girl, with black hair, with a hint of tangerine and green eyes. My body built is slender in type. Its measurements are 34-23-34 and my breasts are of size 34 C. My height is around 5 ’10 and my weight is around 65 kgs.

My face looks like that of a cute teenager with a slight hint of Chinese characteristics. Hence, my pet name, ‘Chinu’. The labia of my vagina are internally folded. Hence my pussy, which is always clean shaven, looks like whitish-pink luscious lips.

My lush breasts have pinkish brown areolas, which are of typical size. My nippies (as I like to call my nipples) are extremely pink and a bit longer than average (about 1-1.5 cms). So, the following part describes the very beginnings of my sexual life.

It was around 2014 when I just passed from the 12th standard. Our summer vacations had just started that day in DPS- RK Puram (Obviously, I would be studying there). I just came back home in my Volvo C-30. (I gave around 10,000 rupees to my driver from my allowance to let me drive today, as my parents were in Mumbai for business purposes).

I took a hot and long aromatic bath. Most of my friends were leaving for their maternal homes for long holidays, I was feeling lonely and started watching TV. After 2-3 hours, as it was a late night, I started watching Fox traveler. Until now I had no knowledge about sex, what is it and how kaçak bahis it’s done.

And then suddenly, around 1 ‘o clock, the channel went away and a new channel was now being shown. It looked like that of a Russian channel. After some struggling, I could ‘decipher’ the letters (Cyrillic fonts) and it read as REN-TV. There was some kind of Russian movie which had just started.

The opening scene was taking place in a pool. It was night there. A lady was in the orange colored swimsuit taking a bath in a hot, steamy pool. It looked like it was in her house, near her garden. I was just getting curious and then suddenly she removed her bra like swim garment. I was aghast at this.

I had known that in west women were ‘modern’ and they wore skimpy clothes. Bt had no idea that they could be bare-naked, even while shooting a film. Anyways, then after some time, two boys arrived there. I think they were neighbors. I thought that the girl would be terrified.

But instead, she smiled at them and invited them in the pool. This was a second shock for me. Then they removed every piece of clothing on their body. Again it came completely as a surprise for me. I just saw a man’s dick for the first time in my life. They were kind of small and hairy.

I just felt a tingling sensation between my legs then. They all started playing in the pool. And after some time, both the males started playing with the girl’s breasts. I was receiving shock after shock that night. After a while, the girl and the boys started making some moan like sounds.

I noticed that all their hands were inside the pool and they were shaking something vigorously. Then all of them came out of the pool and I saw that the girl was not wearing her underwear. My heartbeats started increasing in excitement. They went into the bathroom and started the shower.

After some washing there came the biggest shock of that night. One of them started inserting his peeing instrument inside her peeing area. But the bigger shock was that the other was inserting it in her mouth. They started pulling and pushing it in her holes. I was aghast at the sight of this.

It seemed very yucky and I just was to turn off the TV. Then instinctively, my hand went inside my underwear, and my index started in-out motion in my pussy. I just noticed it and was horrified. But then it started feeling very good. I went with the flow and I started enjoying it.

It felt like I was experiencing the greatest pleasure of my life. I don’t know when, but I fell asleep after sometime. In the morning I woke up at nine, I saw my finger was in tipobet güvenilir mi my mouth. (It felt gross). I saw the TV and again Fox traveler was on. I started to wonder, whether last night was a dream.

I went to the bathroom, to get ready for breakfast. The rest of the day I could not get those images out of my mind. As it was summer vacations, there was no one to talk to. So I started searching the internet, using terms like ‘boy-girl connected peeing parts’.

The resulting images were both hot and disturbing at the same time. Then an idea came to my mind. Why couldn’t I try it with a man? I thought if seeing them felt very hot, doing ‘the thing’ would be awesome. With that in my mind, I started thinking about how to find a good man to try it out.

Someone who was experienced and had the information about it. I started analyzing the boys of my batch and started seeing them in a completely different light. I then realized most of them were jerks, immature and too ‘fattoo’ for that kind of stuff.

I pictured them naked and realized that none had the capability to arouse me. I concluded that I needed a man. Besides, there could be a problem in trying things with batch mates. If the college or others found out, I could be expelled. It could be too embarrassing for me and my family.

It felt wrong to me when I saw that. I had no knowledge what it was, it would have been horrifying for the grown-ups. Even when I got my first period, my mom just told me that its body’s way of preparing itself when you will have k**s after 10 years.

Then I started to think, where could I find the man I needed. Just then, Ashfaq chacha knocked on the door to my room, and the bells started to ring in my head. Let me describe Ashfaq chacha to you all. Ashfaq chacha is a head servant of our house for 30 years. He has taken care of me since the day I was born.

He used to clean me, change my diaper when I was a baby. Take me to school, sing lullaby for me when I was a c***d. Before working for us, Ashfaq was kind of a compounder in a gynecologist’s clinic. Hence, I thought the right person for my learning.

Fifteen years before I was born, he joined us and worked for us ever since. I realized that he would be, almost 58 years old. He is tall (6ft 3 in), extremely dark, extremely hairy and bearded. He also has quite a large pot belly and his built is kind of a hunk. I looked like a toy in his hands when I was young.

He is quite huge. His body odor is kind of very pungent. But it did manage to send a tingling sensation in me. Anyway, so I started tipobet to make a plan to seduce him so that I could learn more. And the D-Day came. It was the day of my 18th birthday. I woke up in the morning alone as my parents were away in Mumbai.

But realized that Ashfaq chacha would come to my room for cleaning within 15 minutes. I decided to put my plan into action. I had worn a long, sleeveless, soft top and satin shorts as my nightdress. I immediately removed my bra and adjusted the strip of my top so that my one nipple is exposed partially.

I pulled the strap just behind my exposed nipple. I kept my other nipple covered. I also removed my shorts and underwear. It was a long top, so it just ended on my milky thighs. I removed my blanket and folded it and kept aside. I pretended to be asleep with my face up, displaying my exposed nipple.

Ashfaq chacha then came to my room with a broom and started sweeping the floor. He came to my bed and then he just dropped the broom. He started observing me intently. I could see the saliva built up in his mouth. Then, he just came near me and flicked the nipple with his finger. I did not respond.

He then slowly started playing with it gently. I could not believe that a man was sexually playing with a girl who was far younger than his married daughter. I then decided it was about time to wake up and pretended to move in the bed. He moved away, picked up the broom and started sweeping again.

I woke up and greeted him, “Good morning! Ashfaq chacha.” He replied, “Good morning Chinu bitiya.” And added, “Janmdin Mubarak ho, beta.” I said, “Aise nahi chalega chacha, come here and give me a hug. Ab beti se kya sharmana.”

He understood basic English, as he worked in the Doctor’s office. And some of it he picked up with us. I used to teach him when I was in school. He seemed delighted, and he came to me and hugged me. But he put his face on my chest in such a way that my face was above his head and his lips were just beside my exposed nipple.

I pretended not to see it after I woke up. His eyes were intently staring at it, while his beard was continuously rubbing it. It somehow became hard and erect. I smiled. I then pretended that something was twitching my nipple. So brought my hand near it held it. I lightly rubbed it on his lips while I broke the hug.

I said, “Sorry chacha, woh neend mein dress sarak gayi hogi.” He replied, “Koi baat nahi Chinu beta, tumhe bachpan se hi aise dekha hai.” I retorted, “Aww. chacha.” I then realized I had no concrete plan to proceed. I could not directly ask for it, and he was holding back too.

Hence I decided, to keep him nearby while improvising along the way. I decided to pretend to have a fever. That way, I could get him to touch me in all the forbidden places. To be continued. Feedback and comments are welcome

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