The Hot Girl At My Best Friend’s Wedding

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The Hot Girl At My Best Friend’s Wedding

I share one real instance in my life which took place a few months ago. The girl in the story is Aashma. A beautiful girl who happens to be my best friend’s sister from Ludhiana. It was my best friend’s wedding in Mumbai. It was the very day of the wedding.

As usual, I was searching for that one beautiful girl whom I was observing since the last 3 days in the various functions I was attending at my friend’s house. Since our introduction to each other 3 days ago in the Mehendi ceremony, I somewhat was not able to pay attention elsewhere.

Off her personality. Her beauty, her elegance. She happened to be my best friend’s cousin. We both knew each other for the sake of it. There was no contact between us before. Although we did have some eye contacts and exchange of smiles, that was it.

It was in these two-three days I was quite attracted to her. I also knew that she had the whole idea of me observing her these days. But she never gave away anything in return. All dressed up, I searched for her that day too. I thought of initiating the talk from my side.

After waiting for her for some time, there she was in a light green lehenga, a red crop spaghetti blouse and a transparent chunni. She looked the best at the venue. The charm, the beauty was worth falling for. I was continuously observing her for a long time now. Suddenly her eyes met mine from a little distance.

Due to eye contact, I had to do something. So I pointed at her and gave her a thumbs up for her outfit and smiled at her. She smiled in return. I felt the confidence now building up. After a while when she passed by me, I signaled her to check her phone.

I messaged her on Instagram, “You look really beautiful today.” To my canlı kaçak bahis surprise, she replied boldly, “Don’t I deserve a compliment for all the days since you are observing me for 3 days?”

V – No! After 3 days, that look compelled me to text you. The other days I wasn’t, but today I couldn’t wait.
A – Oh! So I am gathering attention depending on how I have dressed so far! Sad!
V – It is the beauty that has gathered attention.

After chatting boldly and smartly for a while, we both exchanged our numbers. Now I was teasing her by calling her every now and then in between the wedding ceremony. We were already flirting on texts. We decided to meet once the wedding is over. When everyone is off to change for the Wedding reception.

In the evening she sneaked out once everyone was gone. She quickly came and sat beside me in the car. We talked for a while on the way to her hotel where I was supposed to drop her. She invited me in with her for a drink. She is a vodka lover and was craving for it since long.

She poured in two vodka shots. They were down in no time by both of us. We felt the atmosphere building. I couldn’t resist anymore having that beauty beside me. We both knew that we wanted it. I leaned in for her pink colored lips and she gave in to my demand.

There was not a single word spoken between us. It all happened in gestures. I moved closer to her, my right hand sliding through her cheeks to her neck and my left hand to her back. She found comfort in the grip of my arms. We continued to kiss. I gently pushed her against the wall.

I kissed her on her cheeks moving towards her neck. She felt a tickle as my lips toucher soft neck. She gave out her first moan. I turned her around to face the wall and held her firm by the waist internet casino against the wall. My hands caressed her soft tummy. My fingers played with that perfectly shaped navel.

While my lips nibbled over her earlobes and cheeks. Her eyes were closed throughout as if she wanted to feel every moment of what was happening to her. I turned sides from left to right and right to left of her neck, ears, and cheeks. I slowly pulled the string of her blouse to loosen it.

She was still facing the wall in full control within my arms. My hands touched her breasts over her blouse. I started pressing them slowly as I was busy juggling between her neck and her ears. She turned around and looked straight into my eyes. Her hand went down to my crotch.

She lip locked again and we slowly dragged ourselves to the bed. I pushed her on the bed and came on top her kissing her sensitive neck. She was fully turned on. She pulled my kurta over my head. I removed her blouse to reveal her soft breasts covered in a red bra.

The red lacy bra looked damn sexy on her. I moved downwards as my hand undid her lehenga from the side. I kissed her cleavage to her belly to her navel and removed her lehenga. I sucked her navel for a while which was turning her on. She had now started moaning. I moved upwards to kiss her juicy lips.

Her hands held my face tight. She kissed me vigorously which showed she was now horny as fuck. My hands went behind at her back. I unhooked her bra. I removed it while we refused to part our lips away. I pressed her breasts and felt her nipples in between my fingers.

I kissed her neck and went down to her breasts. I sucked her light brown nipples one by one as she enjoyed playing with my hair. I moved downwards and removed her wet panty. güvenilir casino She was clean shaved down there. I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue as far as I could.

I licked her clitoris and she was going mad. I sucked it for a while. Again I moved up to her breasts. I fingered her down there for a while as my lips made love to every part of her body. I fingered with pace now as her moans were getting louder. She was about to cum.

She orgasmed and the look on her face was so fulfilling. She pulled the string of my pajama and removed it in one go. She kissed me vigorously and pulled my underwear down. As she pulled me over her, I slowly inserted my cock into her vagina. It was a little tight and it took me a while to enter her completely.

I started thrusting her slowly in missionary as she hugged me tightly. She bit me hard on the neck while my pace increased. She moaned loudly this time feeling me inside her completely. I kissed her sensually this time as I was about to cum. My thrusts gathered pace and I came inside her.

I fell on her still thrusting till the last drop. I kissed her neck as I lay over her. Her left hand was on my head playing with my hair and the right hand caressing my penis. We lay for a while and again we were ready for the second session. I pulled her up from the bed and pushed her against the wall.

I kissed her while I tried inserting in her vagina. She lifted her leg a bit and let me in. We hugged each other and fucked in a standing position for a while. This time I pulled out as I was about to cum. I kissed her neck and her lips as she gave me a handjob to make me cum. I came all over her hand and her belly.

We went back to the bed and cuddled naked until she fell asleep. I dressed up and left the hotel only to meet her back at the wedding reception. That was a beautiful experience for us. We later had multiple encounters together whenever we found a chance.

That was my experience with a beautiful girl in my life. Feedbacks are welcome

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