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Chapter 1-Meeting the Monk

I was a normal sophomore college student.

well ok not really. But first let me introduce myself. I’m Catherine, but most people used my middle name, Mary.

I was 20 and a virgin. I was (and still am) a rather devout Catholic. And by devout I mean “traditional”
i wore a chapel veil and long skirts or pants to church and I went to church daily at the chapel at my small South Carolina Catholic college.
I was one of those Catholic girls who was trying to fish for the “cute Catholic boy”, I was in college studying something , but really just looking for my “MRS” degree. I didn’t need a diploma, I wanted a ring and a man when I graduated.
So no, I was not a normal college student I guess.

Let em guess though, you’re more interested in what I look like, huh? ok then. I am 5ft 5in, short brown hair that hangs to just above my shoulders, a cute face, toned body from high school track, and if I may say a solid ass and pair of small but attractive breasts.

Anyway so so I had never dated. I’ll just make that clear. I was hoping to get this one really hot guy, Nick, who was the all-star Campus Ministry senior, to ask me to the Mardi Gras dance.

guess what? HE DID!!! Oh it was wonderful. He was such a gentlemen and I just melted around him all night. And yes by melted I mean my panties were soaked by the end I wanted him so bad. But I was a good girl and just couldn’t. He was good boy and I had to behave. I wanted more than sex from him anyway, of course. I wanted a future.

But Mardi Gras ended and then the next day Lent began and even though Nick made it clear to me that he actually wanted to try a relationaship with me (EEEK!) he also said he was going to use Lent to pray about it (gosh darn it!)

so on Ash Wednesday I went to Mass like a a good Catholic girl, with my long skirt and white chapel veil. I sat close to the altar. The college is run by monks. I knew all of them, there were only 15 in the abbey. But on that Ash Wednesday I noticed an unfamiliar monk, who looked quite young. He was easily noticeable because not only had I never seen him before but he kept staring at me. It was not comfortable, but I just refused to make eye contact.

But I couldn’t avoid him! After the Mass my favorite monk, Brother Cuthbert, was outside the Church with the new monk and pulled me over to introduce him! I tried to be polite as possible but gave him dangers as I saw him roam his eyes over my body.

But that was was the worst mistake I could have made. I made eye contact with him to do it. And it was at that moment that he said my name, in the most sensual way possible, the way only guys who know how to get any girl they want can say a name. And in his eyes all I saw was that look. That “you know you want to fuck me” look that some men have that takes even the most innocent girl and makes her drip down her thighs. I caught my hand running down my shirt to the waistline of my skirt, and made it look like I was scratching myself.

I said goodbye to Brother Curhbert and the strange monk, whose name was Brother Maurus, and quickly scampeeed away to my dorm where I couldn’t control myself. My roommate was no where to be seen.

i ripped off my clothes and sprawled our on my bed, the ashes still on my forehead from the service, and buried my right hand into my self. I of course did not imagine the weird monk, instead I thought Ling lily and lustfully about Nick. About his muscular body, his smiling face, his (most likely) massive cock, and fantasized about him on top of me with my legs wrapped firmly around his body, begging into his ear for him to fill my itching pussy with his spunk.

then, I realized only after a few more minutes that I wasn’t thinking of Nick anymore, but about the monk!

and I didn’t stop.

Instead i just finger fucked myself more intensely and brought myself to not one but two orgasms.

Chapter 2-Making the Monk Mine.

Afer my terriblly sinful way of passing time on Ash Wednesday Morning I decide that I just had to be more holy. I would go pray with the monks at their evening prayers at 7pm. Of course, I knew I’d get to see Brother Maurus. And my goal was to somehow talk to him. Just to make sure the look in his eyes was legit. I was still a tad kaçak bahis creeped out by his staring, but now that I had looked into those eyes I wanted to stare back at the temptation and put it in its place. I was not, I swear, actually considering fucking this man. I swear. No really I wasn’t.

That changed afer evening prayers ended. I walked back to my dorm slowly, upset that I handed gotten to talk to the monk. But ok and behold who should I see then appear? The very same monk was strolling towards me. He must have gone for a walk immediately after prayers. Anyway, he saw me, reconfnized me and flashed me a devilish smile and simply said “hello there Mary.” He knew he didn’t have to stop to talk to me, the sound of my name in his sexy voice worked it’s magic and I spun around and said “Hey there! Would you wanna walk together?” I was half-surprised I actually did this.

He slowly spun around, and smiled that sinful smile again at me and simply nodded and said “sure!”

Ok ill skip no to the good part now. So common sense dictates we walked and talked a bit. As the conversation got more personal, everything he said—whether a question about me or a comment about his own life—got me more and more excited to rip off his black robes and ride him until his balls were empty. I honestly don’t know what it was specifically, but by the time it was completely dark, I had decided I needed to let this man have his way.

I bluntly said it too. “Brother, your eyes told me all I need to know. I want to fuck you.”

he stared into my eyes and lightly licked his lips. “That took a little less time than I thought,” and he winked at me.

I gushed. I grabbed him and kissed him hard. Not my first kiss, but it might as well have been. He swept me up in strong arms and kissed me back, slowly sliding his tongue between my lips. I had NEVER frenched before, but it was so electrifying that I couldn’t help but suck his tongue into my own mouth. I even let my teeth drag across it.

He pulled back and asked “where can we go darling?” And then he leaned in and kissed my neck.

“Uh, oh yes, uh damn boy. Um, we can go—— um…” by now his hands were exploring under my coat and under my jeans. “Fuck! We can go to the campus ministry office!”

He pulled away and smiled at me. A sexy, dominating smile that made me want to get on my knees for him right there in the open. “Lead the way Mary, like a good girl.” I squealed and skipped away leading him by the hand

As I suspected, no one was in the campus ministry office at the time. It was barely ever used anymore anyway as most events were run—oh who cares, point being it was empty. But I had a key, cause I was trusted.

I wanted Ted to do it nice and slow since t would be my first time after all. But I also wanted to fuck this man like a slut. I watched porn. I could pull it off.

He decided rhat question for me once we were both naked. He paused first, looked me up and down, and gave me another smile. This one was sweet and loving. So it would be a gentle first time then.

Maurus slowly moved in as i shyly and warily backed agaiant the desk; a big, flat, empty slab of wood, perfect for us two. he gently placed his fingers on my hips, drew me closer into him, staring into my eyes the whole time. Then he shifted me from the desk to the big comfy couch in the one corner of the office. I couldn’t look away from his eyes. He sat down on the couch and held my hands in his. He then, without a word, dropped me to my knees, and my virgin mouth ached to do what he was desiring.

I did. I slowly wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock. It wasn’t huge. Only about 6 inches, but hey a first timer like me is not complaining. He groaned out my name instantly as my wet lips caressed his swollen head. His right hand let go of my left and hung Lilly at his side. But his left hand grabbed my hair and held it firmly. He slowly pushed my head down further on his cock.

The feelignof a cock in my mouth was not at almwhat I had worried it might be. It was positively delicious. The swollen head and rock hard shaft were a delight to feel slide over my lips, and to swirl my tongue around them was so enjoyable, I found my right hand dripping to my very wet pussy to begin quickly fingering mysef.

He moaned kaçak iddaa “faster baby girl” and I obeyed. He let go of my hair to let me fly on my own, and I did not disappoint him. I did what I had seen on PornHub and I also did what my roommate had tried to teach me that one time I was drunk and admitted I wanted give Nick head. The monk seemed to like it. That made me so happy! I then took my right hand, soaked in my pussy juices, and I used it to massage and fondle Maurus’ balls. They were heavy with cum. I could just tell. He hadn’t shots load in ages. I wasn’t an expert, obviously, but he confirmed it when he groaned out, oh my gosh it’s been forever Mary darling. Make me explode you dirty little girl!”

And i laughed and giggled with his dick firmly in my newly minted slut mouth.

Then I tasted it for the first time.

Teh warm salty liquid shot out of his cock and almost made me gag, but I impressed mysef and the bad bad monk by recovering immediately and swallowing each shot. I loved it. Not the tatse itself, but the whole moment. Swallowing a man’s cum is a incredibly sensual and dare I say a spiritual experience.

He sighed he’d put a long sigh and relaxed a bit. I wanted to get fucked now, and I wasn’t concerned anymore if it was soft and slow or hard and rough. I simply begged him; “Brother, be a bad monk for your good little Catholic slut and fuck me!”

He smiled that that devilish smile again and swooped me up on top of him. His cock was still raging hard and he worked it into my tight virginal cunt. He held my arms and stared into my eyes as he began to thrust upwards into my body. I clenched my teeth and stared back at him as the pain of his thrusts brought tears to my eyes. But I didn’t want it to stop. I knew it would hurt more when he broke the hymen, and so I braved myself and just said “Maurus, do it! Break me like a a horse that needs tamed! (Oh did I mention I’m a farm girl? That my dad grew up breaking horses? No? Well now you know. Riding is easy for me, hehe)

the monk grabbed my body and threw me on the couch and then climbed on top of me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and looked him the eye as he said “I’m going to make you mine right now, Mary.” And he did!
I felt the sharp pain of the membrane breaking as his cock birth through. I felt the sensation of bleeding a little but hen the pleasure of his strokes took over as he leaned in and kissed me again, making the pain melt away. his thrusts were deepe and harder now and I began to try and return them, moving my body back and forth to match his powerful motion. He moved his moth from mine and nibbles down to my neck. I started to nimble his ear and his thrusts came faster now. I whispered to him; “this good little girl has a secret. I’m on birth control. I want you to claim me and shoot your cum inside me. Claim me, monk.” And then I kissed and mumbled his ear again, tightening the grip of my legs around his body.

He said nothing, he kept biting and kissing my neck and then moaned hard as his second ejaculation spurred out of him, hot and thick. He filled my now sinful cunt with his spunk, and I praised the day my doctor had told me I was irregular. I grabbed his face and kissed his lips hard, feeling mymslef reach orgasm too. Our tongues intertwined as he finished cumming and I began to cum. I moaned in the kiss as I let my body collapse from the pleasure under his.

Chapter 3-Goodbye Good Girl

that want the end of it. Oh we spent all night in that office.

Afer recoverinng and getting some water, I did something I was deeply desiring to do and that was bend over the desk and offer the monk my ass. He tease it with his fingers and cock, but in the end he laughed and said he hated anal sex. . That was probably a good call because after all it was my first time. Instead he toyed my clit with his rock hard shaft then, while firmly grasping my hair, thrusted his swollen head through my soaked labia and buried himself deep in my now very hungry pussy. He pulled on my hair and I shrieked a little in pain, but then as the thrusts got tougher and faster I didn’t notice pain,, only ecstasy. I called out his name, and demanded he now fuck me like a slut.

He oberyed. He even grabbed the black leather belt that güvenilir bahis a monk wears around his robes and, folding it in half, used it to spank me as he drilled into my now ransacked love hole.

I loved it. This man now has his swollen cock deep in me, his right hand pulling my hair, and his left hand spanking me with the very belt that he wore to represent his commitment to chastity.

I placed my had s firmly on the desk and raise my body up a little to ease the tension on my hair, but it only gave Maurus the ability to pull me back even more. The belt cracked across my ass cheeks and I yelped and moaned and held back louder screams(the security guard might be coming through….).

I came again under his spell, my eyes rolling up backward as I panted breathlessly and tried to at east whisper his name. I couldn’t. I was speechless as he brought himself now to a third orgasm. He dropped the belt and grabbed my chest and pulled me back agaiant his body. He nibblesthe back of my neck as his hands both massages my breasts. I clawed T his hands with mine, just wanted to feel the toned firm forearms that now held me locked into this delirious pleasure.

He whospered in my ear “Mary I want you to swallow it again.”

i practically came again hearing hai voice tell me what he wanted.

“Yes, brother, fill me mouth with your man juice!”

he let me go, and I sank to my knees. I could feel my hair now matter to my forehead by sweat. My push was dripping it’s juice down my legs, and I looked up into his face as I took his gorgeous cock in my hands and stroked it off fast and furious. I watched him throw his head back as he breathed harder. I knew it was coming.

A huge load of warm spunk flew from his swollen dick into my face. It covered my nose, cheeks, forehead, tits, neck, and sprayed out into my hair as well. I jammed my left hand into my cunt and feverishly masturbated as my right hand jerked his semen out of his balls.

As his passion subsided I proceeded to use his cock to spoon the cum it had produced into my mouth. I got as much of it as I could. The rest he started picking up with his fingers, and then I grabbed his hands and sucked eagerly on each one that was covered in his man juice.

It was then then that I realized that I was no longer who I had been a few hours ago. The good girl was gone.

chapter 4- epilogue

no no I was not a total slut. Remember I said I still am a good catholic.

But my sexual appetite was sr ablaze and I needed it satisfied. I tried to be good, but I just couldn’t take it. Especially since Brother Maurus left the very next day! I NEEDED Nick. I decided to be blunt with him and assume that no matter how holy he was trying to be, a red-blooded sounthern boy wouldn’t mind if the girl he liked got frisky and horny.

I was right.

About two two weeks after having fucked the monk, I had Nick where I wanted him. We are in his car coming back from having gone out for pizza. It wasn’t a date he had said. Yeah right. I could tell he had a bulge in his jeans which made my job a hell of a lot easier.

When he parked back on campus, I told him about my new found appetite, though I left out the part about the guy being a monk.. I told him straight up how much I loved him; indeed how much a lusted for him too. And then I grabbed it.

I slwoly unzipped his jeans and slowly pulled out his cock. It was a beautifully solid 8 inches.

I looked at his face face and all it was was a wicked smile. He wanted this as bad as I did.

I took it into my mouth and almost immediately he started breathing heavily and tensing up. The poor boy must have been super over due for a nut busting because he came within 10 seconds. I relished his horny shock and surprise when I kept my mouth firmly wrapped around his dick and swallows the huge load he had so eagerly and quickly fed me.

Then I stripped, straddled him right then and there, let my body sink down into his hungry dick, and leaned into kiss him. Before I did, I looked him dead in the eye and said. “Nicholas. I love you.” **********

We have now been married for 10 years, Nick and I. We married almost immediately after graduation. We have had sex or at least traded oral pretty much daily since that night in his car. But I have to confess. Every time, even to this day, I can’t help but compare it to the monk. I still hear his voice saying my name, and I still see his devilish smile and the lustful fire in his eyes. I’ll admit that when I have wet dreams, they are always about him.

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