The Cleaner Part 2

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The Cleaner Part 2
I enjoyed meeting Ashleigh, she showed potential and seemed willing to learn plus she had a hot mum, she was so polite too which is a bit of a rarity. She went home happy and I was looking forward to her coming back tomorrow.
She must have told her mum because a little later I got a text from Julie, “Thanks Frank, Ash so happy xx” which with 2 ‘x’s it looked good, a little flutter hit my stomach as I thought back at seeing her in her yoga shorts and then the BJ, I sent a reply
“Hi Jules, no problem, she is willing and I am happy to help xx” I returned the ‘x’s and also lightened up calling her ‘Jules’ and I see her typing..

“said interview went well and you were very thorough, kind and funny, she looks forward to tomoz, night, see ya J xx” so I sent a ‘x’ back and that was that. Obviously they had spoken about it and what worries me is Julie seeing the state of Ashleigh’s panties, problem for another day me thinks.

I woke early next day, had a few things to do and wanted to be ready for my new cleaner after school kicks out, I hadn’t even got out of bed when my phone started pinging, I reached across and saw a message from Julie
“silly girl forgot to take change of clothes I set out for her; can I drop them round on my way to run? J xx” was the message, I was confused as to why she would change when doing some cleaning but was intrigued now as to what clothes she thought appropriate for her to wear, plus if she drops them round on her way to run maybe I get to see her in her tight yoga shorts, it was a win / win. I replied,
“oh dear she is a ditz! Not up yet but am here x”

There was no answer so I laid back for 5 mins trying to wake up when my phone pinged again, this time Ashleigh, “thanks for giving me chance, see u later, ash x” which I thought was sweet and this time I did get an ‘x’, I replied quick, “Welcome, I will be ready x” and returned the kiss, just then the doorbell rang and I thought ‘Oh Fuck!’ that must be Julie, I grabbed a pair of boxers and nearly fell down the stairs trying to put them on, composed myself and opened the door.

Standing there was the delightfully fresh Julie, all smiles in her sports bra which was probably a size too small as it gripped her tits like clingfilm, a clear view of her nipples. Flat stomach with a belly ring and the cutest pair of yoga shorts I have ever seen. They were small, came down about an inch on her inner thigh, they were white and tight and I could clearly see the outline of her white panties covering her mound, a slight cameltoe and perfect thigh gap, I nearly cum in my pants just looking at her.

I couldn’t believe that this MILF, who I only met yesterday and am 99% sure sucked my cock through the hole, the same MILF whose daughter I fucked in a job interview was now standing at my door dressed like that carrying a bag presumably with Ashleigh’s clothes.
My cock was getting a chubby within seconds, I motioned her into the hallway and looked at her arse as she passed me, OMG no panty line so obviously wearing a thong and her tight white shorts were clenched between her arse cheeks showing off her rounded bubble canlı kaçak iddaa butt to perfection, she turned and faced me as I shut the door.

I looked across at her clutching the bag to her thighs, standing in front of a full length mirror does have its benefits as I could see her arse as well as her pussy as I looked at the bag, I saw her glance down at me quickly, she couldn’t have missed the rather large bulge, she cleared her throat,
“Sorry to get you out of bed but thought Ash would need these, this is what she wears when cleaning at home” she said as she pulled a small crop top out of the bag and held it by her thigh, I looked at it for a few seconds as I had a perfect view of her crotch, “Nice” I said in a soft voice, she then pulled out a pair of shorts that were even smaller than her yoga shorts and held them in the same place, my mind raced as I now had a vision of Ashleigh wearing this outfit while cleaning my house, also being confused as to why her mother is allowing her to dress like this while all the time my face was glued to her tight pussy.
I stared at the shorts while Julie stood silent, her thigh gap giving a clear view of her tight cameltoe.

She then pulled out a pair of panties for her to change into, they were a bit tatty so could understand why she would want her to change, she held them to her belly again giving me the sight of both Ashleigh’s panties and her tight crotch, my cock felt like it was bursting.
“What do you think Frank?” she said as she put the items back in the bag, “She will be more comfortable cleaning in those” she said waiting for my approval.

I now had a clear vision in my head of Ashleigh pushing a hoover around in a tight crop top, tight shorts that barely covers her arse and a pair of tatty panties that had seen better days, and all chosen by her mother! I was no longer worried about her finding cum in yesterday’s panties.
“I will make sure she changes when she gets here, do you want a coffee?” I said as I certainly needed my morning coffee and it would be nice if Julie joined me, she looked relieved that I approved of the change of clothes and agreed to have a coffee saying she will go for her run after.

“Shall I go pop some shorts on?” I asked looking down at the big bulge in the front of my boxers this obviously forced her to glance down before answering, “Nah” she said, “You’re cool, they look like shorts anyway” which to be fair they do only thinner and shorter and has a buttoned opening at the front which has a habit of popping open!, still fair play and we went into the kitchen to make some coffee.
I had to giggle when she sat down on the stool as that was the stool that her daughter was on yesterday, she sat with her legs parted which gave me an even better view up the inside of her thigh to her tight white crotch. Mmm.

Coffee was done and I made sure I sat opposite her as we chatted keeping the view of her crotch in front of me, she started to tell me more about her family, she is married to Ben her c***dhood sweetheart she got pregnant with Ash very young and she is an only c***d. They are all very close but she admitted youwin güvenilir mi that Ash is a bit ditzy but she means well and has a heart of gold.
Apparently it was her dads idea that she dress like that when cleaning as she gets quite warm and Julie agreed, I was learning a lot about them now.
“Make sure she changes” she said in a concerned voice, “Sometimes she doesn’t want to” she continued,
“As soon as she gets here I will take her into the lounge and hand her the bag” I said convincingly, Julie still looked concerned.

“Her dad sometimes had to help her change, so be warned” she said seriously, What? I smiled at her
“I will stand there and watch her get changed, if she needs help then I will help” I said smiling, Julies expression changed to a more cheerful one.
“Thank you Frank, you are a star” she said softly as she patted me on the arm, feeling her touch sent a shiver down my spine and another pint of blood to my cock.

I was beginning to understand where Ashleigh gets her ditzyness from now but Julie was so sincere,
“Do you like my outfit Frank?” she asked, “Ben said it would be comfortable to run in this, I think he is right, what do you think Frank?” she stood up and did a twirl,
“Woah, not so fast” I said slowing her enthusiasm down, “I couldn’t see”
She stood in front of me, legs apart and her hands on her hips waiting for my response, I looked her up and down a few million times and could see the stiffness appearing under her top which was nothing compared to the stiffness under my boxers.

My gaze stopped at her tight crotch with the little mound in front, the thigh gap with an inch of shorts before her well groomed toned thighs, her slit becoming more evident tucked tightly inside.
I spun her around and she stood up straight, her well rounded bubble but with her tight shorts wedged up the crack of her arse, her thigh gap again showing the tightness of her lips squashed beneath. What an arse!
I spun her back round and stared at her tight sports bra, definitely a size too small as they clung to her well rounded 34b’s, her nipples now protruding through the thin fabric.

“Ashleigh said you were thorough” she said softly as I took a few minutes to form my opinion.
“I can only give a true opinion if I get a close look” I said back with a glance in her eye to see that she accepted my explanation.
I stepped back and my erection was unmistakable as it stuck out the front, I was praying the button would hold as I sat back down, Julie waited patiently
“I think Ben is right, you look comfortable and tight clothing keeps the body temperature down, look at me in boxer shorts, my body temperature is far too hot” this also gave her permission to look directly as my bulging underwear.
“OMG!” she said, her mouth open, “You poor thing, have you got anything tight to wear” she asked continuing to look at my bulging shorts, I looked across at her as she approached the table and shook my head.

“Oh wait” she said as she reached into the bag and pulled out Ashleigh’s tatty old panties, I was amazed.
“Why don’t you put these on, they will cool you down” she said, “Ben perabet does that when he gets too hot, try it” she said as she handed me the panties, I wasn’t sure about this, they wouldn’t fit and they had holes in them, she looked at me, her eyes beckoning me on as I slowly stood up, my cock rigid beneath my shorts.
I looked her in the eyes as I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and stepped out of them as I wanted to see her expression, did she recognise my cock from the toilet?

I stood there totally naked with my cock standing loud and proud, she showed no emotion as I slowly slipped Ashleigh’s panties on and carefully pulled them up, remarkable they weren’t too bad, very tight and not only was one of my balls hanging out the side my cock, when I tucked it in, was poking through a hole, other than that they felt good. Julie looked concerned as she stared at me standing there in her daughters panties trying hard to conceal my obvious boner.

“Hmm” she said looking at my swollen helmet sticking through a hole, she reached into the bag and pulled out the tiny shorts and handed them to me, “Try these”
They felt soft and stretchy so they may work better, I stepped back and pulled off the panties, my cock relieved at being let loose albeit only temporary as I slowly pulled up the shorts, they felt better as they stretched and I was able to tuck everything away although my angled cock was very visible.

I stepped closer to Julie so she could get a better look, she looked down at the tightness of my bulge.
“Oh yes” she said as she reached forward and put her hand around the shaft giving it a little squeeze and then doing the same with my balls.
“Much better fit Frank, you will cool down in no time” she said with a smile as she lingered on my balls, ‘not if you keep hold of those I won’t’ I thought as my cock seemed to be getting harder and now pushing at the waistband trying to escape.

I stood there looking down as she got on her knees to get a better look, she reached out and held my balls at the base of my cock, this straightened my cock up forcing the swollen head to appear out of the waistband. Her hand ran up the shaft to the tip running her finger around the head lubricating it with my precum. She grabbed hold and pulled my cock out, her tongue was all around the head before I slowly saw my cock disappear inch by inch into her mouth, she gagged and slurped as I felt my cock hit the tightness of her throat and she withdrew licking and spreading her saliva all around my cock, worshipping it like it owned her.

I started to fuck her face so grateful that there was no partition this time so I stoked her hair as I thrust into her willing mouth. She grabbed my arse cheeks tight as she pulled me in close, she gagged as my cock hit her throat pulling me in tight, OMG this woman liked cock and knew what to do with it.
I felt my nuts tighten under the fabric of the shorts and very soon my cock pulsated and shot stream after stream of hot ejaculate right down Julies throat, she took it all without spilling a drop.

As my cock softened she was able to tuck it neatly into the shorts and stood up,
“There” she said, “looks like its cooling down nicely”
“I must go for my run, please make sure Ashleigh changes” she said as she pointed to the bag.

I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be the last encounter with Julie, she had an interesting family.

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