The Chair

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I get home a little later than expected but none the less home! The house is quiet as I walk in, lights dimmed and faint music in the back ground. I knew I was in for a long night as I was warned not to be late. I was sure you gave me these deadlines knowing I would never be able to make them, yet every time I agree. I make my way through the house to the bedroom and find a note. I quickly undress and enter the bathroom where I find the enema system set up and waiting in the shower. As I step in and the warm water washes over me and the day is set behind me, you step in with me, naked, gorgeous and smelling of naughtiness. We kiss passionately, deep slow kisses whilst our hands explore each-others bodies. I massage your ass, cupping your cheeks into my hands, pulling you closer to me, admiring my wife’s gorgeous physique. As we kiss you reach behind me, kissing me even deeper as I suddenly feel the coldness between my ass cheeks. Slowly I feel the intrusion of the steel enema nozzle, then as it pops into me completely you turn on the water, slowly filling me.

The water slowly fills me, all warm, bloating my internals, stretching me from the inside out. Just as I start reaching my limit, even as you massage my stomach, trying to ease the cramps, I suddenly need some release. You turn off the water flow and slowly remove the nozzle from me, instructing me to clench my ass and retain the water. I do this on your command, and after I am free from my nozzle-hose restraint I quickly make my way to the toilet to release the pressure. I empty all the water and feel instantly clean and lighter from the release. You instruct me to step back into the shower for a second clean out, but this time you fill me even more than before, stretching my limits. After the second and final cleanout, I join you again in the shower for some more kissing, fondling and cuddling. I raise you from the floor and seat you on the built in ledge, spreading your legs, admiring your curves, following kissing down your neck over your large breasts, down your chest and stomach into your groin, your thighs.

I massage your knees as I know how this makes you feel, further over your calves and then canlı bahis your feet. I hear your cooing, silently at first but louder the more I massage, I know you are like putty in my hands now, being able to just about do anything to you, without you ever protesting. I lover myself onto the stool, positioning myself right in front of your open legs, slowly starting to kiss your inner thighs, slowly making my way closer to your pussy. I finally take your whole pussy into my mouth, covering your pussy and entering you with my tongue. I suck you into my mouth playing with your clit, tasting your sweet juices feeling how quickly your pussy, lips inside and out get engorged with blood as your arousal builds and builds. Your clit becomes stiff as I suck more blood into it, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. I slip my hands in under your ass, cupping and massaging them, whilst never releasing your pussy from the onslaught of my mouth.

Your thighs start shaking, quivering with the anticipation of the orgasm that was inevitably building to great highs, slowly but surely I feel your legs closing, feeling the coolness of the soft skin on your thighs clamping down on my head. I feel you grab the back of my head, pulling my head into your pussy, instructing me to suck harder, stick my tongue deeper into you. My hearing is cut off as your thighs clamp down on my head, your hands still reached around my head making sure I finish the job. I suck with more intensity, deeper and stronger than before, feeling you quiver drives me harder, more passionate, until I can feel you getting even wetter, fuller and sweeter. You finally let go and your orgasm hits like a kick in the chest, you clamp even harder, pulling my head into your pussy.

I suck harder, flicking your clit quicker and making sure to ravage your pussy. Your eyes nearly role back into your head as the world starts becoming a blur. All that matters to you now is that your orgasm last as long as it can, hit as hard as it can making you delirious with pleasure. Finally you start releasing my head from your grip, starting to beg me to stop with the onslaught on your pussy. You push me away snapping your legs close. bahis siteleri You hop off the ledge pulling me up to stand and kissing me passionately, whispering into my ear “see you in the naughty room”. You slowly walk out of the shower, wrapping a large towel around, looking back beckoning me to come along.

I follow you into our “little play room”, instantly noticing the new chair in the middle of the floor. I have never seen anything like it before, not even realised you had been browsing never the less shopping for new furniture. You instruct me to finish drying off and then sit down. You quickly blindfold me before I could completely study all the features of the chair, stating I was naughty for trying to work out all the bells and whistles. I sit down and can feel my legs and arms strapped down, completely removing my ability to move freely. You disappear from the room for a while after you switch on something from under the chair. I feel something starting to push into me from under the chair whilst it vibrates. It keeps pushing into me as I estimate it being around 10″ long as it stops and retracts slightly. I feel it starting to inflate inside me, stretching me with each cycle of inflation.

You return to the room, approaching slowly leaning into me kissing and snuggling into me. You kiss my neck whilst pinching my nipples, kissing further down my chest. You bite at my nipples slightly as you keep massaging and groping at me. By now my cock is rock hard and wanting to fuck you relentlessly. You kiss over my stomach and finally reach the head of my cock, you slowly pull my foreskin back exposing me fully, before you finally take me into your mouth. You suck hard on the tip slowly taking me deeper into your warm moist mouth, each time you lower me deeper into you as you suck harder, and harder. You eventually stop sucking and stand up, moving to the side of the machine. I can hear you changing something as I feel the intrusion disappear from inside me.

I suddenly feel you kissing me then smothered by your large breasts, oiled and silky as I enjoy their feel on my face. I suddenly become aware the pressure on something pushing back into me, bahis şirketleri stretching my ass, pumping something slick into me, making the entry easier. You at the same time straddle me lowering your slick, wet engorged pussy onto my dick. It feels so good as I enter you, finally being completely inside of you. Your weight seating me firmly as the anal intrusion continues, this time being larger and deeper than the previous insertion. You remove my blindfold, so I can fully appreciate your figure straddling me. You grab the back of the chair placing your feet into the foot holds on each side of the chair. Slowly you start riding my cock, grinding into me, slamming down onto/into me.

I hear you click something behind my head and instantly feel the machine, fucking me from below getting faster and pushing in deeper, stretching me wider than before. My ass feels so full as the dildo pushing into me, then pulling from me but not completely. After every few thrusts I hear a pump and can feel the dildo expanding inside me, stretching me pushing on my prostate. You seem to match the machines speed, so each time it pushes up into me, you slam down onto my cock. This combination is driving me wild, making my cock even harder building my orgasm. It feels like I’m about to explode as you and the machine keeps fucking me, harder, faster and deeper. You kiss me long and hard, voiding the possibility of taking a deep breath, making me lightheaded finally reaching orgasm. As you sense my release you slam in harder and faster, grinding down into me.

You also reach your orgasm and together we fall into a frenzy of pleasure, kink and full on stretching of my ass. Finally you switch the machine off and as it retracts from me, you lift yourself off me. As you step aside, you lean down and push another button. I am released from the chair and is able to stand. As I start to walk away to go and have another shower, you instruct me to first lean over the wooden horse for a quick anal exam. As I lean over I am pushed, making me lose my balance and find myself tied down again, you have mastered the art of tying me down faster than a cowboy can lasso a calf. As you walk away after having pushed a large butt plug into me, you gingerly say “I still haven’t forgotten that you were late, punishment will commence a bit later after my nap” You turn the lights off as you walk out the room and securely lock the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20