Thank Fuck for Lab Accidents

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Lots of anal, some transformation stuff, so if thats not your thing, move along.


Crash! ‘Fuck!’ I’m covered in some unknown whiteish goo, a big flask just dropped from a shelf onto the work bench below, smashing a bunch of other containers and splashing the mixture all over me. I can even feel some up my nose and taste some in my mouth, a sweet yet bitter and chemical taste. I think I accidentally swallow some. The guy giving us the tour shouts and quickly ushers me to the next room, into a shower and tells me to strip and wash as quickly as possible while he gets help. I tear off my clothes quickly. My right eye and my lower lip stings, the shards must have cut me.

My skin that was in direct contact with the goo is tingling intensely, and I feel suddenly extremely turned on! I forget about the shower for the moment. There is some goo on my fingers, but I don’t care, I need to get off right away. I curl my middle two fingers into my pussy to work my g-spot as my palm bumps against my clit. I’m soaking wet and immediately finger myself at a furious pace as I pinch my nipples hard. In just a few moments my legs and stomach start quivering, and I drop to the floor as I cum so fucking hard I see stars. Through a haze I see my clothes before me and without thinking I scoop up a much bigger glob of goo and reach behind me. I rub it in circles around my butthole before pushing two fingers deep inside, setting of a second orgasm, my ass pulsing around my fingers as I moan and quiver.

I breathe deeply, trying to calm myself, and suddenly realise where I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. I stand up on wobbly legs, feeling a bit cum-drunk, and wash my face and body with the medical smelling soap provided. The tingling in my upper chest, my hands, my stomach, my neck, lips and right eye, lessen but is still very present. The shower nozzle is fixed, so I can’t wash away the goo in my pussy or ass, and I still feel an intense tingling and a strong but controllable horniness. I dry off with a coarse starched towel, and since my clothes are ruined I wrap the towel around my body.

The tour guide knocks on the door soon after, with paramedics, some professor and a lawyer in tow. The professor takes samples of the stuff still on my clothes, and asks if I feel any symptoms. I describe some of what I had felt, though I left out the horniness and masturbation. The paramedics has me sit on the gurney as they fix my small cuts, check my pulse, reflexes, eyes, and so on. They tell me they will take me to the hospital for tests and observation over the night to make sure my exposure doesn’t have any ill effects since they don’t know what was in all the containers. The lawyer has me sign something that said they will pay any medical expenses as long as I do not sue them, as well as an NDA.

At the hospital they draw blood, and do a more extensive check on my health. A plastic surgeon fixes the small cuts so they won’t scar. It’s late when I’m finally left alone in my room. I step into the bathroom to take a look at myself, and to finally take care of the need that has been slowly burning, building since the accident. I remove the hospital gown and look at myself in the mirror.

I’m a mulatto, I have a light brown complexion and a big curly auburn hair, smallish nose and a slender yet athletic body. My lips look even plumper and much more pink than usual, and my eye is a bit swollen around the small cut in my upper eyelid. The color of the iris looks a bit strange as well. My skin where the goo had been looks a bit odd, almost shimmering. It’s pretty symmetrical on my neck up to my lips and the tip of my nose, and on my chest since I had worn a top with a v-shaped cleavage. A rivulet had run down between my breasts to my bellybutton. I have an oval around my right eye, and my iris looked a bit lighter as well.

I run my fingers up the line from my bellybutton up between my tits, and have to stifle a moan. The skin is so sensitive! I lick my lips and shiver from the erotic sensation. Biting my lower lip is fucking intense and makes my pussy contract as I moan. I let one hand trace down my stomach as the other moves to my b-cup sized breast to tease my nipple. My nipples look bigger and pinker as well, and the areolae looks puffier. I put my foot up on the toilet so I’m spread open for the mirror as my fingers grip my trimmed vee of hair. I’ve always liked tugging on it to get me going. My clit is already swollen and to my surprise already standing out from the hood. My inner lips are pinker than normal, very swollen and glisten in the fluorescent light. I gently tease my fingers along the hood of my clit, along the outer, then inner lips, circling the opening until I can’t stand it.

I plunge my middle finger deep, but it isn’t enough, soon three fingers are filling me, plunging deep. I stop playing with my tits with my other hand and wet my fingers in my mouth. I push my ring and middle fingers canlı bahis firmly into my ass, the sudden stretch creating a lovely twinge of pain, pushing me over the edge into a quivering orgasm. I lean back against the wall to keep my balance as I continue fingering myself hard, and soon cum again. I still want more so I add a third finger in my ass and a fourth in my pussy. The additional stretch soon has me cumming again, and just as I’m coming down I push my knuckles past the opening of my cunt, and come so hard I lose my footing and slide to the floor. I gently extricate my fingers as I try to catch my breath.

Whatever that goo has done to me, I’m fucking loving it! A couple of fingers and one orgasm is normally enough for me.

I clean myself up as best I can, and go back to my hospital bed. My dorm mate stops by a little later with a change of clothes (my grey WRUP leggings, panties and a white top) and toiletries, and she keeps me company until visiting hours are over. She is leaving town for a few days so we hug goodbye.

I wake up early the next morning urgently needing to pee, so I rush to the toilet still half asleep. Once done I wash my face with my hands and drink some water. I raise my head to look in the mirror and let out a surprised squeal! My skin is white where the goo had been! My iris has turned gold instead of the deep brown it used to be. I sit back down on the toilet and cry a while before I pull myself together. I look at myself in the mirror again, maybe it isn’t that bad, I look a bit like Domino from Deadpool 2 now.

I run my fingers over the transformed skin and feel myself getting turned on, but I stop myself. I’m still freaked out, so I go back to the bed and press the button for the nurse. She directly calls for the doctors, who calls the professor from the lab we toured, and the rest of the day is filled with more tests and examinations. Several times I catch myself licking my lips or biting them, and have to stop myself before I get too horny.

As the day progresses I notice something strange, I can see slight auras of different colors around some people. A nurse has a purple aura and when we touch I get this image of her in bondage being spanked. A doctor has a pale yellow aura and when he examines my eye I see he is into piss play and has a small dick. Many have a white aura, just slightly tinted, and they seem more vanilla. I’m freaked out by this new ability, but I don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to be a lab rat, or labeled as crazy. The doctors do not find anything wrong with me though they are stumped about what is causing these changes to my skin. Their theory is that something in the mix set of dormant vitiligo or that there was some bleaching agent in the goo.

At 2 PM or so I ask to be discharged, I want to get away from the hospital and I want to figure out if what I can sense is real. They reluctantly accept, but book an appointment for next week for a follow up, and give me numbers to call if anything further happens.

When I step on the bus back to the university I look over the passengers, and see a guy with a really strong and attractive aura, a vibrant golden green, so I sit down beside him. I let my arm touch his, and get this image of him pushing a truly huge cock into a bubble butt. My nipples harden in response and since I’m not wearing a bra I’m sure he notices. I smile up at him and start a conversation. His name is Chris and he’s studying mechanical engineering. I introduce myself as Olive, and tell him I’m working on my biology degree.

He is chubby but has really strong shoulders and arms, big hands, he is white and tall, with a plaid shirt, messy red hair and a scruffy beard. Totally not someone I would normally go for, but fuck I want that to be me taking that cock. I glance down and his bulge confirms there is something special down there. He seems surprised that I’m making the first move, but is definitely receptive to my flirting. I’ve never done this before, but I take courage and invite him up to my dorm room.

We hold hands as we walk from the bus stop, he must be a foot taller than me and my hand disappears in his. At the stairs I make sure I walk first, I arch my back and exaggerate my hip movements, and I actually hear him groan behind me, making me smile. I know my ass looks spectacular in these pants.

As soon as we are inside my dorm he pushes me against the door and kisses me deeply with one hand cradling my neck while the other traces down my waist to my ass, lifting me off the floor. His rough, urgent kiss feels so intense with my sensitive lips, and I can only hang onto his shoulders as he has his way. As he lets me back down on the floor I start unbuttoning his shirt, and kiss my way down his hairy chest.

He undoes his belt and jeans and pushes me down to my knees. I smile up at him as I pull down his boxers, and then something smacks me heavily. Oh my fucking God, he is hung like a whale! I grab his shaft bahis siteleri and can’t close my fingers around it, it’s not even close, and he isn’t even fully hard yet. His balls are huge too.

I lick the underside up to the head, and look up at him, keeping eye contact as his mushroom head fills my mouth to the brim. Chris caresses my cheek and then wraps his fingers in my curly fro and starts fucking his huge dick into my mouth, deeper and deeper. The sensation of his shaft sliding, stretching my sensitive lips feels almost like he is fucking my cunt. I feel him bump against my throat, and I swallow to fight the gag reflex and allow the huge spongy head into my throat. With a groan he pushes into the opening and I have suddenly swallowed more than half his shaft.

He looks a bit concerned, so I pull on his hips and try to nod and smile. He gets the point and grabs my hair more firmly as he starts fucking my throat. My spit is running down my chin, my neck and even down to my top. He is getting deeper and deeper, I catch my breath when I can, I feel so fucking sexy and absolutely dominated. Suddenly his coarse pubes press against my sensitive lips, and he makes short, hard thrusts, my head pressed against the door. He pushes in all the way and I feel his shaft pulsing and I know he is cumming directly into my stomach. To my surprise, I cum with him, without ever touching my pussy.

I’m starting to see black spots and push on his thighs to remind him to pull out. He does, and smiles apologetically down at me as I draw deep, jagged breaths. I kiss the head of his cock before I stand. I kiss his cheek, kick off my shoes, and as I walk over to my bed I strip out of my top and pull my leggings and panties down below my ass. When I get to my bed I strip the rest of the way, making sure to bend at the waist to give him a good show. I smile back at him, his aura is even stronger now, and I see tendrils of green and gold light reach towards me.

I take my pillows and put them in the middle of the bed and drape my body over them, my legs spread and my back arched. I wet my finger in my mouth and reach back and push it slowly into my ass. I feel the bed shift behind me, then my finger is replaced with his tongue as he takes my wrist and holds my arm against my back. He really makes a meal out of my ass, eating me for a long time. He digs his tongue deep, he sucks on my pucker, he bites my cheek playfully, he spanks me as his tongue flutters over my opening, and all I can do is moan and arch my back to beg for more.

He plays with my pussy with the hand not pinning my arm, then uses my juices to further lubricate my butt. He pushes first one thick finger deep, then he spits on my pucker before adding a second finger. He is fingering me deeply, making me moan and groan in pleasure and pain. He spreads his fingers inside me and pulls down, and then I feel his spit flow into my slightly gaped ass, God that feels nasty and sexy. He fingers me again and then adds more spit.

He removes his fingers and replaces them with his cock. Oh fuck, it feels like he is trying to push a telephone pole inside me! I’m determined though, so I push my ass back and bear down, and suddenly the head pops in. The intense stretch triggers a quivering orgasm. Chris continues pushing, feeding his cock deeper and deeper in short, determined thrusts. He moves my hands up over my head and pins them to the bed with one hand as he completely covers me in his body, making me feel so small and dominated. He kisses my cheek and ear and runs his fingers over my lips. I take them into my mouth and taste my ass on his fingers.

He nibbles on my ear and growls, and I feel him bottoming out deep in my ass, his pubes against my cheeks, his heavy balls against my pussy. He stays there a while, then slowly pulls out a few inches before pushing deep again, and again, and I cum so fucking hard I see stars. Feeling my ass milking his cock as I cum makes him pound me harder, and his balls start slapping my pussy, and one orgasm just flows into another and another, on and on until I am just a quivering heap of pleasure. Finally I feel him swell inside me, and as he fills me with his massive load I cum so hard I black out for a little while.

When I wake up he is spooning me, his hand gently caressing my body as he kisses my neck. I can still feel his half-hard cock lodged deep inside me. I turn my head to him and we smile at each other and then kiss. We make out slowly at first, but as his hand finds my breast it gets more intense, and suddenly I feel him grow inside me again.

He slowly starts fucking my cum filled, sloppy ass again, and it feels so dirty, slutty and hot. We stop kissing and I look down on my stomach, and can actually see his manhood distending me, fuck that looks sexy. He sees it as well, and puts his hand over the bulge and whispers in my ear how incredible it feels. He grabs my hand and we feel him distending me together, and bahis şirketleri it is a strangely romantic moment, and I actually tear up a little bit. We kiss again as his fingers trace down my stomach to tickle and pull my bush, and then further down.

He curls two of his thick, long fingers into my pussy, and the new fullness triggers an orgasm. I can’t maintain the kiss as I shake and squeal, and Chris’s other arm snakes beneath me and hugs me tightly. His hand against the transformed skin on my chest feels incredible. He finds my g-spot with his fingertips and starts grinding it as he fucks me faster. I soon cum again, gushing against his hand. He pulls his fingers out, rolls us over so I am prone on the bed, his weight pinning me, and he starts pounding me hard again. He feeds me his fingers, covered in my juices which I eagerly suckle.

Since my legs are pressed together by his thighs, his balls aren’t slapping my pussy and it takes a while until I cum again. When I do, it’s really intense, it is a pure anal orgasm, and I feel it so deep inside me, I convulse so hard, but I can’t escape, I’m pinned, and Chris is just fucking me so fucking good, and the ecstasy just keeps flowing, it’s like I’m in one continuous orgasm. After what feels like an eternity and no time at all, he pushes deep and fills my ass with a second load.

We both breathe deep, ragged breaths as we come down from our orgasms. We roll over so we are spooning again, but before Chris pulls out, I stop him. I reach into the drawer on my nightstand and pull out my butt plug. It looks way too small compared so the huge cock softening in my ass, but maybe it can hold back the flood of cum until I reach the shower. Chris takes it from me and tosses it back in the drawer, then he somehow sits us up, stands, and carries me, cock still in ass, both of us giggling, to the bathroom. We are both amazed by the fuck session we just had.

Chris says, “I never met anyone I’ve clicked with like this, or that can handle my cock like you can. I’ve never came that hard or often before, I didn’t even know I could do that, and it all came so naturally.”

“Yeah, it’s like we connected mentally, and I came more times than I could count!”

I tell him about the lab accident, but I leave out the auras, a bit afraid he will freak. We guess that maybe I boost him when we fuck, just like the goo has boosted my sexual abilities.

We wash each other, and he is fascinated with my skin coloration, and since it is so sensitive he turns me on again when he traces his fingers over it. I bend over and he fingers me to one last orgasm.

Chris has a test next morning to study for, so after trading info and agreeing on a date tomorrow night, he kisses me goodbye, giving my ass a last squeeze and a spank.

I realise I’m starving, the hospital food was horrible, so the only thing in my stomach is Chris’s first load. I put on some clothes and knock on my bestie Emma’s dorm room door. I ask her to join me, and we head to a nearby pizza place. She’s chocked by my new look, and asks a bunch of questions. I explain what happened, and she asks,

“Did you get any super powers? That it is basically THE origin story.” She is a bit of a comic nerd.

I think ‘fuck it’ and tell her about the auras. At first she thinks I’m bullshitting her, but then I tell her her aura is purple and red, and I take her hand, and I tell her what I see: She wants to be dominated by a man much older than her, to be spanked, disciplined and be treated like a little girl. Emma blushes furiously, but says OK, so you’re a sexual super hero now.

We take a walk down Main after I’m finally full, and she asks about different peoples auras, and since the streets are crowded I can surreptitiously touch them. We giggle as we find out all kinds of strange fetishes and kinks. Man, people are into some weird shit. When I see couples most of the time the auras form tendrils of light towards the other, like the ones I saw from Chris.

Suddenly I see a man with a jet black aura with tendrils reaching forward towards a schoolgirl, still in her uniform. She can’t be more than 10 years old. I get a really bad feeling and when I manage to touch him the vision almost makes me hurl. I tell Emma in a whisper and we decide to follow him, since we can’t really call the police and tell them he has an evil aura. Soon the girl turns off Main Street into a narrow alley and the man follows.

I see him take out a knife, and tell Emma to call the police. I pull my taser from my purse; I come from a bad neighbourhood, so I always make sure I have some protection. The man grabs the girl and pushes her against a wall, and is tearing open her shirt before I’m close enough to fire. He is wearing a leather jacket so I can’t fire on his back, I have to go for the neck. I’m just a few feet away when he hears me and lunges for me as I fire, and he falls to the ground with a strangled grunt as I scream. I pull myself together and kick the knife away from his hand. The girl is sobbing, and I hug her to me as I keep track of the fucker on the ground. When he starts moving I push the trigger again, making him seize.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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