Teenage Witch Gets Poked in Rear

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The Teenage Asian Witch Meets the Fat Fairy and Gets Poked in the Rear

Emi & Bet hadn’t done anything for Halloween in several years. However, this year they had to work at the mall, hand out treats to little monsters, and close-up shop. When the night was done they even had a bag full of candy to take home with them.

As Emi pulled in to drop Bet off, they noticed that there were a dozen cars and there seemed to be party across the street and several houses down.

“Hey, Chad is having a party! How come he didn’t invite us?” inquired a miffed Emi.

“That fucker,” Bet muttered.

“Let’s go over there and take that boy out,” Emi suggested.

“You just want to get into his pants!”

“No! I have a boyfriend,” Emi reminded her friend.

“You want to get into his pants.”

Bet checked her cell phone to see if her boyfriend had called. No, oh well it was a weeknight anyway. The two hopped out of the car in front of Bet’s house and skipped across the street towards Chad’s house. There was a lot of chatter and loud music. This had all the makings of a good party.

“Let’s preen,” Emi suggested.


Bet fluffed out her long black Asian hair before putting her witch’s hat on. She pulled down a thick tendril of hair in front of her left eye. She smoothed down her witch’s skirt. This witch was no hag, and all she had left to do was to make sure her dark lipstick was still witch-perfect – it was. Done!

Emi naturally looked like a pixie or an elf – short, perky, and fair-skinned – but on this night she doubled well as a cat. Despite only have a knuckles length of short sporty brown hair, Emi spent a full 2 minutes fingering the tips to perfection before adjusting her cat ears. Bet had no doubts as to why Emi was acting more like a girl than she had ever before. Done!

Emi rang the doorbell.

“Oh wait, I forget my tail; I have to get my tail!” Emi declared as she prepared to dart down the street to fetch her tail from the car.

“You coward! You’re sticking me at the door!” But Emi was already crossing the street.

“Get my broom!” Bet added.

The door opened. It was Chad’s mom, Mrs. Stevens.

“Trick or Treat,” Bet said instinctively.


They both waited.

“Well?” Mrs. Stevens said.

“Well, I’m waiting for my treat.”

“You offered a trick or treat.”

“Uh, no, I asked you for a trick or a treat.”

“You’re the one with the bag of candy. If I switched my answer to trick, what I am supposed to do.”

“I think I’m supposed to trick you then. Anyway, is Chad here?”

“No, he is out of town, visiting his brother in college this week. Hmm, we already have a witch, ME, but come in if you want your treat.”

Mrs. Stevens was indeed a witch. She looked good for being a mom and all. Nice long brown hair. A few wrinkles, sure, but not bad. Mr. Stevens probably wasn’t complaining.

Bet figured Mrs. Stevens witch’s frock was either much lower cut than hers or that she had a much larger bosom than she had, probably both. Her skirt was also remarkably shorter than Bet’s and Bet thought that her above knee cut skirt had been pretty short to begin with. Mrs. Stevens grabbed the young witch by the hand and led he into the house. Bet saw a blur of demons, robots, and other oddities, as Mrs. Stevens pulled her into the kitchen.

The kitchen was crowded with all sorts of abominations drinking and cavorting. They yielded very little space as the two witches tried to make their way to the opposite end. A ghoulish hand stealthily reached under the young witches skirt and goosed her from behind. Bet had never been goosed and leapt a full two inches as she patted down her skirt with her free hand, but she could not identify which monster had gone for her goodies.

Mrs. Stevens grabbed a beer and a wine cooler from the counter.

“I’ve had two of these and one of these. Pretty good,” Mrs. Stevens said as she slipped the beer bottle into Bet’s candy bag. Mrs. Stevens took a swig of the wine cooler and handed it to Bet. She stood waiting expectantly until Bet took a large sip then Mrs. Stevens took another swig before handing the bottle onto a passing skeleton.

“But the good stuff, is right here.” The older witch added as she led her companion to a large punch bowl sitting on the kitchen table. A number of empty liquor bottles next to the punch bowl suggested that this was a potent concoction.

“Pour this good little witch some of our favorite magic brew,” Mrs. Steven’s commanded to a mummy with a ladle.

In a most un-mummy like manner, the mummy asked, “She is 21, right?”

“In three years,” Mrs. Stevens laughed.

The mummy didn’t make a move. This was one tough mummy.

Mrs. Steven’s moved behind the witch. “Pretty please?”

She moved in close behind the younger witch and swiftly placed her hands on Bet’s neckline and with a skilled flick of the wrists had unleashed Bet’s beautiful young boobs to the mummy and a handful other monsters before Bet was able to cover up. She was flush, but the mummy began ladling into bahis firmaları a small cup.

“Thank you honies,” Mrs. Steven kissed both Bet and the mummy on the cheek.

The mummy half extended the potent cup to Bet, before he indicated with a circling bandaged hand gesture that she should turn around. Bet boldly snatched the cup and flipped the obnoxious mummy off with her other hand. Mrs. Stevens laughed slapped the mummy on the wrist. Then she too grabbed a cup.

This end of the kitchen opened into the living room and Mrs. Stevens showed Bet to an isolated chair.

The doorbell rang. Mrs. Steven’s handed Bet another cup of punch – strong stuff.

“Enjoy, and now you know what to do if you need another drink,” Mrs. Stevens said as she flitted off towards the door.

Bet worked aggressively on her drink, she wasn’t prepared to venture through the hoard of unghastlies again. Wow, this was some surreal party. The last sixty seconds had been a crazy blur and she wasn’t even drunk yet.

Bet scanned the living room, examining all of the pageantry among the bottles and cups that were everywhere. She saw a lion, a gypsy, a mermaid and astronaut making out on a couch, and a fat fairy dancing on a table.


Bet looked into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Stevens leading Emi through the throng. This time Bet caught sight of the bold hands and their demented owners as they snatched at the cat’s tail as she passed.

“‘Eek?’ Cowardly girls that are scared of mice scream ‘Eek!’ Not cats! Cats purr when they are stroked.” Mrs. Stevens reminded Emi once they had squeezed through.

Bet kept a keen eye as Mrs. Stevens and Emi as they approached the ancient keeper and his punch bowl. Bet would be quite miffed if Emi got a free pass on earning her drink.

But this mummy didn’t slouch on his job. Mrs. Steven’s had flipped up the cat’s little top before she had even realized what was happening. Apparently her little pert breasts didn’t merit full payment and the mummy held out for more. Mrs. Steven’s turned the cat about and with a flick of the finger lowered her sweats and underwear halfway down her ass. The cat quickly pulled up her sweatpants, as she was worried that Mrs. Steven’s would completely de-pants her if she continued to be so compliant.

The mummy would have held out for more, but Mrs. Steven’s made it clear that it was time to hand over the drink.

Mrs. Steven’s directed Emi over to Bet.

“Emi this Bet. Bet this is Emi,” Mrs. Stevens laughed, as she was well aware that the two were friends.

Mrs. Steven’s patted the cat on the head, before flittering off again.

The cat stood their trying to recollect events of the last 30 seconds.

“Where’s my broom?” Bet cut in.

“Oh. I forget.”

“You lost your tail,” bet pointed out.

Emi reached back and verified that her tail had been snatched.


“You better go get it.”

Emi looked back at the gathering in the kitchen. “I’ll get it later.”

“Where’s Chad?” Emi asked.

“He’s not here.”

“These are all friends of Mr. And Mrs. Stevens?” Emi asked as they surveyed the room.

“Maybe, we should call our boyfriends, maybe we can all go out and grab something to eat,” Emi suggested.

Mrs. Stevens burst back into the room and stood before the two. “Hmm. Let’s see.”

She looked at Emi, “Now I want you to meet… Hmm, how about the marines?”

She led Emi by the hand to a pair of large intimidating man-monsters who had just entered the room. They were dressed from head to foot in camouflage. They looked like six and half foot tall jacked-up bodybuilding football linemen. On of them had face paint on; the other did not. It was unclear whether this was their Halloween costume or whether they really skulked through the jungles killing people with their bare-hands on the weekdays. Cute cat-pixie Emi could not have been a greater contrast in company. She appeared both infatuated and intimidated.

After introductions were made, the marines cleared everyone off one of the couches and sat down, the unpainted one pulled a fairly compliant Emi onto his lap and they began to chat.

“And for you, you can keep my husband company.” Mrs. Stevens curled her finger and a previously unseen Mr. Steven’s approached in a preacher’s collar.

Although she had run unto Mrs. Stevens many times, she had only met Mr. Stevens a handful of times. He looked a bit like Chad. She thought that maybe he had been cute in his day, but that day had passed about 20 years ago.

“Be good… or not.” Mrs. Stevens said as she sped from the room.

“Oh, would you like a seat?” Bet said to Mr. Stevens as she climbed out of the chair.

“Sure.” Mr. Stevens took the seat.

“Come here. Sit down.” He said as he pulled the cute little witch onto his lap.

Bet had no idea what to say. “Wow, this is a pretty crazy party.”

“It’s still early. It will get better,” Mr. Stevens said as he winked at the witch in his lap.

Bet still had no idea how to carry on a conversation in this odd environment, kaçak iddaa so she scanned the room again and began to work hastily on her second drink. Emi was giggling as her jacked-up marine studs tried their best to entertain her and ply her with liquor. She increasingly had to bat their hands away as they worked their way past her knees up towards her thighs. The astronaut now had his hand under the mermaid’s clamshell bikini top. The fat fairy dancing on the table had lost her top and her large pendulous mammaries were swinging wildly. And some sort of grope fest was happening in the kitchen.

Bet’s cell phone rang. She answered.

“Hello? Hi boy!”

Mr. Stevens slid a hand up her thigh.

“What? I’m at a party.”

Mr. Stevens’ hand pressed into her flesh while he kept her in place with the other arm.

“Where? I’m at Chad’s.”

He slid his hand over her panties.

“No, don’t come over! I mean it’s about to wrap up; it will be over by the time you get here.

He was making small circles and sending a charge through her. Bet tried to keep her composure, but it was getting difficult.

“Listen I have to go! Talk to you later!”

The preacher’s fingers were probing even further.


The older witch came into the room. Bet gave Mr. Stevens a glare, but didn’t want to upset Mrs. Stevens.

“Let’s quit playing with the phone, shall we?” Mrs. Stevens said as she folded Bet’s cell phone and tucked it away between her ample breasts.

“I’m disappointed our little neighbor hasn’t shown you her breasts. They are quite cute. Mike the Mummy can attest to that. Show him your breasts honey.”

Bet closed her eyes and pulled down the pliable neckline of her outfit. 1… 2… 3… OK, that was enough.

Mr. Stevens needed a second look. He pulled tugged at her the top of her dress and unleashed her lovely breasts. Then he needed a feel and he tweaked her dark right nipple. It was pliant and responded quickly to the touch. OK, that was enough. Bet leaned back and put herself back together once more.

Emi was going to think she was such a slut. So she looked over to see if Emi was giving her the eye. Instead, she saw a marine licking on each one of Emi’s ears. Their hands were working their way up her closely pressed legs. Except that her legs were no longer pressing so closely together. That slut!

The marines stood up. The painted one hoisted Emi into his arms and they made their way past Bet and company towards the back of the house.

“Your friend is going to get fucked… HARD!” Mrs. Stevens whispered into Bet’s ear.

Bet gave her a skeptical glance.

Mrs. Stevens shrugged. “You might get fucked even harder,” she added.

“I need a drink!” Bet declared to divorce herself for moment from this heady situation.

The punch guardian was nowhere to be seen, so Bet poured herself a full cup and took a long drink. Now she was starting to get drunk. Looser nerves might serve her well, she thought. Some of the kitchen denizens began to amble towards her, looking like an army of deranged zombies. Bet bolted right back into the relative safety of Mr. Stevens’ lap.

“Let’s get away from those freaks,” Mrs. Steven’s suggested as she led them down the hall towards the living room. Both Bet and Mr. Stevens followed.

“We’re going to enjoy that ass,” Mrs. Stevens said to her husband.

Bet knew they weren’t talking about her. She wasn’t that drunk and she certainly wasn’t a slut.

They rounded the corner. Bet saw that the two marines had managed to lift Emi’s shirt above her breasts. One marine was still working her ear, but the other was nipping at her aroused nipples. Seeing Bet, Emi pulled down her shirt and sat up straight. The marines kept working her.

“I see the couch is occupied, we’ll grab some pillows and lounge on the carpet,” Mrs. Stevens said as she and the mister went to the closet to grab some pillows.

“You’re such a slut!” Bet whispered to Emi. The marines took no notice.

“What?” Emi replied.

“You have a boyfriend.”

“So do you.”

“But I’m not doing anything.”

“You aren’t? Well I’m not either.”

The two glared at each other for a moment.

Mrs. Stevens threw several large pillows onto the floor, before she tackled Bet onto a pillow. The older witch was getting feisty and wrestled with her younger counterpart.

“Help me preacher, this one is getting plucky,” Mrs. Stevens beckoned.

“That I cannot do, until I get my collar off,” the preacher said as he flung his collar to the far end of the room. Then he hopped into the heaving fray. The young witch had a pair of lips sucking on both of her earlobes. She could no longer keep track of where everyone’s hands were. If she was going to bail, she should definitely bail now. She felt energy rushing through every inch of her body. She closed her eyes. It was incredible. OK, she decided she would bail, but not yet… Maybe in five more minutes.

Bet opened her eyes. Her first sight was Emi with two gigantic veiny cocks in her hands. They were huge, too big kaçak bahis for a woman like Mrs. Stevens and certainly too big for a pixie girl like Emi.

She closed her eyes again. Both the Stevens were whispering into her ears. She couldn’t tell what they were saying, except she kept hearing words like “cock”, “fuck”, and “cunt.”

Mrs. Stevens had stopped molesting her for a second. Bet opened her eyes to see what was happening. She saw the older witch unzipping Mr. Stevens pants. The Mrs. reached into his pants and introduced a third humongous cock into the room.

Mr. Stevens placed his stiff cock into Bet’s smooth Asian palm.

“I have a boyfriend,” Bet declared.

“And I have a wife,” Mr. Stevens countered.

“Baby, tonight you’re our bitch,” Mrs. Stevens informed her as she kissed Bet on the forehead. “Now start stroking.”

Bet began to work this monster. It was a once in a lifetime chance to see an outstanding specimen like this close up. And to feel it, it was amazing. She worked tentatively at first, but then she figured if she worked it briskly she might be able to finish the job quickly. Perhaps that would be best.

It was so fleshy, so thick, so long, and so hard to work. She tugged and tugged, but it was just getting bigger. She figured she should be close to finishing it off, but the cock was getting hungrier and it wanted more. It was getting closer and closer to her mouth.

“Open wide,” Mrs. Stevens instructed.

The cock touched her lips and then it parted her lips. It tasted of sweat. It was bitter, yet manly. Mr. Stevens coddled the back of her head with his hand and began to fuck that mouth. Then he rolled her onto her back while mounting her face. And he concentrated on making his cock feel good as he fucked her pretty little face.

It was so veiny, she could feel them pulsing in her mouth. If he came now Bet feared that she would literally choke. Even if he didn’t come she was worried that she would choke on his tremendous bone. His hips were pounding her face. She was glad she had a slight nose, and she hoped she wouldn’t get a black eye as she was get a pelvic hit to the face with each thrust.

At last he pulled out. The Mrs. dived in and began licking the taste straight from Bet’s lips. He must be close. Bet reached a hand out to work his member, maybe she could get him off with a few more strokes. He batted her hand away. It was too early for that. No cheap comes tonight.

It was time for a breather and they all lounged about on the pillows and the Stevens took liberal gropes of their guest. Bet lurched up and saw the Fat Fairy creeping into the room. Except for an obscenely disproportionably small pair of wings, the Fat Fairy hadn’t a stitch of clothing on.

The fairy sidled up to the couch where a cat with crooked ears was getting her first taste of knob. It wasn’t exactly a blowjob, since she couldn’t possibly service one of these members in a proper manner with her tiny mouth. Emi had spirit, though. The awkward attempt provided the onlookers with great amusement.

Salivating, the fairy reached for one of the mammoth marine members and began to stroke. The marine totally ignored her and continued to point his attentions towards Emi as his friend was getting his plum bob sucked by one of the cutest girls in the house.

The marine decided on a use for the fairy. He stood up and placed the fairy in his place on the couch. He spread he knees apart with a swift swipe of the hand. As Emi sat up after failing to make much progress on his friend’s dick, the marine pointed Emi to her new target.

With a hand on the back of her neck he guided her to her target like a cruise missile. And with failed delicacy her face impacted with the Fat Fairy’s hairy pussy.

The Fat Fairy had never had such a beautiful creature and she never would again, so she would not let this opportunity slip. She locked her legs around the cat and pressed her pussy closer for all the cat lapping she could get. The marines high-fived and cheered.

Instead of the cat working the fairy, the fairy’s pussy was working the cat. She was bucking and turning and drawing the cat in and pushing her out and drawing her back in. The fairy was alternatively tweaking her nipples, groping her sloppy tits, fidgeting with her hairy pussy and fingering her ass.

The marines wasted no opportunity and used the moment to remove the cat’s sweatpants. They were one step closer to the tightest pussy they would ever get.

Mrs. Stevens was determined that the Fat Fairy shouldn’t get all the fun. The amusement of watching this ridiculous escapade had passed. She looked at Bet.

“You have two choices,” Mrs. Stevens offered. She pointed at the fairy fuck and then at her own pussy.

Mrs. Stevens didn’t even wait for an answer, because the choice was obvious.

Bet didn’t know a thing about pussy licking, but now Mrs. Stevens was lowering her pussy onto her lips as she lay on her back. She didn’t need to know a thing; Mrs. Stevens told her quite forcibly what she needed to be doing. And when she slowed down, Mrs. Steven’s would pinch Bet’s nose until she got back up to pace. Mrs. Stevens was programming her to lick pussy just like she liked it. Unbeknownst to Bet, Mrs. Stevens was in a race. She was going to beat the fairy to orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20