Tabooville – Episode 3

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Tabooville – Episode 3
At least once a day for the week Chrissy visited, Paul and Cindy found time to fuck her, lick her, and generally use her in any way she wanted. Chrissy had finally admitted that she had really wanted to fuck Paul but figured he was off limits. Cindy confided to her that she and Paul had an open and honest relationship with emphasis on honest. Each could play with others as long as they were honest with each other and that any interaction with others did not lead to a long term relationship that would threaten their marriage. Cindy said that from here on, if Chrissy wanted Paul to fuck her, all she had to do was say so and be honest with Cindy if there were any questions.

Chrissy quit flirting with Paul after that, but let him and Cindy both know when she was interested in playing with either of them. She asked if the same held true with their k**s and both of them agreed that it was entirely up to them. She just had to make sure she took responsibility for not getting pregnant. Chrissy agreed, smiled and said she would be visiting a lot more often if it was okay with them. Even Paul was receptive to the idea, which was a big change considering he had always considered Chrissy to be a pain in the ass.

After their conversation with Chrissy, she went about her plans for her last night to fuck at least one of the three sons. Paul went to the hotel to review the books and pay a few bills. His desk clerk asked if she could leave a little early and he agreed. It was pretty quiet and there were only a couple of families still on the schedule to check in and Paul said he would take care of them. She was an older woman and had worked for his uncle for years. She was as sweet as she was old and Paul had made up his mind he would take care of her as long as she wanted to hang around. He had given her a raise and she was always willing to work more hours than she was physically able, so Paul made sure she could leave as needed and always had a backup available as needed.

Shortly after she left, a car pulled up and a family of four, husband, wife, son and daughter, got out of the car and entered the lobby to check in.

“Hi, I’m Dan Winston. I have a reservation and we’re here to check in.”

“Welcome. I’m Paul Hershwinger, the new owner.”

Paul clicked a few times on the computer to check the man in and noticed the records indicated that Mr. Winston had spent at least one long weekend a year at the hotel for the last 25 years.

“Well! You are a dedicated guest. You make the trip here every year and occasionally twice a year! We appreciate guests like you.”

Dan looked a little concerned. “You said you are the new owner and you have the same name as the previous owner. I assume you are related?”

“Were,” corrected Paul. “He was my uncle. He died a few months ago and left the hotel to me.”

“I’m sorry. I hadn’t heard,” said Dan. “I knew your uncle for probably 30 years. We talked occasionally – probably 2-3 times a year every year, plus our annual visits. I am surprised no one notified me of his passing.”

“He requested a private service and didn’t want anyone to make a big deal over his death.”

Dan still looked a little concerned. “You know, I helped your uncle turn this hotel operation around. I was passing through on business and needed a room. Everything in the area was booked except this place. He had all kinds of room available and was about to throw in the towel. I made some suggestions and he, well he, he put them to use. Within six months, he had a waiting list and by all accounts he has a higher occupancy rate than any major chain.”

“Really?” said Paul, “what advice did you give him? We are still booked at about 85% and I haven’t had to advertise and can’t find where he spent anything on advertising either. I can’t even find a public website.”

“Your uncle didn’t tell you? I mean, you don’t know anything about the market he caters to? Paul – is it okay if I call you Paul? – you need two things. One is an attorney you trust if things go south on you and the other is the clientele your uncle catered to.”

Paul turned noticeably pale hearing the ominous words and tone of Dan’s voice.

Dan reassured him, “Paul, you study your guest register over the next day or two and see if you can tell me what you learn. Then ring my room and we will have a nice, long chat.”


Chrissy had decided to play it coy and while the men were still working at the hotel, she wrote them an invitation to join her in her room for a farewell beer that evening. She wrote that it was to be a secret because she did not want their parents giving her a bunch of crap about keeping them up late when they had to work the next day. If they were interested, they were to show up at 11 pm, quietly. She knew Lisa was spending the night with a friend, so she left her out of the party.

Dinner together as a family was uneventful, and was actually later than usual because the men were late finishing up the day’s work and wanted to stay on their predetermined schedule. Paul was distracted by Dan’s comments in the lobby earlier that day and told Cindy he was going back to the hotel to review the guest history and begin to forecast revenue she could expect while he was deployed.

At 11 pm, as the grandfather clock in the entry chimed, there was a knock on Chrissy’s door. She opened it up to find three tall, handsome young men standing there waiting to find out what the whole farewell party idea was all about. They had all showered and were wearing various types of loose fitting pajama type pants and tank top style white t-shirts. They entered single file and Chrissy put a finger to her lips to indicate the need for quiet and shut the door behind her after they entered.

Matt chimed in first, “What’s all the quiet and secrecy stuff about Aunt Chrissy? Our parents never worry about noise or how late we stay up normally. I mean, after all, we’re all grown men.”

“No shit! I’ll say you are all grown men! It’s just that I have hardly seen my nephews all week because you are all working so many hours at the hotel. I just thought I would take some time with just the three of you and say goodbye the way I have wanted to say goodbye for a long time.”

She walked to the bureau and retrieved an ice bucket with several bottles of beer on ice and offered the boys a cold one if they wanted it. All took one and popped the top.

Luke still seemed puzzled by the unfinished description of the special way she wanted to say goodbye and said so.

“It’s like this, Luke. First, you all have to promise to make this our own little secret. Even if any one of you personally decides not to stay, you still have to keep it a secret. Second, if you decide to stay, you cannot be late for work tomorrow or your dad will have my head,” she explained. “Deal? If not, you have to leave now and I will give you a goodbye hug now.”

The curiosity was too much for all three of them and they all agreed to stay, to be on time for work the next day, and to keep all kaçak iddaa of it a secret.

“Good! Because the way I wanted to say goodbye was to check something off of my bucket list and be the center of attention in a good ol’ gang bang. There. I said it. I want the three of you young studs to fuck this sex starved aunt of yours until she can’t walk anymore tonight.”

With that, she stood up and pulled the granny style night gown over her head to reveal her nakedness and her seriousness to the three boys. From the time she said “fuck” to the time she stood there as naked as the day she was born, their jaws were in their laps and their eyes were about to pop out of their heads.

“What’s wrong, guys? Never seen a woman naked before? Never fucked before? Never done the group thing before?”

The collected themselves, swigged down their beer and in unison, they stood up without saying a word and undressed.

Mark was the first to find his voice, “Aunt Chrissy, I can speak for all three of us. Yes we have seen a woman naked before, we have fucked and we have even done the group thing together before. So I suggest you hold on to your tits, because I promise you that you are going to need us to carry you to bed when we are done tonight and possibly to your car tomorrow when you leave.”

All three of them surrounded her in an instant, large cocks – just like their father, she thought – standing at attention and ready to probe any opening she made available to them. One by one, their aunt stroked their long, thick meat and cooed at their sizes. She dropped to her knees and teased them with a few sucks on their cock heads each to make sure they stayed hard.

“I’m not going to make any of you wait, boys. All holes are open for business and I want you all at once. Let’s see if I can handle it.”

She had Luke lay on the bed to one side so she could straddle him and take his cock into her pussy. Then she instructed Mark to get behind her and take her up the ass. Matt was to get the first blowjob and was instructed to stand at the side of the bed.

She lubed up Luke and Mark and then lubed her asshole so she would have a chance and taking both of them at the same time. She climbed on top of Luke and slowly lowered herself onto his thick, swollen cock. She thought for a moment that it was a good thing their father had loosened her up some this week or it would not have worked, but she took him with more ease than she expected. Once she was settled into place, Mark climbed in behind her and she could feel his large rod begin to make the journey up her ass. Now she felt like she was going to split in half. Her ass was no virgin, but it had been ages since she had done a double penetration and she had forgotten how intense the sensation was of two cocks at once buried in front and back doors. She was dizzy with the pleasure and pain of it for a couple of minutes, but the two fuckers seemed to know what to do and soon had a alternating pistoning action going. While one was driving it home, the other was pulling back. All she had to do was hold herself steady, so there was no popping out and messing up the rhythm.

Now she was ready for Matt to fuck her throat. He stepped into place and guided his cock between her lips. She slobbered on it, licked the shaft, nuzzled his balls occasionally, and then went to work taking as much of it as she could down her throat from time to time, but mostly working over his mushroom head and the three or four inches just below it. She was able to concentrate on giving him head because the other two were pros at double fucking and she just had to enjoy the ride. She wondered who they had been double teaming to have developed such skills. Porn movies made it look easier than it really was, but she was impressed. Somewhere out there, there was one or more lucky girl with a gaping asshole and a dripping pussy from these two horse dick fuckers.

Luke was occasionally playing with her small tits and pinching her nipples. Mark would occasionally reach around and do the same thing and occasionally he would smack her on the ass or pry her ass cheeks open wider to apparently get a better view of his cock ramming in and out of her. Matt rested his hand on her head, not really trying to make her take more, but he just needed something to do with his hands. He would also rub her back now and then. Chrissy felt the first cum burst through her pussy, her ass, her tits and her brain and she thought she was going to faint. Then she recalled that cums on double penetrations were more intense than anything she had ever experienced before. She had to stop sucking Matt’s cock until the orgasm subsided and then she resumed. Within a few minutes another, even stronger orgasm struck again and she lost the ability to hold herself up on her arms, collapsing momentarily on Luke’s chest. She quickly recovered and Mark let her know he was about to cum.

She took Matt’s cock out of her mouth long enough to tell him to go ahead and fill her ass with cum. “Go ahead, sweetie, spunk up my ass, fill it with your hot cum. I want to feel your cock erupt and shoot that load deep in my ass!”

She resumed blowing Matt and Mark grunted and, without breaking his stride, shot several jets of cum up his aunt’s ass. Even as he was still fucking her, his cum was starting to seep out around his shaft and trickle down to his balls. Mark had his hands on her hips and continued thrusting until Luke announced that he was about to unload as well. He groaned louder than he had intended and sent spurt after spurt of hot cum as deep into his Aunt’s cunt as it could possibly go. Just as he was near the end of his cum shooting, Chrissy came a third time, not as hard as the previous two, but hard enough that she almost choked on Matt’s cock. Matt was done anyway, pulling out and choosing to shoot his cum all over her face and neck. When he was done, Chrissy looked like all three of them had shot their wads on her face.

They took a break, a badly needed one for Chrissy, and they chuckled at the cum all over her face, cum draining out of her pussy and the cum running down the backs of her legs that had seeped out of her asshole. One of the boys got her a towel to wipe up the mess and she collapsed on the bed, flat on her back with her legs and arms spread in utter exhaustion. The four of them would spend the next two hours taking turns now, screwing their aunt. She lost track of the orgasms she had but was pretty sure each of her nephews came at least twice and possibly three times before they headed to bed for the early start to their work day they had promised to keep.


It was Friday afternoon and Paul and Cindy sat across the table from Dan and his wife, Brenda. Dan and his wife looked uncomfortable and Dan was not happy that Paul insisted that Dan talk about the hotel history with the wives present. Paul had figured that if Dan’s cryptic comments were that serious, then Cindy should be aware of them as well since she would be running kaçak bahis the hotel while he was deployed.

“So, Paul, what did you learn about your clientele when you started studying it?” asked Dan, who was trying to get Paul to draw his own logical conclusions without having to spell it out for him.

“Well, I am not even sure what I am looking for, but I did find it unusual that nearly every guest over the last 10 years at least, are repeat visitors and their stays are roughly the same at 3-7 days at a time and roughly the same time of year from one year to the next. I also noticed that probably 95% of them are families and list “pleasure” as their reason for staying here. Rarely is there an entry related to “business” as the purpose. I also noticed that we have the ages of every guest as well as their names entered in the registry. I have never known a hotel to log that kind of information.” Paul paused to think for a moment and flipped through his notes. “I also noticed that for the most part, looking at the last names of the guests, it appears to be parents and older c***dren. I don’t think I saw an age under 18 listed as guests. Sometimes, there are more than one last name and the ages may be within 5-10 years of each other. I would have expected a higher percentage of business travelers and certainly where families are involved, there would be younger k**s – unless of course, the hotel did not collect data on minors.”

Dan leaned forward over the table a bit. “Think about this carefully for a minute, Paul. Why would people stay at this hotel for pleasure when this place is easily a hundred miles from the nearest tourist attraction and the town is twenty miles from the nearest business of any size to warrant business travelers to stay here unless there was nothing else available? And you are right. Your uncle never advertised. At least not in the traditional or even the modern sense. He developed a very loyal and very private following by design and he intended to keep it that way. And he made a small fortune doing it that way.”

Paul studied Dan closely for a couple of minutes and his diminishing patience got the best of him.

“Alright, Dan. Just spell it out for me. I am not an expert at hotel operations. I am learning this as I go. I don’t want to lose the clientele I have and from looking at our bookings over the summer months, I will be doing well to accommodate everyone and be ready for them when they arrive, so I don’t need to draw in new clientele – at least not yet. So what is this niche market my uncle managed to nail down so well that no one else has copied it and drove him out of business?”

“Your uncle was a shrewd and successful businessman before he bought the hotel. In fact, he bought the hotel just before we met and he originally bought it as a hobby and a distraction from his other business interests. But it was driving him nuts that he could not seem to bring in the business needed to keep it afloat. Now this is where I come in and before I go any further, you need to promise that you will never let what I tell you leave this room.”

“I promise, Dan, now what the hell is so damned secretive about what you have to tell me?”

Dan looked at his wife and then began to spill it. “From the time Brenda and I met, we discovered that we shared the same fetish – family sex stories. You know, taboo stuff. We subscribed to magazines and made it part of our foreplay more often than not. Once in a while, sex would come up among friends and we discovered that we were not alone. A lot of people fantasize about fucking a parent or one of their grown c***dren or an aunt, uncle – you get the picture. We made mental notes over time and considered forming a club of sorts to share our fantasies in writing. Sort of our own publication if you will. I stayed here on business one time – that is when I met your uncle – and we hit it off right away. We spent most of my first night talking most of the night. I missed my business meeting the next morning because we stayed up so late talking. He had pulled out a bottle of scotch and both of us got loose tongues and when the subject of sex popped up, he mentioned in a whisper even though we were both drunk and there was not another soul within earshot, that his main regrets in life were not fucking his mother or sister and that it was probably a good thing he didn’t marry and have k**s, because he probably would have fucked them too.

“I shared with him that my wife and I had fantasies about that and had found other like-minded couples and were actually swapping our fantasies in an electronic group correspondence. I suggested that he advertise by just putting his hotel information at the end of the stories and letting people know that his hotel was safe haven for anyone who actually wanted to live out their fantasies. We actually sat down two nights later and mapped out how it would work.

“People would make their reservations, sign a waiver absolving him of any responsibility, provide confidential information as he required, in return for his confidentiality as well, and to seal the deal for people staying here with those plans in mind, he decided to require that he be allowed to film them in the act on their first or second day as proof that everyone was a willing participant. In fact, he showed me where he kept his secret archive of video footage and later on, digital storage. If you haven’t found it yet, I can show you where it is – or was. You might be surprised. I have to say, your uncle was a perverted fuck. About a year into this, with the hotel full most of the time, he began to insist that when he was done recording one act for each family staying, his fee for recording and documentation was that he get some sexual attention from one of the family members. He didn’t care if it was male of female, young or old. Yeah, and he was a hung son of a bitch, too.

“Anyway, it got to be a status symbol among the followers of our club. He developed his own column called “The Family Tree Swing” – get it? – and the only way to be a member of that exclusive club was to prove to him via the recording and getting him off once, at least, that you were into the taboo stuff for real. Our family was too young at the time or we would have been charter members.

“I would bet you that everyone who checks in here does so for the sole purpose of a family getaway to fuck each other’s brains out for several days. Have you noticed that once they check in, they rarely leave except to go get a meal? That’s because this hotel is the “tourist attraction” and doing nothing but fucking for several days is their vacation. That is why we are here and why everyone else is here as well. If you are thinking about changing that, then you owe it to your guests to let them know. And you better also have one hell of a business plan to replace the current one or you will be broke in a year.”

Paul leaned back, somewhat stunned, a lot aroused and he thought about all he had heard. güvenilir bahis He looked over at Cindy who was soaking it all in, but he also noticed that, hidden by the table top, she had her hands between her legs.

“I don’t plan on changing a thing, Dan. Y’all enjoy your stay. Get me linked up with your correspondence group and I will make updates as time allows. But I do have one question: why did you say I needed to know a good lawyer?”

Because of the fucking pool,” Dan said with a laugh. “I can guarantee that someone will eventually get hurt or someone will drown and I promise you that you will routinely find cum floating in the water by the end of most evenings. Everyone knows what this place is about and they feel perfectly safe screwing wherever they want. When you open the pool for the season, you will find out exactly what I mean.”

Dan and Brenda got up to return to their “vacation” upstairs when Cindy stopped them. “When do you want to renew your membership into the club by having me come by and record your action? I won’t require his uncle’s sexual payment requirement – at least not this time – but we don’t want to lower the standards.”

Brenda and Dan both blushed at the thought of a woman recording them fucking with the family. “How about this evening around 7?”

“You have a date.” Cindy replied.

“Well, Paul, it sounds like you inherited your uncle’s penchant for family fucking AND the big dick gene. Now take me home, help me find the camcorder and fuck me before I explode!”

“We have to pick up Tramond at the airport tomorrow. Maybe we should film that session as well,” said Paul with a big shit-eating grin on his face.


Cindy knocked on the Winstons’ hotel room door promptly at 7. She was surprised when Brenda opened the door, not wearing a single stitch of clothing and invited her in as if she had invited her over for tea. Dan was lying on the bed with a boner prepared for the next round and his son and daughter were sitting on the couch, massaging each other’s love tools and kissing. Everyone was getting prepared for the annual renewal rite of being filmed.

“We don’t necessarily get all that pornographic with a bunch of weird contortionist poses or anything,” said Brenda, “so if you are looking for something worthy of posting online, you won’t get it here.” Brenda chuckled nervously.

Cindy noted to herself that neither of the men were anything other than normal in the cock size department. Both looked to be about 6-7 inches in length. Both women had roughly C-cup tits and decent asses. Dan and his son were both trim, but not ripped. All in all, they were attractive people and “normal” in every sense of the word except that they kept their swinging in the family.

Cindy let them know when she was ready to film. Dan asked if there was anything specific she wanted to see and film.

“I guess to properly document this as taboo, you need to get it going with your son or daughter and Brenda needs to do the same. I don’t want to intrude any more than necessary, so I will get the best camera angles I can without directing the scene. Sound good?”

“Sounds great,” said Brenda. “We had decided that Dan will fuck Carrie and I will blow Jason this time for the film. I don’t personally like to swallow cum, so he will either cum on my face or my tits. It’s up to Dan to decide whether to cum in her or on her. He usually unloads inside, but he may want to show off for the camera. He usually does.”

Cindy’s pussy was soaking wet and it was making her panties wet. She began to regret not requiring her own satisfaction as payment even though she had gotten two loads from Paul and three orgasms of her own this afternoon after their meeting.

Carrie moved to the bed and straddled her father. She took his cock with easy and placed her hands on his chest as she began riding his cock. He held her hefty, round tits in his hands and squeezed them as she bounced. Cindy began filming, getting an early close up of Dan’s cock sliding in and out of his daughter as she rode him. Cindy moved around to get a frontal shot of Carrie’s face as she was getting into the action, head tilted back, mouth open and tits held firmly in her father’s hands. She got a close up of his face as he relaxed and enjoyed her tight pussy clenching onto his rod, sliding up and down.

Cindy changed her attention to Brenda on her knees in front of Jason, who was still sitting on the couch. He had his hands on her shoulders as her head bobbed up and down, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She was making slurping sounds as her spit lubed his cock nicely and her lips were locked down tight on his cock. Her hands cupped his balls and tugged on them gently. Her tits sagged just a little, but still looked firm for a woman who must be in her mid-50’s. Cindy thought for a moment that the honest enjoyment Brenda was getting from sucking her son’s cock made her even more attractive and Cindy would have liked to have a chance to play with her if time permitted. But Cindy refocused on her recording duties and switched back and forth between the two couples.

Jason announced that he was about to cum, so Brenda backed off and Jason stood up and began to jack himself off the rest of the way. Cindy had time to get the close up she wanted. Jason launched his cum in several streams that started from Brenda’s forehead and down over one eye, down the side of her nose, over her lips and down her chin. There were four good spurts crisscrossing her face before the final bit of cum oozed out the end of his cock and dripped onto her tits. That was when Dan walked over, yanking his cock and began shooting his cum on Brenda’s face as well. She wasn’t as prepared for him, and his first squirt hit her directly in the mouth and the rest of it he shot all over her tits. When he was done, he shook the remaining cum from his cock and it landed wherever and he walked back over to his daughter and began eating her pussy.

“Dan, you dirty fuck! You know I like sucking cock and I like watching a man shoot his load. But you also know I don’t like cum in my mouth. You shot that first round in my mouth on purpose.” Brenda was annoyed, but not so much that it ruined their evening. She spit it out on her tits and gave him the finger as she went to wash off. The other three family members laughed and she did too when she came back into the room, towel clean.

“Dan likes to show off for the camera. Every year, it’s the same thing. He has to cum on someone when being filmed. He fancies himself as a porn star once a year when the camera rolls. Otherwise, he is perfectly content to dump his jizz inside his target.” Brenda shook her head while she shook her finger at her husband. Dan attempted a smile, which was difficult with a mouth full of pussy.

Brenda looked at Cindy and as she started for the door, Brenda put her hand on Cindy’s arm. “Maybe you and I could find a little time over lunch or something before we check out later in the week and get to know each other better.”

Cindy smiled, reached out and gave Brenda’s left tit and gentle squeeze. “I think I would like that very much. Let me know when it works for you.” As Cindy left, she mused to herself how much she liked this business model.

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