Sweet Memories

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I haven’t thought of my first anal experience in years, but today, the memory came to me. I would like to share the story with you.

We were quite close and very open about all things, and since Mike was much more experienced than I was he had taken it upon himself to make sure I had a well-rounded sexual education.. The conversation turned out something like this:

“You know honey, I have never met anyone like you,” Mike said, “you have never turned down any kind of sex. You were a virgin when we met and now in the three years I have known you, we have had more sex than any women do in their entire life.”

“Well, my mom always said don’t knock it till you try it.” I said,trying to guess where this was leading.

“Do me a favor? I want to tell you a story. Lie back on your bed with your eyes closed and enjoy.”

I murmured my agreement, knowing his stories were always sexual I started to strip. Juggling the phone on my shoulder I bent to pull off my shorts. Of course that made the phone cord pull tight, making me drop the phone. Picking it up I unbuttoned my shirt. Why hadn’t I gotten a longer phone cord? Trying to pull the shirt off was impossible, but I didn’t want to miss his opening. Finally I decided to leave my bra and underwear on and save more damage to the phone. I made sure my few toys were in reach. “Go ahead; I am comfy now.”

“This is what I want to do to you.” I felt myself react when his voice lowered into his storyteller timbre. “I would love to have you here right now to show you but I know your imagination will make it even better for you. First, I would take you into my arms and kiss you deeply, until you pulled away to catch your breath. While you are slowing your breathing I unbutton your shirt, sliding it down your arms as my lips follow the material. Next I will take off your jeans, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri toying with the waistband, then with one powerful tug I send them to puddle around your ankles. Then I would lay you down on that ugly flowered couch in my front room to finish pulling off your pants, after each leg comes free I will suck on your toes and lick across your instep. Kissing my way back up to your mouth I stop only briefly to run my tongue over your still dry panties. You know how much I love those white cotton panties? They always seem so virginal.”

At that I glanced down at the panties I was wearing which were, as he had guessed, white cotton. Though the panties weren’t quite as dry in real life as they were in his imagination. I knew this would be a good just because of the details he used.

“Leaving your panties I run my tongue up and use the gentlest of touches at the sensitive areas under your breasts. With my mouth so close I can’t resist staying here to worship each breast. I circle my tongue around I watch your nipples harden until I reach one I take it into my mouth biting slightly, making you tense up. After making sure each nipple was hard and tight as pencil erasers, I continue to lick and tease them but let my attention and my hands trail down your stomach to pull your panties down your legs. “

As Mike told me what he would do to me my hands followed the imagined trail down my body making it react the same way. I was ached to touch my pussy but so far he hadn’t touched it so I had to make do with my nipples. Pulling down my panties as he had said I could feel they were soaked.

“I let my finger run along your slit feeling the thick lubrication of your cream. Pushing your legs up I slide my body down yours until your thighs are propped on my shoulders. Getting you into a good position güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with your ass off the edge of the couch I do something I have never done before. I start to tongue your asshole. At first you jump away from me but I make sure to hold your thighs tightly and keep pressing my tongue against your asshole. You slowly relax trying to get used to the feeling. Then I feel you start to press against me and know you are starting to like it. Once I have your tight little ass well lubed I move my mouth up to your cunt.”

How did he know my deepest fantasy? My fingers tickled my asshole as I imagined his tongue teasing me. Suddenly I didn’t want to be alone. I wanted Mike and I wanted him as soon as possible.

“Mike? I’m coming over right now.” I interrupted.

“You can’t come over, you don’t have a car and mine is in the shop.” He said, laughing.

“Yeah, so?” It’s only a mile walk. The exercise will do me good. Maybe it will cool me off some. I’ll be over in about half an hour,” I hung up the phone then so he couldn’t object anymore.

I got dressed again as quickly as I could. I practically ran into the door because I was hurrying so much. I jogged the half mile to his house in less than fifteen minutes. I made it in half the time, but he was standing at the door waiting for me anyway. He wrapped me in his arms and held me till my breathing and pulse had settled as much as they were going to then took my hand to lead me into his house.

He started recreating the scenerio. Once he had me down on the couch and was licking my asshole I knew that was what I wanted. I didn’t even shy away like he thought I would but encouraged him more.

Mike moved up to my clit to start the little butterfly flicks that he loved to use on me. I felt him slide a finger into my güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy, then out. I felt his finger against my ass and before I could have second thoughts he started to slide it in. I was so horny and distracted by his tongue it didn’t even hurt like I thought it would. I kept trying to press down against his finger but his shoulders held me in place, letting him set the pace. After a few moments, Mike slid another finger into me as he started lapping my clit like a thirsty dog. In a flash he had me ready to cum but backed off sliding his fingers out of me and sat back.

After my initial shock, I looked at him and saw his little smile. As I smiled back he started to guide me around so I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body bent over the couch cushions. As I was shifted my weight a bit to find the most comfortable position I felt a cold wetness dribble down my ass crack. Jumping a bit I looked back to see him coating his dick. I watched him rubbing his dick and felt myself getting slightly jealous of the attention it was receiving but then I felt the head of his cock against my asshole and I forgot everything but that moment.

When Mike began pushing, my body automatically tightened. Even my mind panicked for a moment. He continued to keep pressure against me while stroking my hips and thighs. His other hand went around to rub my clit.

“Relax honey. You are in control, you only have to take as much as you want to.” He kept repeating it like a mantra.

Finally my body relaxed, I pressed back against him feeling the head of his dick pass my sphincter. I gasped and made my body relax more. We pressed together drawn like magnets until his hips pressed against my butt. He started pumping in and out of me taking my hand and placing it against my clit so that he could use both hands to control my hips. I humped back against him getting him to fuck me harder and harder. As I started to cum I could feel myself squeeze him tightly. He called out but my own cries were too loud in my ears. Suddenly I felt him start to shake and the knowledge that he was squirting in my ass made me cum even harder.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20