Strangers on a Train Ch. 04

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The day was finally finished, thank God. Going to meet her, he was certain he would be able to tell if she’d come, and it would be fun either way: either the Good Girl or the Bad Girl presented possibilities for the evening.

He’d directed her to Landungsbrücken, wondered if she’d find it. But there she was, dressed prettily, admiring the harbor over the wall of the lookout. He hung back, checking her out. He thought of another American movie he’d seen – couldn’t remember the name of it – in which the the curves of a lady were described as ‘a dangerous piece of road.’ In a clinging black dress, sky-high heels, and her dark hair up in a sort of messy pile, the wind picking up tendrils, she looked small next to the view.

She didn’t turn as he came up behind her. He thought to surprise her, but when he got close enough to put a hand on her hip, she stepped into it, turned it into an embrace, him behind her. “Were you successful?”?

“I was, actually; it went well. The Carmen went very well.” Her skin blushed pink all the way down to the cleft between her breasts, and his cock stiffened a bit, wondered if his imaginings were on point.

There didn’t seem to be much at all under her dress. Barelegged, fancy little insubstantial bra and when he ran his hand down her back to her bottom, the ridge of thong panties. Smelling very fresh, as if she’d had a shower. Cleaned herself up from an afternoon of naughtiness. Jesus Christ. Next time, he’d make her leave it, arrive with the evidence still clinging to her skin, wetting her thighs. “I’ve never seen Carmen. I’ve seen opera, of course. “

“Well, basically, she’s an amoral piece of work who gets the tenor so drunk on sex, that when she gets bored of him he stabs her to death.”

“Sounds like kismet.” He settled a hand on the small of her back, little finger flirting with the split in her bottom.

“You been looking words up?”

“Aren’t you still stinging from the last time you were a smartass?” He toyed with her necklace. “What happens now?”

“I sang much better than last time, I think she will sign me. Get me work.” Blushing again, “I think she…liked me.” Her tone raised his eyebrow. “Did she? Was she especially nice to you?”


“Clementine.” At her hesitation, he pinched a nipple hard. “I was good. I stopped short, I promise.” His hand slid down, reached between her legs from behind. His cock hardened further at the heat of her, the swollen pussy already soaking her pretty, fresh panties. “Tell me.” He pinched the other nipple harder. “Clementine. Tell me what she did to you.”

“She didn’t … I …I kissed her pussy.”

“Indeed. And?”

“And then her partners teased me. I wanted to die when they stopped. But I had already said I had a date, had been told to wait. So she said they mustn’t interfere with your plans. And she said they couldn’t make a mess of me, is how she put it. That they could have their fun, but…but then they had to stop, and I wasn’t allowed. And then she left. They did what she said. They said they had to. They wouldn’t let me come.”

He raised both eyebrows at the plural. “That was really very considerate of her. It seems that, with her assistance, you were acceptably good. Barely. Tell me, have you visited Germany before?”

“About six months ago. That time, she liked me ok, but…not as much as this time. She sent me home to re-work my repertoire. Today was to see how obedient I’d been.”

He ran a finger from the tip of her chin down her throat. “And were you? Obedient?” and watched gooseflesh rise on her cleavage. “I’m always obedient.”

“I tend to doubt that.”

“Helena is not a lady I would disobey.” He could see her nipples harden under the sheer lace of her bra, over her shoulder. “Now, that is quite interesting. Perhaps we should arrange an introduction.”

He picked up her hand, sucked lightly on an index finger. She hadn’t removed all the afternoon’s scent. He could feel his breath rising in his chest, his cock hard against her back. He kissed the back of her neck, saw her pulse flutter. He pulled her skirt up a little. His hand, like a thief, snuck into the back of her panties while the other ran down the front of her, breast to thigh, feeling her get wet as he touched her. He was right behind her, shielding her body from the eyes of any passerby. “Messy girl. You sure you are not an Exhibitionist?”

“You’re doing it, not me,” this in a whisper. She moved a little, squirming against the fingers stroking her, sighing as his other hand massaged her ass, the tip of his finger playing. “Clementine, you feel as though you have been used.”

“I said they had their fun.” His voice was a little dangerous now. “You took a man in your ass today?”

“No, he only used his finger…his fingers. Helena told him not to.”

“Hm. Well, it’s good you – that she, apparently – didn’t allow that. I didn’t tell you it was acceptable. But if you enjoy being nice in polite company, I have a colleague who would enjoy to meet you.”

“I’m not sure I’d like it if güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri it weren’t my idea.”

“If you were asked to be kind to him, you would be. And you would love it.”

“How do you know?”

“We have shared women. If you know what you’re doing, a sweet girl will become even sweeter.”


His palm was flat against her pussy now. “I like it very much when you ride my palm like that.”


“I like when you say please, too. Would you like to come?” Thinking of two cocks in her. “Oh, yes, Please.”

“Ask me if you may.” The palm under her skirt pressed between her legs, not shielding her as carefully as he had been. “Jonas, please, may I?”

“I think you will like to know that there is a man watching us.” Making a move to break away, “What? Where?”

“Hold still. Over there, by the arch. Lift your skirt so he can see what you are doing.” She did it. She laid her palms against her thighs and pulled her skirt up, made a show of it, feeling the man’s eyes on her, his briefcase forgotten at his feet. “Good girl.”

She rode Jonas’ hands like a slut, while he whispered in her ear, “You are a very sweet thing. Show us how sweet you can be, what a good girl you are.” He turned her face toward the man, “Look at him. Show him what you are. Mine. I might let others play with you – I no doubt will – but you are my toy.” She did as she was told, met the man’s eye. “You are obedient today. Did the people at your audition tease you very much?”

“Yes…oh, please…”

“Hm. Well, I suppose you were a fairly good girl today, and you’re being very nice now, but…no. You will wait.”

“Oh, my god, please.”

“You will beg much more desperately than that, Clementine, before our time together is over.” She lay her head back on Jonas’ shoulder and rubbed herself against that hypnotic hand. Jonas, in her ear: “Look at him. Look him in the face. Think what he would give to kneel at your feet and drink you in. What he would give to have you on your knees, his cock in your mouth. How badly he wants to use your body.”

Those words in her ear, the lust in the man’s face as he stood there as if rooted to the spot, freeing his cock from his professional man’s trousers, almost finished her. The only thing that held her back was Jonas’ will, and a very hard pinch to her nipple, as she watched the man jerking his cock, getting himself off.

Jonas laughed, “Schatzi, you are adorable. I believe we should have dinner now.”


At the restaurant, the hostess said…something. He asked, “Bar or table?”

“How about split the difference? Can we have the little table in the bar?”

The waitress was charming, “Would you like an English menu?”

“No, he will choose. He is…bossy.”

“Oh, yes?”

“Are you two already in league against me?”

He flirted, she noticed. And why not? She was…elfin, was the word for it. A strawberry blonde, skin dusted with freckles, sky blue eyes, and silky hair, cut off sharply at the jaw. She was Clemmie’s height, but hers were pert little upturned breasts on a smaller frame. Clemmie felt that flash of envy that she always felt seeing a willowy girl who is also delicately feminine.

His phone rang. He said, “I have to take this one.”

“Well, that didn’t take long,” but she touched his chin. “Go ahead,”

“I’m sorry, it’s work.”

“It’s cool. If Helena calls, I’m taking it.”

“Doubtless.” Kissing her cheek, “I will be a little while. Bring me my glass, when it arrives?” He stepped outside so he could hear. She sat alone for a moment, feeling her body slow down, waiting for her wine. She was still soaking wet from that crazy tease, but she was calming.

The waitress reappeared. “May I take this outside to him? Of course, unless you’d like to bring it to him?”

“I’m not sure which he’d like better.”

The waitress laughed, “If we’re pleasing him, we should bring it together.” Her stomach did its little flip. “Are we pleasing him?”

The waitress looked her in the eye. “If it is for me to decide, we’re pleasing you.” Then she laughed gaily, like she was kidding, and went off to do her work. Clemmie took Jonas’ wine outside. He was speaking a mile a minute, well past her ability to catch a single word. He took the glass, and looked at her in apology, but continuing to berate, from the sound of it, the people on the other end of the call.

She leaned into his non-phone ear. “Better hurry, the waitress might steal me from you.”

He had said his piece. Now he was half listening to the voices on the call hector each other – about total bullshit, by the way – while he watched them through the window.

The waitress had no other customers, and so had made her way back to Clemmie’s table. He wondered what they were chatting about so animatedly. As the minutes passed, their conversation slowed, and the girl picked up the pendant he had so recently examined. She admired, it, and set it gently back between Clemmie’s breasts. The güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri girls were standing very close, and even from this distance, he could see that their cheeks were flushed. He had to get off this fucking call. He drank his wine, considering how to handle the opportunity.


Back inside at the high-top table, Jonas watched her lips on the edge of the glass, her throat swallowing. He gestured at the waitress, “Take her outside.”


“Take her to the garden, get on your knees eat her pussy.”

“Just walk up her and ask?”

“Yes. Offer. She wants you, she’s made that clear. Take her somewhere private and be nice to her until she screams. You deprived me of the smell of your Helena – do not return without that girl all over your face.”

“She will be the second girl I’ve … been nice to, today. Are you making a slut of me?”

“First of all, Helena was your idea. Secondly, I didn’t make anything of you, Clementine. You want nothing more than to be a toy. You want me to play with you, and you want others to know you are being played with.” She couldn’t find a way to refuse, not least because it was true.

She finished her wine in one big swallow. He caught her arm as she went. “Do not come. Return to me with her pussy on your breath, and yours on hers, if you like, but you do not come.” She took a deep breath and walked away to seduce a girl, a girl whose name she didn’t even know.

With one eye on her and the other on the football game overhead, he imagined her with his beautiful friend, Hanna.

His imagined Clemmie seated, with Hanna kneeling before her, platinum hair pooling on the thighs of this black-haired witch. He imagined his golden Lorelei, tilting a honey-colored ass, so inviting, up at him. Saw her lick Clemmie her lightly, too lightly, teasing her. He saw Clemmie lose patience, stand to push Hanna to lie on her back, on the bed. His mind watched Clemmie kiss her way up Hanna’s body to straddle her, cradle her face between milky thighs. He pictured himself raising Hanna’s gorgeous ass up on a pillow and, none too gently, removing the butt plug she so often arrived wearing (no tan lines for Hanna, and how she loved a full bottom).

He heard Hanna gasp as he raised her ankles to his shoulders and entered her, slick and ready, in one motion. Running his thumb over her clit as he fucked her. Heard the moans of both girls. Saw his naughty Snow White raise herself an inch above the teasing tongue, her pussy peeking at him from between her legs, spreading herself open for Hanna’s tongue, straining upward.

His mind saw Clemmie supporting Hanna’s head as she lowered her clit to her lips. Hanna cupping Clemmie’s bottom, squeezing her cheeks, fingering her, teasing him with the view. Both girls squealing and sighing as they came, Hanna’s tight, tanned ass tightening around his cock. As he watched Clemmie approach the waitress, he imagined her creaming Hanna’s face.

Clemmie touched the waitress’ arm. “I… I wonder if you’d like to have a drink with me?” She turned, surprised, eyes wide. After a pause, “I would love to, but I will be working until we close for the evening. She tilted her head, coquettish. Tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry, I’m leaving town tomorrow. Do you…do you get a break?”

Another pause, longer this time, eyes on the tray in her hands, but then stealing a look at Clemmie, lingering on her breasts.

“Yes, I have an hour.”

Clemmie, brave now, “What time?”

“I…I could … I could take a break in ten minutes? Would you like to have a drink here?”

Clemmie could feel Jonas’ eyes on them. “The garden is very pretty. Although the park across the street looks nice also, And quiet.”

She literally could not believe she was doing this, but the waitress was looking at her like she wanted her, so she said it in a rush. “I think you are so beautiful, I’d love to kiss you. I’d love to go somewhere private …to be alone with you. Even for just an hour.” She made herself stop talking, slow down. “I’d love to please you.”

This time, Clemmie picked up the other girl’s necklace. “What’s your name?”


“The flower.” Risking a fingertip to trace Lili’s jawline. “With charming speckles on soft white petals.”

“And yours?”


Eyes dipping again to Clemmie’s neckline, “The little juicy orange.”

Hesitant. “Your lover wants to join us?”

“No.” It was Clemmie’s turn to pause. “He’d like me to come back to him smelling of a flower. On my lips, my tongue.”

A very long pause.

“Perhaps a glass of wine. There is a quiet room upstairs where… we can talk, we can close the door.” Both girls flushed and feeling shy, hands a bit shaky, Jonas watched them go upstairs, his cock so hard it was weeping in his pants.

Upstairs, a switch flipped, and Clemmie wasn’t shy. She took Lili’s glass out of her hand, leaned in to kiss her. But as Lili offered her lips, Clemmie kissed her neck, her throat. She felt Lili’s hands travel up her güvenilir bahis şirketleri ribcage, cupping her breasts. Then kissing her back, licking Clemmie’s upper lip, sucking lightly on the lower.

“This is insane…I like girls, but this is crazy.” Clemmie slipped a hand under her skirt, up the silky thigh. “I agree. But you smell so good.”

“You like my perfume?”

“Yes, that’s nice also. The idea of seducing a girl lighting her up, making her brave, she unbuttoned Lili’s blouse, slipped her bra strap off her shoulder, bared her breast, dipped her head to take a dark red nipple into her mouth, between her teeth. “If you let me, I want to taste you. All of you.” Lili’s hands were everywhere, but Clemmie was more ardent, her flingers making their way down Lily’s belly, to between her legs. Pushing a finger into her, Clemmie backed her up against the wall. She added a second finger and understood how delicious it was to be in control, to talk a girl out of her clothes, to convince her to open her legs.

Lili moaned into Clemmie’s neck and tugged at her panties. “Let’s take these off, Clementine.” Dropping her panties to the floor, Lili bent her knee. Foot on the wall behind her, she pulled Clemmie forward, so the knee was between Clemmie’s legs. Clemmie slipped out of control, pressing against Lili’s slender thigh, skin to skin, until she was a millimeter from the brink. Pulling herself back, she took her fingers from Lili’s pussy. Covering her breasts with her hands, she pinched the cherry nipples between her fingers, and kissed her sweetly. “Do you want me on my knees, Lili?”

“Yes.” This, dragged from her throat. And for the second time that day, Clemmie was on her knees, but this time so entranced that her hands weren’t even tempted to stray to herself. Lili’s pleasure was washing over her; she wanted both hands on her, wanted to drive her crazy. Lili pulled Clemmie close, rubbing herself against a flat, wet tongue.

Whispering into her thigh, “Lili, you have an hour. Don’t hurry; spend as much of it as you like, with me.”

Lili took her at her word and laid her head against the wall, resting her hands hands lightly on Clemmie’s head, stroking her hair. Clemmie could feel Lili’s fingernails brush her scalp, comb her hair. Her thighs relaxed, not straining for it any longer. Clemmie’s tongue slowed, softened. She traced the edges of Lili’s petals with the tip of her tongue, drew lazy patterns there.

“Sit in the table. It’ll be easier on my knees.” Taking the chair before her, Clemmie leaned in. She coaxed the Lili’s prettily freckled thighs open with kisses, brought her feet to rest on the chair beside her. Her hands pressed the flower closed. She ran the tip of her nose down the seam she’d made, and back up.

She took a long, slow time at it, bringing Lili up to a simmer. When her clit was fully swollen under Clemmie’s tongue, when her pussy began to tighten around her fingers, she pushed a third finger inside. “Lie back.” Lili’s sighs turned into gasps. Wanting to watch, she propped herself up on an elbow, and could just see the soft lips and tongue working under the bent head. Feeling her orgasm approach, she pressed her thighs close against Clemmie’s face and raised her hips. letting her head fall back.

“Are you ready?” Clemmie didn’t need to speak German to translate Lili’s answer.

She slid her free hand underneath, backed off a bit, lightened the pressure of her tongue, and waited. At the next tightening of the soft, swollen pussy, she spread Lili’s cheeks just far enough to lay her middle finger between them and waited again, her tongue almost still, her lips barely moving. Lili’s breath stopped in her chest. “Breathe, love.” Clemmie’s mouth moving on her clit as she spoke, sent her over. Feeling Lili’s body spasm, Clemmie pushed that middle finger into her ass.

Had Lili a voice, she would have given Clemmie the scream she’d been instructed to get. Her back arched. her palms were flat against the table, and her English was entirely gone. She held Clemmie’s face between her thighs until her orgasm receded, leaving her entirely soft, lying on the table staring up at the ceiling with glazed eyes.

Clemmie rested her forehead against Lil’s pussy, drew her fingers from her body as gently as she could, and listened to her slowing breath. Clemmie could feel her heartbeat between her legs, as the pulse between Lili’s, calmed.

In a quiet voice, to the ceiling: “You, now.”

“I may not. He was very firm.”

Recovering, she sat up, taking Clemmie’s chin in her hand, wiping her wet cheek with the other. “Oh, Clementine. He is so cruel, isn’t he? Do you like that?”

Considering the question for a moment, “Yes. Yes, very much. It’s intense.”

“Are you permitted to play?

“Yes, he said I have to come back to him with you on my lips, and me on yours, if we like, but I can’t come.”

“Well, then.” A mischievous smile. “We’ve not used all of my hour. We can spend a little while on you.”

Lili returned Clementine to Jonas, kissing him on the cheek and giving him a moment to take in the scent before asking if he was ready for another glass of wine. Jonas, for his part, kissed each of Clemmie’s palms in turn. “She looks as if she’s dreaming, and you look … well. You were a very good girl, apparently, and did just as you were told.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20