Story of a Naive Housewife

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Story of a Naive Housewife
Amit and Ruby recently married and living in an apartment in Mumbai. Amit works working in an MNC. Ruby is a simple housewife. They are happily married, have no k**s as yet. Ruby is a very beautiful girl, mostly liked wearing salwar suits and when she wore sarees she looked stunning. She always wore a dupatta and kept her body covered. All men lusted after her. they were jealous of Amit. Amit is an average looking guy, he is quite simple and enjoys his work.

Ruby is new in Mumbai. she spends her time shopping for groceries and cleaning the house, watching tv and cooking for her beloved husband. Today she wanted to cook something special for her husband. It was raining heavily outside, she needed a few items from the grocery store. She hated getting wet in rains. Normally they don’t deliver at her place as she always bargains a lot and she buys different products from different stores, whoever provides items at a cheaper price. But she thought she would request just this once with one store and see.

She picks up her phone and dials the grocery store.

Sethji (Grocery store owner): hello

Ruby: Hello. Namaste Bhai Saab. I am calling from XYZ apartment, flat no. ABC 123

Sethji: Yes

Ruby: Sethji I was wondering if you could please deliver some items to my place. It’s very urgent and its raining. I would be highly obliged.

Sethji: no. no. sorry, we deliver only to our regular customers. You please ask the other store to deliver. You often shop there.

Ruby: Sethji, please. Just this one time. I promise I will be your regular customer. (she knew she would get the same answer from the other store or any other store that she called). She had to convince Sethji somehow.

Sethji was silent.

Ruby: please Sethji. Just one time. It’s very important.

Sethji was remembering ruby. she was the best looking lady in the entire area. He remembered how all stare at her when she steps in his shop. Even his staff and some women too. He too was attracted to her. perhaps if he helped her this time, she would come to his shop often and he would get a chance to look at her.

Sethji: ok, ok. Tell me what do you need. I will send it.

Ruby: oh thank you so much Sethji. Thank you. I need

Sethji notes down her order and asks his boy Chotu to ready it and deliver.

Chotu: Ji Sethji. (even he remembered how beautiful this lady is and he couldn’t wait to carry her order to her flat and have a chance to look at her.

Ruby was waiting for the delivery boy when her doorbell rings Ding Dong

Ruby opens the door

Chotu: good evening mam. I am Chotu from Sethji’s place. I have brought your items.

Ruby: yes yes I had ordered. Thank you for bringing them. Please come in.

Chotu couldn’t take his eyes off her. she was so pretty. He slowly walks in and places the packet on the table.

Chotu: bill mam. He gives her a slip of paper.

Ruby takes it from him.

Ruby: one minute. I will bring cash.

She goes inside her room and a minute later comes out with cash.

Ruby: here. Sethjis payment and here is 10 rupee tip for you.

Chotu: thank you mam, but there’s no need to tip me, mam.

Ruby: its ok Chotu. Please keep it.

Chotu was feeling shy taking the tip from her but he smiles and takes it finally.

Chotu: thank you, mam.

Ruby smiles.

Chotu: mam, if you ever need anything delivered, you please call me at my mobile number xxxxxxxxxx. I will deliver. Sethji need not know. I will also discount your bill. Sethji won’t know.

Ruby was pleasantly surprised: yah? Is that possible?

Chotu: yes mam. Sethji does not check the bills I issue. Don’t worry. You just send your orders to me directly.

Ruby: oh Chotu that’s so wonderful. So nice of you. wow. I will save so much money. My husband will be happy and also I won’t have to go out to get them. Chotu, you are a lifesaver. Very clever.

Chotu: thank you bhabhi (he was now calling her bhabhi and not mam).

Ruby: here you keep more 10 rupees for your efforts.

Chotu: no mam. It’s not needed. I am not doing this for money. It’s just that you live alone and you are new in Mumbai and I thought I should help someone like you.

Ruby: that’s so sweet of you Chotu. But Chotu still you should get some benefits for your efforts.

Chotu: it’s ok mam. I have my ways of getting benefits for me. You don’t worry.

Ruby was puzzled by what he meant but she thought: what the heck. I am getting free delivery and discounts also. If Chotu doesn’t need any tips then why should I bother?

Ruby: ok Chotu. As you say (she keeps her 10 rupees back in her hand and folds it).

Chotu: bye mam.

Ruby: Bye.

When Chotu leaves she goes to the kitchen and starts to cook for her husband.

Chotu goes back to Sethji and gives him the money she paid.

2 days pass and ruby send her order directly to Chotu. He delivers it to her place at discounted prices. Ruby smiles when she sees the discount on her bill. This goes on for months and she develops a good rapo with Chotu. On a few occasions Chotu gave her a few items for free. Ruby would literally jump in joy on receiving free stuff. Chotu would cleverly oogle at her bouncing boobs and body when she jumped. She had begun to trust him and would often open the door for him without her dupatta. The first time when she did it Chotu was a little surprised as she was known to be very protective of her body from men’s eyes.

Even ruby noticed the expression on Chotu’s face and she also caught his eyes on her chest but she didn’t scold him.’

Ruby: what happened Chotu? Why are you looking at me like this?

Chotu: me? Who? What? No. Nothing.

Ruby giggles: hehe. I know I am looking a little different. I am casually dressed. Actually, I was sleeping when you rang my doorbell. I just got up and came and when I was about to open the door I realized my dupatta was in my room. I did think of wearing my dupatta and then opening the door but then I saw from the keyhole that it was you. and I thought its just Chotu. He comes here every day. I trust him. He trusts me. So I am sorry if I am making you uncomfortable.

Chotu was all glad and excited to hear this. He had made it into her good books. All those discounts and free stuff had done their job. She was comfortable with him. Not only was she without dupatta but she was also talking about it.

Chotu: no no bhabhi. I am not uncomfortable. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting to see you like this. You are always so perfectly dressed and covered. I am glad you trust me, mam. Besides as you said I come here daily and (he couldn’t complete his sentence. His eyes would invariably go down and rest on her dupatta less chest).

Ruby: yeah right. Wheres my bill?

Chotu: bhabhi these are all free today. He folds the bill inside his pocket and pulls out his hand.

Ruby: free? All of it? Her eyes widen. Are you sure?

Chotu: yes bhabhi. Sethji is sick today. He would never know.

Ruby: wow. Thank you Chotu. Thank you so much. You are so nice. You think so much about me.

Chotu: you are welcome bhabhi.

Ruby: wait. I will make sherbet for you today. She had saved 1500 rupees today. She could at least make sherbet for him, she thought.

Chotu: no thanks bhabhi. Please don’t trouble yourself.

Ruby: no-no. I insist. It is so hot outside today. You please wait. I will just come in 1 minute.

She goes inside the kitchen. She doesn’t bother to pick up her dupatta. She makes sherbet in cold water and comes out. Chotu was seated on the floor.

Ruby: oh. Why are you on the floor. Sit on the chair Chotu

Chotu: I am fine here bhabhi. Please don’t worry.

Ruby: no, but

Chotu: bhabhi I am getting late. Sethji is absent today. I have to do his work also.

Ruby decides not to waste time in argument with him anymore. She walks near him and she bends to give him sherbet.

Chotu got what he wanted. For the first time, he got to look inside her clothes. He saw her cleavage. It looked so beautiful. His eyes were glued inside her kurti. He slowly takes the glass from her all the while ogling at her boobs.

Ruby gives the glass to him and she notices his eyes and as she stands up she realized she had forgotten to put her hand on her chest. She was suddenly feeling shy and embarrassed. As Chotu gulped sherbet her face turned red. He must have surely seen what she had been hiding from the men for all this time. What must he be thinking? How much did he see? Did he see her? no no. shes wearing a bra. And she hadn’t bent much. He probably saw just a bit of her cleavage and upper boobs. Oh god. How will she face him now? how could she be so careless? But then he’s just Chotu. Her Chotu. Her delivery boy. This innocent boy. She could trust him. But what if he told this to others. What would they think of her? she had to talk to him about it.

As she was lost in her thoughts Chotu had finished his sherbet and he gets up and puts the glass on the table.

Chotu: thank you for the sherbet bhabhi. It was so nice of you.

Ruby: hmm?

Chotu: I said thank you for the sherbet bhabhi.

Ruby: sherbet? Oh yes. It’s ok. She couldn’t look him in the eye.

Chotu: bye bhabhi

Ruby: Bye.

Chotu turns and was about to open the door when Ruby calls him.

Ruby: Chotu.

Chotu: yes bhabhi. He turns around and speaks.

Ruby: Chotu err..woh I was.. umm..

Chotu: what is it bhabhi?

Ruby was silent and didn’t know what to say.

Chotu: any problem bhabhi?

Ruby was still quiet. She avoided looking at him. She was feeling shy. Chotu had seen inside her kurti. He had seen her upper boobs and cleavage and god knows how deep he had seen.

Chotu walks near her. bhabhi, what is it?

Ruby: Chotu… I don’t know how to say this but…

Chotu: bhabhi relax. Why are you hesitating? Ask me anything. Say me anything.

Ruby gathers her courage. She clears her throat.

Ruby: Chotu its just that when I bent to give you sherbet.. did you. I mean, did I?… no I mean did you.. oh god.

Chotu: bhabhi what is it? Did I do you what? Please tell me clearly what’s in your mind.

Ruby: ok fine. Fine. When I bent, I was not wearing dupatta and I did not put my hand. She puts her hand on her chest and remains quiet.

Chotu: bhabhi. You are scaring me and also confusing me. Please say clearly bhabhi.

Ruby: Chotu I will not be able to say. You go now.

Chotu: go? No bhabhi, I won’t. not until you tell me what is troubling your mind.

Ruby: but…

Chotu: bhabhi. You trust me na? don’t you? if you won’t tell me bhabhi then I won’t come here again. Ever again. As this means you don’t trust me at all.

Ruby: no-no. I trust you. it’s not that. Ok, wait.

She again takes a deep breath.

Ruby: when I bent did I reveal my cleavage or boobs (she says softly).

Chotu decides to play his game.

Chotu: bhabhi what cleavage what boobs bhabhi I am not understanding anything.

Ruby: oh Chotu

Chotu: wait. I have an idea. Let’s recreate the scene to understand your situation better. He goes and grabs the sherbet glass and gives to her. he sits on the floor.

Chotu: I was sitting like this when you came. Now, what happened?

Ruby: yes. And then I had to bend to give you sherbet.

Chotu: no not like this. No words. You repeat your actions and then we will see what the problem is.

Ruby: repeat? Her eyes widen. But how can I? issh…

Chotu: bhabhi how else will I understand your problem. You are not speaking clearly.

Ruby: no. wait. I will speak clearly and openly. I just want to know that when I bent did I show you my cleavage or my upper boobs or my nip.. nipples? I am sorry if I did. Please don’t say this to anyone. I should have been more careful.

Chotu: oh my god bhabhi do you think I would look at your boobs even if they showed when you bent. Bhabhi my eyes were only at the lusty and tempting sherbet in your hand and not on your boobs bhabhi.

Ruby: ish…

Chotu: oh god bhabhi you have no trust in me it seems.

Ruby: no Chotu it’s not that. I trust you. I just thought maybe accidentally you saw me.

Chotu: bhabhi how can a man accidentally see a woman’s boobs.

Ruby was quiet.

Chotu: bhabhi you should learn to trust me a lot more. I am your Chotu. I come here daily. Bhabhi I will see you in various clothes and various poses. If you think so much then how will I come here? How will I bring you items from the shop? How will I give you discounts and free items?

Ruby: I know Chotu. I am sorry. I trust you. I am just feeling so shy. I thought you saw inside my kurti and I was feeling so shy. She covers her face with her hand.

Chotu seizes the opportunity and he put his hands on hers. Her hands felt so soft.

Chotu: bhabhi don’t cover your face. Don’t be shy. I saw nothing. And promise you if I ever see any part of your body is exposed I will let you know so that you can cover it.

He slowly removes her hand from her face. He continues to hold her hand after that.

Chotu: it’s my bad luck my eyes were on the sherbet. He looks at her and says naughtily.

Ruby: what??? She was shocked to hear that.

Chotu: today Chotu missed the golden chance of seeing the most beautiful sight of the world. I am cursed. I am doomed. My beautiful bhabhi I missed it today. He teases her.

Even though ruby would have found it offensive but with Chotu, she found it funny and she giggled. She was happy that her integrity was safe. Chotu had seen nothing and now she enjoyed how he regretted having missed a chance. Chotu was lying on the floor with his hand on his head acting as if he just missed the world cup by 1 run.

Ruby: hehe. Stop it Chotu.

Chotu: oh god. Why did you do this to me?

Ruby: haha.

Chotu: bhabhi do you know what has happened today? Men are willing to pay lacs of rupees for what I missed seeing today for free and that too from so close.

Ruby: haha, Shut up!

Chotu: bhabhi, let me tell you a secret. He looks around playfully to ensure no one was listening. Ruby giggles even more at this.

Chotu: bhabhi all the men of this society lust after you. they all talk naughty about you.

Ruby stops giggling and her eyes widen again.

Chotu: bhabhi I swear. Even my Sethji, sshh.., don’t tell anyone.

Ruby: seriously? All men of society? Sethji also? What are you saying Chotu? She was getting curious to know what men thought of her. she knew men must be attracted to her but hearing it from Chotu, she would know what exactly they spoke of her.

Chotu: bhabhi I am not lying. I once heard your neighbor Sharmaji talking to my Sethji about you. he said he would pay 5 lacs if you agreed to spend a night with him.

Ruby: 5 lacs? Hat. You say anything. Why would he pay 5 lacs for just one night? No no. it can’t be true. I am not an actress.

Chotu: Areyy bhabhi. I am not lying. Even my Sethji would give you free groceries whole life if you agreed to be his woman. Bhabhi, the world is very evil especially for a hot and beautiful woman like you.

Ruby: is it?

Chotu: yes bhabhi. In fact bhabhi if ever.. if ever you decide to wear something revealing.. something as common as a short skirt, the men would go crazy. They would not come out of their bathrooms for days if you know what I mean. You have hidden your body so well for so many days that men are now too curious about your body. That’s why when you wear saree on occasions men line up to see you and your body. They say they don’t want to miss seeing an inch of your body that is exposed. And here I am, I had a chance to see your cleavage. I had a chance to see inside your kurti and that too form so close and I missed the chance. He again puts his hand on his head and mourns.

Ruby felt shy: ish. Stop it Chotu. She found it funny too and she giggled. Hahaha…

Chotu was quiet for some time now.

Ruby was getting more curious. She wanted to know more about men’s views on her.

Ruby: Chotu

Chotu just shook his head in disappointment.

Ruby: chotuuuuu.. she calls his name sweetly.

Chotu: bhabhi let me be. Leave me in my state.

Ruby: hehe. Oh, come on Chotu. Now stop this drama yar.. Get up now. she raises her hands and she ties her hairs behind her.

Chotu: bhabhi this is not drama. Imagine something people are willing to pay lacs for and you could have gotten it for free and you miss it.

Ruby: Areyy baba. They won’t pay 5 lacs to just see my cleavage. That money is for.

Chotu looks at her raising his head: for what bhabhi?

Ruby: ish. Chotuuuuu.

Chotu: bhabhi say na.. what would they pay 5 lacs for?

Ruby: Chotu don’t trouble your bhabhi. Get up now.

Chotu: bhabhi do you know even actresses don’t get that much money.

Ruby was excited to hear this. She had more value than actresses.

Ruby: seriously? Not even actresses. Men are willing to pay me more than they would pay actresses for

Chotu: yes bhabhi. For sex with you. one full night of sex. He winks as he says that.

Ruby feels shy: ish. (Chotu’s blatant mention of men wanting to have sex with her makes her shy and her face goes red).

Chotu: bhabhi, there is no reason to feel shy. We are just talking. We are two mature people talking. Those men talk so shamelessly about you and your body and their desire to have sex with you. you know even some women talk about their husbands fantasizing about you and that is why some women in society hate you.

Ruby: okay? So now I know why some women avoid me and don’t talk to me in a friendly manner. I thought I was not up to their standards.

Chotu: no no bhabhi. They are just jealous of you and the fact that their husbands want to have sex with you and not them.

Ruby: hehe. Poor ladies.

Chotu: I am sure those men must be thinking about you even when they are fucking their wives.. hehe…

Ruby: Issh (She was a little uncomfortable with Chotu’s use of the word fuck but she said nothing).

Chotu was still on the floor and ruby was standing in front.

Chotu: you are bhabhi. You are. Look at you from a man’s angle. You have a ripe body. Well maintained figure. Voluptuous body and a beautiful face, a charming smile and I am sure your skin is very smooth and soft too. I wish I had not missed the chance of seeing your cleavage.

Ruby doesn’t seem to now mind Chotu talking so openly about her and her body. She was, in fact, enjoying his compliments. But she had to maintain her dignity.

Ruby: Chotu, you are like a friend. You should not talk about seeing my cleavage.

Chotu: yes bhabhi. But I am also a grown man, a teenager. And like others, I am too sometimes canlı kaçak iddaa curious about your sexy body.

Ruby: dhat.. and she giggles. You are such a dog

Chotu: bhabhi as I said I am just a teenager and I have my desires.

Ruby: hmm.

Chotu: bhabhi believes me. Men would do anything to see a glimpse of your body and if they ever get a chance to have sex with you, it would be like winning the highest trophy in the world.

Ruby: hmm.

Chotu: In fact bhabhi you should start wearing some western and short clothes just to see the effect you have on men.

Ruby: no-no. I cannot. I feel too shy. Sometimes I don’t let Amit also to see my body. I make him turn off the lights completely. She says shyly.

Chotu: what? Poor Amit bhaiya.. hehe. Bhabhi at least allows him to see you naked. he is your husband. poor chap. You must not deny him your nakedness.

Ruby: Yeah. You are right Chotu. Sometimes I am a bit hard on him.

Chotu: yeah..

There was silence between the two for a while.

Chotu then says: bhabhi god has made you women so beautiful, you should not hide your beauty so much from us men.

Ruby: hmm…

Chotu: especially you. your beauty has the power to control men, even overpower them. You should be a little freer now.

Ruby: hmm…

Chotu: but I truly wonder if you will be able to do it. I mean in so many weeks and months, today is the first time I am seeing you without a dupatta even and that also made you so conscious. You are so worried whether Chotu saw your cleavage or not. Shit man. You are so .. so behind the times so to say.

Ruby stood in silence and heard all this.

Chotu: bhabhi god has given you such a well endowed voluptuous hot and sexy body. You should not hide it so much. How will anyone appreciate beauty when the beauty is always hidden?

Ruby was still silent.

Chotu: anyway bhabhi, I think I spoke a little too much today. I am sorry If I hurt you. I probably crossed my limits a bit today. Am truly sorry. Please don’t be angry.

Ruby: no no Chotu. I am not angry. It’s just that all this is very new for me. No one ever explained all this to me as you did.

Chotu tries to get up but ruby stops him. She puts her hand on his shoulder and makes him sit on the floor.

Ruby: would you like another glass of sherbet? You must. You have spoken so much. You would be thirsty.

Before Chotu could say anything, she goes inside the kitchen and comes back with another glass of sherbet in hand. She walks slowly toward him. She was nervous and shy. She reaches near him. Chotu stretched his hand to grab the glass but ruby pulls the glass away.

Ruby: not like this. You remain seated.

Chotu was puzzled but sat down again and to his surprise and excitement and to his unbelievable joy he saw with wide open eyes as the lady of his dreams intentionally bent in front of him to hand over the glass of sherbet. She remained in that position until their eyes met and she smiled.

He knew it was the moment and what she wanted. He slowly lowered his eyes and focused on her exposed cleavage and upper boobs. He slowly grabbed the glass from her hand and watched uninterrupted as she slowly straightened up. Their eyes met again and she was smiling with a hint of shyness.

He gulped down the sherbet hurriedly and got up. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back as she played with her hairs. She was beginning to open up.

Chotu: thank you bhabhi for the sherbet and for

Ruby covers her face with her hands in shame.

Chotu: hehe bhabhi.. why are you covering your face now. you did not bother to cover your cleavage just a few seconds earlier.

Ruby: issh.. dhat.. I will beat you, naughty boy.. hehe…

Chotu: Bhabhiiiii.

Ruby: yes Chotu.

Chotu: thank you.

Ruby: welcome Chotu (she was feeling so thrilled inside having exposed some of her intimate parts to this teenager. She was slowly beginning to enjoy the fun of exhibitionism).

Chotu: bhabhi I was thinking what will happen if your neighbors and other society men ever got to see you like this.. bent and exposing cleavage. Hehe… I am sure their eyes will pop out and they will go crazy. They will be your slaves.

Ruby: hahaha.. that will never happen though. I won’t show anything to them. In fact, I don’t know why I did what I just did. Please, Chotu doesn’t think bad of me. I am a good woman. I am a housewife and I am married. Issh. What did I just do and she bites her finger gently?

Chotu: relax bhabhi. You did nothing wrong. My respect for you has increased and not lessened. Now I know you truly have a beautiful body and that you trust me soo much. Bhabhi, I won’t let your trust down. In fact bhabhi I want you to open up even more. At least for me if not for other men. Bhabhi, I promise you it will do a wonder of good for your self-esteem and confidence and you will realize the true power of your beauty. Bhabhi you are changing for the good.

Ruby: hmm.

Chotu: bhabhi don’t think so much. You are just fine.

Ruby: thank you Chotu. I appreciate what you are doing for me. You are a true friend.

Chotu: bhabhi you do as I say and learn the ways of modern women. I promise you, you won’t regret it. It will change your life.

Ruby: hmm.

Chotu: bhabhi start by removing your dupatta forever and you will see the difference.

Ruby: I will try Chotu. I don’t know if I will be able to do it (she says softly and bends her head).

Chotu goes near her. he puts his fingers under her chin and lifts her head. They both look at each other.

Ruby: Chotu?

Chotu: bhabhi. Trust me you can. I know you can. He gathers courage and puts both his hands gently on her cheeks. It was the first time he touched her cheeks. They were so soft and smooth.

Ruby didn’t seem to mind his hand on her cheeks. The hands of a delivery boy on the cheeks of an innocent housewife who is otherwise so protective of her body.

Chotu could feel a twitch in his pants when few seconds had passed and ruby had shown no sign of discomfort about his hands touching her cheeks.

Chotu clears his throat and speaks again.

Chotu: bhabhi next time when I come with your order, I want to see you just like today. Ok?

Ruby was silent. (she was wondering how could she allow him to touch her. he was just a delivery boy. She could feel his hands on her skin. How could she give him so much liberty? Earlier she showed him her cleavage shamelessly and now this. She could feel her heartbeat rise. She was excited).

Chotu: ok bhabhi?

She looks back at him in his eyes and she smiles and nods her head.

Ruby: Ok Chotu. As you say. Now you should go back to work. Sethji is also absent today.

Chotu slowly removes his hand from her cheeks and smiles and turns around and goes away.

Ruby was longing for his touch again.

3 days had passed and then she picks up the phone and place her order.

Sethji: Chotu please deliver this item at Rubyji’s place.

She heard Sethji say on the phone.

She disconnected the phone. She got up, looked at her in the mirror and slowly took off her dupatta. She keeps it on the bed and walks out of her room and waits for Chotu to come. She could feel her heartbeat rise.

A few minutes later her doorbell rings. Her heart beat increases even more. For a second she thinks of grabbing her dupatta but then decides otherwise. She goes and opens the door.

Chotu looks at her, at her chest region to be more specific and then looks at her face and smiles and walks in. Ruby closes the door behind her hurriedly, lest some neighbor catches her like that.

Chotu: hello bhabhi. Looking very nice. (he places the packets on the table and looks at her)

Ruby smiles shyly: thank you Chotu. Have you brought everything?

Chotu: yes bhabhi. Everything that you ordered. And bhabhi I got some special discount also for you today, approved by Sethji.

Ruby: Really? Special discount? Wow. Thank you. her face and eyes lighten up.

Chotu: yes bhabhi and he pulls out few small kinds of stuff from his pockets. And bhabhi these are free. He winks and keeps them on the table.

Ruby: aww. Than you so much. You wait, I will get sherbet for you.

Chotu: shall I sit on the floor? He asks and winks

Ruby: no-no. wy floor. Sit on the couch or chair.

Chotu: no bhabhi I am fine on the floor and he sits on the floor.

Ruby: Areyy.. hehe… I know why you are doing this. You are so naughty.

Chotu: bhabhi what to do. I have such strong manly urges and this is my way of satisfying them.

Ruby: Yeah. As if you don’t have girlfriends for your manly urges.

Chotu: no bhabhi. I don’t have any girlfriend. Just you.

Ruby: oh yeah!! She comes out of the kitchen with sherbet glass in hand.

Chotu looks at her and smiles.

Ruby: Chotu get up naa she politely tells him.

Chotu: no bhabhi. You serve me like the other day only.

Ruby: Chotuuuu. You know I cannot. If I bend my… my

Chotu: you’re what bhabhi? He asks with a naughty smile

Ruby: issh.. you are so naughty. she stomps her feet playfully.

Chotu: hehe. Bhabhi, I am feeling very thirsty.

Rinku looks at the naughty and lovable teenager in front of her. she takes a deep breath and slowly bends in front of him to give him sherbet and also an unobstructed and direct and clear view of her cleavage and half of her boobs. Chotu takes the glass from her, his eyes fixed at her chest and inside her kurti. Ruby takes her time too and shyly smiles looking at this boy staring at her body with lust in his eyes.

She slowly straightens up.

Chotu: thank you bhabhi (they both knew the thank you was for her exposed body and not sherbet).

He slowly drinks.

Chotu: bhabhi, payment?

Ruby: oh yes sure. Just a minute.

She goes inside her room and she brings the money and looks at Chotu still seated. She stops when she sees that for a moment and then she confidently walks near him, bends to give him the money which he gladly accepts.

Chotu gets up and looks at her and smiles: bhabhi, let me know if there is any other order. And call me directly and not Sethji.

Ruby: oh yes. I called Sethji today. Actually, I was thinking what if someday Sethji catches you giving me an extra discount and free stuff. You should not take so much risk for me.

Chotu: bhabhi don’t worry, I am getting rewards for my risk.

They both knew what he meant. She felt so slutty. She felt excited.

One fine day Ruby was returning from the market in an auto. She had gone to purchase some clothes for her. Chotu spotted her and as she got down from the auto, he offered to carry her shopping bags, which she promptly accepted.

As they walk towards the flat, Chotu laughs with her.

They both reach her flat and she opens the door and they both walk inside. The door is closed behind them. Chotu places the packets on the table. He confidently walks up to her. looks her in the eye. Grabs her dupatta. Pulls it away and throws it.

Ruby: ish… Chotu.. what are you

Before she could complete her sentence Chotu puts his finger on her lips. His fingers keep her quiet. His fingers on her luscious soft rosy sweet lips.

Chotu: You will never wear dupatta again.

They remain silent. His fingers still on her lips. She was tempted to take that finger inside her mouth and suck it, lick it, swallow it. But how could she? She was a married respectable shy woman. She was just beginning to learn about her magic.

She gently nods her head up and down in confirmation and Chotu slowly removes his finger from her lips.

Chotu: good.

She looks at him and smiles and looks at her fallen dupatta on the other side.

Chotu looks at her and then looks directly at her chest. At her boobs.

Ruby felt uncomfortable at first but then she said nothing. She stood in silence.

Chotu slowly walks near her and goes behind her. He stands behind her closely. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. Chotu slowly wraps his arms around her waist and hugs her gently from behind.

Ruby: Chotu.. she whispers softly.

Chotu: yes Ruby. (he calls her by her name now)

Ruby: Chotu.. you.. what are you doing? She asks but politely and shows very little signs of resistance.

Chotu: I am taking my benefits. He unwraps his arms from around her and when ruby thought he would let her go now, he grabs her kurti from the top, he pulls it away from her body and he peeps inside from the top.

Ruby: ish… Chotuuuu

Chotu continues to peep inside her kurti from behind her. he looks at her bra covered boobs.

Ruby breathes heavily.

She could feel him getting hard as his dick gently pokes her behind.

Chotu then leaves her kurti after some time and comes in front of her.

Chotu: Thank you for giving my tip.

Ruby: But

Chotu: oh come on deary. Don’t tell me now you are angry about it. I was just playing with you.

Ruby: I am not angry. It’s just that I never thought you would

Chotu: bhabhi.

Ruby: nothing yaa…

Chotu: if you don’t like it, I won’t do it again, I promise. I will stop coming also if you say so.

Ruby: no-no. don’t say that. I am not angry baba. I am a woman Chotu. I feel shy. It’s just that I was not prepared for it. You just peeped inside and saw

Chotu: bhabhi I only saw what I saw the last two times also. Nothing new for me.

Ruby: but still. I don’t know

Chotu: hmm. Should I stop coming here?

Ruby: Chotu you come and go whenever you want. I trust you. you are more of a friend now. it’s just that…

Chotu: no bhabhi I don’t think you trust me or consider me your friend. You are only saying all this so that you don’t lose a delivery boy who gives you discounts and free stuff. I am only your delivery boy, not your Chotu.

Ruby: don’t say like that Chotu. Believe me, I respect you a lot.

Chotu turns around to walk away.

Chotu: I don’t believe you anymore madam. He starts to open the door.

Ruby: ish. Wait. Chotu stop. Just once

Chotu stops turn around and look at her.

Ruby: I will prove I trust you. just give me a second.

Chotu looks at her In silence not knowing what she would do.

This was the moment of trust. This was the moment of liberty. This was the moment when a nave shy innocent housewife acknowledged the magic of her beauty and power of her body.

He watched with unbelievable wide eyes as ruby slowly unbuttoned her kurti, opening the buttons one by one. His heart was beating at a very fast rate, threatening to pop out of his mouth as the woman of his lustful dreams was unbuttoning in front of him.

Soon all her buttons were opened and she looked at him and smiled nervously. He smiled back. Nervously.

She then spread her kurti and looked him in the eye and she bent in front of him, letting him see what he desired to.

She looks at the hungry teenager starring at her boobs

Ruby: happy now? now you know I trust you and respect you.

Chotu couldn’t answer. His gaze and concentration were fixed.

Ruby: Chotuuuu?

Chotu: yes.. yes madam I mean bhabhi.. yes I believe you now.

Ruby smiles and straightens up. She doesn’t bother to close the buttons.

Ruby: thank you. now you go, Sethji must be looking for you. I don’t want you to get fired or else who will help me so much

Chotu: ji… Ji bhabhi. You are right. I should go now. his eyes lower and look at her boobs and he turns around and leaves.

Ruby was fully wet down under and her legs were shivering. She was soo excited. She had steamy sex with Amit that night.

Next day she ordered for some more items, she sent the message directly to Chotu. This time she had ordered full months ration and she asked Chotu to give her max discount.

As she waited for Chotu to come, she made sherbet for him and sat on the couch. The doorbell rang and she opened the door and let Chotu in.

Once inside Chotu placed the items on the table. As he was doing that ruby casually opened the buttons of her kurti for him. He noticed it and he adjusted the bulge forming in his pants.

Ruby: Chotu have you brought everything?

Chotu: yes bhabhi, everything.

She spread her kurti to make more of her bra covered boobs visible. Today she was quite bold.

Ruby: bill?

Chotu: here bhabhi.

She looks at the bill.

Ruby: what? What is this?

Chotu: especially for you dear.

Ruby: only 300 rupees.. these items are worth at least 2500/- Chotu.

Chotu: hehe. Special discount for you. most items are not billed only.. hehe

Ruby: haha, how nice of you. she spreads her arms inviting Chotu for a hug.

Immediately Chotu grabs the opportunity and he hugs her tightly.

Her boobs pressed against his chest.

Ruby: Areyy hehe. Haven’t you hugged a woman before? Be gentle Chotu.

Chotu: I cant bhabhi. I have been waiting for this since so long, to hug you and see you like this.

She let him hug her tightly. Chotu even lifted her off her feet for a while but she did not object. He had saved her so much money.

Ruby: Chotu, leave me now.. naughty boy.

Chotu: no bhabhi, let me hug you a little longer, please.

Ruby: hmm. Ok.

A few seconds later the hug is broken and she brings sherbet for him. This time she does not bend and serve as Chotu was standing. Instead, she just spreads her kurti even more and shows him her fully bra covered boobs.

Chotu looks at the sight and then he decides to make his next move.

Ruby: thanks Chotu. Here you keep 1000 as a tip.

Chotu: oh no bhabhi. I don’t want money.

Ruby: then?

Chotu: I want a kiss.

Ruby: kiss? Hehe

And she kisses his cheeks.

Ruby: happy?

Chotu: not this one bhabhi. Lip to lip. French kiss.

Ruby; French kiss? But Chotu I only give that to my husband, that also sometimes only.

Chotu: bhabhi, I want French kiss only. Now you think whether you want to give or deny?

Ruby thinks for a while. He had helped her earn 50 k today. It’s he who actually bargained for her behalf and he took her side when Sethji wanted her to remove her bra. He deserved what he wanted.

Ruby: ok. But just 1.

Chotu: sure. Just one kiss.

Ruby: ok. Do it. She says shyly.

Chotu lifts her face and he puts his one hand behind her, he feels her bare naked back and he pushes her behind a bit and he slowly bends forward towards her lips and he puts his lips on hers. He parts her lips and begins to smooch her. mmmm, mmmm,

They kiss and he inserts his tongue inside and they exchange saliva and he swallows her tongue in his mouth and he continues to smooch her even as he becomes breathless.

She too was enjoying this passionate kiss. She had never been kissed like this before. She did not resist pinbahis at all. she did not want the kiss to end, but she had to stop to breathe. She had to push him away.

Chotu: bhabhi.. you.. you broke the kiss

She was breathing heavily.

Ruby: Chotu I couldn’t breathe.

Chotu: bhabhi I want one more now.

Ruby: Uff

Chotu: bhabhi you said one kiss and you did not let me finish it. Not my fault

Ruby: oho baba you are so ziddi (stubborn).

Chotu: I want my kiss. I don’t know.

Ruby: ok. Come. Kiss me again. Happy?

And he again grabs her and begins to smooch her. this time the kiss was smoother, deeper and longer. His hands also freely wander on her back, shoulder, and arms.

This time Chotu had to break the kiss.

They both look at each other and smile. They warmly hug each other before Chotu leaves.

That night she took Amit to a fancy restaurant and had wild sex on returning home.

Next few days were normal as she had no deliveries. But she had to see Chotu. She missed him and his kiss and his warm embrace.

She picks up her phone and dials Chotu.

Chotu: hello, Bhabhi.

Ruby: hi Chotu. How are you?

Chotu: I am fine bhabhi. You say.

Ruby: all good here Chotu.

Chotu: Acha bhabhi can I come to see you if you are free.

Ruby: me? Do you want to see me?

Chotu: yes bhabhi. I haven’t seen you since our last kiss I mean the last meeting.

Ruby: issh.. yeah.. right. Ok, come.

Chotu: ok. I am coming.

As she waited for him to come, she remembered her last kiss with him. She wanted more.

Her doorbell rang. She opened the door and let Chotu in. she quickly closed the door behind.

Chotu: hello bhabhi and he hugs her tightly. She hugs him back too.

He kisses her cheeks.

Chotu: I missed you.

Ruby: I missed you too Chotu. Please sit. I will just make sherbet for you.

Chotu: ok bhabhi. But bhabhi don’t serve me like this. Take off your pajamas for me today bhabhi.

Ruby: Dhat!! She pushes him back. You have become so naughty.

She goes to the kitchen and Chotu sits on the couch this time.

When she comes out, she comes out minus her pajamas. She had removed them in the kitchen.

Chotu looks at her exposed legs. Ruby was looking down at the floor. She was feeling shy. She slowly walks up to him and gives him the glass. He takes it from her and thanks her. they both don’t mention the absence of pajamas.

Ruby: hows the sherbet Chotu?

Chotu: very nice bhabhi. Very nice indeed.

They both look at each other and smile.

He gulps down the sherbet and places the glass on the table.

Chotu stares at her exposed legs.

Ruby lets him ogle.

Chotu: bhabhi sit near me.

Ruby: No, Chotu. I mean, I am not wearing

Chotu: bhabhi thank you for this. Thank you so much. But please sit near me naa. I won’t touch you. promise.

Ruby thinks for a moment and then agrees and she sits beside him.

They sit in silence.

Chotu breaks the silence.

Chotu: bhabhi, about that day. About the kiss, it was wonderful.

Ruby; thank you Chotu.. issh.. don’t remind me about it Chotu.

Chotu: bhabhi can I kiss you again?

Ruby: kiss again? No Chotu. I am a married woman Chotu. we should not do all this.

Chotu: bhabhi ..I I just want to have sex with you bhabhi.

Ruby: Chotuuu control yourself. I know you are young and excited, but please think before you speak. I am not a raand. I am your bhabhi, your friend.

Chotu: but bhabhi I just cannot stop thinking about you.

Ruby: quiet Chotu or else I will ask you to leave. I have already given you too many liberties. Now don’t ask more.

Chotu sits quietly with his head down.

Ruby feels bad for him and without saying anything she unbuttons her kurti for Chotu.

Ruby: Chotuuu.. she calls him lovingly. Look at me.

Chotu raises his head and pleasantly looks at her unbuttoned kurti.

He smiles a bit.

Ruby: Cheer up, Chotu. I did not mean to scold you. but you have to understand, we have boundaries. I am a married woman. I cannot have sex with you. I can not have sex with anyone but my husband. soon you will get married and have a wife. You have sex with her. ok?

Chotu: but bhabhi I just want you. only you.

Ruby: uff…

Chotu: bhabhi please.. just once

Ruby: once? Chotu how can I? come on. Ok wait, I will do something for you to make you happy. She gets up and she pulls off her kurti. She was now standing in just her bra and panties in front of him.

This excites Chotu even more.

Chotu: Ohh bhabhi. You are so hottttttttttttt

Ruby: hehe. Thank you. I am only doing this for you

Chotu: bhabhi please let me touch you. pleaseeee.

Ruby: No, Chotu. Noooo…

Chotu: bhabhi I will do anything. Just let me fuck you once.

Ruby: anything? Anything?

Chotu: yes bhabhi anything. You just say.

Ruby: Chotu please understand I can not let you have sex with me. I can not let you touch my body. I can not let you touch my breasts.. as she says that she touches and gropes her boobs. I can not let you touch my ass.. she touches her ass as she says that and I definitely can not let you see me naked or even topless.

Chotu was stunned by what he was seeing or hearing. He just stood like a statue.

Ruby: Chotuuuuu

Chotu; yaaa yess. Bha bhabhi

Ruby: You are stammering. She walks past him and she shakes and sways her ass as she walks. She unhooks her bra and slides it off and lets it drop on the floor, exposing her naked back to him.

Chotu was too stunned to speak or move now. the lady of her dreams was now standing half-naked in front of him in just her panties. He was fully erect and excited. His heart beat really fast.

Ruby turns her face behind and looks at him.

Ruby: don’t just stand like that.

Chotu: ha? He couldn’t believe or understand anything at this point. He could just stare at her body. Her perfect body. She had no spot on her body at all. she was so fair and smooth. She looked perfect. And she was so slutty and seductive.

Ruby: get naked I said.

And hurriedly Chotu begins to strip and in a flash he was naked. She strips her panty and exposes her ass to him.

Chotu: Ohh bhabhi pre-cum was already spilling off his dick.

Ruby: Don’t spoil my floor Chotu.

Chotu: ha?

Ruby: You want to fuck me?

Chotu: yes yes yes.

She slowly turns around and exposes her full frontal nudity to him.

Chotu: aah.. aah mmmm aah.. he shakes vigorously now out of excitement.

Ruby: want to touch me? Kiss me? Lick me? Fondle me? Grope me? Hold me? Fuckkkkk me? She puts her finger inside her mouth and stands and stares at him.

Chotu: bhabhi let me…

He rushes to her but she stops him by signaling with her hand.

She begins to shake his dick and within seconds he cums. He couldn’t hold it. He was too excited.

Ruby: You wanted me to learn the magic of my sensuality and power of my body na. I think I just did. She kisses his cheeks and pushes him back.

Chotu didn’t know what to say.

Ruby: please clean my floor before you go.

She picks up her clothes.

Chotu: bhabhi let me fuck you once.

She winks signals him to come inside.

Chotu takes a moment to let all this sink in.

Chotu rushes inside. She was in bed waiting for him. Naked.

He lies on top of her. He gropes her naked tits.

They both hug naked and twist and turn, touching each other’s bodies. Rubbing their bodies. He touches and kisses every inch of her body. He sucks her tits. Plays with her nipples. They smooch and kiss. And lick.

He runs his hand all over her body. He gropes her. she holds his tool and rubs his body. They lick and kiss and suck and rub and feel each other like a****ls.

Once Chotu gets hard again, she spreads her legs.

Though she felt guilty, she knew she had the best sex of her life with Chotu. her husband Amit had failed to satisfy her and excite her the way Chotu had. The hungry teenager had enjoyed her body like Amit never had. He almost worshipped her body and made her feel so good.

That evening when Amit came home, she cooked him a special meal. They both made love, but she derived no pleasure.

Next day she felt restless. She had an irresistible and uncontrollable urge to see Chotu again. She messaged him a few items.

She wore a saree that day for Chotu.

When he came, she acted normal, avoiding eye contact with him.

Chotu: bhabhi, is there anything else you need?

Ruby: ish. no Chotu. that’s all. she says softly.

Chotu: won’t I get a hug today from sweet bhabhi?

She stood silently, her head down.

Ruby: Chotu, what happened the other day was not right.

Chotu: bhabhi, let’s sit and talk.

Ruby: No, Chotu. I am a married woman. I should not be doing this.

Chotu: bhabhi but

Ruby: Chotu, I felt so guilty for yesterday. One tear rolls down her eye.

Chotu: aww bhabhi. Please don’t feel that way. He walks to her, holds her hand and gently wipes the tear off her cheeks.

They stand in silence for a while as she puts her head on his chest.

Ruby: Chotu, why did we do it?

Chotu: bhabhi, please don’t think so much. We did nothing wrong. It was just pure sex and fun. We are not having an affair. It was just our physical needs. It’s nothing wrong. A man and a woman are meant for it. Please don’t blame yourself or me for what we did.

Ruby: Chotu, you don’t understand

Chotu puts his finger on her lips: ssh. Bhabhi, I understand everything. I am not so stupid. Now you understand. What we did was not wrong. We both wanted it. We both needed it. We both craved for it. Sex is part of human beings. We all need it and must have it. We did not force it upon ourselves. We did it with mutual consent and it’s not wrong.

Ruby nods her head gently.

Chotu: and I tell you bhabhi it was sooo good. you were so great in bed. Your body is so smooth and sexy. I enjoyed so much. I hope you enjoyed too with me. Did you? he asks softly.

Ruby: Chotuu.. she buries her head again on his chest.

Chotu: did you enjoy or not? Did I satisfy you? did I make you happy? Did I

Now she puts her finger on his mouth.

Ruby: ssh… Chotu please don’t remind me of yesterday.

Chotu: why not bhabhi? He opens his mouth and takes her finger inside his mouth and licks it.

Ruby: issh Chotuuuuu.

Chotu begins to lick her hand and arms and kiss them.

Chotu: bhabhi, I can not resist you. no man can. Ever

Ruby: mmm.. aah stoooop it Chotuuuuuu.

Chotu begins to kiss her neck, her weakness.

He gently pampers her neck and kisses it and licks it. He bites her ears. She breathes heavily.

Ruby: ohhh.. aahhhh…

Chotu: bhabhi, surrender yourself to me bhabhi. Give your body to me

He begins to kiss her lips.

She resists gently and he parts her lips and begins to smooch her. he lifts her off her feet as he hugs her tightly and continues to smooch her.

Ruby begins to respond. They both moan loudly.

The kiss becomes steamier and deeper.

He buries his head on her blouse and gropes her tits and plays with them.

Ruby: Chotu Chotu. aahhh.

He lifts her in his arms and carries her makes her lie on the bed.

He begins to lick her feet and ankle and leg and thigh, slowly raising her saree up. The pallu was already lying aside and with his hands, he unbuttons her blouse and pulls out her tits. He climbs on top of her and licks and sucks her tits.

She rubs her hand on his back.. her hands go down and begin to massage his dick.

Ruby: fuckkk me fuck mee Chotuuuuuuuuu fuckkkkk mee.. she suddenly screams and breathes heavily.

He wastes no time. He gets naked and pulls down her panty, spreads her legs and begins to fuck her. their eyes meet. She was highly turned on and at the same time, she had shyness in her eyes.

He fucks her vigorously.

They both lie down and cuddle.

Chotu’s phone rings. Sethji was calling him. He gets up, kisses her cheeks, looks at her and smile and leaves.

Ruby dresses up and looks at her in the mirror. Guilt is not what she felt. Remorse is not what she felt. She was horny and wanted more. She then looked at her and Amits pic and her heart stopped for a moment. Her body shook. She took a deep breath and walked out of the room and cooked a meal for Amit.

2 days passed and neither did she contact Chotu and nor did her contact her.

3rd day she got a call from Chotu.

Chotu: hello bhabhi. How are you?

Ruby: I am fine Chotu. you say, how are you?

Chotu: Bhabhi I need to meet you.

Ruby: no Chotu. I can not. We must not.

Chotu: bhabhi just once, I am downstairs. I am coming up. Just 5 minutes. Please don’t say no.

Ruby: Areyy, Chotu.. but…

He hung up and a few seconds later she hears the doorbell.

She opens the door and Chotu walks in.

She closes the door.

Chotu: bhabhi.. he hugs her from behind.

Ruby: Chotu leave me. What are you doing?

Chotu: bhabhi I am too horny today. He lifts her in his arms and carries her to her bedroom. He places her on the bed.

Ruby: Chotu? what? Chotu.. careful. I will fall.. aahhh…

Chotu lifts her saree and pulls down her panty and removes it and he removes his trousers.

Chotu: bhabhi I have very little time today. And before she could respond or stop him he inserts his dick inside her pussy and begins to fuck her.

Ruby: aah. Oh my god, you aaah mmmm…

He begins to thrust.

Chotu: aah mmmm…

He fucks her quickly. Dresses and leaves…

Chotu: sorry bhabhi can’t stay longer. I am I hurry today. Sethji is out of town. Lots of customers in the shop today.

Ruby: Areyy but.

Chotu leaves.

Ruby is thrilled by what just happened.

This was too hot for her. Chotu coming and quickly fucking her and not even bothering to ask her. no foreplay also. She felt like his sex toy. She smiled recollecting what just happened and got back to work.

It was evening time, she was sitting idle and thought of taking a bath as she had been fucked by Chotu and wanted to be fresh for her husband Amit.

She takes off her clothes and goes to take shower.

There was no water. She always faced this problem in this apartment. Her pipeline had been ruptured and despite several complaints to the society plumber, he did nothing to repair it. Even Amit did not bother. He was too busy to look after these trivial matters.

She decides to take help from Chotu. She dials his number, wrapped in a towel.

Chotu: hello di…

Ruby: Chotu I need a small favor.

Chotu: yes di. Tell me what can I do for you?

Ruby: please give me contact details of a plumber. I am having lots of problems. Water supply gets disturbed regularly.

Chotu: di I am sending you contact details of my friend Raju on WhatsApp. Please talk to him and ask him to come and see you.

Ruby: ok. thank you Chotu and Chotu can you please ask him to give me some discount on his service charges and also if he can manage discounts on the materials if any required.

Chou: sure di. Don’t worry. He is a close friend. I will tell him.

Ruby: thank you Chotu.

They disconnect the line.

She calls up Raju after some time.

Raju: hello.

Ruby: Hello Raju. This is Ruby. Chotu gave me your number.

Raju: yes bhabhi, he told me.

Ruby: when can you come?

Raju: bhabhi I have already come. I am waiting outside your flat. Please open the door. He rings her doorbell.

Ruby: wait, Raju. Not so fast. I did not know you will come immediately. I am only in a towel. Let me wear my clothes and then I will open the door for you.

Raju: bhabhi I am a very busy guy. Because Chotu called up I have come so fast. You please open the door. Let me come in and then you can change your clothes. Bhabhi, I have very less time. Chotu told me your work is urgent and he also said that you are his close friend. It is therefore that I came so quickly and now you are asking me to wait.

Ruby: Areyy.. how can I let you in just like that when I am wearing just a towel. You please wait 5 minutes.

Raju: bhabhi I am going then. I will come next week.

Ruby: Areyy.. the line goes dead

She thinks she can not wait another week especially as she was also expecting some guests next week. She had to get it repaired immediately. She again dials his number.

Raju: bhabhi I will come next week… you please

Ruby: no-no. you don’t go. I am opening the door. Please come. I need to get my problem solved on an urgent basis.

She opens the door slightly and sees Raju walking back to her flat and she hurriedly lets him in. she ensures none of her neighbors saw her like that allowing a young guy to come to her flat. She closes the door. Raju was standing behind her observing her body.

She adjusts and tightens her towel.

Raju: where is the bathroom?

Ruby: that way.

Raju walks straight to the bathroom.

Ruby: you please check the problem. I will change and come. She calls out from outside

Raju: bhabhi wait, just one minute. At least tell me the exact problem you are facing and then you may go and change or else I will be wasting my time looking for problems here and there.

Ruby: (uff.. this plumber has so much attitude) she thinks,

Ruby: ok I am coming. She enters the bathroom

Raju’s eyes were on the pipes and bathroom fittings. His eyes don’t wander on her body as she was expecting. This comforts her a little.

Ruby: the problem is with shower and washes basin. Sometimes the water flow gets interrupted, probably because there is some rupture in the pipes from outside.

Raju continues to scrutinize the pipes. He opens the bathroom window to check the pipes on the outside.

For a moment ruby was worried that one of her prying neighbors will see her standing in a towel as the windows open but she observes that there was no one on the opposite flats. She also felt relief that Raju was not trying to oogle at her. he seemed very professional and Shareef.

Raju: bhabhi, these pipes have to be changed from outside and also your shower needs to be cleaned. He closes the window and says. Even now he doesn’t look at her body. Just at the equipment. Her respect for him and his work grows.

She was now comfortable in a towel in front of Raju. She no longer felt the need to dress up.

Raju: bhabhi I will collect the materials today and come and do the work tomorrow.

Ruby: sure bhaiya. Come at 11 am tomorrow, should I give you any advance too?

Raju: thank you. no bhabhi no advance for me. In fact bhabhi I will also consider giving more discount. He smiles and says.

Ruby: oh really? Thank you Raju bhaiya.

Next morning at sharp 11 am Raju was there.

Raju: good morning bhabhi.

Ruby: good morning.

Raju: bhabhi shall I begin?

Ruby: sure.

He goes to her bathroom, open her window pinbahis güvenilir mi and climb out and start working on the external pipes.

Today ruby was dressed in a salwar suit. She need not expose today.

Raju does his work outside. He was a little disappointed that bhabhi was fully covered today.

He comes back inside.

Raju: bhabhi I have repaired the pipe from outside. Some repairs have to be done from the inside too. But bhabhi I am very hungry now. I will come back after lunch.

Ruby: bhaiya you have lunch here only. She thought she would feed him hurriedly and he would get back to work and complete it before Amit came back home.

Raju: no bhabhi I don’t wish to trouble you. I will eat outside somewhere and come.

Ruby: no-no. I insist. You have lunch at my place. Please be seated.

Raju sits on the floor and ruby serves him food.

Raju: wow bhabhi. You are a mind-blowing cook. I have never eaten such wonderful food. Your hands are magical.

Ruby: thank you.. hehe. Here take some more. She serves him more.

Raju: thank you bhabhi. You are a very nice person.

Ruby smiles.

After food, he goes back to work and within an hour he repairs everything.

Raju: bhabhi my work is done. You may come and check,

Ruby: oh wow. That’s so nice. She gets up and goes inside the bathroom.

Raju: bhabhi come. He turns on the shower knob and water gushes out with full force. It was as good as new now.

Ruby: oh my… You have done such a wonderful job, Raju. Now I will be able to enjoy my bath after so many days. The water force looks so good. she puts her hand under the shower and feels the pressure.

Raju: thank you bhabhi. But bhabhi there is one thing.

Ruby: what is it?

Raju: just to ensure that the fittings have been done properly and they won’t become loose, I will have to run the shower for some time to check its strength. We must not turn off the knob. So I was suggesting when the water is already running, why not you take a bath so that we do not waste water. Water is so precious and its such an important issue nowadays. You have faced this issue yourself and so I am sure you understand its importance.

Ruby: hmm, right. I am very impressed Raju by the way you think. We must not waste water.

Raju: yes bhabhi. So will you bath bhabhiji?

Ruby: yeah sure. No problem. I will take my bath as I did not bath today morning because of the shower problem. let me freshen up and also the new equipment will be tested. You wait outside.

Raju: but bhabhi there is one more issue.

Ruby: what is it, Raju?

Raju: bhabhi I will have to come in between after every 2-minute gap to check water force and also water temperature and various other fittings.

Ruby: ohhh

Raju: bhabhi I would have taken bath but bhabhi if someone hears about it what will they say a small plumber got naked and took bath in your bathroom when there was just you and him in the house. I can not put your reputation at stake bhabhi.

Ruby: that’s true.

Raju: yes, so I have a suggestion. You get fully naked and take bath. When it’s time for me to come inside, I will knock on the door. You wrap yourself with a towel and then I will come inside. That way I will do my work.

Ruby: hmm… I don’t know Raju bhaiya. With you coming inside every 2 minutes, how will I?

Raju: bhabhi what is the problem? It’s not that you won’t be wearing a towel when I come inside. I will give you time to wear a towel. Don’t worry. Besides I am a very professional guy. I take my work seriously and go to any ends to complete my work. Work is the god.

Ruby seemed impressed: ok bhaiya. It’s fine. Let’s do it. We are already wasting so much water while we are discussing.

Raju: great. He smiles and says. He continues to look at her.

Ruby: Areyy bhaiya…

Raju: yes bhabhi?

Ruby: go… if you don’t go how will I…

Raju: Ohh.. sorry… I was thinking about something and sorry.. I am going out. You please get naked and take bath.

Ruby: ok bhaiya. Please close the door when you go out.

Raju: sure. He walks out and closes the door of the bathroom.

Ruby gets out of her clothes one by one and begins to take shower.

She had just entered the shower when she hears a knock on the door.

Raju: bhabhi may I come in?

Ruby: wait… let me wear a towel. She steps out of the shower and quickly wraps a towel.

Ruby: come in now.

Raju enters inside and looks at her and smiles

Raju: all good bhabhi? Water is fine? Temperature is fine?

Ruby: Ji bhaiya. She was feeling a bit shy today in front of Raju in just a towel. She was wet too.

Raju looks around a bit and then decides to go out.

Raju: ok bhabhi. Everything is fine up to now. you may continue to the bath.

Ruby: ok bhaiya.

He goes out and closes the bathroom door.

Ruby removes the towel and goes under the shower. She hurriedly applies soap to her body and washes it in time as Raju knocks again.

She again wraps the towel around her and lets Raju in.

Raju: bhabhi everything looks good up to now.

He again walks out.

Ruby again removes the towel and goes under the shower and she hurriedly applies shampoo on her hairs. just before she could wash, she heard the knock. This time Raju had knocked within a minute.

Raju: bhabhi I have to come inside once. Bhabhi some water is leaking from outside. Your security guard just came and told me. Please wear a towel immediately and let me in.

Ruby: Areyy, but bhaiya I have shampoo on my hairs, let me wash it first.

Raju: bhabhi there is no time. Your security guard is shouting. Please let me in. there is no time. He opens the door but does not step in.

Ruby: Areyy.. issh door. Oh, shit.. wait wait.. she hurriedly grabs the towel and wears it.

Raju: bhabhi may I come in?

Ruby: yes come in. he walks inside hurriedly. Does not even look at her. he turns off the shower knob and he opens the bathroom window without asking her and steps outside.

Ruby: Areyy window.. isssh.. she couldn’t go inside her room as she would spoil the room floor. There was shampoo on her hairs and shoulders and neck and she was dripping wet. She stood in a corner avoiding being seen by anyone on the opposite building flat.

Ruby: Raju bhaiya hurry na. I am only in a towel and window is open.

Raju: bhabhi just 1 minute. He says from outside.

As she stood in the corner, she prayed that none of her neighbors caught her like that.

To her relief, Raju came back inside and closed the window.

Raju: bhabhi thank god you agreed to my plan or else a major problem would have arisen. Thankfully it’s corrected now.

Ruby: oh thank you bhaiya. Had you not thought so much about me, I would have been in trouble.

Raju: Areyy, bhabhi you still have shampoo on your head.

Ruby: yeah I couldn’t wash as you were in so much hurry.

Raju: sorry bhabhi. The situation was such.

Ruby: its ok bhaiya.

Raju: bhabhi what shampoo do you use? He turns on the shower knob as he speaks with her.

Water starts to flow again.

Ruby: bhaiya XYZ brand.

Raju: bhabhi please wash it. You should not leave it on the head for so long.

Ruby: oh yes. She looks at him and waits for him to leave.

He understands her thinking,

Raju: bhabhi actually I will have to stay here for some time to ensure there is no leakage again. Bhabhi you step under the shower with your towel and wash your shampoo.

Ruby: but bhaiya issh.. how can I bath in front of you?

Raju: bhabhi situation is such, we can’t help it.

Ruby: but bhaiya what if my towel slips, as I have to raise my hands to wash my hair.

Raju: hmm.. then let’s do one thing, you hold the towel tightly and come under the shower and I will wash the shampoo off your head.

Ruby: oh no bhaiya. Your clothes will become wet.

Raju: oh don’t worry about my clothes. I will remove them. And before she could stop him, he pulls off his t-shirt and pushes down his trousers and stands only in underwear. He keeps his clothes aside.

Ruby: issh.. bhaiya.

Raju: come on bhabhi. Now let’s not delay. It’s not good for your hairs. He acts casual and free.

Ruby somehow agrees to his proposal. She holds her towel tightly and steps under the shower. Raju gets behind her and he puts his hands on her’s and begins to wash them properly.

Raju: bhabhi you have such wonderful silky hairs. you are as an actress.

Ruby: actress? Me? No no… hehehehe.

Raju: I swear bhabhi ji. You are better than them in fact. Such silky nice long hairs.

He sticks his body close to her on the pretext of washing her hairs. she could almost feel his bare chest on her back. Sometimes his fingers and hands brushed her naked shoulders too.

He takes his time in washing her hairs.

Ruby held on to her towel.

Raju: bhabhi ji it’s done. My underwear has become wet he shakes his head.

Ruby: oh so sorry bhaiya. I am giving you so much trouble.

Raju: it’s ok bhabhi. Work is the god as I said. Please give me some dry towel.

Ruby: bhaiya you may take it from there. It’s there on the shelf.

Raju: ok. He goes to the shelf and takes out a towel and wraps it around his waist and in front of her he pushes down his underwear and steps out of it.

Ruby couldn’t take her eyes off the bulge showing in the towel.

Raju: bhabhi you may continue your bath now. I will go out and wait. Let me just take my clothes.

Ruby: Ji bhaiya. She continues to the bath.

Raju: bhabhi water temperature is also fine to naa and I hope the pressure is not too much. He puts his hand under the shower and over her head to check pressure.

Ruby: bhaiya everything is fine. (wow this guy is so professional, she thinks).

He grabs his clothes and walks out of the bathroom.

Ruby removes her towel and since it was now wet she throws it away on the floor.

She resumes her bath and she wasn’t expecting Raju to knock again but he did knock.

Raju: bhabhi may I come in?

Ruby: Raju bhaiya what is it now?

Raju: bhabhi I have to check one last time.

Ruby: oh no. Raju bhaiya I threw my towel on the floor.

Raju: bhabhi why did you do that? You knew I would come.

Ruby: oh no bhaiya. I thought your work was done and since towel was wet I threw it away. Bhaiya please wait some time.

Raju: but bhabhi its important to check now.

Ruby: bhaiya I am fully naked right now. please understand.

Raju: bhabhi I will do one thing, I will cover my eyes with my hand and come in and you guide me where to go. Once I reach the spot, I will open my eyes, do my work and again close it and you guide me in walking out. That way I will do my work and I won’t see you naked.

Ruby: but

Raju: bhabhi it’s the best option. Don’t you trust me bhabhi?

Ruby: I do Raju bhaiya. I do trust you. but bhaiya I am fully naked.. just give me 1 minute, I will wear my clothes

Raju; bhabhi you know how precious time is to me. Time is money. If you delay me, I will have to charge you double.

Ruby: double? No no. you come in. I trust you. please keep our eyes closed.

Raju: ok bhabhi. I am coming

He opens her door and walks in. his eyes were genuinely closed.

Ruby looks at him and instantly her hands cover her boobs and pussy and she looks at him with fear and nervousness. She was fully naked head to toe under a shower with a man wrapped only in a towel.

Ruby: bhaiya you did not wear your clothes?

Raju: bhabhi I thought I will wear them after completing my work. Please show me the way to the pipes bhabhi.

Ruby: ok. Sure bhaiya. Walk straight in front n number of steps.

Raju: ok bhabhi.

Ruby: now turn left. As she was directing him she removes her hands from her body parts. She was confident his eyes were closed.

Raju: ok bhabhi. Now?

Ruby: now bhaiya take n number of steps.

Raju: ok. He begins to walk

Ruby: Areyy stop… but he bumps into her. his naked chest brushes against her naked chest.

Raju: oh sorry bhabhi. I hope I did not hurt you.

Ruby: ouch… no no it’s ok. Please keep your eyes closed only. I am fully naked. She looks into his eyes and notices they were tightly closed.

Raju: don’t worry bhabhi. My eyes are closed.

As they speak, to her horror, Raju’s towel comes undone and falls on the ground and his erect dick is left exposed to her.

Raju: oh shit.. bhabhi has my towel fallen?

Ruby: y.. yes Raju bhaiya.. your towel fell down… oh shit

Raju: oh no bhabhi please don’t look at my… I feel so shy. Forget it.. show me the way to the pipes.

Ruby: Raju bhaiya don’t worry. I will take you there myself.

She holds his hand to show him direction and as she does that, Raju puts his hand around her naked waist for support. Just for a second his hand slips and rests on her naked ass.

Ruby: ish…

Raju: sorry sorry bhabhi. My hand slipped.

Ruby: it’s ok bhaiya. She says softly.

Ruby leads him.

Ruby: here. You may open your eyes now. she steps back as Raju opens his eyes.

Once she was behind him, she could now see his naked ass.

Raju does his work quickly.

Raju: bhabhi I am done. I will now close my eyes. Please show me the way outside the bathroom. He then moves his hand backward to hold her hand and since Ruby was so close to him, his hands end up groping her naked tits. He acts like he did not know what he was doing and he begins to press her boobs.

Ruby: Areyy Raju bhaiya… that’s not my hand.

Raju: no? then what is it? He begins to press and explore more. He even touches her nipples and then says, “oh shit.. bhabhi am I touching your boobs? Are these your boobs? He asks as his hands still remain on her tits.”

Ruby: issh.. yes bhaiya..ouch.. issh.. bhaiyaaa please remove your hand.

Raju: oh shit. I have done such a blunder. Bhabhi please forgive me. It’s not intentional. I did it accidentally. As he talks his hand continues to grope her tit.

Ruby: it’s ok bhaiya. I know its accidental. It’s not your fault. Your eyes are closed. All this is happening because of this only.

Raju: yes bhabhi, all because my eyes are closed. Even I have become naked in front of you. and my hands are on your tits.

He still does not remove his hand.

Ruby: It’s all my fault. I asked you to keep your eyes closed.

Raju: bhabhi if you say I will open my eyes. You have seen me naked, it’s only fair that I see you naked and then at least I will avoid accidentally touching and playing with your private body parts.

As he speaks he continues to grope and press and play with her tits.

Ruby thinks for a while

Ruby: issh.. bhaiya then I will be naked for you. you will see my naked body.

Raju: bhabhi seeing is better than me touching your naked body. What do you say?

Ruby; bhaiya, I think you are right. Ok, you may open your eyes.

Raju: ok bhabhi. I will remove my hand from your soft and beautiful breasts then.

Ruby: isssh.. yes bhaiya.

He slowly removes his hand from her breasts and opens his eyes and turns around and looks at her naked body. His dick jumps at the sight.

Ruby: issh.. bhaiya. She puts her head down and stands still.

There she stood, the most beautiful homely married woman in all her glory. Stark naked, head to toe and wet too. Her boobs were fully exposed along with her erect nipples. Her pussy was clean shaved and she was so fair and smooth.

She turns around to hide her body and ends up exposing her beautiful ass and lovely back…

Raju had a tough time controlling himself.

Raju: bhabhi I am now going out. You may also come along. You have bathed enough.

Ruby nods her head in approval and Raju turns off the shower knob.

They both walk out of bathroom stark naked.

Raju: bhabhi my work is done.

Ruby: bhaiya how much do I have to pay you?

Raju: nothing bhabhi. Absolutely nothing.

Ruby: nothing? She begins to look for her clothes to wear.

Raju: bhabhi you have shown so much of faith in me that you agreed to be naked for me and also let me see your naked body, who does that in today’s world for a plumber like me. You have won my heart. You have won me bhabhi.

Ruby: hmm

Raju: bhabhi can you just stay like this.. naked until I leave.. that would be my payment.

Ruby: naked? ish… Raju bhaiya how can I? I am already feeling so shy.

Raju; bhabhi just sometimes. Please. She watched to her horror as his hands reached his dick and he began stroking it.

Ruby: bhaiya.. what are you?

And then she thinks this poor guy had seen her naked and also accidentally groped her boobs, he is, after all, a man.. he has his needs. Let him satisfy himself. She should not be so cruel as to stop him.

Raju: bhabhi.. can you help me with this? Just once.

Ruby: me? No no.. how can I?

Raju: bhabhi please just this once.

Ruby: bhaiya you do it on your own only. Do it fatafat and go.

Raju: bhabhi, please. I want to feel your hands on my Lund. I won’t say to anyone bhabhi, I promise.

Ruby looks at him, this guy had done so much for her. he deserved some affection and love.

Ruby gently walks near him and she puts her hand on his dick. She grabs it completely. She looks at Raju and then she looks down at his dick and begins to stroke it.

Raju felt so good. her hands on his shaft felt so good and wonderful. He breathes heavily as she strokes him. Without asking her, he begins to roam his hand on her body. He caresses her back and wait and belly and shoulders and arms.

She looks at him uncomfortably but says nothing.

Slowly his hands begin to caress her ass.

She looks at him angrily but says nothing, continues to stroke his dick.

Raju then gropes her tits and fondles it

Ruby: issh .. Raju bhaiya please control your hands .. she says but not sternly. She herself was now turned on. She wanted him to touch her and feel her body. She felt so good stroking a hard erect throbbing cock.

She continued to stroke him. He continued to feel and grope her body.

Soon he cum in her hands. He breathes heavily.

She washes her hands and the floor. Meanwhile, he dresses up and leaves.

She longed to be fucked by him.

That night she pounced on Amit as soon as he came home and they made steamy love.

Part of the reason for their steamy love was Ruby feeling horny and turned on and also that Amit had gotten a big promotion and they were moving to a new society, the new apartment which was much more posh and affluent.

The apartment was much closer to Amits office and therefore the company wanted them to shift as Amit was an important member of the company and he had to be within reach at all times of day and night.

Ruby too never liked this middle-class life and always wanted to live among the rich and whos who of the society. And so she was super excited too.

Amit and Ruby move to their furnished apartment within a week.

She had maintained distance from Chotu as she did not want to take any chances of Amit finding out.

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