Sodomy with My Best Friend’s Girl

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After my night with Danitza things were never the same again. I couldn’t stand being around my friend Javier, because I felt as if I’d committed the ultimate crime against him–which I’d done–I fucked his skinny Spanish girlfriend in the ass. I’d also cheated on my girlfriend; a woman who loved me and would do anything for.

I turned down hanging out with Javier as much as possible. Which felt odd, because we hung out nearly every day drinking and smoking weed; and with Ivonne, everything felt off.

I couldn’t tell her I loved her without the thought of what I’d done crossing my mind. And whenever she did anything sweet or kind for me, I felt terrible, almost to the verge of confession because I loved her so.

When we made love, I couldn’t help but think of Danitza. Ivonne was very beautiful with a big, round butt, and full luscious breasts and a face that could easily be a models. Her pussy was fantastic. But then, after having just plundered the clenched rectum of Danitza, I wanted something as tight as that. Her pussy wasn’t cutting it for me…I mean in the moment it was stupendous and wet and slippery and comfortable, but I craved something so tight that it almost hurt. I’d been exposed to the wonders of having sex in the rigid burning anus of a woman and there was no turning back for me.

I was a bad person. There was no getting around it. I’d chosen lust over friendship and love, and though there were moments when I felt depressed and guilty beyond belief over my actions…I was happy, no, I was better than happy. I felt confident and dizzy with the secret sex I’d had with Danitza. It was as if I had been refreshed and remade and, well, I hate to say it but I felt above everyone. Danitza hadn’t just given me her tight ass to pleasure myself with, she’d given me a shot of confidence I didn’t know existed.

There is nothing in the world like secret, dirty sex. I found myself in the middle of devastation and complete ecstasy. I was on a razors edge and the exhilaration was a high I was finding myself addicted to. A recipe for disaster if you ask me, but the greatest rewards are only handed out to the greatest risk takers. It reminded me of when I’d lost my virginity to my friend’s mother, and looking back with many years hindsight, I think that’s why I was so aroused by the whole thing, and led to a life of seeking that kind of sex out.

The next time I saw Danitza after our late night encounter was at Javier’s house. A week had passed. When we drove up I saw the white BMW parked outside and my heart stopped. Ivonne was beside me and saw the change in my face.

“What is it?” She asked me.

I shrugged it off and told her she was tripping. We entered the house and I saw her. She was in the kitchen, which you could see right into as you entered the house. I didn’t knock, but went right in, as I’d always done for years at Javier’s house.

Danitza’s eyes shot to me. The last time I’d seen her it had been midnight dark and her eyes were faintly glistening before my own face in the dim light of my room. She’d been naked then, or half naked I should say. Her pants were off and her moonbeam colored legs were beside me on my bed. She’d given herself up to me and she lay wrecked in my arms afterwards.

She’d wanted my approval so much, my reassurance that what we’d just done wasn’t that wrong. It was only sex, only fleeting sensations she reasoned. She wanted to know what I thought about her now. Did I think she was a slut? How I would feel if my girlfriend cheated on me? Was her ass tight? Had I enjoyed it?

My dick had been raw from battling the loosening of her virgin rectum. Her hands had rested on my used penis for thirty short minutes after I’d pulled it from her violated anus. She’d never touched another man’s dick before and her hands showed it. Her mouth had never wrapped itself around another man’s cock except that of my friend’s. She’d tasted my cum, she’d swirled it around her mouth up into her gums and cheeks before spitting it out in.

Danitza turned away from me quickly when she saw me enter the house unannounced. Too quickly I felt. It was so obvious that we were uncomfortable. I saw Ivonne, my girlfriend, run to her and my stomach tightened. It was normal for Danitza not to acknowledge me and I was glad for it. She looked dazzling. She wore khaki pants that hugged her legs and non existent hips. Her small breasts were pert bumps behind a button up black blouse.

“Where’s Javier?” I asked.

“He went to get beer.” Danitza answered, looking at me for a second. Her eyes crushed me under their intensity. We caught eyes up close and it was as if time froze and I was living between seconds, between moments. I saw her under me, her soft hair under my chin, her thin china doll body below me, her ass pushed out, a pillow under her hips, my dick deep in the heat of her soft bowels–I snapped out of it.

Her and Danitza continued talking and I was left out of the conversation. They were sitting at the table and Ivonne and canlı bahis I had a good view of them both. I felt uncomfortable. I thought it was going to be like when I first saw Bianca and Ivonne together after our threesome, but it wasn’t. Somehow Bianca and Ivonne were able to act normal around me, though we all knew what had happened between us.

It was extremely hot to know I’d fucked a girl sitting right in front of my girlfriend who didn’t have a clue. Ivonne didn’t need to be cheated on. She was such a good girlfriend, and I hated the idea of her being a fool. It wasn’t right. It was wrong. Absolutely wrong. But see, this is what captivated me and made my stomach turn and my heart race and my dick throb.

“I wanted to show you this new dress I got for the party. It’s in the car let me get it.” Ivonne said and she hopped up before we could say anything and left. Her heels clicking against the tile of the house, her butt bouncing with her steps and she disappeared with the snap of the door.

We were alone. The silence lasted for a moment or two.

“How have you been?” I asked.


“Look. I’ve been thinking…” I said, I could barely get the words out she intimidated me so much.


“I think it might be nice if I could see you again.”

“For what?” She didn’t smile and there was no hint of playfulness in her voice. She was a serious woman. Her lips were frozen in a thin line, a frown almost. Her pale face was unreadable. Her eyes searched my face for an answer.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” I said.

She glared at me and I felt her coldness like a stab to the stomach. So that was it? I thought. No more. It was a one time thing and I should have known it. I felt so stupid and hurt.

“I want your ass.” I blurted. I wasn’t going to hold back.

Her eyes expanded wide in shock and her mouth opened a bit. She hadn’t expected that.

The front door opened and I turned away from her. I saw Danitza’s impenetrable coolness rattled. Her pale face flushed red and she put her hands to her cheeks. I saw her chest rising and falling, faster and faster. She crossed her legs and turned her body away from me, her body language undeniable.

Ivonne sat down with Danitza, showing her the dress. The two were complete opposite classes of woman, as far as lustful shapes went. Both had full lips. Both were sexual creatures. But that’s as far as it went. In bed, Ivonne was passionate, moaning gleefully at every turn and push, every thrust into her wet pussy was met by a push back from her hips. She was a fiery Latina and it showed.

Danitza had the cold elegance of the Spanish. She thought herself superior. In bed she had been quiet, reserved and careful. Her athletically toned body was skinny, but hard and strong. There was no soft flesh on her like Ivonne, who was all flesh and thick. Everything about Danitza was hard, including her tight little asshole, which milked my dick mercilessly with dense resistance.

I had the best of both worlds.

Javier walked in carrying a case of beers. Five of my other friends followed him. Some had brought their girlfriends. The house became full of conversation and laughter. We sat around and talked and I glanced every now and then at Dantiza who ignored me. It was hard for me to joke around with Javier, knowing that I knew his girl so intimately. I’d put my dick in his girlfriend’s mouth and unloaded my sperm between her lips. God that sounded wrong. The same mouth he kissed was the same mouth my dick had been in. The hands that he held in his own had been wrapped around my cock. He had no idea that his girl had driven to my house to be fucked up her butt. I knew her breasts as he did. I hadn’t fucked her pussy, and that gave me a small relief; I hadn’t taken everything. But I guess you could argue a woman’s ass is everything. After that, she has nothing else to offer a man, except love, but we’re only talking about sex here.

The kitchen was somewhat small, and Danitza was in there as I went for another beer. She was enraptured in conversation with other people as I slid behind her, squeezing past, and I let my hand dangle below and scooped a handful of her tight small butt into my hand. I couldn’t help myself. The kitchen was so full that it went unnoticed, I thought. But she turned and glared at me. I saw anger in her eyes. Instantly I knew I was in the wrong, and I became embarrassed at my inability to keep my actions at bay.

What was I trying to do? In front of everyone cop a feel? Threaten our secret…? I was being an idiot I figured. I wasn’t keeping up with my part of the bargain. It was only supposed to be a one time encounter, and there I was being immature about it. If there had been remotely another chance to have her I’d probably ruined it.

I decided to ignore her the rest of the time, which wasn’t easy to do. Her presence next to me was powerful. My eyes were drawn to her every movement. Every word she spoke, every gesture, I tried bahis siteleri to interpret as a secret signal for me.

Later as the guys sat around the dining room table playing dominoes, I felt a pinch on my back. The pain startled me and I glanced behind me to find nobody, but Danitza walking away from me.

My spirits soared and I felt a boost, as if I’d snorted a line of coke. But then it died as she sat down on Javier’s lap. Was I jealous? How could I be? She wasn’t mine. But I couldn’t deny I didn’t like seeing her with him anymore. She looked at me again, as if to say, look, I’m not yours. Then she began to kiss Javier on the neck, her eyes opened and she looked right at me while she kissed my friend.

I strained to focus on the game before me. But it was as if a fire was lit just to the corner of my vision, and it became difficult to ignore. As we played I felt Danitza’s toe bump into my calf. Javier sat to my left and Danitza on his laps had nudged my leg. Was it an accident? It must have been. Either way my dick hardened at her accidental touch.

But then it happened again, and this time she pushed her toes into my muscle. I glanced at her but she was looking off away from me, speaking to someone. The toe of her heeled shoe was pointy, and it dug into my flesh a bit painfully, but I didn’t move my leg. In fact I pushed back, and we had a secret pressure going on below the table, a secret world that was just me and her, and it was glorious.

Ivonne came, maybe inspired by Danitza and sat in my laps. Instantly Dantiza moved her foot away. Ivonne’s big butt felt good on my growing erection and she whispered in my ear, “Oh, I feel it.” Yes, she felt it, but another woman had gotten it to that point, I thought to myself.

I glanced at Dantiza and saw her face had turned a shade red, and she wouldn’t even face my direction. Ivonne’s legs were pointed away from Danitza, so her body was facing away from her. And after a few seconds I felt the toe push again. She was doing it again, this time right under Ivonne’s nose. This was living, I declared to myself. A pretty girl with a gigantic ass sat on my laps who I fucked regularly, while another skinny and delicate Spaniard sat next to me who I’d sodomized in secret a week ago.

We played more and soon finished. The night wore on with more drinking and soon the groups had separated and all our girlfriend’s were sitting together in the living room, and all the guys were in the backyard drinking and smoking.

Ivonne popped her head out of the sliding door and saw me. Our eyes met.

“I’m going with the girls to get some drinks at the store. Do you want anything ro do you want to come?”

“No.” I said. I saw Danitza and two other girls standing beside Ivonne. They all looked ready to go. Ivonne nodded and left with the girls.

God, Dantiza had looked so sexy standing there. I was going to go crazy if it was going to be like this every time we kicked it. The conversation outside turned into a playful argument about baseball teams and I decided to take a piss. I left without my friend’s noticing.

There was more people in the house and I saw a line for the downstairs bathroom. More people had showed up over time and it had become a small party. So, knowing Javier’s house intimately, I went upstairs. I jogged to the bathroom up there and relieved myself. Smiling at myself in the mirror all the while thinking of Danitza and our secret.

When I opened the door Danitza was standing there. Had she followed me upstairs? Or was this a coincidence? Our eyes locked for a moment, she looked as startled as me. I looked behind her for a moment at the stairs, there was nobody else up there.

“I want to talk to you.” She said.

“I thought you went to the store with Ivonne?”

“I changed my mind. They just left.”

I grabbed her by the wrist and just beside the bathroom was a door. Javier’s door to his room. I opened it and pulled her with me into the room.

“What are you doing?” She asked, but a smile was on her lips. I shut the door and kissed her. She returned my embrace and our tongues met in a swirl of waiting romance and want. She tasted just as I remembered her. Her tongue delicate and darting into my mouth.

“No, we can’t.” She whispered.

“I’ve been wanting you this entire time. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop looking at you.” I told her.

“I…me too.” She answered and we kissed again. I inhaled her perfume. My hands went to her hips. I gripped her bony pelvic bone, then I let my hands roam to her butt. I cupped her rigid cheeks and pulling her into my erection. I’d been dreaming of her ass all day and now I had it in my hands.

“I need you now.”

“No. This is wrong, Not here. This is Javy’s room. We can’t be doing this. I came here to tell you we need to stop it. We need to cut it out whatever it is we’re doing. t’s wrong. We made a mistake.” She said.

She was right. But standing there, she looked so irresistible waiting bahis şirketleri for my response.

I opened the door to the room we were in and peaked out to the dim hallway. I could hear music and laughter. I grabbed Danitza by her wrist and pulled her to Javier’s sister’s room. The sister was away at college.

The room was dark, and smelled sweet, clean, like a girls room. I clicked the door shut and flicked the small lock.

“I’ve been wanting to tell you that the sex we had was amazing–” I wasn’t able to finish.

“I can’t stop thinking about how erotic it was. I won’t lie, I’ve been thinking about getting done up the ass all night.” She said. It was as if she’d transformed into another person. Gone was the stuck up Danitza who wanted to end our sex, and this new Danitza was the same secret slut I new so intimately a few nights ago.

I pulled at her belt then the button on her khaki pants and pulled the tight fitting pants down to her knees. Her legs were bright white. My hands were on her thighs and they were muscled, her skin soft and cold. Her panty’s were blue and had a pink heart just above her pussy. In the dark room I could see the outline of her two lips between her legs. I put my fingers under her vaginal lips and ever so slightly felt the two lips with the tips of my fingers. Her panty’s were moist. I pushed upwards into the soft flesh of her pussy and felt her erect clit. I gently pinched it.

“No.” She said, but she didn’t move. “We can’t do it here. What if somebody comes. What about Javier?”

“I’ve never been with a sexier woman.” I told her.

She stared at me for a long moment. “You haven’t?”

“I’ve been thinking about how tight your ass was all week. Let me put it in now.”

“I…what about Ivonne? You don’t feel bad? You haven’t felt guilty?”

“Yes. But I need your body, you’re so beautiful.” I swirled my fingers up and hard against her clit and she gripped my forearm. “Did you like getting fucked up the ass by me?”

She didn’t answer at first, but I pushed a finger into her slippery warmth. “Yes, I did.”

I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her away from me, so that she faced the door. Her head was turned so that her cheek was up tight against the wooden door. I looked down to her ass. Her ass cheeks were so small, yet defined. She was wearing a thong and the panty cut into her white flesh and disappeared where all the pleasure in the world was hiding.

“Shhh.” I whispered to her as I kissed the back of her neck.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. What do you think about me?”

“You have a wonderful ass Danitza. Let me enjoy it.”

“We have to hurry. I have to go.”

I thought about what she said for a moment. This was probably like one of her erotic novels she told me she likes to read. I wondered for a moment if she liked to be submissive, I mean she was telling me no, but clearly she was happy with what was going on. I decided to test it.

“Push your ass out for me.” I told her. I softly took a grip of her hair in my hand and gave a firm tug.

She did. Her small butt came out towards me as she arched her back. With my other hand I reached down between us and to her cheeks. I squeezed her flesh between my fingers. The muscles under her taught white skin flexed and relaxed under my greedy touch. I was near unloading my sperm too early. I pulled at my zipper and my pants fell. I tugged my shorts down and my cock sprang to life, bumping into her cheeks.

“No. This is wrong.” She said, but her hands were digging into my forearms and she didn’t move.

I’d fuck her right here. Right in her boyfriend’s house while he was downstairs, and my girlfriend was downstairs. Nobody would know of the passion taking place between us. I’d have to do it fast, in under a few minutes. I was sure I’d cum fast, her body was so tense and ready for it. She was willing to cheat on her boyfriend in his house with me and that turned me on beyond measure. She was willing to be a little slut for a few moments–this girl who thought herself above everyone else, who claimed to be a perfect good girlfriend, was ready to be fucked by her boyfriend’s friend in secret.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of it on her soft ass cheeks, then guided it between her legs, pulling her soft panty’s to the side. I felt the heat of her pussy, I felt the wet thin material of her panty’s with my fingers. Her body trembled. Her lips were soft and moist against the throbbing head of my cock. I rubbed myself on her slushy skin, her juices spilling down my hand. One right move and I would be planted in this skinny woman’s body, ready to violate her in her boyfriend’s home.

“Not in my pussy. No. I can’t do that.” She said whispering.

“Okay. I’m going to rub my cock on your ass then.” I said.


This is what I liked to do with Ivonne. Sometimes I’d cum just rubbing it over her asshole since Ivonne would never let me penetrate her backside. It occurred mostly when we were spooning. I would lay my cock between Ivonne’s big butt cheeks and squeeze them together over my raging cock, then I would proceed to hump while her cheeks held me. It was very pleasurable to someone who enjoyed ass as much as me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20