Slutty Bhabhi And Her Mother My Sex Slaves

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Slutty Bhabhi And Her Mother My Sex Slaves

The names have been changed and the real names are not mentioned for obvious reasons.

The women in the story are my bhabhi and her mother. Bhabhi’s mother is technically my aunt. Bhabhi is a fair lady with a curvy body. She is not slim but not fat either. She has a nice pair of boobs and an enticing ass. I would say her boobs are her biggest assets. She has tits of size 36F and her measurements are 42-27-38.

My bhabhi’s name is Aayesha. Her sensual body always attracted me. Her mother is a very hot and sexy Indian milf. My bhabhi’s mother’s name is Salma. She has even bigger boobs than bhabhi. She is a fair lady with an average body. She is not chubby but her assets are very attractive.

Her boobs are a head turner whenever she goes out. Salma has a nice ass also. Her tits are 38K and her measurements are 48-30-38. She doesn’t look like she is 39 years old. Her look is that of a below 30 years old woman.

By the way, my name is Sameer and I am an average looking 22-year-old man with an athletic body.

My brother married Ayesha when she was only 21. Now she is 23 years old mother with a 1-year-old baby boy. My bhabhi’s mother Salma eloped with a 40-year-old man when she was only a teenager. Salma gave birth to Ayesha after one year.

The man Salma whom Salma eloped with dumped her when she gave birth to a girl c***d. Her family already had disowned Salma for going against their wish. She took refuge in a shelter home with her daughter.

Later, she got a job at the nearby office (some say she had to sleep with an influential local leader to get that job). She raised her daughter Ayesha alone.

After Ayesha married my brother, Salma quit her job (must have been fed up with prying eyes at the office). Salma had stuck to that job only to look after her daughter. She had nobody else so she came to stay with my brother.

My brother had only me in the family so he was happy to have one more member other than his wife (he would have accepted even 100 persons to get a chance to fuck Ayesha). He was smitten by those boobs and I too was smitten by those two sets of boobs.

From the very first day, I saw Salma and Ayesha, I was infatuated with their boobs and ass. I always dreamt of fucking them.

I was working as a manager for a private business in Bangalore at that time. The pay was good so I was living in a penthouse. It had a pool and a balcony.

My apartment building was tallest of all nearby apartments. So nobody can see what I was doing at my place.

My brother after becoming a father started looking for better-paying jobs so as to ensure a better life for his son and wife. He got a job in Dubai with a good salary. My brother left for Dubai entrusting his family duties on me. So bhabhi and her mother shifted to Bangalore to my place. I was happy to have my dream girls with me.

Bhabhi and Salma started staying with me. Initially, everything went normal. After a month when I got the mobile phone bill of bhabhi, I noticed that her bill amount was big. But she used the landline number to talk to my brother. She had nobody else to talk to. They don’t have relatives and had only a very few friends.

So bahis firmaları I thought something fishy was going on. I hired a private detective to enquire. After a week, the detective gave me a file and wrote all his findings along with the proof. I was shocked to see what was inside that but at the same time, the devil inside me was smiling.

The detective has found out that Ayesha was having an affair with another man and that’s why the huge bill. In my absence, she used to talk to that man and go out with him sometime. I also saw compromising photos of them.

So I decided to blackmail Ayesha and her mother. I planned to make them my sex slaves.

In the evening, I went home, called them to the hall and asked them about it. But bhabhi denied everything angrily and shouted at me saying, “How dare you?” I didn’t say a word and showed the evidence. Their attitude vanished and they were stunned. They didn’t utter a word.

I started my tirade.

“How dare you bhabhi???!! How could you??! How could you betray my brother? He loved you and this is what you did to him??! I thought you are a good person but you are a sex addict”.

“You are a slut who can’t survive without more than one man. You are a mother, didn’t it ever come to your mind what society will say about you and your c***d. His future will be ruined. He will be humiliated by society and classmates about his slut mother”.

“There is enough evidence to prove you are a slut who is cheating her husband. My brother will divorce you. Because of your slutty character, you will lose custody of your c***d. You will get no financial support after divorce. Your son will grow hating you. Your life will be ruined”.

“And you aunty (Salma), you didn’t stop her. You are equally responsible for all this. Your and your daughter’s life will be ruined. It wouldn’t have happened if you had controlled your urges but you didn’t.”

“Shame on you, aunty. Shame on you bhabhi…”

“Please Sameer, please….” begged Salma.

“Don’t show it to your brother. I beg of you. Ayesha did a mistake. I too did a mistake by letting her do it. Please forgive us. She won’t do it anymore. We will do anything you want but don’t tell your brother”, said Salma crying.

“Anything???!!! Be careful with what you say. Don’t say anything you can’t do”, I said angrily.

“Please don’t show it to your brother. In exchange, we will do anything you say. Please save our lives. Please…”, said Ayesha crying.

“Okay. For my nephew’s future sake, I will keep it a secret but I will do so only as long as you obey or your lives get destroyed. The decision is yours”, I said.

“We promise”, said Salma.

“What about you, bhabhi?” I asked.

“I will do anything”, said Ayesha.

“From now on, both of you are my property. You will do what I say. You will never question me. I will call you by your names at home. Both of you will be my slaves. You will dress as I say and do as I say. You will not have sex with any other man. I will be your master”.

“And outside and in front of others, we will pretend what people think us we are IN-LAWS. But at home, I am your master. You will get all the facilities you are getting now. But the moment you disobey, you will güvenilir casino be punished”.

“If you go against me, I will show all the evidence to my brother and will destroy your life. The protest will cause you dishonour and bhabhi will lose her c***d. Nobody outside will know if you obey”, I said loudly.

“What!!!”, both of them shouted in unison.

“Okay. Then, I am going to call my brother”, I said and took my mobile in my hand.

“Stop!”, Salma said loudly. I looked away from my phone and looked at her. She had already slipped her saree from her chest and was about to open her blouse.

“And what about you, Ayesha??” I asked.

Bhabhi reluctantly began removing her saree.

Both of them wore blouses which were low cut and exposing fair share of their tits. Those huge boobs were trying to come out of those small blouses.

They completely removed their sarees and blouses. They were standing in front of me wearing bra and petticoat. Both of them wore red bras from which the tits were bulging out. Salma removed her bra and Ayesha followed. Now two sets of huge tits were on display.

I always had a fetish for huge milky boobs. Their boobs were milky white and have pink nipples and areolas. I already had an erection inside my underwear. My dick was throbbing like anything and as if it would tear the underwear. It was very hard to stay silent and calm in that condition.

I signalled both of them to come near me. I pointed Salma towards my crotch and pulled Ayesha towards me.

Ayesha took off my shirt in a blink. Salma had her hand inside my pant. She pulled down my underwear and pant together. Now my 10-inch fully erect meat was in display. Both of them were shocked by seeing the size of my cock.

There was a mild sound of “AAH” by Salma and Ayesha bit her lower lip. Their eyes were filled with lust. Looking at both of them, anybody can clearly say they were sex addicts and were dying to feel me inside them.

I started kissing Ayesha and at the same time, I was kneading her nipples and squeezing the tits with my both hands. I could barely cup her tit with one hand.

I was completely naked by then so I dragged Salma by holding her hair and pushed her down to kneel. I forcefully shoved my cock into Salma’s mouth. Salma took my cock whole in her mouth. She was sucking my cock like a pro. Her red lips around my cock was a sight to see.

Salma started licking the tip of my cock. She was enjoying the precum on my cock. Then Salma swallowed the whole cock. She was sucking it like a c***d with a lollipop.

She was making gagging sounds and was moving her mouth around his cock very speedily. Saliva was leaking out of her mouth and flowing down her red lips. It was the best blowjob I have ever had.

I started sucking my slutty bhabhi’s boobs while getting the best blowjob from her mom. I was truly in heaven. I was sucking and licking bhabhi’s nipples and while her mother’s nice red lips wrapped around my cock.

Then I held Salma’s head forcefully and gagged her with my cock. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I ejaculated inside Salma’s mouth. She couldn’t move her head and her mouth got filled with my warm cum.

Salma swallowed all of the cum without internet casino wasting a drop. She licked her lips for the last drops of my cum. Then she bit her own lips. Seeing this, I realized what a slut Salma was and how much she liked to drink cum.

In the meantime and because of the squeezing, sucking, kneading and fondling of her boobs, Ayesha was fully turned on.

“Oh god. Both of you are sex addicts. From now o,n you two are my bitches..” I said loudly.

“Yes sir, we are your bitches and our bodies are yours and yours only”, Salma said slowly.

They started enjoying being dominated. One thing for sure was both of them were sex starved.

Then I spanked Salma’s ass and she holding my hand took me to the couch. I was sitting on the couch. Salma was on my right lap and started smooching me. Simultaneously, my bhabhi Ayesha had started licking my balls and cock. My cock was hard again.

I instructed both of them to stand up and remove their petticoat. My bhabhi had a shaved cunt but Salma had a bushy one. I like it clean so I told Salma to clean it after the session. Both of them were dripping with precum.

“But for now, I will have your ass, Salma”, I said loudly. Salma turned around and her sexy ass was in front of me. She was leaning on the couch. Now seeing Salma’s ass, my cock was rock hard and without wasting a second, I put my cock into her ass hole. I slowly started pushing it in. It was very tight and was squeezing my cock real hard.

“AAH… AAH… AAH… AAAAAAH….”, Salma started screaming out of pain.

I spanked her ass again and again and started fucking her ass. My speed gradually increased.

“AAH… AAH… AAH… AAH… Oh sir AAH… AAH… AAH… AAAAAAH”, Salma was screaming loudly.

The strokes became stronger and faster. Soon, Salma had an orgasm. She was so ecstatic and she looked like a sex goddess. Tears of satisfaction rolled from her eyes. I was about to cum so I pulled out my cock. Ayesha came to me and took my cock in her mouth. I ejaculated in my bhabhi’s mouth and she drank it all.

Salma was lying on floor exhausted but her daughter Ayesha was fully aroused and was fingering her cunt and moaning.


“Fuck me jaanu. Please fuck me jaanu. Please…AAH…”

My bhabhi pushed me onto the bed. I was lying on the bed with my semi-erect cock pointed towards the roof. She climbed up the bed licking my balls and then licked its tip like licking an ice-cream.

My cock was hard again. Ayesha sat on my cock and took my cock inside her vagina. I was again kneading her nipples and squeezing it.

Ayesha started going up and down on my cock. Now the fucking started. My bhabhi was jumping on my cock while my eyes were fixed was on her swaying boobs. The boobs were swaying in every direction. The swaying increased along with the increasing humping speed. I had my hands around Ayesha’s ass.



These moans of Ayesha’s were getting louder. During this fucking, there were a few spanking and squeezing of boobs.


Then she leaned down and became silent. She had her orgasm and squirted on my cock. Oh man, looking at the amount of fluids I can say she was a real squirter. There was a pause for few seconds and silence. Then I ejaculated inside her.

We all were exhausted by then. I lied on the couch having Ayesha hugging me and Salma was still lying on the floor.

This was just the beginning. To be continued.

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