Siblings Part 2

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Siblings Part 2
I slipped my shorts back on and Val went upstairs for a shower while I made up a few sandwiches and made some coffee all the time thinking about how the morning practice had gone, how we ended up naked and the positions we found ourselves in, I was starting to get aroused again just thinking about it.
Val is not the sharpest tool and if this was her interest then I felt it my duty to encourage her and help in any way that I can, I was happy for her… and me!

It wasn’t long before Val came down again and we sat in the kitchen having some lunch, she looked good with her hair all fresh and a clean tee shirt and a pair of white panties with a flower design, not the sexiest panties I have seen and her shirt was a bit short and tight with her naval on full view and she still looked nice, my sister was growing up.

“Thanks again for helping me practice Bro” she said smiling, “Shame you lost again” she continued giggling but I was happy for her to win as it kept her interested.
“My pleasure Sis” I said with a grin, “Anything to help in the spirit of the sport” and she smiled again.
We agreed that she needs to practice more and as we were home alone most days we could capitalise on the time, we even suggested finding some new moves that we could experiment with and as long as we achieved the pin down it would all be good, Val was ecstatic at my interest.

“So what was your favourite move” I asked as Val ate her lunch, she looked deep in thought for a second,
“Hmm, they were all good but I liked when you at on my chest and pinned me” she said with a smile, I liked that one too as she had my balls in her mouth
“What was yours? She asked, I thought for a while smiling,
“I loved the double pin” I responded with a grin; Val nodded in agreement which was nice
“Oh yes, that was good too, sorry if my head went down too hard” she said in an apologetic voice.
“It’s OK, I am just glad I could help you Sis” I said giving her a wink.

At that point I dropped a spoon on the floor which went under the table, “Oops” I said as I got on my knees under kaçak iddaa the table to be confronted with Val with her legs slightly apart and I had a great view of her flowered panties, she looked a dream as I could make out her little lady slit and a few stray hairs poking out the sides, I found the spoon but had to take a few seconds more to admire her milky white thighs and pretty panties.

“Can you see it Bro?” she asked as I was a while down there and I could certainly see it but I think she was talking about the spoon.
“Yes, I can see it, but I was just admiring the flowers” I said from under the table
“Really” she said in a chirpy voice, “Do you like flowers?” she asked and with that she opened her legs a bit more giving me an even better view.
“Oh Yes!” I responded taking a last long look before getting back up again little did she know that I had seen them before, even sniffed them but she wasn’t wearing them at the time.

We finished our lunch and I got up to clear the plates not realizing that my cock had got a semi blood flow and was sticking out and Val as sure as hell saw it as she watched me walk across the kitchen
“I like those shorts on you too Bro” she said which only served to enhance the boner that I was trying to hide
“Really” I said back as I walked back and stood in front of her with bigger evidence of my arousal, she looked straight at the bulge, eyes wide.
“They look really good on you” she continued, “Shall we try some more moves?” she asked hopeful that I would agree, I think my cock grew an extra inch with her suggestion
“Sure, why don’t we try a different variation of the double pin where you sit on my hips and hold my shoulders down?” I suggested, she looked at me nodding her head and we both walked back to the lounge.

“I will warn you though that I am not going to let you win this time, you will have to work hard to keep your balance” I said with a cheeky grin as we faced up to each other.
We grappled for a while and I could see her nipples poking through her tee shirt and it wasn’t long before she had kaçak bahis me on my back and positioned herself on my lap, she reached forward and held down my shoulders and straight away I could feel the warmth of her panty clad pussy burning through my shorts.

I thrust up slightly forcing my erection hard between her legs forcing the timer to start again and each time I thrust up she seemed to lose a bit of balance,
“I can’t balance” she cried but I had a solution
“Forget the shoulder pin, why don’t we just go for the hip pin and I will hold your chest to help you balance? I suggested to her, she smiled and readily agreed so as she moved her hands off my shoulders I reached forward and held her chest feeling her hard nipples through her shirt.

Her positioning was better now and she put her whole weight down on my now throbbing cock and as she pushed down I pushed up, her titties felt nice as I held them with both hands but she still couldn’t keep her balance, she looked a bit sad
“Hang on, I have an idea” I said noticing her distress and with that I put my hands under her shirt and held her now naked breasts, I could feel the hard nipples in the palms and she smiled.

Very slowly she started to gyrate on my lap which I could see was forcing the swollen head of my cock to poke out the waistband of my shorts and as she gyrated I felt my cock running along her slit, I think she was getting damp down there but with each thrust, (which started the 30 second timer again) I held her little breasts tightly but she was determined and the gyrating got heavier.

I looked down and saw that my cock was getting further out of my shorts and such was Val’s movement that I could now feel my bare cock against her damp panties, this has to be the best dry hump I had ever experienced. I tried to keep within the spirit of the sport but the more she gyrated the more exposed my cock became and she cried out as I tweaked on her nipples.

I have no idea how it happened but as I thrust up and Val gyrated somehow my cock found its was inside her panties and güvenilir bahis I felt the warmth of her young cunt envelope my cock, her cunt muscles tightened and I let out a surprising moan as my cock plunged beep inside her belly
“Now I have got ya!” she cried out but I thrust up harder forcing her to cry out, “Not yet Girl” I replied and the more she gyrated the more I thrust up.

Val started to shake as the intensity grew and I held on to her little titties for dear life so that she wouldn’t topple off, she smiled thanking me for that and I could feel her warm juices running down my balls which only enhanced what was to come, my body shook and my legs trembled as I felt my cock pulsate and shoot my hot seed beep inside her belly, and again the next load shot deep and Val kept gyrating sucking every last drop out of me, I couldn’t believe I have just fucked my sister.

My body went limp and Val pressed down hard on my softening cock and then reached forward pinning my shoulders down, I was breathless as she looked into my eyes smiling
“YESS!” she cried and there was me thinking of the fuck we just had
“I won again, AND it’s a double pin” she seemed so happy and I was so confused,
“You need to smarten up boy, that’s twice I have beaten you today” she said giggling away to herself. I looked at her with sorry eyes,
“I will get better Sis, I promise and for some reason she hadn’t dismounted and was still sitting on my soft cock, she released my shoulders and wiggled her hips as she finally got off, her panties springing back into place which would stop my cum dripping down her leg although I thing most of it was in my pubes as she sat there so long, I never did figure out how my cock got inside those panties.

I pulled my shorts back up but the wetness of my cock and the cum in my pubes only made the tiny white material see-through, Val was ecstatic that she beat me again and I was ecstatic for other reasons but it was all in the spirit of the sport.

Time was getting on and Mother would be home soon so I decided I had better go shower, I had no idea what I would do with my cum stained shorts or even Val’s cum stained panties but I am sure we will figure something out. I still cant believe the events of today, I finally got to fuck my adopted sister.

To Be Continued….

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