She Was Truly A Queen

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She Was Truly A Queen

Met her on an online dating site. It was all normal chats, to begin with, and then after a while, we started being very comfortable. I was never a sick pervert dying for dirty chats. I was open, honest, casual and very friendly. Maybe that helped her to be free with me. She knew I was married and still, she didn’t mind texting me. And I also found time for her as it was really soothing for me to talk to her too.

Eventually, she started sharing her dps and even started sending me photographs. When I saw her pics I was really glad to have a beautiful girl like her chatting with me. Because I am just an average mallu guy, married and 30 at the time. She was around 25, a bit of the fat side, great lips, amazing eyes, beautiful curly hair and what a body. She had big boobs, never got to measure or anything but I am sure it was at least 36 d size. It always stood out in the photos, stretching her clothes and always giving me a hard-on.

She used to enjoy me describing my feelings and thoughts whenever she shared her pics. Being an artist and admirer of beauty, I used to say nice words and she always felt very proud of her beauty listening to it. During one such evening, she shared a slightly hot pic of hers, one that showed a bit of her cleavage and also she was not wearing a bra inside and her nipples poked through. I believe she was teasing me with it and I was amazed at the sight and showered her with words of flattery and she was in heavens. That lead to her sending me more n more revealing photos.

This went on for months and ended up sending me 100s of naked photos, showering her amazingly shaped navels, flowing belly, plump yet shapely thighs, melon-sized breasts, gorgeous wide round nipples, her shaven plump pussy, round globes of her ass and with my imaginations and descriptive words I shared my dreams of doing fantastic things to her. She used to pose and take wonderful photos of herself. Various stages of herself stripping for me, licking her own nipples, bathing scenes, wet hair falling to her shoulder while wearing only a towel, close up of her nipples where I could see each n every skin pores, pussy with her finger inside, licking her fingers with her juice on it etc… I used to masturbate every day thinking about her. I used to even fuck my wife imaging its rani and those used to be the most exciting fucks.

And one day we decided to meet. On her way back from work at the electronic city, Bengaluru she got down from the bus near madiwala, total mall and I picked her up in my car. We hadn’t planned what we were meeting for so I didn’t know what to expect. But we felt so close to each other that we felt we had to meet. Even though I was hoping to go all the way with her I was not sure if she was willing to or even if she considered it. But she coming to meet me was a good sign and I went with it. We went to a ibaco on the way to her home and had an ice cream each and spoke for a while. I was playing it safe was just sticking to simple conversations and lightly complimented her looks and all that. She suddenly took the topic of my marriage.

Asking me how it was and how is my wife and how does it feel to meet her secretly and isn’t it kind of a bad thing to be in touch with other girls while I am married and all that. I felt like slapped. I thought all my dreams shattered. This girl is making me feel guilty and feel like a bad person. Anyways I didn’t lie, I was honest in sharing how bored n unhappy I am in my marriage and I am just being social online and is not looking for anything dirty in particular and felt very comfortable with her and that’s the only reason for meeting her and all that. Don’t know what went in her head, who can understand what goes inside a girls head. Anyways, we finished the ice cream and left from there and was on the way to drop her home, near banaswadi railway station. As we were going through some dark small road, she told me, “Can we stop for a while”

My heart skipped a beat. Wow! Is this really happening? Is this a green signal? I didn’t waste much time, I parked along the dark road where it was trees and beside some broken wall and plants. Kept the engine running but turned off the lights. I casually turned to her and asked, “What happened?” to which she replied, “Nothing, didn’t feel like rushing home soon”. “Fine” I replied, “Let’s spend some time here”.

I opened the sunroof of my car. It was drizzling mildly. She smiled and stood up through the sunroof enjoying the cold winds and tiny water drops falling on her. After a while, she sat back down with a smile on her face. I scolded her for getting herself wet in the rain and brushed the water on her arms away and by doing that caressed her and felt that smooth silky skin and cushion like arms in mine. I held her hands and felt her arms all the way to her shoulders in the pretense of drying her canlı kaçak iddaa off and held her neck and pulled her close to me and kissed her lips.It was drizzling mildly. She smiled and stood up through the sunroof and enjoying the cold winds and the tiny water drops falling on her. After a while, she sat back down on the front side seat with a smile on her face and I saw she had mildly got wet. I scolded her for getting herself wet in the wait and brushed the water off her arms and by doing that caressed and brushed her and felt that smooth silky skin and cushion like arms. I held her hands and felt her arms all the way to her shoulders in the pretense of drying her off and held her neck and pulled her close to me and kissed her lips.

She was ready for it and invited me to her with open lips. Our tongues met even before our lips brushed against each other and we kissed forever. My hands caressed her head and my fingers lost in her thick locks of hair. I pressed her closer and closer to me so I can go deep into our kiss. We broke our kiss only to breathe deep and went back to it. I was hungry for her and my tongue kept dancing with hers and tasted her saliva and it was mixing well with mine. It was better than honey. And a thought came to be. I wanted to taste very lips. I softly stopped sucking on her tongue and ran the tip of my tongue along her lips. Could taste her lip gloss and didn’t really enjoy it. I took a short break and wiped it off from her lips with my hands. She got confused, “You didn’t like?” she asked. I simply replied, “I want ‘your’ taste”. “Then come back to me stupid” she pulled me back to her without wasting any time.

My right hand started roaming beyond her head and hair. First I started massaging her neck and shoulders occasionally pressing her neck a bit hard enough to let a small moan come from her mouth, which is muffled by my lips pressed against it. My hand slid down and reach her melons… Wow, they were huge. I had seen pictures of it in all states of nudity. Yet feeling it the first time in my hands was a feeling beyond words. I just softly brushed all over getting a mental picture formed. It was perfect. It was a never-ending round globe and I kept circling it again n again and again. My tongue did the same motion around her tongue at the same rhythm. I had circled enough and went straight to her nipples and pinched it hard. She screamed and pushed me away and slapped me on my face. I smiled back at her and she smiled back at me. “Don’t hurt me so bad you ass. It’s yours… But don’t pull it off”. She massaged her nipples to relieve her pain.

That’s when I realized, how uncomfortable we were. Sitting on the front seat far apart with all the handbrake and gear and all that between us, we were stretching over all of it and my body ached in many places because of the bad posture. I got out of the car and went to her side and opened her door and asked her to come out. We shifted to the back seat where there would be nothing between us. During this change of location, I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was around and thankfully there were not many activities in that area. In the distance there were some lights, houses or shops, I didn’t know. But not many people around. Traffic was very less too. That’s all my brain processed and soon I was back on to my queen who was waiting for me for the last 10 seconds impatiently.

She was lying there on her back and I fell on her. I lifted her top and pushed aside her bra and I went crazy with her juicy milk jugs. There were huge and hung to her sides. I lifted them and pressed and crushed them in my arms. I buried my face among them and did what all I could do with them. Kissed all over them, licked and sucked the globes and bit on her nipples. It was long and hard and tasted nice. I sucked on them while I pressed the other breast. She just lay there with her eyes closed and enjoyed everything. Occasional moans escaped her sweet lips and I send one my hands in search of the source of the sound. I inserted one of my fingers in her mouth and she immediately started sucking on them. After some time, I was curious to also go meet her lips. I hadn’t had enough of her lips. We kissed again for a while. A long while. This time it was her hands pressing my face closer to hers. One arm held my back and kept caressing there too.

I sat up and pulled her up too. We shared few small romantic kisses and I reached down to the area between her legs and over her tight leggings I could feel the soft garden of love. The softness only added to my hardness and she too reached over to feel my bulge. I was wearing jeans and still could feel her touch. I waited for her to open the zip and go inside. She slowly kept rubbing and said in my ears “I wanna feel and taste you but this is not the place and time. You know that na. We shall meet again soon in some better place and finish it all pinbahis off… I am so sorry.. I know I am being very mean..”. Honestly, I was heartbroken. But then when I started thinking with my brains and not with my dick I too realized its best that way.

Its not safe here and cannot push our luck too far. We regained our senses, got back into the front seats and I dropped her home. All the way home she kept her hand on my hardness. She didn’t do anything beyond that. Just kept her hands there and kept me hard. Finishing me off would not have been wise as I was still driving. I too enjoyed it. Once we reached near her home, I stopped at a corner and said bye with a hard press on my dick. Whispered a sorry to me and promised to text me in the night. I quickly drove away with my brains already making plans of where and when to meet to take things all the way. That night I had one of my best shags and I cummed a lot looking at the highly erotic pictures she shared the same night.

I know its very rude of me to abruptly end this here. But compared to what I felt at the moment, this is nothing. I shall finish the whole story next time for sure. Don’t curse me. Hope you are liking things so far.
I had to wait 2 weeks before we could meet next. After our first foreplay in my car, we were constantly in touch on chat but never got a chance to meet. Both of us were busy at work and could never match free times. In our chat sessions, we were letting our imaginations run wild with really wild and hot talks.

We wanted to spend a weekend together somewhere private but having my family around, didn’t give me a chance for that. Eventually, we met a couple of times for dinner, coffee etc and were only able to have more foreplays.

We met in the garden cafes where we get some privacy and were able to hug and kiss. Most of the times, we had our hands on each other’s thighs and just caressed and massaged. I frequently took chances to press and feel her heavy large breasts.

We acted like a pair of lovers and we both really enjoyed our time together. But we wanted more.

We waited for months. Usually, around the month of May, my wife goes to her native for a month’s time to be part of some family get-togethers and festivals in her village. I discussed this with Rani and she was excited to meet me and gave me full permission to plan anything. That’s all I wanted to hear.

Even though I am an elaborate planner for a trip, I made this one a short and simple one. Because it was neither the journey or the destination that matter this time. It was purely the people and what we plan to do there. I just wanted a safe place and Yercaud is one of my favorites nearby places in Bangalore. It was a 4 hours drive from the city and gives us full secrecy and the weather was always great.

So after I dropped my family over a weekend, I came back to Bangalore and took the whole week off. She also told her parents that she had an official trip to Chennai for some training.

So on a fine Monday early morning, 5 am, she took a cab and on the pretext of leaving for the airport, came to HSR Layout in Bangalore. As she worked in Electronic city and me near Marathahalli, HSR is where we used to meet.

I was already waiting there in my car and she jumped right in and leaned forward and gave me a really deep kiss on my lips. I was so excited I even thought of taking her to my flat instead of waiting 4 hours to get to the resort. But after we broke the kiss, we both took a deep breath and decided to go ahead with the plan.

We started the drive, talking all the way. The impatience was seen in our gestures. We were constantly holding each other’s hands and brushing each other. She was massaging my inner thighs as our conversations were still going on. Even I had one hand caressing hers. We stopped on the way for some tea.

On the roadside, she took off her jacket and shirt revealing a sleeveless top. The chai wallah had a stunned look. Just like me, even he thought she was going to remove her clothes. We didn’t know she was wearing a formal dress to fool her parents and had casuals beneath it.

I got excited and winked at the chai wallah. He smiled back and his eyes clearly told me, “You lucky bastard”. She didn’t bother all this even though she saw me and him exchange meaningful looks. To add to it, she unzipped her trousers and pulled it off and was soon standing on the roadside in denim shorts. I paid the guy and we were off again.

“You were mean to that poor guy”, I told her and she smiled.
“You enjoyed it too, didn’t you Ram?” she responded and I nodded.
“Not as much as I am going to enjoy this”, I said reaching over and squeezing her breasts.

She screamed and then laughed out loud.

Her sleeveless gave me full access to her top portion. I put my hands inside and kept squeezing and rubbing her soft melons. I couldn’t stop at all. She just enjoyed it as she kept rubbing pinbahis güvenilir mi my dick. I was still driving and was really glad I had an automatic car. My left hand was free to do whatever it wanted to do. And that was exactly what it did.

There was light traffic and as the sun rose, the roads were getting more and more active.

“Could have taken the top off for you if there was not so much traffic,” she said sadly.

“It’s ok, we will get there eventually,” I said more to myself than to her.

“Can’t wait anymore”, she said and that’s all I wanted to hear.

So I stopped touching her and concentrated on my driving. I rattled my brain and tried to remember the route. I frequent this route on my many trips to Kerala. And after thinking for a while, I remembered a quite lonely and forest section on the route which was coming up in a while.

I am usually a fast driver and I was doing a good job in reaching that section in no time. She was a bit confused about what was going on and realized it only when I screeched my car brakes and stopped in a deserted section and got off.

By the time I opened the door and reached the other side, she was already out and ready for me. We snapped together like magnets and went to a crazy kissing session that lasted a while.

My hands were all over her body, brushing her hair crazily to pressing her neck, to crushing her D sized breasts and what not. She was pressing my cheeks and holding my face closer to her and kissing me deeply. Our tongues fought each other enter into each other’s mouths and we were going mad.

I didn’t wait a minute more. I stopped kissing and unbuttoned her denim shorts and pulled it down. Well, I didn’t even wait to pull off her panties. I just moved the lower portion of it and inserted two of my fingers and started to fuck her with my fingers. She was wet and didn’t need any further foreplay.

2 hours of the drive with both of us playing with each other was foreplay enough for a lifetime. She was dripping wet. She moaned in pleasure with the aggression of my movements. And she wanted more and she wanted now.

She reached forward and unzipped my jeans and dropped it and even pulled my boxers down a bit and took my throbbing hard dick out. It was rock hard and so fucking horny. She wanted to give me a handjob but I slapped her hand and moved it and lifted her thigh and kept her feet on the seat. She stood there with one leg on the ground and one leg lifted and with her pussy spread open enough for me to enter. That was exactly what I did too.

Without any delay, I pushed my dick inside her and started to ram her like a b**st. Usually, I am not a slow lovemaker but now I was too horny and I had this sexy girl with me impatient for a good fuck. I was fast and stormed her hole. She enjoyed it and just held my neck and shoulders and moved her hip against mine to make me deeper.

I don’t have a monster cock, only 5.5 inches and so I added a thrusting up movement to take my boy deep inside this girl. She bounced to that thrust and her boobs moved like soft jelly. I enjoyed that view and she noticed it. She lifted her top to reveal her boobs and I bent down and hungrily chewed her nipples and sucked her boobs and bit her. She enjoyed the pain and the pleasure and in exchange, she dug her nails deep into my back and shoulders.

I knew I won’t last long. That was not the idea anyway. The idea was to relieve our hunger for a good fuck. And when I realized I was about to finish, I stopped sucking her boobs and looked her straight in her eyes. She was having her eyes closed and was enjoying the moment. And when she realized her nipples felt cold with the morning breeze hitting my saliva on them, she realized I was done sucking them.

She opened her eyes and looked deep into my eyes and realized I was about to finish. She sat back down to the seat and spread her pussy even wider and I bent down and continued to fuck her harder. Soon I shot loads of cum in her pussy. I must have shot double of what I usually do because I kept jerking and shuddering in pleasure and she hugged me closer than ever and received me well inside.

After I shot and went back to kissing her, I made sure she understood that I was happy. In fact, the happiest man in the world at the moment. She held me for a while and then we got up and dressed silently. And only then we looked around to even bother if anyone was watching. Thankfully no one was. We did feel a bunch of vehicles passed by in the nearby road but guess no one realized or bother to trouble us.

We got back to the car and I started the engine. I looked at her and said, “That’s not how I imagined our first time would be. I imagined us together in the comfort of the resort and to have some magical time together”. But she simply said, “Me too. But this was even better”.

I smiled and agreed to it a hundred percent. “Let’s go now, can’t wait to have you again in the bed”

The rest will be in the next part. Hope you enjoyed this part. I truly know the first two was very boring and mostly uneventful. But that’s how it happened and life is not always very exciting.

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