She Wanted Her Daddy……2

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She Wanted Her Daddy……2
Michael awoke with a start, his mind struggling to separate fantasy from reality as a vision of his daughter, whimpering and crying out his name with unhampered bliss, echoed in his ears.

Had he really made love with his teen daughter last night?

He would have chalked it up as a wonderfully erotic, disturbingly i****tuous dream, if not for the petite body snuggled up next to him in bed. The covers were wrapped tightly around her, hiding her body from his confused stare and no doubt warding off the early morning chill. He didn’t have to look at the alarm clock beside his bed to know that the power was still out; he could see his breath as it hung in the air around him.

It took several minutes of contemplation before he decided he’d better brave the cold temperature and get to the bathroom before he pissed himself and would then have to explain to Sarah why he was frozen to the sheets.

As Michael disentangled himself from his daughter’s limbs he couldn’t stop thinking about the night before. How had he let things go so far with Sarah? Had it been circumstances; their mutual fear of storms and the unhappy memories one provoked, mixed with the need to share their body heat when the power went out? Perhaps combined with the beer he had consumed and his lack of sex?

Michael shook his head, frustrated by his confusion, and slid out of bed. As he made his way towards his adjoining bathroom he stopped to glance out the window. Thankfully it had stopped snowing but the thick white blanket that covered the ground had to be at least 10 inches thick. A layer of ice encrusted the top of the snow and from what he could see, everything else in its path as well. Tree limbs s**ttered the ground and power lines hung dangerously low thanks to the added weight of the ice. The streets were still unplowed, impassable. “Great, doesn’t look like they’ll have the power restored anytime soon.” He thought to himself.

They’d have to do something soon or risk freezing to death. The thought brought to mind the incredible heat he and Sarah’s bodies had generated together the night before. She had been so soft, so warm. They had completely forgotten about everything around them but the feel of their bodies entwined beneath the heavy blanket. He felt his cock swell with the intimate memories, yet refused to admit that his hard-on was anything more than typical male morning wood and his immediate need to pee.

After using the bathroom and quickly brushing his teeth, Michael headed back to bed. As he lifted the covers, ready to slide in beside his sleeping daughter, he couldn’t help but notice the naked flesh that stared back at him. It had been mostly dark last night when they had made love and he had not been afforded the beautiful view he was getting now. Sarah’s long, dark hair was spread out around her angelic face as she lay flat on her back sleeping peacefully. Her skin was flawless, her teenaged body tight and supple. His eyes scanned over her, really seeing her curvaceous figure for the first time. Her breasts were a little small yet perfectly shaped with taut nipples that instantly puckered when kissed by the brisk air that met her body as he pulled the blanket down lower. He took in his daughter’s flat stomach and long, shapely legs, stopping when his hungry eyes lit on the thin, neatly trimmed thatch of dark curls that covered her mound. He could just make out the small folds of female flesh that lay partially hidden beneath her pubic hair, but he remembered all too clearly how tantalizing they tasted. A taste he was more than eager to sample again…and again. His cock sprang to life despite the incapacitating cold.

Michael carefully climbed into bed, wanting desperately to let his little girl remain asleep. He had a better way in mind to wake her up. As he slid in beside her, Michael didn’t stop until his body was completely beneath the blankets. Gently he spread her legs and positioned himself between them, his mouth poised at her opening. He wanted desperately to see the amazing treasure he was about to consume yet knew that the cold air would surely wake his sleeping lover.

Lover? Did one night of unbridled sex make his minor daughter his lover now? When he remembered her responsiveness to his touch, her eagerness to please his hungry body, the way no other woman ever had…yes she was his lover now. No other man would be touching or tasting Sarah the way he had, the way he wanted to do again. Right or wrong, he wanted her, needed her.

The first flick of his tongue against her tiny clit rewarded him with a soft moan, yet didn’t wake his sleeping beauty. He spread her perfect lips with his fingers and slid his wet tongue up the entire length of her slit. One taste and he was once again entranced by her unique flavor, her erotic essence. Michael tenderly lapped at his daughter’s pussy with his skillful tongue. He had no intention of rushing but instead savored the release of sweet honey that followed each tender lick across her quickly arousing flesh.

Another soft moan filled his ears and made him smile. He felt her stirring and gave her pussy another long, drawn out lick. From the crevice between kaçak bahis her ass cheeks to her wonderfully swollen clitoris, he tasted every inch of her. As he sucked the puffy nub into his mouth, Sarah’s fingers suddenly slid into his thick hair and held him to her.

“God, Daddy, that feels incredible.” she sighed breathlessly, then tore the blanket off of her father so she could see, in the light of day, his strong, chiseled body and watch as his tongue pleasured her wanton flesh.

Michael took his time licking and teasing his daughter’s pussy, bringing her to the edge of climax with his flicking tongue, only to gentle his pace at the last minute and keep her orgasm at bay. He was driving her insane and he knew it, adding to his own pleasure while making her body squirm beneath his mouth. He slid one long finger into her slick opening. Her incredible tightness gripped his probing finger and she cried out with shameless bliss. Sarah rocked her body against his hand, riding his glistening digit, while pushing his face deeper into her quivering cunt.

“D-Daddy…please!” she mewled.

Michael removed his tongue from her wet hole and looked up at her.

“Please what?” he asked sinfully, his chin and lips saturated with her sticky dew.

Sarah hesitated. Whether from her inability to speak through her state of arousal or a sudden bout of shyness, he wasn’t certain, but he was not going to relent until he heard her say the words. He licked her again then lifted his head.

“Please what, Baby?’ he repeated.


“What? Tell me what you want Sarah!” his voice was gruff, heavy with desire. He enjoyed teasing her, almost as much as he enjoyed licking her, yet her sudden shyness was disheartening. After what they had shared last night, how could she be shy with him? Michael’s tongue flickered rapidly against her over stimulated nub before trailing a sensual line up and down her juicy slit, stopping once or twice to dip inside her cream filled opening. Her breathing was erratic and she was teetering on the edge, yet still she wouldn’t tell him what she wanted. So he stopped once again.

“No…Please. Don’t stop!” she whimpered. Her climax was right there, her body set for explosion. She wiggled her hips in an attempt to rub her hungry pussy against his face, forcing him to finish what he started, but Michael remained steadfast…waiting.

“Stop what?” he teased. “Tell me what you want Daddy to do, Sarah, or I am going to roll over and go back to sleep.” He licked her again slowly, then stopped and looked up at her flushed face.

“No…you can’t! … I-I… I want…”

“Tell me dammit!” Michael demanded.

“Eat my pussy, Daddy, please. Make me cum!” Sarah panted, wild with need.

Michael gave her his sexiest smile and then lowered his mouth to her writhing body, latching onto her clit with determination. He sucked it into his mouth, rolling it around with his tongue while his finger delved deep inside her slick tunnel. He couldn’t wait to feel the orgasmic waterfall that was soon to follow.

Sarah raised her hips up off the bed, rocking against his lapping tongue mindlessly as her moans filled the room. She was not shy anymore! The profanities that tore from her teenaged mouth, as Michael pushed her over the preverbal edge of ecstasy, were an unbelievable turn on. His cock was rock hard and dripping onto the bed sheets.

“I’m cumming!” Sarah bellowed. “Oh fuck yeah! Eat your baby‘s pussy, Daddy!” The spray of love juice that shot out of her climaxing pussy was incredible. The sticky flow filled his mouth and dripped off of his chin as his daughter came all over his face. Literally!

* * *

Michael was so turned on by the fact that Sarah had once again squirted while he licked her pussy that he didn’t think he’d even be able to make it inside her before he exploded. He carefully rolled onto his back, intending to cool his body’s ardor a notch before he fucked her thoroughly. But he was no sooner on his back when Sarah pulled her sated body up off the bed and moved down between his outstretched legs. He watched her through passion-filled eyes as she took his cock in hand, curling her small fingers around his massive rod. Michael groaned his approval when his daughter’s tongue began slow, tentative strokes up and down his shaft. But when she leaned forward and swiped her tongue over the wet, throbbing head, his body bucked up off the bed as though he’d been poked with a hot branding iron.

Her mouth was scorching hot against his sensitive flesh. She licked around the swollen head several times before gliding her tongue down his impressive length and then back up again. She was obviously a novice at sucking cock, which delighted Michael thoroughly, but the way she teased him with long, slow licks, up and down his swollen dick, just as he had done to her, had him more aroused than if a woman with a lifetime of experience was giving him head. Sarah spent several minutes licking and teasing, enjoying the feel and the taste of her father’s cock throbbing against her tongue, before her own ascending desire forced her to engulf his pulsing cock.

“AAAAHHHH! Fuck, Baby! That’s sooooo good!” he hissed.

Encouraged by his praise, Sarah perabet giriş sucked him feverishly, enjoying the steady rhythm of his gyrating hips as he fucked his cock in and out of her untried mouth. His large fingers entwined themselves into her thick hair, holding her still while he pumped his shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth. Sarah fought the urge to gag when he hit the back of her throat, but she pushed through it, wanting only to pleasure him the way he had done to her.

“I’m going to cum soon, Baby!” Michael growled. “If you’re not ready to take it in your mouth yet, you’d better pull away now!”

Sarah made no attempt to let go of his throbbing meat. If anything she sucked him harder and faster than she had been before. Her small hand, still wrapped around the base of his cock, stroked in perfect rhythm with her suckling mouth. Her eyes met his heated gaze, determined to watch his face as he came in her mouth for the first time.

“Oh, Sarah, Baby, I’m cumming!” his eyes burned into hers, his heart expanding with love as his daughter prepared to swallow his massive load. He held her head steady as his body thrashed and his cock exploded, cum erupting from its head like a water fountain. Michael watched her throat muscles as she swallowed profusely, determined not to let a single drop of his spunk go to waste and never once breaking eye contact with the lucky recipient.

God damn he was one lucky, sick bastard!


Sarah lay staring at the ceiling, her mind in limbo as she thought back on everything that had happened since the power had gone out the night before, leaving her and her father alone in complete darkness. If it weren’t for the pleasurable ache developing between her legs she would have thought it had all been a dream. She had sex with her father… The realization didn’t leave her feeling disgusted or ashamed as she had once thought it might. Instead she felt more loved and cherished than ever before. He had been so gentle, so loving. Her daddy had ushered her into womanhood with patience, tenderness, and he taught her more about sex in one night than she had learned from a whole year and a half of watching internet porn.

What would her best friend, Claire, think if she knew? She always said how handsome she thought her daddy was. Would she be consumed by jealousy, or sickened with disgust? Sarah felt as though she was going to burst with excitement if she didn’t tell someone soon.

Just then she felt her father’s arm wrap around her mid section, pulling her tight up against his hot skin. He had been watching her through sleepy eyes, trying to determine what was going on inside her pretty little head. Michael kissed her lips for several tender seconds before pulling away and staring into her deep green eyes.

”Regrets?” He asked softly. Pushing an unruly dark curl out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.

Sarah stared at him with confusion.


“Are you having regrets, about last night,…and this morning?” he waited patiently, his heart in his throat as he prepared himself to face her disappointment, her regrets over giving him the gift of her virginity, the gift that he had taken selfishly yet intended to cherish for the rest of his life. He had no regrets. He had come to terms with his emotions in the wee hours of the morning. He had made love to his daughter, not because he was lonely or demented, although the verdict was still out on the latter analogy, but because he loved her. He was in love with his daughter, his own flesh and blood. The realization should have sickened him, but in reality, the only thing that dampened his emotions was the thought that she may not feel the same way about him.

“No!” Sarah finally spoke. “No, Daddy, I don’t regret what we’ve done. D-Do you?”

Michael kissed her again. This time with more passion and need than he had earlier and Sarah felt her toes curl beneath the heavy quilt. Relief swam through her as she pulled him tight against her naked flesh, so close that her small breasts were flattened by his muscular chest. The kiss deepened until they were both trembling and gasping for air. Michael rolled over so that his daughter was trapped beneath his hard body.

“I want you again, Sarah. Oh god, I can’t seem to get enough of you.” Michael’s enormous erection twitched against his daughter’s belly as if to confirm the truth in his words. He moved his dick up and down, grinning when each back stroke rubbed against her clit and she gasped with surprise. She was already wet. Michael could feel her juices coating his flesh with each slow stroke. He pulled back, teasing her sensitive nub with the head of his cock, but instead of sliding his erection back through her damp curls, as he had done before, he plunged his hungry meat deep inside her slippery cunt. Sarah screamed out in pain.

“Oww… shit!” she cried.

Michael’s body froze and he stared down at his daughter, wide eyed with concern. “What? What’s wrong, Baby? Does that hurt? “

The tears that slid out from the corner of her eyes were all the answer he needed and made him sick with self loathing. Of perabet güvenilir mi course it hurt. In his selfish need to have her again, he had thought little about the tenderness she would be feeling today. Until last night she had been a virgin and he had fucked her long and hard, not once but twice! His cock was huge, even by his own standards. Grown woman had oftentimes found it difficult to take all 8.5 inches of his thick male meat, how could he have expected his petite, young daughter to take it a third time without complaint?

Michael kissed her tenderly as the pad of his thumb gently wiped the dampness from her cheek. He slowly began to withdraw his deflating cock from inside his daughter’s pussy, but when her legs suddenly wrapped around his waist, he stopped.

“No! Don’t you dare stop, Daddy. Just be gentle.”

“Are you sure, sweetheart?” Michael brushed his lips against hers again. “I would rather die than hurt you, Sarah.” he whispered.

“I know, Daddy, but I want to please you.” Sarah said against his firm lips.

Michael suddenly drew his head back and looked at her with amazement. “Please me? Oh, Baby, you please me more than any woman has since your mother.” Michael paused for a brief moment to catch his breath. “I love you, Sarah. Not just as a father loves his daughter. I mean I really love you, as a man loves a woman.”

Sarah wiggled her hips against her father’s large, muscular body and smiled when she felt his cock twitch inside her. The more she pressed her pelvis into him, the harder his dick grew until he was once again at his full, impressive size. “I love you too Michael Sheldon!” was all she said as she slid her tongue into his mouth. Their kiss was hot, filled with longing and love. Passion sizzled between them like tiny bolts of electricity zapping their skin every place their naked bodies touched.

Michael began to move his renewed erection in and out of his daughter’s wet passage. It was like a wonderfully painful torture, taking her slowly when his body was burning up with lust. His mind was consumed by his love and need of her, but each carefully controlled thrust made his body aware of just how tightly she was gripping his cock, how wet her love tunnel grew each time he slid his shaft deep inside her, pleasures he may not have fully appreciated had he taken her fast and hard like he had originally intended to do.

“Sarah, Baby, you feel incredible! I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock and it’s driving me crazy!” he panted breathlessly.

“Yes, Daddy! I feel it too. Your cock is pulsating deep inside me, it’s amazing!”

“Cum for me Baby Girl!” Michael picked up the pace, thrusting a little faster, driving a little deeper, as he sensed Sarah nearing climax. She was so wet, so unbelievably tight. Their damp skin slapped together in a steady rhythm as Michael moved in and out of her sweet pussy. He knew in that moment that he was as close to heaven as he would ever get.

Sarah’s legs tightened around her father’s hips, holding him firmly against her body, so close that the friction created by his pelvis rubbing against her sensitive clit was swiftly carrying her to brink of release. The tenderness between her legs had long ago been forgotten, overlaid by the incredible pleasure mounting inside her. It was too intense, she couldn’t take it anymore. Every nerve ending in her body was on high alert, over stimulated and making her tingle from head to toe. Like a dam bursting wide open, thick juices gushed from her body and covered her father’s enormous cock.

“Uh…Uh… Yes! “Sarah’s breathless sighs echoed in the room. “Uhhhh…Harder, Daddy! I’m cumming!”

“Me too, Baby!” her father roared. The pleasure was too much to bear, unlike anything Michael had ever known. So beautiful was their union that even the consequences were not enough to force Michael to pull out of the erotic inferno that held his cock in its grasp. Hot cum pumped from his cock in endless streams and sprayed against his daughter’s womb. Still, he thrust deep inside Sarah’s heavenly body until every last drop had been spent and he collapsed in a shuddering heap atop her.

As soon as Michael was able to catch his breath he raised himself up so that he could see Sarah’s face. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He let himself get caught up in the moment, so distracted by the feel of his daughter’s tight pussy clenching around his shaft, as she bathed him in her love juices, that he had allowed himself to cum inside her. What if…? No! He couldn’t even allow himself to contemplate what could happen as a result. Was it not bad enough that he was fucking his teenaged daughter, that he loved every second of their mind-blowing sex and couldn’t wait to do it again? Has he possibly impregnated her as well?

Michael looked down at his daughter’s flushed face. The look of love and adoration in her eyes, not to mention the euphoric glow that spread across her cheeks, a look that screams complete sexual satiation, was amazing. Her beauty had the ability to make him forget all rational thought and just marvel at the angelic creature lying beneath him. There was so much he wanted to say to her, but when she gave him that sweet, innocent smile that made his heart thump wildly against his ribcage, Michael could do nothing more than lower his head and kiss her, sealing their unique bond and letting the implications of his actions slip from his mind……..


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