Sexy Mom And Innocent Son-1

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Sexy Mom And Innocent Son-1

I am narrating this story stepping into shows of my Mom. So, I am taking role of now through out the story. Imagine yourself as a mom narrating it. It is a purely fantasy. No real characters involved.

Coming to the story , I am a mom aged 40 having sexy measurements of 36-28-36. I am short and milky white like Actress Tamanna in Bahubali. I have blue eyes. I lost my husband when i was 30 in car accident. I am living with my son aged 21 now. He is tall and slim but he is very innocent guy. He didn’t has much friends. He used to share everything with me. My hubby earned a lot in business. So we are financially sound.

Since I didn’t have sex with anyone, I used to masturbate and used playing with dildos when I am alone at home. i****t desires on him started when he is at 20. One day he asked me to give head bath for him. I accepted his request. I used to wear Saree at home. Mostly sleeveless.

On that day I wore green Saree. He was sitting on chair with towel tied to waist. I stood in front of him and giving head bath and finished his head bath. He then stood there.

Meanwhile due to water going inside his towel while bathing , the towel becomes loose and felt. I have seen his manly hood for the first time and my pussy got electrified seeing it. I came from bathroom after this and imagining his cock. It must be 8 inches massive one like my husband. I have then decided instead of becoming whore to someone why cant i fulfill my desire with him .So, I planned to seduce him from tomorrow on wards.

Next day morning , I woke up at 7 o clock. I feel myself it is easy to get him into bed because he is too innocent. Even though his age is 20. He has no knowledge about anything in the world. His weakness is he believes whatever i say to him since k** without questioning. So, I planned my self for tomorrow task.

Tomorrow Task: canlı bahis Getting him to be naked at home

I went to his room. He has just now waken up. He is watching WWE (wrestling). He likes that game very well. I wished Good morning. Below is our conversation:

Son: Good Morning Mom.

Me: Son, from today on wards i would like to educate you in some matters as you have grown into man but you are much innocent than a school k**.

Son: Yes mom. Even my class mates are avoiding me and calling me dumb ass. Please help mom and do me as a normal guy and matured person,

Me: Yes that was my plan

Son:what shall i do now mom?

Me: From now on wards we should not wear any dress in home. We should be fully naked in home. We should take bath together. So that we can help each other in Cleaning our backs easily. We should sleep together in my bed room.

Son:OK mom.

Me:Now Let us undress our self and will go for bath today. I am taking off my clothes. Do yourself quickly.

Son: yes mom.

Now we were naked and went to bathroom holding each other hands. Now, I sat on commode seat facing my two legs on either side of the commode to secrete latrine. He is just watching me. I asked him to come near. He came. Now i asked him to sit on my thighs facing me and his legs rested on either side of my waist. i took him over my thighs closely. So that his dick is just touching just between navel and pussy.

Now i feel his dick is erecting. But he did not know what is happening. Now asked him to urinate. He started peeing and i took his dick to touch my pussy. It shoots on my pussy with warm water jet. After that i jetted my pee over his dick. Now We were excreted latrine there finally.

Now we stood and then i asked him to wash my asshole with his hands taking water. He did the same. I then asked him to insert his fingers in my asshole and pinch with nails on my inside skin slowly. He did innocently. bahis siteleri i felt wet in my pussy. I then cleaned his asshole with my hands.

I become horny and i unintentionally licked his asshole with my tongue and inserted my tongue deep into it and rounded inside his asshole. He asked me later why i put my tongue into his asshole. I replied it would clean your asshole. So that you can be healthy always. He then replied Mom You are really taking care of me. I then smiled. He without asking me, went to my back and licked my asshole for 2 minutes and said i too love you so much. I want you to be healthy also. I smiled for my son inside for his innocence. Later we finished bath and he has to go to college, so i prepared him food and still naked but he wore dress to attend college.
Breakfast plan:

I planned to be wild in breakfast also. I prepared bread and jam for break fast. I sat on dinning table. He came in dress to have food and sat on chair. I given him bread and put jam on my boobs. He asked mom how about jam. Then I pulled him near and asked him to suck jam on my boobs saying that it would tasty good and healthier doing this way. he replied OK and started sucking boobs for jam and eating bread. I put hand on his hair.

Later, after having break fast. I have taken g****s. Now i turned my ass towards his mouth and put handful of g****s inside my asshole and asked him to eat g****s putting his mouth inside my asshole. He followed my instructions and started eating one by one which i released from my ass hole. For g****s he put his teeth deep inside my asshole to search for g****s. sometimes he chewed slowly my inner skin. Finished all g****s inside my asshole and still searching innocently for g****s. He tried peeping into my asshole with one eye to find g****s. I smiled and said it has finished.

Now after that, as a part of breakfast I would like to feed bahis şirketleri boiled eggs to make him strong physically strong. So to my wild thoughts, I took 2 eggs and inserted into my pussy. I sat in front of her with my pussy facing his mouth and asking him to take eggs from pussy. He has eaten 2 eggs successfully. I feel like deep orgasm which is clearly white and thick flowing after eggs.

He asked innocently saying “Mom, Horlicks milk is coming.” I told yes it is magic. and smiled and asked him to drink milk finally. I am telling you He is such an innocent guy and he loves Horlicks very much. It became habit to him to pronounce “Horlicks milk”than just a milk. He asked me ” Mom please teach me that magic also”. I smiled inside and promised him. He replied “Wow I can perform with my friends to show them that i know magics.” I smiled. He then went to college.

Evening plan:

I am very happy about the day. Now I am planning for the evening. I suddenly struck with brilliant idea. My son is very much fond of WWE ( wrestling) i said earlier also. He will watch everyday evening also after coming from college and I observed in his eyes that he is very much excited in doing practically.

So, I planned a naked wrestling match with him in evening. He came now to home and i reminded being nude at home. He undressed himself and sat to watch T.V. Now I asked him playing Wrestling with him. He is so thrilled and said wow what an idea mom . Yes , we will play.

Now We went to bed and started playing. First, He put his hands around my waist and gripped and put me down on bed. He lifted my left leg and put his face on my navel and counted one, two and i lifted my leg saying that i wont quit.

Now we stood again Now caught grip and make him fallen on bed and i sat on his mouth with pussy rubbing on his mouth for couple of seconds. We played like that, to give him hope i lost the match intentionally. We finished the day like that and i succeeded some how in my plan.

The next part will be continued based on the response of the viewers. I am a professional call boy in Bangalore. Aunties and girls please reply your comments

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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