Sex Writer Symposium: 02

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Excerpt From Sex and the Writer’s Symposium (Day 1) by Penning Freer(c):

I am a whore. I am a man pleaser. I am writing in my head. I am going to devour Jack. Watch me work. I push him back into Elle’s lap and work between his legs. I take his huge dick, glistening with thirty minutes of clear cum, and stroke it to coat the entire shaft. Then I simply lower my head on his cock and start sucking him…”I’m going to just suck you off,” I whisper to him. “You can do me later. And you will.” I smile. He just looks desperate.

* * * * * * * * *

Zhay’s sex symposium: Day 2 is all that is written on the whiteboard. A silent large screen over the fireplace teases in slow motion with a collage of selected film vignettes and still photos of our bodies fucking from last night. We don’t look half bad for writers.

The central fucking stage, where we act out our words and watch them being acted out, a low, wide ottoman with plush pillows piled all around, is set up in the middle of the room. Our chairs sort of encircle the impromptu sex throne. The full glass side of the New Mexico cottage faces west into a glorious sunset. The room is starting to get that sex smell as our bodies anticipate, moisten, heat up. I am so ready to fuck. We are all ready to fuck. Day one turned us burgeoning writers into sluts. Yet, here we sit again. Simple wire-bound writing notebooks, stained from last night’s activities, lay in our laps like we’re all in first grade.

I glance down at yesterday’s notes and scratch my fingernail at the stains. I write a quick note waiting on Zhay to begin her lecture: I recognize the stains on the single notebook in my possession this week — Zhay forbids us to bring anything to this symposium. In our welcome package, she gives us one notebook for the entire symposium. All our work goes in here. No bringing in earlier material.

I find myself contemplating the stains on my notebook. This stain is me, fingering my cunt last night, the first time I ever bared my bottom in pubic…whoops!…public. The stain that nearly blots out my pen name came from watching Beth eat Elle’s pussy and tongue-tantalize Elle’s pert little asshole into oblivion last night — their first ever girl-does-girl fuck. And, this, yes this — this is Jack’s cum I carelessly smeared all over the paper’s rumpled edge last night when I wiped his stuff off my mouth and coated my pen with it, my fingers still trembling from my first sex in front of other people.

Wow. Zhay is good. Fucking good. We each have the most intimately nuanced cum stained notebooks to inspire our writing.

We all fall silent when she looks up, her clue that the evening’s festivities are about to begin.

“Zhay is not the name I was given as a child.”

No surprise there. We all glance at each other around the room and grin. A sex guru, writer coach, and sex trainer with a model’s body named Zhay? Someone who holds invitation-only sex symposia from which 99 percent of the attendees suddenly disappear off the face of the earth — under their own identities anyway — and then people who look just like them show up with mind-blowing lucrative lives and careers in some aspect of the responsible global sex trade as writers, as coaches to the world’s hottest porn stars and starlets, and a select few end up as sex goddesses or studs with different names?

We don’t think so. Zhay isn’t Zhay. But, then, she obviously is.

Zhay always speaks in a quiet, almost demure, sultry voice. She never clears her throat or stutters, or says “um,” ever. She just looks at us with almost love in her face and starts speaking. I’ll write that.

In porn, pens pause after Zhay says the word fuck. Not just the word, but fucking itself echoes like an orgasm through your mind when she says it. She means it. I write it. Sigh. Me, being me, my attention deficit thing kicks in and my attention drifts, despite my best intentions, to my new colleagues, and from there to my moistening cunt, then back. But I’m still all bahis firmaları ears.

Beth and Elle have really bonded after last night’s cunt and ass girl’s love fest. They sit next to each other, knees touching, fingers teasingly close to one another.

Jack is quite and alert, serious and listening. His muscles glisten with light sweat from the walk over. He must have come straight from the gym. He smiles at me and whispers a sweet hello, confirming he remembers and fully appreciates me sucking his dick dry like a twenty-year-old coed slut in heat in front of everyone last night — and presumably remembering he owes me the fuck of my life — probably later tonight.

I write: I’m proud of our group. We are brave girls and boys! We came back for day two after baring our bodies and fucking like porn stars with perfect strangers last night. Every one of us is back for more.

Zhay talks. We listen. “You are all adults here. You are all safe here. No one has to be here. You may leave any time you like. You will never be bothered again. Just know, that if you need to leave, I will bless you, hug you, respect you when you leave. You’ve already proven yourselves to me. This life is not for everyone. Just know,” she raises her dark liquid eyes, and fixes them sequentially on every one of us, “If you choose to leave, you will never find me again, or us again — unless I invite you again. And that has never happened.”

She is right on. Zhay’s sexual instincts are uncanny. Even in my rising hormone glow I slowly take in every face in my periphery. Every one of us loves to fuck, is truly open to fucking, and gravitates to others who have the same lusty fuck passion.

I barely noticed that Jack had slipped out to the bathroom until he edges up behind me and I feel his fingers on my sides and his lips at my ear. Yeah, I’m listening.

“Let’s go first, Heidi,” Jack is whispering in my ear, his hot fingers scratching a little lust line up my quivering side.

“Yeah…? Payback time for last night, because I still believe (I lick my lips), yes, I’m sure, I still taste your cum on my thick pouting lips?” I tease him and push my ass back into his business.

“Let’s make them come to us though,” he whispers. “I don’t much like that center stage thing.”

So Jack is taking my smudged notebook, stacking it on top of his smudged notebook, and dropping them to the floor next to our own corner-ish low ottoman perch. The notebook plop draws all eyeballs to our corner, grinning eyes, eyes meeting eyes, winking eyes. Now it starts eyes. Thumping notebooks can mean only one thing.

Jack doesn’t seem to mind, or even really notice, the attention shifting to us — or, more likely he is really good at what he does, becoming the part — which I will explain later. His breath never leaves my neck. He keeps his voice to me and to me alone.

“I want to be inside your ass, Heidi,” he whispers. “Whatever,” I say.

His hands are wet and trembling. I like it when a man’s hands on my body are sweaty and shaking. It always means good things. “Make this good, Jack.”

Moist and trembling his hands are, but still fresh-from-gym strong when he unbuttons my crop-top blouse to feel flesh. Guy, guy, guy all guy. True to form, he doesn’t linger at my pert, chocolate dark nipples, but slides like speed racer down my sides, around to the front of my short zipper-and-top-button shorts. Jack’s finger race is made easier because, guess what? I left the top button open, and about an inch of the zipper unzipped, you know, right to the tippy-top of that little strand of hair above my…me.

Nothing but pussy, pussy, wet pussy, behind that zipper now, Bucko.

As I should have guessed from reading three years of his partial clothing fetish stories, Jack leaves my unbuttoned blouse draping my torso and my shorts at my ankles and eases me forward toward the edge of our low cushioned seat, then he lifts one leg out of my shorts so he can spread me.

I shouldn’t have worried kaçak iddaa about a rush ass fucking or a neglected cunt. God, help me. He’s maneuvering me, spreading my apart like a meal, opening my pussy and teasing her delicious lips apart.

Yes. I feel my ass opening, puckering, preparing for…whatever.

I feel their pain. Beth and Elle have to write tonight. They got theirs’ last night when they modeled for us. I hope they take good notes tonight. The only thing going into my notebook tonight is little droplets of perspiration bouncing onto the cover as I move my face from side to side, soaking up man in my bottom.

Still, my head is writing, writing, exploding, writing, writing while my fingers are digging, sweating into the cushion. Fuck me Jack, Baby. Have my fucking ass.

No? Not yet, my pretty!

Jack is pulling me abruptly to my knees, raising my ass higher and thrusting my tits arching down and grinding to a halt into the cushion.

Jack descends into my bottom, face first. My whole bottom. My whole, single nerve-begging bottom with two aching holes.

“Jack, Eat my ass. Eat my cunt.” I say this not toward Jack, but straight into the wide-eyed, glassy visioned, fuck-lusting eyes of my vixen dream Beth and her evolving lover, Elle. They have pulled their perch stools to within inches of my face, trying hard to balance their notebooks on legs that keep trying to spread for each other’s fingers, but they are doing nothing really but watching my face contort with pleasure while Jack thrusts his tongue deep inside my body, through my pussy, in steady, long pushes so hard I slide back and forth inches at a time with each tongue thrust.

Yet I’m still a writer at a writer’s workshop. My head is cranking it out: I get it. I understand anal now. I get ass fucking for the first time really. It’s not two disconnected holes, a right one and a wrong one, a clean hole and dirty one, a good hole and a bad hole. My bottom is…one…seething…mass…of…NERVES. SCREAMING. With two separate but equal starving, ravenous nerve orifices clenching, reaching back and grabbing for Jack’s tongue, holes begging for banging.

Pleased with both my head writing and my cunt licking, I smile through drooping hair strands into Beth’s eyes, into Elle’s beautiful browns, and because I am feeling like an angel slut, I slowly and deliberately say these words to the girls and the room:

“Jack, stick your tongue inside my pussy — hard. Yes. Now, Jack. Lick your way up my bottom to my ass, and lick around the edges slow — YES — and now,” I pause a second to feel for his obedience as he obeys, “Now. Stick your tongue inside my ass. Deep in my ass. Yes. YES. There.” I laugh out loud, tremble with delight, and laugh out loud again.

Beth shakes her head like a zombie teenager reading a heated romance and involuntarily reaches down and takes my fingers with her free hand. “Oh my God, Heidi.”

Zhay’s knees appear at my side now while I fuck backward looking down. Now Zhay’s sweet, calm voice, happy but firm edges in.

“Beth. Write. Elle write. Heidi, fuck. Jack…Jack, just do what you’re doing.”

Mantra. Easy mantra: Tongue my pussy deep. Jack. Yes. Tongue my ass deep. Yes. Cunt. Yes. Oh. Ass, yes. Cunt. Ass. Cunt. Ass. Don’t…you…stop. Jack. Fuck.

Flushed face, speckled red, sweat soaks seat.

Tits scrape fabric.

Beth removes panties, wet panties. Elle helps with hands. Girls tongues touch quiver dodge deep disappear behind lips of the other. Jack holds tongue at top hole and slides two fingers deep into twat.

“Girls. WRITE,” says Zhay.

Blank stares, eyes listlessly scratch pens to paper but eyes never leave us.

I, Heidi writer, fucked from behind laugh out loud and then laugh again.

And now it starts. That thing that Jack said earlier that I’ve never done before. Licking aside, this real thing is starting now.

I feel his face disappear and I feel frantic fumbling of his fingers freeing kaçak bahis his dick. That dick I sucked so sweetly last night. That dick from which I teased and sucked and coaxed and then greedily swallowed a week’s worth of churning live semen.

With all due respect to lovely Beth and Elle hovering at my face, and despite my whore position comfort, I just must turn around and see Jack’s dick before he does that dirty disappearing thing into my…my whatever, whichever. Our eyes kiss for the first time this evening. He’s been working behind my back all evening, remember? Yes, we are in love now.

Here, Jack. Before you do that, Let me look at your…dick…a second. Nice. Yes. Huge. Fucking huge now. I didn’t remember it like this last night. Pumped up now, right? Full of blood in the veins and cum reservoir filled to the top?

Yikes. You’re even spilling sperm. Jack, you’re dripping perfectly good droplets of…never mind. I caught it with the tip of my tongue. No, Use present tense, Heidi, please. I catch it, I am catching it, on the tip of my tongue and tasting.

Examine Jack’s balls with eyes and finger tips. Full, bursting full, of what I taste in my mouth. Cock pumped up hard as your biceps, boy. Good. Now do your whatever thing to my ass.

To Jack I just say, “Fuck my ass.”

Not so fast. First he turns me back around and flops me back on my breasts facing Beth and Elle as they feign writing while watching fucking.

Which, what…what now, Jack? I can’t see you. I crane my neck over my shoulder but still can’t see. What now?

What now is the most delicious beautiful, sloppy sensation I ever felt in my pussy. Jack gently puts his dick knob up against my cunt opening and rubs it all over my pebble hard clit circle, cum-coating her. Then he just pushes…inside…my…pussy, just like any young horny husband on a ho-hum post-game wife lover fuck. But in front of friends.

Head writing: Jack fucks Heidi’s pussy.

Long, slow entry until full testicles bounce off Heidi’s bottom. Jack reverses direction and unfucks Heidi’s pussy with perfect slowfullness. Nerve fucks nerve every fucking centimeter along our inner bodies. Jack drags his dick nerves across Heidi’s pussy nerves, all on the inside. Fuck in, fuck out, fuck, unfuck, fuck, unfuck. Slather slick sperm along my slutty silky inside skin. Do it again. And do it again. Jack, do it again.

Now. Without a word or a pause, sometime long later, jack unfucks my pussy yet once more with a plopping sound and paints a trail from my pussy to my ass.

My ass, she’s very, very wet. She’s tongue wet and she’s cum wet. Wet, wet, wet and wide. Wider than she’s ever been before without my help. She’s ready I’d say. Sweet, Jesus. Yes.

Cock head covers ass opening but only a split second pause then Heidi is getting her first ass fucking. It feels like fingers have felt in my most adventurous morning masturbations — but in front of friends and with a very big dick. Better yet, a self-lubricating dick. That feels very, very, very good. Big, massive, stretching, God, huge, but…I’m good.

Keep…slow…keep…doing it, Jack. Fucking my ass I mean.

I’m back to talking out loud again now: “Jack, yes. Slow. Slooooow. Easy. Yes. Thank you. YES.”

On and on and my night begins to blur. Too much feel. Too much touch. I’m tired. Fading into the feeling.

Jack gently but firmly fucks me with full, even strokes. Then a little faster, faster yet. Faster…there. Do me Jack. Do it in me. OKAY.

Now I’m full of scalding body liquid oil squeezing out around his driving cock, bathing my whole bottom and the questionable cushion. Jack is breathing hard and smacking his balls against my ass, my first-time fucked ass. Beth’s mouth is open. Elle’s mouth is open. Faces are flushed. No pretence at writing whatsoever.

Zhay doesn’t say a word. Zhay smiles and loves us all.

I, Heidi the writer, Heidi the slut, Heidi the first time ass-fucked nympho girl slump flat on my cushion and squeeze Jack’s softening dick out of my body, back into the lamplight, back into his possession for now.

That’s really all I have to say for now.

That’s it for Zhay’s writer symposium, day two.

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