School for Sex Slaves part 2

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School for Sex Slaves part 2
As per popular demand, here is second part! Please read part one before you read this. Enjoy!

Lina woke up the next morning groggy and sore. Everything hurt! She slowly got up and went to the bathroom to do her daily enema and shower. It felt nice to wash away all the sticky cum and feel fresh again. She was hesitant to put a butt plug for the day, but after some debate she settled for a smaller one. It was her graduation day, she needed to go to the school and pick up her Diploma and the information sheets for her new school which she would begin on Monday. She put on her school uniform, did her hair and makeup and went outside. She decided to walk as riding her bike would mean fucking her ass for 15 minutes with a 10” dildo, and she wanted to take a rest day. Her school was not far, anyway, about 40 minutes’ walk.
It was a beautiful morning, really, a bit chilly for this time of the year which made her nipples poke out and be almost completely visible under her white collared shirt. She wrapped her arms around herself to try and keep warm as she thought about the night before and smiled. Even though she had never been fucked by real cocks, she made 8 men cum just by using her holes. And now, she was graduating a semester early! It was nice to be her father’s pride.
She reached the school and entered. Mr. Young, the professor who initiated the final exam, saw her come in and asked ‘No bike today?’ while grinning from ear to ear. Lina shook her head shyly and walked upstairs to the Administration’s Office. The secretary greeted her with a warm smile and told her to wait as she called Principle Hopkins and let him know that she was here. A few minutes later, he came into the waiting room and told her to come into his office.
‘Good morning, Ms. Shephard. How are you feeling this morning?’ ‘Good morning, Principle Hopkins. I feel a bit sore but otherwise good. Excited to get my Diploma today.’ ‘Ah, yes. It was your final exam yesterday. Mr. Young mentioned you did very well. Are you aware of the next steps in your education?’ ‘I was supposed to receive some information package about the new school that I will start on Monday.’ ‘Correct. So, here is your Diploma, congratulations for finishing on top of your class and early! And here is your information package. Please take some time to read over it. As you are 18, you do not need a parent to sign, so you can just fill out the information outside and give it to Gabriella once you are done. Once again, congratulations. May you be the most obedient slave a Master has owned and make your father proud!’ ‘Thank you so much, Principal Hopkins! I will not disappoint you!’
She sat down on one of the tables outside the Administration’s Office and started reading over the information package.

This package outlines the requirements, conditions, and rules of becoming a student at the ‘Ezakaran School for slaves’. Please ensure the information bellow is correct and up to date. You may scratch and write above the updated information before you hand it in for submission.
NAME: Lina Jane Shephard
BIRTH DATE: November 9, 2001
ADDRESS: 187 Colonial Street, Capital, RE, Ezakaran 56684RE
MOTHER: Allice Marie Shephard
FATHER: Edward Joseph Shephard
SIBILINGS: Peter Joseph Shephard (23), Josephine Marie Shephard (21), Jennifer Kaytlin Shephard (19), and George Nicholas Shepard (15)
GRADUATED: November 21, 2019
GRADE: A (92%)
START DATE AT ‘SCHOOL FOR slaves’: November 25, 2019

Please select three of the majors bellow, 1 being the most favorable choice, and 3 being the least favorable:
Pony Girl (wearing pony gear, living in the stables, being used for travel and fun)
Maid Slave (wearing maid uniform, themed slave lifestyle)
Travel Slave (slave that remains in transportation vehicles to entertain Masters and their friends)
Accessory Slave (slave that is typically humiliated in the most public ways)
Glory Hole Slave (slave serving the glory holes in sex stores and bars)
Gang Bang Parties Slave (slaves serving other slaves for the entertainment of many Masters)
Furniture/Ornamental/Server Slave (slave that serves at events as furniture, server, or just for fun)
Exchange Slave (slaves that are being borrowed by güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri other Masters for extended periods of time)
Pet (life as a pet – either cat or dog)

The majors above will serve to train you in becoming one of the chosen disciplines, while being knowledgeable of the rest. In your first semester, you will experience all three, second semester will be down to two, and third semester will be detailed training in your final choice. Last semester of training will be your practicum, serving a different master each week, until graduation.

Please ensure the following requirements are followed;
– All slaves must wear a copper IUD which prevents them from having periods and interrupting their training.
– All slaves must NOT wear any sort of underwear at any time during their residency in the school.
– Daily enemas are to be done first thing in the morning before the slave’s shower.
– All slaves must have virgin pussies until sold to a Master.
– Chastity belt is encouraged to be worn at all times.
– ORGASMS ARE i*****l IN THIS SCHOOL. All participating parties will be severely punished and/or sentenced to the dungeons.
– All slaves must maintain clean shaven genitalia, armpits, and legs. Laser hair removal is encouraged.

General rules:
– You will not speak unless spoken to.
– You will answer with ‘Yes, ma’am’ or ‘Yes, Sir’, unless otherwise instructed.
– Eyes down, unless otherwise instructed.
– You will follow every command without hesitation. Failing to do so will result in punishment.
– You will wear the school uniforms at all times while enrolled in this school.
– Living on campus is strongly encouraged to maintain the role of a slave – full time.

All other rules will be told to you as you go, depending on the direction you’d like to go. Once you make your choice and hand it in, you will not be able to change it. If you have any questions, please call our office during working hours and we will answer them.
From all of us here at Ezakaran School for slaves, welcome to the team! Please ensure you are ready to go on Monday and arrive 1 hr earlier for your inspection.

Principle Michael Bowman

As she was reading, Lina couldn’t help but daydream of the day that she will finally be sold off to a Master and assume her righteous role in this amazing country. First things first, she had to choose a major. Living as a Pony Girl has never crossed her mind before, but it sounded very intriguing and made her pussy wet. Glory Hole and Gang Bang also interested her, because she imagined they would resemble something similar to the final exam, just getting covered in cum by strangers. Nothing else seemed to call out to her, so she just wrote (1) Pony Girl, (2) Glory Hole, and (3) Gang Bang.
She was happy to read that she answered all the requirements and that she has been following all the rules even before she got into the school. Her father did a good job to prepare her for this day. She already had an IUD and was removing her hair by laser since she was 16. Everything seemed to be in order! So exciting!
She signed off and gave it to Gabrielle, then went to pick up her things from her locker so someone else can use it next semester. She needed to go home and prepare for Monday. She had to pack up some things, not too much, as she would wear her uniform most of the time. She also needed to go to the campus today and buy her books and tools, sign up for classes, etc. Over the next few days, she concentrated in preparing for classes, reading up on class materials and making sure there isn’t even 1 hair out of place for Monday.

On Monday morning, Lina woke up at 5 am. She did her daily enema and showered, then proceeded to do her make up and hair. When she went to the campus last week, she picked up a uniform so she can wear it to school that day. It was similar to the High School uniform, but the shirt was purple and the skirt had purple and pink weaves. They had also given her a jacket that really had no other function other than highlighting her boobs. Instead of stockings they gave her black knee-high socks, and instead of high heels, just plain black shoes.
She went downstairs and her parents were waiting for her to see her off. Her mom packed her some breakfast that she could eat on the way to the school. The driver bets10 giriş was already outside waiting for her. They said their goodbyes and she went in the car. She found her seat – the one with the 8” dildo – so she took out her plug and sat on it, all the way in. The drive wasn’t longer than 15 minutes but it felt forever. At last, she saw the proudly waved flag – she had arrived. She got up, re-inserted her plug, licked the dildo clean, and went inside the tall fenced school.
Her instructions said that she needed to go to the medical center for inspection an hour before her orientation. She went through the main entrance and asked the receptionist where the medical center might be. It was conveniently located a few doors down, avoiding any confusion among new slaves and therefore no time wasted. She entered and told the receptionist that she needs an inspection. She told her to have a seat, which of course had an 8” dildo. She sat down and the receptionist told her to go up and down the dildo until she is called. Lina started fucking the dildo with her asshole, getting pretty excited and turned on. After about 5 minutes, a very tall and muscly man in a white doctor’s jacket came out and called her name. She got up and licked her dildo clean then started reinserting her plug, when the doctor said ‘No need, we will be using your holes right away. Perhaps just carry that plug in your mouth for now?’ Lina put the plug in her mouth and followed her doctor. ‘My name is Dr. Shawn, I will be doing your inspection today. How are you feeling?’ “Good, Doctor. Excited!’ ‘That’s great. Let’s start with family history. Does anyone in your family suffer from any cardiovascular or other major organ illnesses, such as cancer, liver failure, high cholesterol, etc?’ ‘No, our housekeeper is always cooking healthy and we are all athletic people and exercise regularly. I think the worst that has happened is my dad had k**ney stones about 10 years ago but hasn’t gotten them since.’ ‘Very good. Do you have any trouble being choked, when someone is fucking your mouth hard, have you ever vomited because someone’s cock was down your throat?’ ‘No, Sir. I gag but never vomited.’ ‘We need to work on that. Stand up please, kneel on this pad and start sucking on that cock hanging of the wall. I want you to swallow as much as you can and hold it there for as long as you can.’ ‘Yes, Sir’
Lina kneeled like the good slave she is and put the dildo in her mouth. It was a 30” dildo, about 1.5” diameter, with soft rubber that made it curve to the ground due to its weight. She put the tip in her mouth and tasted something familiar – ass flavor her favorite! Does that mean she would fuck that thing with her ass too? Better make it wet! She put it in deeper all the way to the back of her throat. She could already feel the gagging. Dr. Shawn noticed that and told her ‘Suck it deeper and don’t you dare choke or puke or you will be punished.’ She sucked in a little more and started to move her head out but Dr. Shawn held her head. She was going to choke! ‘Hold it slut, you need to learn to swallow huge cocks on a daily basis!’ He pushed her head a bit further, she could feel the dildo pushing at the end of her throat. ‘Stick your slutty tongue out under the dildo, breathe through your nose, and open your fucking throat to accept it, don’t fight it!’ She opened her mouth wider, took a deep breath and tried to relax her throat as she stuck her tongue out a bit. It seemed to worked so she tried a bit more and then she had more space for the cock to go past and into her esophagus. She couldn’t breathe and she was going to gag! Thankfully, after a few more seconds he let her head go and she took the dildo out of her throat. ‘Now, I want you to repeat the same thing, but without my help, slut’ ‘Yes, Sir’ she said and put the dildo in her mouth again, slowly pushing her whole body to try and take in this dildo like she did earlier. It was harder than it looked! She stuck her tongue out a little more and relaxed her throat to let the dildo in, resulting in 10” of dildo in her mouth. ‘That’s better, slave, but you need to work on it. I will prescribe 20 minutes a day, whenever you can, to do this. You may pick up this same dildo in the sex store and attach it on the wall in your dorm. bets10 güvenilir mi Now let’s check that slutty asshole of yours. Strip and take off your chastity belt, go on that bed and lay on your back, then put your legs up on those stirrups and bring your ass all the way to the edge.
She stripped her school uniform and folded it neatly before placing it on the chair then hopped on the bed and put her legs in the stirrups, sliding her ass to the edge and waited patiently as he was writing some notes on the computer. ‘Okay, let’s see what we have here. Nice virgin pussy, good to see, would be an easy way to expel you and become a slave whore if it wasn’t. This asshole is nice and pink but would need a little bleaching. Masters like to see light assholes, and since your existence is to please your future Master, we will bleach it sometime this week.’ He put a little lube onto his fingers and inserted two in her ass moving them around and feeling the inside of her ass. ‘I will insert a stretcher because I want to inspect the inside. I don’t think you will have a problem with that since your ass is pretty stretched right now. You will have to do some exercises to keep it tight while getting fucked. I want you to wear a dildo without a stud and using your ass muscles to keep it in for at least an hour a day, preferably while moving to make it more difficult. You need to learn to keep those muscles tight at all times, this is your biggest asset, slave.’ ‘Yes, sir’
He took the stretcher and inserted it fluidly in her ass, then started expanding it. She could feel the cool air from the room entering her asshole. He continued to stretch; it was starting to hurt! Surely, he didn’t need it THAT stretched to inspect it. She bet that he was doing this just to torture her. And she was right. What she didn’t know is that Dr. Shawn is also the teacher for Discipline and Punishment class that slaves had twice a day. She didn’t know is that he has a 10” thick cock that he liked to torture assholes with. She didn’t know he was a sadist and loved watching little sluts squirm in pain and beg for mercy. He wanted her to find this out the hard way.
After he stretched it to about 3”, he stepped back and took a picture. ‘This is 3”, slut. I am expecting it to be more at the end of the year, you hear me? This is pathetic, you will wear a nice thick plug, I want you to be able to take my fist in your ass without hesitation. You will not leave this asshole empty for the next year and a half, I will make sure of this!’
His comments and threats made her really sad. She thought she was doing so well, everyone was complimenting her riding a 10” dildo to school and fucking 8 men last week and making them cum. She had to do better. She WILL do better. She will not disappoint her father.
He started taking out the stretcher without closing it first and it was quite painful at the least. He then took a 10”long and 2” think dildo with a very tiny stool and put it in her ass. ‘You will wear this for the rest of the week slut. 3” stretch should make you feel shame. Pathetic slut! I will flog your cunt till you start crying and then some! Don’t you fucking let that dildo out or I will make it bleed!’
He strapped her arms, legs and body to the bed, she was immobile and afraid. He displayed such rage as he took a heavy flogger and started flogging her cunt, hard. It wasn’t long before she started begging him to stop and started crying. But he wasn’t about to let her off that easy. ‘Keep that dildo in, slut! Or you will be sorry!’ He flogged her for what seemed like forever, but in reality, it was about 50 floggings. In the end she was sobbing pretty hard, her make up was running down her face.
It was almost 8 am and she had to go to her orientation. He unstrapped her, and said ‘Get up slut. Put on your clothes and leave the chastity belt off. I want everyone to see this red cunt of yours. I will be seeing you once a week here in my office and you will report progress on your education, understand? And don’t forget to practice sucking that dildo every day. I will know if you don’t, we have cameras everywhere, even in the bathrooms. Slaves have no privacy here so you better fucking do your homework. I want to see you wearing a dildo while working out and tightening your butt muscles to keep it in. Do I make myself clear?!’ ‘Y-yes, S-sir’ ‘Now go, and don’t you dare clean that face or cover that cunt. I want everyone to know what a pathetic slut you are.’ ‘Yes, Sir’, she said as she left the office to go to her orientation, her ass very full and her pussy very sore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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