Ripley’s Faerm

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Chapter 3: The girls kick it up 3 notches when Ripley’s uncle dies and leaves her a small farm. It helps to read the first two stories but this one could stand on its own.

As she unlocked the front gate, Ripley still could not believe her uncle Bobby had left his farm to her. Most of the family assumed it would go to one of his sisters. Ripley could only assume it had something to do with some old fight between him and his 3 sisters. He was the black sheep of the family for most of Ripley’s childhood and her mother never spoke with her brother much until he had a stroke and ended up in asserted living and then a nursing home after the next stroke. Ripley only truly got know him after the first stroke. She went with her mother to see him once and ended up hitting it off with him. After that she would drop in to visit him every week for an hour or two.

He was an extrovert like herself and the 100% opposite of his sisters. He never spoke of what happened between him and his sisters but he did let her in on all the dirty family secrets her mother and aunts would never speak of. The second stroke left him unable to speak but he could still write short notes and she would read to him doing her weekly visits. He died just before one of her weekly visits. The nursing home staff give her a letter he had left her tell her how much she had meant to him in the last 2 years. The letter the staff explained had taken him two weeks to dictate and one of the volunteer staff had typed it up for him.

The reading of the will almost started a new family fight, being a lifelong bachelor he had no kids to carry on the farming or leave the place too. She was named sole heir and his sister were left one dollar apiece so they could not contest the will. There was a private letter asking her not to allow his sister to remove anything from the house. They he explained had shunned him in life so they had no business poking around in his life after he was gone.

A week later when she had lunch with her mother and aunts they all were sucking up to her trying to get her to let them in the house. She told them she had not even seen the house yet so she was not going to discuss anything until then.

The farm house looked about the same as she remembered it from Easter time visits to see the new baby animals when she was kid. The house was in good shape thanks to the farmer that was renting the land agreeing to keep it maintained as part of the rent. She had already agreed to let Brent keep renting the land and she was here today to see if she wanted to move into the house or rent it out. If she moved out here she would have the old dairy barn, workshop and 10 acres of woods and pasture that were not part of the land lease.

The house was the same on the inside as it was years ago. The downstairs had 1 ½ baths and a bedroom that must have been her uncles. The upstairs had 3 bedrooms and a bath. There was third floor walkup attic but the door did not open and Ripley assumed the wood frame was just warped. After bring the bag she packed for the weekend inside she went out to the barn. The dairy equipment was still in place and she marveled at how clean it all looked even after been unused for a decade. The walls were covered in glazed tile and everything metal was stainless steel. Overhead glass tubing led from the milking area to the tank room.

In the milking area she played with the head gate system that would hold the cows in place while they were milked. A lever on the side moved two panels together that would trap the cow’s neck so they could not pull their heads back once it was closed. She tried to fit her head thru with the gate shut and it just fit, but she thought if she padded the opening the gate would work just fine on a human size head. Behind the milking parlor were animal stalls and the staircase leading to the hay loft. The loft was mostly empty now just a couple dozen left over bales and some misc. equipment her uncle had stored up there.

The workshop was the next place she visited. The side door was locked and she had to go back to the house for the key. Once inside she was shocked how much wood and metal working tools her Uncle had. Better than half the building was taken up with tools. The other half had her uncle’s old pickup and the small red tractor she remembered from her younger days. The tractor and truck were in good shape and looked like they would just need some fresh fuel and new batteries. The tools were the thing she was must excited about, the visit to the barn had given her several ideas for some bondage fun and here were the tools to make it possible. Arc welder, torch, metal lathe and what she was sure was a milling machine. The woodworking tools were just as impressive. She was ready to move out here when she saw the house and barn. Now she was committed to making this her new home.

The rest of the weekend she made an inventory of the house and boxed up what was left of her uncle’s canlı bahis personal stuff. Monday morning she called Rachel and a group of her friends to set up a bonfire party at her new house. She figured she could twist a couple of her friends arms into helping her move some stuff around and get some cheap advise on how to fix the house up so it was at least up to late 20th century level. ( the pink and green tile in the bathrooms had to go)

One of her friends Topanga, she arranged to come early Saturday morning to help her get the tractor and truck running. Topanga was 6′ 1″ with all the curves God had to give a woman. All thru high school she had driven every boy nuts with her short skirts and tight sweaters. The fact she also was a class “A” gearhead that built her own hot rod even before she got her drivers permit just about made her the most perfect girl on the planet as far as high school boys knew. Following her love of cars she majored in automotive engineer at collage and final come out of the closet as a lesbian much to the sorrow of boys everywhere. She did R&D for some aftermarket performance company now but Topanga still got her hands greasy every chance she could and more than once she would ride along with her friends when they had to get their cars worked on just to screw with dishonest repair shops. When Ripley had told her about the 1950’s Ford truck and the old tractor she had volunteered to help even before Ripley asked.

Rachel arrived Friday night and she showed her around the next morning. They were in the milking parlor playing around when Topanga arrived. Ripley heard her drive in just as she shut the head gate around Rachel’s neck. They had wrapped the gate bars with some old towels to decrease the gap. “Don’t go anywhere Rachel, I think I heard someone come in.” Then she was out the door.

“Wait! Don’t leave me like this” Rachel cried as she fought to pull her head loose. She fought even harder when she heard Ripley return with Topanga. She just knew her face was bright red as Topanga stopped in the doorway and took in the sight of her bent over in the milking stall with her oversize tee shirt hanging down so her breast were showing. The idea of her as human cow waiting to be milked popped in her head and she tried again to pull her head out even as she felt herself growing damp from the image.

“Well what do we have here? I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” Topanga said as she walk over to Rachel and step behind her to enjoy the view from the back. Which was a very good view she thought. Add a spreader bar top keep her legs open and a great deal of fun could be had she thought.

Rachel could not believe Ripley was letting Topanga see her like this. “Ok we all have had a laugh somebody let me out of this thing”

“O I think you look cute like this Rachel, I bet Ripley has had her turn or is dying to try it out for herself.”

“I had my turn first. It is my place you know.” Ripley said. “Rachel I will let you out as soon as you give me a couple good Moo’s”

Rachel was not about to say Moo but than Topanga give her a slap on her ass and told her to Moo like a good cow. She broke after the fourth hard slap and Mooed a couple times. She was sure the two of them could smell her arousal and wanted out before somebody got any other ideas. Ripley final opened the gate and the three of them moved over to the workshop to see the truck.

As the day went on more and more people showed up to help, by time evening rolled around the furniture Ripley was not keeping was out of the house and both the truck and tractor were purring like kittens. A couple of the guys found a hay wagon behind the barn and stacked some of the old bales of straw on it for a hay ride later that night. By the time it got dark and the fire was lit Ripley had lost track of the number people that had showed up.

That night was one of the best parties she had been too or thrown herself. Rachel was not the only one that ended up trapped in the milking stall. At one point all 6 stalls had somebody trapped in them and some spanking worked its way into the fun as night went on. Topanga even tried it and with her long legs she had to bend over more than most people and she seemed to enjoy it when Rachel took a couple swings at her bottom with a ping pong paddle.

The next day before leaving Topanga asked Ripley what she had planned to do with the workshop tools. She expressed an interest in buying them and maybe the truck. Ripley told her she was going hold on to them for a while and she was free to use them if she would showed her and Rachel how to use some of them.

Once it was just Ripley and Rachel the two of them went back to exploring the farm. The amount of stuff uncle Bobby had stashed away was impressive. It was Rachel that found a trunk full of leather tools and buckles in the workshop. Some of the sewing needles in the trunk looked like they were for a sewing machine. After some more bahis siteleri poking they found the heavy duty leather and canvas sewing machine up in the rafters stored in its original box.

“Ripley we could make our own bondage equipment with this thing. It can’t be any harder than those horrible antique we had to use in school. I am pretty good with my mom’s Singer but it can’t handle anything heavy.”

“Hell with all this equipment we can build anything we want. My dad had a fair woodshop in the garage and he taught me how to use them. With Topanga help we can learn how to use the metal tools and I don’t think anything is going to beyond us.”

By the time to leave for the week rolled around they had decided they would both stay at the farm on weekends and work on redecorating the house so Ripley could move in when her lease was up in two months. The next three weeks were spent solely on painting and stripping wallpaper. Ripley decided to use what was the downstairs bed room as an office. The three upstairs bedrooms one was hers and one was Rachel’s for when she stayed over and the last was a guest room.

The ceiling light in the center of the guest room was broken and need to have new wires run to it. To do that they need to get into the attic but the door was still stuck shut. Rachel got the idea to run a thin blade around the door to find the part that was sticking before Ripley attacked the door with pry bars. The only spot she could not get around was only an inch wide and seemed to be a bolt of some kind. The door had a hidden latch! After searching all around the frame they found the release. Ripley went up first and could not believe what she found when she turned on the lights. “Rachel you are not going to believe this”

“I will believe anything just keep moving so I see what you are talking about.” She said as she shoved Ripley up the last two steps.

Uncle Bobby had built a BDSM playroom in his attic. There were eye bolts everywhere and rows of straps and rope neatly stored along one wall. The spanking bench in the center of the room was amazing. It looked like it was solid oak with real red leather covered top. Even after looking closer Ripley had a hard time finding the joints in the wood. Everything in the room was top shelf quality. There was no doubt in her mind Bobby had made all this himself. This was secret that must lie at the heart of the family feud. If her mother or aunts had found this room they would have destroyed it all. He could have had someone clean this room out years ago but had left it intact for her to find, by leave the place to her he trusted her with his greatest secret. Several stories he had told her and questions he asked made more sense now. He was testing her to see if she was as closed minded as her mother and aunts. Thank God she was not or she would never have inherited all this. The bondage table she was looking at would have cost 4 or 6 grand if not more in today’s market. She was just starting to think how she could get Rachel up on the table when a leather strap wrapped around her body trapping her arms to her sides.

“I know that look and I figured I should get you before you get me. It’s payback for locking me in the head stock before the party. Topanga was way too interested in me bent over like that. Your mine for the next couple hours”

Ripley was stunned but was more than ok with Rachel playing Domme. She did not waste anytime find a set of waist cuff and after they were on she loosed the belt just enough that she could pull Ripley’s arms behind her back. Next she stripped her of her pants and panties and added ankle cuffs. She than lead her over to the X cross and strapped her legs in first than her arms. After making sure she was secure she released one arm at a time and removed her shirt. Being naked felt pretty good as the attic was very warm. Rachel than did a striptease down to just her panties ( no bra that day). After that she went looking to see what toys she could find. Ripley struggled and managed to gain some slack before Rachel return.

When Rachel returned she was surprised to find Ripley had somehow gained some slack in the chains. When she went to tight them she saw how they went clear thru the beam and on the other side was a ratchet assembly for tighten the chains. A couple pulls on the levers and Ripley was once again pulled tight. A couple more and she was pulled even tighter. When she came back around to face her Ripley was breathing faster and her eyes were wide like a deer in car’s headlights. Ripley’s labia were already swollen and the attic was thick with the smell of her arousal. (Some of it was hers as she felt her panties grow damper). She had hoped to find some kind of vibrator to tease her friend with but all she found were metal and wood dildos and butt plugs. There were some nipple clips in one drawer but they all looked small and had wicked looking teeth. She ended up picking a dildo with a handle on one end bahis şirketleri and a leather riding crop.

“Ripley I don’t think your uncle was straight. All the stuff I found was more for men than women. But I think we can have fun with what I found” She said as she laid the toys down in a line so Ripley could see them. She them went behind her and tighten the chains two more clicks. Ripley body was now tight as a bow string and she was ready to say her safety word Yellow so Rachel would relax the chains. But before she could Rachel come face to face with her and grasped the sides of her head and kissed her. They had played around before and kissed closed mouth but this was an open mouth passionate kiss. Ripley was taken back by what was happening, as she kissed her back and their tongues tangled. The kiss was clumsy and sweet at the sometime. As she warmed up to the kiss Rachel hands slipped down her body. One stopped at her breasts as the other went lower.

Ripley felt the hand at her breast, rubbing and pinch her nipples until they were rock hard. The hand below was pushing downwards on her area just above her pussy and then repeating the same motion again and again. She was not touching her pussy but Ripley could feel her clit expanding. When the pushing stopped Rachel pulled one finger upwards thru her labia and over her excited clit. The feeling was almost enough to set her off and she waited for her to repeat it again. But she stepped back and licked her wet finger like a Popsicle, then turned towards the pile of toys. She went straight for the riding crop.

They had never done impact play and Ripley was nervous as Rachel started dragging the crop tip over her body. The first couple hits were more pressing the tip than striking her with it. The hits when they came were aimed for the sides of her breast and never the nipples. Then she started targeting her legs and butt. When the first blow landed on her pussy it should have hurt but thanks to the warm up and her own mind the hit was pleasurable and she tried to arch herself into the following blow but she was too tightly held. The next 15 min were a wakeup call for Ripley. She never thought she would enjoy impact play beyond a light spanking. Her skin felt hot and sensitive but the impact of the crop her brain was turning into pleasure. Rachel would warm an area first with slaps of the flat of the crop and then work in a strike or two with just the tip. The sharp pain of the tip seems to go straight to her clit no matter where the blow landed.

Ripley hung from the cross and watched her friend walk over to the pile of toys and lay the crop down. Rachel seemed like a different person to her right now. The image of Rachel walking around her striking her with the crop while smiling at her, the sweat from the hot attic gleaming on her naked body was going to be with her forever. They had played with tying each other up over the last couple months and even give each other orgasm with vibrators. But this was a whole new level and where in the hell did she learn how to use a riding crop like that! Ripley was staring at her ass checks when Rachel turned around holding a thick dildo. The dildo was about 12 inches long and looked huge to Ripley’s eyes.

“Ok you have been a very good slave but we need to get out of this attic before we get heat stroke. But before we do, does someone need to Cum?”

Ripley nodded her head but Rachel did not move, she said yes, please, but Rachel just stood there stoking the dildo in her hand. The fire inside her felt like it would consume her as she begged for her friend to use the dildo on her. Final she thought to beg Mistress Rachel to fuck her with the dildo.

Rachel stood and stroked the heavy wooden dildo waited for Ripley to figure out what to say. She still did not think of herself as a lesbian but she had enjoyed playing and working her friend up. She knew if she took control Ripley would just go with it never expecting to be pushed as far as things had gone. Ripley’s eyes were on fire with need as she strained against the bonds. Ripley had no idea she had bought a riding crop a couple weeks before and had been practicing with it on sheets of newspaper hanging from a clothes line. It had been an impulse buy and she had not really had a plan on how to use it before today. The one she found in the toy chest was a much nicer crop. The leather tip was soft and flexible from what was most likely years of use and the shaft was wood vs the cheap fiberglass one she had at home. She had only thought to tease her with it but after seeing the effect it had she worked her friend’s body over some more. When Ripley started to arch herself into the blows and she could see tremors in her belly and she moaned like she had a vibrator inside her Rachel was dumbstruck. When she stopped and went to get the dildo from the table she found herself swinging her hips like she was in heels. The look on Ripley’s face when she turned around struck her right away. She was looking at her with so much lust. The line they had been dancing around for months was broken. She knew if she let her go right now Ripley would have her pinned in seconds and she would let her do it.

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