Quick Toy Time

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She laid on the bed, fresh from a long bath, and listened to the water running as her boyfriend took his time shaving and showering. She had shaved herself, totally, and was hoping that he was doing the same thing. As she lay there, dreaming about his smooth, hairless skin, she became increasingly aroused. So she opened the bedside table and pulled out her slim vibrator. It was thin and blue and not her favorite, but it was just enough to polish her off while she fantasized.

She lay on her back, with her head near the side of the bed, flicking her nipples with one hand, while the other hand teased her pussy lips open with the vibrator. It was set on a low speed and the humming sound was barely audible over the noise coming from the bathroom. As she became damp, her pussy opened and got very red. She ran the vibrator up and down the length of her slit, pausing over her clit, and then again at her anus. The stimulation was so good. She could feel herself starting to loosen up.

Then she heard the water stop and the shower door open. She knew he was stepping out without drying off. He said he loved to feel the chill of the air conditioner on his skin. But she knew that he really loved her to dry him with her tongue. He came into the bedroom then, and walked over to stand beside her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri head. He chuckled when he saw the toy in her hand. “Just couldn’t wait for me?” he asked.

In answer, she reached up and ran her hand over his scrotum, feeling how soft it was without all that hair on it. She grinned, and stuck her tongue out. The tip of it caught a drop of water that was about to fall from his cock. He moaned as he watched her and leaned forward. Her tongue made contact with his skin then, teasing, licking, warming him. He knelt on the bed, next to her head.

She turned then, and took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue moving around the head. Her teeth scraping over it lightly. She pulled it out and used her tongue to tease the slit, sipping at the drops that were forming there. Then, with one hand at the base of his cock, she began to move her mouth up and down the length of him, sucking and moaning. It was driving him wild, and he began to thrust his hips, pushing deeper into her throat.

As she sucked him, she was moving her toy in and out of her wet pussy. He was watching her movements, and wanted to help. So he moved a hand to her clit and began to circle it slowly. She moaned around his cock in approval, so he quickened his pace. She began to move güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her hips then, pushing up against his hand. Pushing the vibrator inside herself, over and over again.

His hips were moving faster now, thrusting his cock deep into her throat. She could taste him and knew he was on the edge. She began to move her hand at the base of his cock, up and down in time with his thrusts. And she felt his balls crawl up next to her hand as he began to cum, grunting and moaning. She swallowed as much as she could, but couldn’t keep up with him. He was breathing hard and his face was red. He said, “Damn baby! That was amazing,” and then he leaned down to kiss her.

“Now, lets see what we can do for you!”

He took the vibrator from her then, and moved between her legs. He moved the tip to tease her pussy while his other hand found her clit again. Then he pushed the toy inside of her and held it, while his tongue found her clit. He sucked it lightly, and teased it with his tongue. And when she begged him to do it harder, he bit her there. And she screamed because it felt so amazing. Then his tongue moved to tease her ass. Licking, probing, making her squirm. All the while, the vibe was deep inside her, building her to a certain climax. Her freshly shaved güvenilir bahis şirketleri skins was so sensitive. His wet, hot tongue was making her crazy.

Just as she felt an orgasm starting, he moved to his knees between her legs. He pulled the wet toy from her pussy and pushed it against her anus. Gently, he moved it inside her, inch by inch, allowing her to adjust to it, while he worked two fingers into her pussy. His thumb grazed her clit with each thrust of fingers. And she bucked up against his hands as she came. “Ohmygod..that feels so amazing!” He just grinned and pulled his hand away from her wet tunnel.

His cock was hard again and he easily pushed it into her pussy as he increased the speed on the vibrator. The double penetration made her so tight. He loved the way the toy felt against his cock as he moved in and out of her. She was moaning and mumbling now, overcome with feelings and hanging on the edge of another orgasm. She moved a hand between them and found her clit. And that was all it took. Her pussy began to spasm, squeezing his cock. She was calling his name and begging him to do it harder. He was pounding into her and trying to keep the toy inside her as well. She was thrusting herself up to meet him and their frantic movements dislodge the vibrator as they both came, hard. Panting, exhausted, he rolled off of her and laid beside her. She put her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat as it slowed to normal again.

And then she giggled, as she realized that the vibrator was still running, laying somewhere in the tangled, wet sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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