Perv at the pool party (not)

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Perv at the pool party (not)
I heard about the party – it sounded more like an orgy. It wasn’t that long ago that I knew nothing about sex, being a life-long solo-sex voyeur pervert wanker. But the Internet changed all that.

It also told me about this latest swingers party, and all the girls who’d be heading there in skimpy outfits and probably undress and let the men do stuff (yeah I know it’s not like that nowadays – the girls are just as up for it too).

Now of course I don’t want to see them actually doing stuff – that makes me SO uncomfortable when I come across it on the Internet by accident. I’ve never ‘gone’ with girls or anything to do with that at all – I only need to look to get all the sex pleasure I need. But only at girls, not at them doing stuff.

I had a plan. Just where the canlı bahis cabs were gonna park and everybody would walk out along the pavement to the pool club place, there was a window where I’d be in my rainmac, and I’m sure I was gonna get a good view. A ‘good view’ is how pervs like me get our sex pleasure.

I hadn’t been there two minutes, adjusting my mac so I could get my hand through the pocket and then through the pocket in my wank-trousers and get ready to ogle, when She walked by. Oh my god, such a skimpy top, such a short skirt, such a curvy girl, so pretty, so bosomy, so leggy – and She was out of view, just like that.

That wouldn’t do, I needed at least two minutes to ogle till She made me cum in my pants. So I had to go outside, looked around, and, perfect, there was a bus perabet giriş stop. I’d hang around there and keep my mac done up.

Two or three rubs and I was stiff, ready and waiting. And then there She was. Goddess. My eyes must have been out on stalks, and there’s nothing I can do about it, I know my mouth just drops open, but I’m a helpless gawping perv, totally spell-bound by a girlie-goddess.

She’s got a tightish top with quite a deep ‘V’ and She bulges out of it like a wanker’s dream – and I’m a wanker! Her shapely hips splay out Her short pleated skirt and She is OH so leggy. Ohhh! Make that OHHH! OHHH! OHHH!

And then I realise that’s the noise I’m making as She makes me cum in my pants, just like that, my knob pumping and pumping and making my head and shoulders perabet güvenilir mi jerk forward in time to the shots, and unfortunately also in time to the shots are my pathetic cries of perv ecstasy as She makes me do it all in my pants, emptying my balls in pervert ecstasy just at the lovely, lovely sight of Her. OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..

She hears my pitiful perv noises and looks round, curious, but all She can see is an old man in his mac, even though it’s a very warm evening, and he seems to be in some distress, shuddering and moaning.

“Are you alright?” She asks in such a kindly voice, “are you ill?”
“I was, thank you for asking Miss, but I’ll be fine in a minute,” I croak, “in fact now I feel wonderful!”

She smiles and goes into the club, for what I’m sure will be a clamour of beefy guys who want to fuck Her. For me, beautiful Miss will be another lovely, lovely memory to add to my long list of girlie-goddesses who gave pervert wanker such pleasure – and I’ll wank over Her for years to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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