Payment for the Bill

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Mike waved to his neighbor across the street as he sauntered to the mailbox, “Hey Gary, garden’s coming along nicely!” Gary swung his arm up into a lazy salute and shuffled back up the driveway into the garage.

Mike whistled as he opened his mailbox. Looks like the postal service was busy this morning…He scanned through the stack of mail. Magazine, spam, spam, electric, vet reminder, spam, spam, hmmm… credit card. Let’s see what the damage is THIS month…

Mike carefully opened the letter, praying his last talk to his wife, Tracy, did the trick and she’s finally slowed down on the spending. He unfolded the document and stared in disbelief at the new balance.

Slowly, Mike folded the letter back up and slid it into the envelope. Apparently, they need to have another talk. Mike marched double-time back into the house.

He opened the front door and the sunlight streamed into the darker living room. Tracy was laying across the couch on her side, watching a cooking show. Mike smiled, “You look like a queen.”

Tracy looked up from the TV and smiled back at him, “I feel like one.”

Mike chuckled and held up the mail, “Got the mail…” Tracy nodded and shifted her attention back to the TV.

Mike’s chuckle continued in the back of his throat but Tracy didn’t notice. He lowered all the mail on the side-table but the credit card bill and walked over to sit next to Tracy.

Tracy moved her legs to make room on the couch, and Mike settled in the now vacant cushion. Tracy shifted to move into a seated position but Mike gently grabbed her legs and placed them on top of his lap. Tracy comfortably melted back into lying on her side.

Mike stroked his wife’s legs. Nice and smooth. Tan. He loved his wife. She loved him. Things were good. Could they be better? Of course… but they could be worse too. But if she didn’t stop spending their money like she was doing, things were going to be worse sooner rather than never.

He took out the credit card bill and unfolded it, and placed the bill in front of Tracy, blocking her view with the balance in her face. Mike felt her body stiffen. She knew she was in trouble again.

Tracy tried to shift her body into a sitting position again but Mike kept his hands on her thighs, pinning her legs down onto his lap. She wasn’t trapped, but the weight of his hands on her expressed an authority not to be challenged.

Tracy cleared he throat to speak, but Mike whispered, “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say…”

Tracy looked up at Mike with big, questioning eyes. She didn’t understand, what are they doing then? What does he want?

And something in Mike snapped. Looking down at her, her big brown eyes, her eyebrows furrowed unto a questioning gaze. Mike looked pensively onto his wife, “You look scared almost. Like you know you’d done wrong, which you did, and you’re awaiting some form of punishment…”

Tracy didn’t reply, as instructed.

Mike leaned down and whispered into Tracy’s ear, warmly, “And you are going to be punished. Right here. Right now, little girl.”

Tracy canlı bahis chuckled, “What are you gonna — HEY!”

Mike grabbed Tracy by the legs and pulled her body down and twisted her around, so she was lying on the couch face down, her belly resting on Mike’s lap. The motion also inched up Tracy’s skirt to reveal all of her legs, barely covering her backside.

Mike held Tracy’s writhing body with one arm while he lifted her skirt up, over her backside with his other hand, “I’m punishing you, darling. Clearly talking isn’t going to work so maybe a good spanking is in order.”

Tracy growled, “You wouldn’t!”

Mike growled back, “I’m doing it right…. Now.” And with that word, one hand slapped down on Tracy’s ass. Admittedly, a little harder than Mike would have liked to have done, but the spank smartened Tracy into lying still on his lap.

Mike rubbed Tracy’s ass where he had smacked it. Goosebumps formed across the cheek and hips. “Maybe you’ll think twice next time you pull out your card.” Mike spanked Tracy again, low on her ass. He spanked a little lighter than before, but still hard enough to make her cheek redden.

The he spanked the other cheek. Then more in the middle. Then a little higher on the left cheek. A little lower on the right. And in-between each spanking, a quick rub, to ease any pain.

After about six spankings, Mike began to realize that he was enjoying spanking Tracy. He loved watching her ass jiggle in the shock of the slap. He loved how her ass was heating up and beginning to turn pink. How her belly was laying over his lap. He even enjoyed the slight sting that was developing in his hand.

Then Mike realized that Tracy was enjoying herself too. The goosebumps spread from hip to hip. Her thighs were tight against each other and she was shifting her weight around, rocking her hips side to side. She was quiet but each little smack she let out a little whimper.

Mike sat back and loosened his grip on her arms that he had pinned. He left his hand on her ass, rubbing the pain dull. Tracy turned her head and her eyes shot daggers, but Mike also noted a hint of lust there too. “You mad at me?” He asked.

Tracy barely whispered, “Furious.”

Mike grinned, “You know what I think? I think you’re mad I stopped just now.”

Tracy scoffed and turned her head towards the TV. But she remained on his lap, her skirt bunched up at her waistline and Mike petting her ass cheek.

Mike’s fingers trailed her pantyline until it dipped inbetween her thighs. Tracy gasped and relaxed her thigh muscles enough to let Mike’s fingers slide underneath her panties and feel her… dripping, wet pussy.

Mike pulled back her panties and chuckled, “Damn, girl! I didn’t realize you liked it that much!”

Tracy shook her head, “I didn’t! I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mike dipped two fingers inside her and Tracy moaned, leaning into his fingers, attempting to get them deeper inside her. “You don’t know, huh? I suppose you were this horny before your spanking? Watching this cooking show turn you on?”

Tracy bahis siteleri looked forward once again and stretched her arms over her head, “Mmm-hmm, that’s right.”

Mike quickly pulled his fingers out and smacked Tracy’s ass, short and hard. Tracy gasped. “That’s for lying to me…” Mike growled. He spanked her again and Tracy went from a whimper to a moan

Looking at his fingers glisten with Tracy’s pussy juice gave Mike an idea. “Stick your ass up.” Tracy lifted her ass, as she was told. Mike pulled her panties down to her knees. Tracy lowered her ass back down, resting her belly on Mike’s lap comfortably. Mike growled, “I said, stick your ass up.”

Tracy thrust her ass back in the air, which gave Mike a beautiful visual of her wet pussy lips hiding underneath her rosy red ass. He dipped two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking her slowly at first but then gaining momentum until she was bucking up against his thrusting fingers. Then he pulled out his fingers, her pussy gaping open and pulsing.

He then rubbed his fingers against her ass, wetting her ass cheeks with her own sweet juices. Then smacked her ass. The sting of the spanking, on a wet ass cheek made Tracy groan and she lifted her ass higher into the air.

Mike dipped his fingers into Tracy’s puss again. Finger-fucking until Tracy was at the brink of cumming — and then smearing his fingers on her ass and smacking her cheeks twice.

Mike went back and forth from finger-fucking to spanking until Tracy’s ass was as high as possible, with her tits resting on his lap. Her ass cheeks were a flaming red and goose-bumpy.

Tracy turned her head up to look at Mike, her eyes glassy with desire. Her facial cheeks were almost as red as her ass-cheeks and she was practically panting, breathing from her open mouth.

Wordlessly. Mike unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Tracy grabbed his large, swollen dick with one hand and licked the pre-cum ooze dripping from his cockhead. She licked the purple head of his dick, swirling it around his tongue to savor every drop of the pre-cum and drooling down his shaft. Then, like a good hungry little wife, she swallowed every bit of his seven inches, all the way to the base, opening up her throat in the back.

Mike fingered Tracy’s clit, ignoring her aching, hungry hole. He knew she preferred finger fucking to clit-rubbing, but he was being greedy. Fuck, he’s allowed to be greedy. Tracy needs to learn a lesson.

Tracy wiggled her ass, grunting against his cock. He knew she wanted his two fingers inside her puss again, but he continued lazily fingering her clit and rubbing her outer lips together, enjoying how they slicked back and forth against each other.

Tracy was giving a fucking blue ribbon prize of a blow-job though, playing every cock-pleasing play in the book. From deep-throating to ball licking, she was doing it all. Mike wasn’t sure if she was trying to get him to cum in her mouth or not. And as much as he loved cumming down her throat, filling her tummy up with his semen, he wasn’t done with her ass.

Mike licked his bahis şirketleri thumb and started playing with her little rosebud. Tracy moaned into his lap, and wiggled her ass in response to his caresses. Mike slipped his fingers into her pussy and rubbed her asshole with her juices. Once her ass and his thumb were lubed enough, Mike slowly slid his thumb into Tracy’s anus.

Tracy lazily sucked on Mike’s cock, enjoying the sensation of her ass being stretched and teased. She licked the shaft and jacked off his cock with her hand while Mike pumped his thumb in and out of her anus. Mike growled, “Go deep one more time baby. Get my cock nice a drooly so I can slide it in your ass.”

Tracy smiled and lowered her mouth on his cock one more time, pushing his cock down her throat, then opening up her throat so her nose was buried in his balls, his cock fully enveloped in her mouth and throat. Mike groaned and shuddered. Tracy lifted back up, and a trail of spit linked her tongue to Mike’s cockhead.

Mike smiled. “Good girl… Now give me that ass baby.”

Tracy practically leapt in the air, flipping around and leaning into the sofa armrest, he ass proudly presented in the air.

Mike got on one knee and stroked his cock against Tracy’s ass crack, he dipped his cock a couple times in Tracy’s puss, and Tracy tried to push his cock deep inside her vagina, but Mike was still in a lesson-teaching mood. He only fucked her puss enough to lube up his cock in a mixture of her spit and her cum and then he placed the tip of his cock against Tracy’s anus.

Mike slowly pushed in, until his cockhead popped inside Tracy’s asshole. Then he stood still, allowing Tracy time to adjust to the sensation. Tracy groaned and slowly rolled her ass, accommodating his cock head. After a short time, Tracy began pushing back, pushing against Mike, pushing Mike’s cock deeper and deeper inside her ass until her asscheeks were pressed against his pelvis.

Tracy whispered, “Do me Mike” and Mike started slowly thrusting in and out of Tracy’s ass. His cock lengthened, and hardened inside her tight, velvety asshole. Her ass felt so fucking amazing.

Tracy growled, “Harder!” and Mike began pounding Tracy’s ass, grabbing her and lifting her up by her hips. His balls slapped against the backs of Tracy’s legs. Tracy spread her legs wide and Mike’s balls began slapping her swollen pussy lips.

Mike felt close, felt the urge coming to orgasm but he knew Tracy was closer. And sure enough, Tracy began an unintelligible whimper. He felt her legs tense up and shake as her empty, pussy orgasmed alone and her ass was taking the pounding.

Then Tracy screamed, “Fuck yes! Fuck your bad girl!” And Mike was done for. He pulled out just as he released a huge, hot load on Tracy’s ass and back.

Tracy fell against the couch, panting, her red sweaty ass coated in Mike’s cum. Mike rubbed the last droplet of cum off his tender cockhead and onto Tracy’s thigh and whispered, “Stop using the fucking credit card, or else.” Mike got up, proudly sauntering away from his crumpled mess of a wife. But if he turned around and saw Tracy’s face, he would have seen his wife displaying a very impish grin.

The next day, Tracy was seen loading the trunk of her car with multiple shopping bags full of brand new purchases.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20