Part 4 Saturday movies

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Part 4 Saturday movies
Part 4 Saturday movies.

Saturday morning waking up after a good nights sleep, with a throbbing hard morning glory cock as the moment I opened my eyes I was looking forward to spending time with my naughty girlfriend at the mall. Off to the bathroom I went and straight away hopped into the shower. With warm water running over my body I started stroking my hard cock, thinking and imagining it being deep in Candice’s wet pussy, fucking her rough and hard as she lay on her back and as I’m about to cum I pull out and shoot my load over her sexy tits. With these thoughts as I stroked my cock, I shot my cum onto the shower floor relieving the pressure of my morning glory and getting the day off to a good start.

Soon dressed, I headed down to the kitchen,greeting my family and having breakfast with them. After breakfast and tidying up it was time that my mom took me to be dropped off at the mall. The anxiety of seeing my girlfriend grew as we drove and soon I was at the mall. Texting Candice to find out where she was and soon she replied say that she had also arrived and too meet at the movies. Mike and Tarryn were too already here and soon we had all met up up, exchanging hugs and kisses, greeting each other before deciding on what movie we should watch. As we debated on a movie it was clear that all 4 of us was in a mood for something more fun than just sitting in a cinema. It was Tarryn that made the suggestion of, ” shall we skip the movie and have some fun?” “What fun exactly, are you referring too,” I asked and as we walked away from the movies she told us her plan of to rather go try on sexy skanky clothes and take pictures to share with each other once home and in the comfort of our own beds.

We all agreed on it but Mike made the suggestion of showing each other in person as well while still at the mall and I then asked while holding Candice, ” are there gonna be naughty or naked picture selfies of you two girls together?” Candice immediately turned to look at me, and said, ” oh so you want to see Tarryn naked now as well!!?” Mike luckily backed me up and said, ” I too would love to see you sexy and Naked as well, specially next to my sexy girlfriend?”
Tarryn and Candice both chirped us a little in a naughty fun way and then agreed to what we asked as they in return ask if Mike and I would take pictures of him and I naked with our cocks hard standing next to each other, which him and I had no problem with. We also discussed to attempt to sneak into the girls fitting rooms together for some additional sexual fun. After alm the talk and plans we made our way into the first clothing shop, where Mike and I picked out the first four items of clothing for each of our girlfriends and they did the same for us.

Unfortunately as the four of us walked to the ladies fitting rooms, Mike and I got redirected to go to the men’s. The girls went in alone as Mike and I walked to ours. In we went and then into the same cubicle we entered, if anyone saw it must have looked pretty gay. From all the thoughts running through my head, as I removed my clothes, my cock was already throbbing rock hard and looking over at Mike so was he. Candice and Tarryn pick us each out tight short shorts and a tight vests, the first one for me was tight grey shorts, which almost didn’t fit. Mike had the same problem with the tightness of the shorts and with our hard throbbing cocks it was easily noticeable in the shorts. Mike and I took pics of each other for the ladies as well as one or two selfies standing next to each other with our tight shorts showing our boners. After removing the clothes we then stood next to each other, his cock in his right hand cell phone in the left my cock in my left hand and cell phone in the right and we took a picture of us standing naked next to each other. After the selfies, we then go dressed and headed out the fitting rooms to find our girlfriends, who surprisingly was waiting for us and greeted us both with a naughty kiss each before heading to the next clothing store.

Into the next clothing store we went, once again walking together we picked out the items of clothing for the girls and them for us canlı kaçak bahis before making our way to the fitting rooms. Again unfortunately we were redirected to the men’s fittings rooms and again Mike and myself entered the changing cubicle together with our throbbing hard cocks. The girls picked us black tight Jean’s, and soon Mike and I had them on. Reposition our throbbing cocks, these Jean too showed the silhouette of our cocks as we took pictures of each other too share with our girlfriends. We then undid the zipper and allowed our cock and balls to hang out for us to take a few more horny teasing pictures of our hard members. After removing the super tight jeans we stood facing each other sideways to the mirrow, each holding our cocks with one hand down and pointing it too each other and taking selfies showing the sizes of each other’s cocks. Their was a small comparison between Mike and I, me being a bit longer and him maybe a bit thicker than mine. But didn’t bother us at all. We then got dressed and headed to find our girlfriends who again greeted us with naughty grins and a sexual naughty kiss. We then decided to go to one more clothing store before finding a quiet place to show each other the pics we had taken.

In the last clothing store, of to the fitting rooms we went after just picking out tracksuit pants for us guys and yoga pants for the sexy girlfriends. Again Mike and I were directed to the men’s fitting rooms and again we sneak into the same changing cubicle to take a few final pictures. Both in tight grey tracksuit pants and the silhouette of our hard cocks were prominent once more as we took a number of sexy naughty pictures of each other with our throbbing cocks. Finishing off with the pictures Mike and I got dressed and made our way to find our girlfriends. Again greeting each other with soft naughty kisses, then we made our way to a more quiet spot in the mall where majority young teen couples hang and make out.

Standing together Mike and I both behind our girlfriends backs as we hand them our phones first. I look down at the pictures that Mike and I took on my phone as Candice swiped threw the pictures. Horny boys are you Candice said, directing it at Mike and Tarryn for a response. Tarryn replied just before Mike saying look at those hard cock in the tight pants and then I saw as Candice swiped to the next picture of Mike and I facing each other while pointing our cocks at each others bodies. “Tar, have you seen this one,” she asked as she showed Tarryn who answered not yet and then quickly swiped to find it Mike’s phone. Nice cock Mike, Candice said and then Tarryn commented you guys both have big nice cocks and we said thanks and then looked on as Candice finished looking through the pics. Handing my phone back to me as she turned around. Her lips met mine as she kissed me deep and passionately, my hands on her tight sexy ass and her right hand move to rub up and down my throbbing hard cock as we kissed. Once our lips aparted I look at her and asked if I can now see the pics the you too ladies took, and milliseconds later, “oh my gosh” came out Tarryn’s mouth.

What’s wrong asked Mike, and Tarryn then replied their are also some revealing naughty pictures of me that your friend is about to see. I replied well Mike is gonna see revealing pictures of Candice so we all in the same boat. Yeah I supposed Tarryn replied blushing and then said wait and see we were pretty naughty fun sluts in those fitting rooms. Awesome I responded can’t wait to see, and after Candice unlocked her phone and went to the pictures, she handed it to me. And Visa versa with Mike and Tarryn. The first picture I went into, the two girls were standing there in the fitness clothing, tight yoga pants and unpadded sports bra, both their sexy bellies exposed, nipples protruding slightly through the sports bra and a definite sign of their horny little pussies with a sexy glimpse of camel toe. Nice camel toe I said to Tarryn causing her to blush a bit more and Mike commented paying Candice a compliment about her sexy body. The next picture got Mike and I pretty excited, both girls were just in their yoga pants, the bahis siteleri canlı sports bras removed and their tits hanging free with their enlarged horny nipples. “You both have nice tits,” I said and Mike immediately backed me complimenting both girls tits, before heading onto the next picture, which was just the opposite on the phones….

On Candice’s phone as I looked down I saw the selfie, Tarryn with Candice’s tit in her mouth sucking on her hard nipple, where on Tarryn’s phone it was Candice with Tarryn’s tit in her mouth sucking on her hard nipple and both Mike and I said we would love to watch that as well as suck your guys nipples right now. The girls giggled and blushed as we all got hornier as we moved onto the next set of pictures. Both girls standing in the pjs. The tight white silky see through top, show the silhouette of their sexy tits and body perfectly as well as again the out lines of their wet horny pussies. The next picture was of their asses in the tight pj pants, and at this stage I wanted to spank both of them. Nice sexy ass I commented to Tarryn and Candice then asked me if I would like to touch it and I replied honestly say indeed I would. Giggling and joking a bit before moving onto the next picture which led to a number of questions as well as getting my cock even more throbbing hard. It again was a Visa versa set on the two girls phones. What I was looking at, was Candice standing behind Tarryn, who was butt naked holding Candice’s phone. Candice’s one hand on Tarryn’s boobs and the other between Tarryn’s legs teasingly covering her horny wet cunt. Mike asked, before moving onto the next picture,” do I get to see your pussy Candice in any of these pictures,” the same thought I had if I was gonna see Tarryn’s cunt and both girls laughed and then replied saying maybe…

Onto the next picture and the two girls were standing their showing the short mini dress, that just reached low enough to cover their pussies. Sexy legs and I wished to see up the dress a little further. The next pic again was a Visa versa picture, showing me Candice standing hold Tarryn’s leg that was wrapped around her waist. A veiw of Tarryn’s sexy ass showing her blue thong and just just not giving any glimpse of her pussy as yet. Sexy ass Mike and I said simultaneously to each other’s girlfriends and then moved onto the next picture. The horny sluts girlfriends of ours standing in the black miniskirts and blouse we picked out. The blouses unbuttoned and their tits just about out. Legs sexy as hell and I could easily just cum that very moment as I looked on. Onto the next teasing pic. An upskirt shot Candice took of Tarryn, showing her wet thong, “horny were you ladies” I asked and Candice turned around, placed her one hand on my cock, “extremely horny,” she said and then kissed me deeply. She massaged my balls as we kissed and I so wished I could fuck her somewhere but the mall was way to busy to even try. There was a long silence as we kissed and once our lips aparted we noticed that too was Mike and Tarryn. We asked each other when will we see each other again to relieving the sexual pressure that had built up. Tarryn again offer her house for Monday as it was the 2nd last day of our school holidays before heading back on Wednesday. Candice said awesome I’ll sleep over Sunday night and Myself and Mike said we will cycle to you in the morning again. All excited and horny we exchanged a few kisses and before we knew it the afternoon had flown by and it was time that our parents were here to fetch us. Giving our girls a goodbye kiss after walking them to their parents cars, Mike and I then made our way to our parents as we spoke about seeing each other’s girls naughty and horny in the pictures. We too discussed for me to sleep over by him on Sunday night. Saying goodbye to each other and into our parents cars we went.

As we drove, to go fetch my sister from Carry, I chatted with my mom and dad as well as asking them if I could sleep over by Mike tomorrow night, which they were ok with just as long as Tuesday I stayed home to organize all of my school books for Wednesday. All excited, I messaged Mike as well as canlı bahis Candice telling them that myside of the plans were confirmed. Candice soon replied back saying her side is too confirmed with her parents and Tarryn and a few seconds later Mike replied saying all good for Sunday and Monday. All excited and soon home with my family, we the sat chatting and had dinner together. After dinner we watched TV together in the lounge. My sister sitting next to me as I exchanged messages with Candice. Telling her how horny the pictures made me and can’t wait to have her alone. Once the movie finished we were watching mom and dad both heading to their room, and in seconds of them away my sister asked me, whispering, “what pictures?” I looked at her as I replied, ” you little bitch you sneaky looking at my phone.” ” yeah could help reading what you said about the pictures making you horny, so tell me about them?” I giggled and then started tell my sister what we did today in the mall and while telling her, I sent Candice a message asking her to please send me the picture of her and Tarryn topless in the yoga pants as well as the mini dress and blouse pictures.

Soon Candice replied sending a few of the naughty sexy pictures and asked what I’m gonna do with them. I replied telling her I’m gonna stroke my throbbing hard cock and release the pressure in my balls while looking at them. As I awaited Candice’s reply I showed my sister the first pic, Candice and Tarryn standing topless together with just yoga pants on. ” they both real sexy and have nice boobs,” replied my sister. My cock instantly hard as I went into the next picture, it was the one of them in the short dress, where Tarryn’s leg was lift up and around Candice’s waist showing her sexy leg up to her sexy ass. “That’s hot,” my sister commented and I then received a reply from Candice saying I must please send her a picture of me playing with my throbbing hard cock. My cock was hard but with my sister next to me a was a bit hesitant to whip it out and take a pic until she said, ” go on, take a picture of your cock and send it to your girlfriend, it’s not like I haven’t seen your cock of late. And that you havent seen me naked of late.” Very true I thought specially playing that game with her and carry, her and I both saw each other bodies completely naked and therefore I took my hard cock out while sitting next to my sister and took a picture of me playing with it to send to my girlfriend.

As awaiting Candice reply, I then showed my sister the upskirt picture of Tarryn in her wet blue thong, “very hot,” my sister said and then I watched her slip her hand under her pants. “Are you really gonna play with yourself now while next to me,” I asked. And all she replied, do you mind? I thought about it briefly and answered, guess not as I like us having an open fun relationship where we can share everything. I then whipped out my cock once more and started jerking myself off. Candice replied sending a picture, a picture of her with two fingers in her wet horny pussy, I handed my sister my phone for her to have a good look as I quickly got myself tissues. Sitting next to my sister again stroking my cock as she handed me the phone back. She moaned as I saw her legs stiffen up, and my cock exploded as u shot my cum into the tissues while listening to my sister orgasm next to me on the couch. After I finished cumming I took a picture of the cum soaked tissue and sent it to Candice saying thank for making me cum my baby. My sister then gave me a kiss on the cheek and said thank you for sharing those sexy pictures with me they got me really horny looking at you hot girlfriend and friend. You welcome I said and my sister and I smile at each other and a few minutes later we ended the night and headed to the quiet of our own rooms.

In bed I message Candice saying good night, and a few seconds later I recieved her reply saying sweet dreams. As I closed my eyes all I could see was the picture she sent me of her fingering her wet cunt. My cock instantly started to throb again. Grabbing my cock with my left hand and slowly stroking up and down my shaft while going in to look once more at the sexy naughty pictures my girlfriend sent me. With the thoughts of wanting to fuck her badly in mind the pressure soon grew in my balls and it was not long till I grabbed tissues and shot my hot load out of my cock and the day of sexual fun.

End of part 4

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