our neighbor 2

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our neighbor 2
This is not my story.I found it on another site and liked so I’m sharing it. I’m not the Author.

Pamela rang our doorbell and Debbie went to let her in. As they walked by me I heard my wife telling Pamela that she was so pleased that she had agreed to feed her sisters two miniature poodles while she and her sister were in Portland for the weekend.

“Gary can’t be trusted,” she chuckled. “Besides, he has trouble sleeping when I am out of town, so don’t be surprised if you find him crashed on our sofa. He says he can’t sleep in our bed when I am not there,” she laughed. “Poor dear has to take my sleeping pills to sleep when I am gone. Of course he stays up all night on the computer so it’s really no surprise he has to take my pills,” she laughed.

Pamela was listening intently as my wife droned on and on about this and that. She was attentive but clearly uneasy with social interaction. She blushed frequently and rarely looked Debbie in the eye, choosing to look downward instead.

“If you can feed the two little buggers and maybe play ball with them a little. They love to fetch things. And don’t worry about bothering Gary. Like I said, once he takes one of my sleeping pills, you could sit on his face and he wouldn’t wake up,” she giggled. Pamela blushed bright red at that comment.

“I am serious; they affect him like they affect me. He takes one of those pills and I mean it’s lights out baby,” she giggled. “So come in here and I will show you where the dog food and everything is,” Debbie said as she pointed the way to our kitchen.

I could not get over how Pamela dressed. Baggy old style Bermuda shorts which came down to her knees, socks under her sandals and a baggy sweatshirt easily two sizes too big for her with the sleeves rolled up. Couple all that with large black framed glasses, an overbite, a large nose with her hair pulled tightly back in her standard pony tail.

I was certain she had never been laid, let alone gone on a date of any kind. Being home schooled, it was no wonder she was seriously lacking in social skills. I doubted even awkward Jason, our lawn boy, would be interested. Plus if Pamela ever got a look at Jason’s huge cock, she would probably scream and run.

But a deal was a deal. Debbie had gone through with our little test of Pamela’s dad Ralph, and gotten a mouthful of thick cum in the process, so I had to live up to my end of the deal and see what would transpire with Pamela.

I was convinced it would not be nearly as exciting a time as my wife had with Ralph.

The two girls came back through where I was sitting watching TV. “So any questions Pamela?” Debbie asked.

“Ah no, I don’t think so,” came Pamela’s timid reply.

“You know Gary, don’t you? I mean I am not sure if you two have ever been introduced,” Debbie said, prompting me to stand up and extend my hand toward the slightly hunched over red faced Pamela.

“Hi Pamela, it’s nice to meet you,” I said with a smile.

Pamela feebly shook my hand and mumbled, “Nice to meet you,” as she blushed and avoided eye contact. I found myself wondering if my wife and Sherri did a makeover on Pamela, if that would help. I mean her legs looked ok. What I could see of them between the bottoms of her baggy shorts and the tops of her socks. She did have long legs, that much I could tell. I could not tell if she had tits. Between her over sized sweatshirt and her constantly hunching over it was hard to say.

She was not entirely unattractive, even with her overbite. I wondered if she had ever tried contacts so she could lose those black framed glasses. And while her nose was rather large for her face, I have seen larger ones. Perhaps with makeup and some changes to her wardrobe, I wondered.

“Sis is getting a lube, oil and filter on her car and we will leave this afternoon. If you could come over tonight and just feed them, and then tomorrow maybe stick around and play with them a little after you feed them. She feeds them in the morning and in the evening,” Debbie explained.

“I can do that,” was Pamela’s response as she headed toward the door.

That evening I stayed in my downstairs office and could hear Pamela upstairs taking care of the dogs. It sounded like she was tossing a ball around a little for them. After a while it grew silent and I went back upstairs. My plan for Pamela would take place in the morning.

I was up early the next day and placed a half empty glass of water and Debbie’s sleeping pills on the table beside the sofa. I also wrote a note telling Pamela that I had taken a sleeping pill at about 8:00 that morning, so she did not have to worry about disturbing me. I scrawled the last part of the note, saying the pill was already starting to work.

I debated about leaving my shorts on or not and finally decided since I normally sleep in the nude to do the same on the sofa. I activated my cameras and pulled the lightweight throw over me.

Trying to decide what to reveal to Pamela güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when she came in was my next dilemma and after experimenting I ultimately decided to arrange the throw so if she knelt down a little she would be able to see the head of my cock. I figured she would either run away or avoid me or perhaps she just might stare. I doubted she had ever seen one before unless her dad had exposed himself at some time.

Having settled myself, I laid back and waited. Soon, I heard the key in the door. I knew what my wife had gone through with Ralph and found my heart was beating faster, which surprised me.

I had my arm over my eyes, but could see a little under where my arm rested. At a point, I spotted the socks walk closer to me.

She was obviously reading my note. “Gary, ah Gary are you asleep?” she muttered quietly.

I don’t think she could see the head of my cock from where she was standing. She could however see my leg outside the blanket and if she was curious at all, she could easily bend over a little and see it.

I saw the socks walking away. I heard the dogs yapping and heard the can opener. Then silence. Soon I saw the socks come back into my narrow view.

“Gary,” she said a little louder this time. “Gary are you awake?”

She moved a little and I wondered if she was trying to see under the throw. I just could not be sure. Then I was shocked to feel her hand on my shoulder. She shook me slightly and repeated, “Gary, Gary, are you awake? I am here to feed the dogs,” she announced louder than before.

She disappeared for a moment and I was shocked to feel a miniature poodle plopped on my chest. It only stayed for a second before peeling out and jumping down. Soon another poodle or perhaps the same one was dropped in my chest. This one too jumped immediately down. I heard the ball being bounced nearby.

She could have just as easily playing with the dogs in the kitchen area or the dining room or any number of other available rooms, but she chose to play with them where I was sleeping. I began to suspect something just might happen.

After having a poodle dropped on me several more times and hearing Pamela repeatedly ask me if I was awake, I heard her putting the dogs back in their kennel cage.

I waited and soon saw the socks approach. Again, “Gary are you awake,” accompanied by her shaking my shoulder forcefully.

Then carefully peering under my arm through very nearly closed eyelids, I spotted her kneeling. This view clearly showed the head of my cock. Then I felt a finger tip poke it. The video later revealed she was checking me regularly as I saw her hand extend out when she touched my cock.

I felt the throw being pulled up exposing more of my semi erect cock. Then I felt her hand slide over the length of it. I knew my cock would come alive feeling that. It did and it began to grow.

As I watched the video later, she was alternating between touching me and checking to insure I remained asleep the entire time.

Feeling her hand eventually encircle my cock, she lifted it and slowly gently she began to stroke it. As she did this, my cock quickly grew to rock hard. She stood and I was surprised to see her Bermuda shorts and panties join her socks around her ankles before she again knelt beside me and her hand again wrapped around my cock. This time, she was gripping it more firmly, confident that I was indeed out like a light.

I felt the throw being shoved farther off my lower anatomy as her hand began jacking me off. Threw my slitted eyelids, I could see her hand wrapped around my cock as she pumped it. I spotted my pre cum oozing from the tip and this soon was producing a smacking noise as it was coating my cock.

I heard more smacking noises coming from Pamela and the video revealed she was in fact fingering herself as she was jacking me off. I was shocked when I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock.

At this rate, I knew I would not be able to last much longer. She was no longer checking me as often but instead she was pumping my cock faster and faster. Then suddenly I felt her mouth encircle my cock head. She continued to jack me off while keeping the head of my drooling cock locked between her lips.

Now normally it takes me a little while to cum, but I imagine with the surprise of this whole situation evolving the way it surprisingly did, I was shocked to feel my orgasm approaching. Before I knew it and most certainly before Pamela knew it, I felt a powerful surge from my balls as I erupted in her warm mouth.

I have always produced an exceptionally large amount of cum when I have an orgasm. This is one of the things Debbie now likes about me the most. Today was no exception.

A thick rope of warm cum shot into Pamela’s unsuspecting mouth which caused her to reflexively jerk back. This sent the remainder of this first large spurt up across her cheek and into her eye and on up and into her hair.

As the next makrobet big spurt of cum erupted, she immediately realized it was going to make a mess and without thinking she engulfed the head of my erupting cock back in her mouth.

Several more huge streams of hot cum quickly filled her mouth. She was gagging and retching as my cum filled her mouth, but she managed to keep my cock encased there until the spurting began to subside and eventually end.

“Uuuummmmmmph, eeergghhhh, acckk, aacckkk,” she was not having an easy time of it. When she was satisfied I had stopped cumming, she released the head of my cock and it fell limply to my upper thigh with a loud smacking noise.

At the same time, Pamela fell back on her haunches and struggled to stand. The video revealed she had slapped her hand over her mouth so she did not lose any of my cum which would have obviously made a big mess.

She tried to stand up but nearly tripped and fell on me because her shorts and panties were tangled around her ankles. This plus the fact she was partially blinded because that first rope of cum had hit her in the one eye.

Holding her hand clamped over her mouth and gagging constantly I was worried she might just throw up on me. I remained motionlessly in my faked deep sleep.

Pamela on the other hand was beside herself. She spun around as if she was looking for a place to spit out my cum with her one good eye, while trying to reach her panties and shorts with her other hand. All the while she was half hunched over, retching and gagging.

For the first time, in the video I got a good look at her ass and legs and her dripping wet cunt. She had a hot body. Her ass was tight and firm and reminded me of my wife’s. Her long legs were superb. Her cunt had more hair around it than Debbie’s but it looked entirely edible for sure. Why in the world she dressed the way she did was beyond me. With her ass alone, she should have been wearing tight shorts. Even with her glasses, and overbite I can guarantee she would have been hit on.

After spinning in circles with her hand gripped tightly over her filled mouth, she suddenly stopped. The video revealed she had given up trying to reach her shorts and panties and she stood stock still. She trembled and kept her one hand clenched her mouth, while the other was balled in a fist at her side.

Then she retched again as I saw her swallow. She shook violently as she swallowed a couple more times. Tears flowed from her good eye. The other one that was coated in cum remained clenched closed. She bucked and retched but managed to swallow all of my cum.

Finally when she had managed to swallow all of my cum in her mouth, she gasped and opened her mouth to gulp in air as she tried to regain her senses. She was bent over, her delicious naked ass looking tight and firm as she drew long deep breaths.

Then she quickly reached down and pulled first her panties then her baggy Bermuda shorts up. She fastened them and bolted out of the room. I heard the door slam behind her.

She had left me exposed, with my limp drained cock lying lifeless across my thigh.

Later that evening I was sitting on the sofa reading when I heard the key in the front door.

Pamela peered around the corner and was startled to see me sitting there.

“Oh Hi Pamela,” I said gleefully. “How did you do with the two brats this morning?” I laughed nonchalantly.

Slowly and with a face as red as a beet she sidled into the living room avoiding eye contact with me.

“F-f-fine,” she mumbled almost incoherently.

“I was crashed on the sofa, I suppose you noticed. Boy I will tell you, when I take one of Debbie’s sleeping pills, I am totally and completely out of it. But that’s good though because I always seem to have trouble when Debbie is gone. Trouble sleeping that is,” I laughed.

“Oh,” she stammered. “Ah I tried to be quiet. I hope I didn’t wake you,” she lied. If bouncing two poodles off my chest is her way of trying not to wake me, I wonder what she would do if she were actually trying to wake me, I chuckled to myself.

“Are you k**ding,” I laughed. “When I take one of her pills, you could park a truck on me and not wake me,” I laughed.

She looked up at me for the first time as her beet red color began to fade.

“I have to admit, those two mutts are cute little farts aren’t they?” I laughed.

She actually smiled and looked right at me as she agreed. “Oh I love dogs; I have my Frisky you know. That’s my dogs name, Frisky,” she added.

“Ya, I see you playing with him in your back yard from time to time,” I smiled.

“He’s a bigger dog though,” I commented.

“Oh yes, I think he is mostly a Labrador, plus who knows what else. I love him and he loves to sleep with me every night,” she gushed turning a little red when she said her dog sleeps with her.

“Oh I know how dogs are,” I chuckled. “They want to be close all the time. They are great burglar alarms too,” I added.

“Oh they sure are,” makrobet giriş she agreed actually smiling. “No one could get close to me with my Frisky around,” she giggled. “Well I better feed the pups and play with them a little,” she smiled, finally calming down and confident I was completely unaware of what had happened earlier in the morning.

“Okey doke k**do,” I smiled. “Hey don’t be surprised if I am crashed on the sofa in the morning. I will probably have to take another one of Debbie’s sleeping pills. I always have trouble sleeping when my wife is gone. Believe me, you will NOT bother me, those pills knock me out cold, I chuckled.

“Ok Gary, I hope you can get some sleep,” she said as she skipped off toward the dogs kennel cage.

She fed them and played with them in the dining room area for quite a while, then stopped to say good night to me on the way out.

“You betcha k**do, and hey it was really nice chatting with you,” I smiled.

She looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a big smile. “Nice talking to you too Gary,” and she left.

The following morning I placed Debbie’s sleeping pill bottle, with the lid off and a half empty glass of water on the table by the sofa. Jumped onto the sofa and decided to pull the throw blanket completely over me. I was curious to see if Pamela would let that stop her.

With the cameras recording I heard the key in the front door. Seconds later I heard Pamela, “Gary did you take another sleeping pill?”

Then I felt her grip my shoulder and shake me vigorously, “GARY, GARY did you take another sleeping pill? GARY, GARY,” she was almost shouting in my ear.

She put the cap on the sleeping pill bottle and muttered to herself, “Well I guess you certainly did,” and she giggled.

Then I felt the throw being lifted up as she was obviously checking to see if I was again naked.

She shook me again even more vigorously this time, “Gary, GARY!” she shouted.

Thoroughly convinced I was out cold, I felt her hand slide under the throw and firmly grip my semi hard cock. She pumped it a few times, and muttered “Gary Gary Gary, what am I going to do with you,” and she giggled again.

I then heard the can opener as she had obviously gone in to feed the dogs.

Soon after feeding the dogs, she was again by my side. “Gary, Gary are you asleep?” she said loudly.

I felt the throw being pulled down completely off my naked body. My cock was a little more erect than before due to her pumping it a little earlier.

“Gary, you naughty boy,” she mumbled. “I swear, you’re as bad as Frisky,” she added with a chuckle.

This comment certainly made me curious about what she was doing with her dog.

Then I felt my cock being gripped and rubbed against bare flesh. The video revealed later that she had pulled her over large baggy sweatshirt up exposing two of the nicest looking tits I had seen in a while. Her nipples while hard and nice were no match for my wife’s, but her tits were larger than I expected and they were exceptional. Firm and jutting proudly, I could not figure why she wore what she wore and why she seemed intent on concealing them.

Gripping my cock she rubbed it around her hard nipples, alternating between each tit until pre cum began to ooze from the tip which she smeared all over her gorgeous tits. Then I felt her mouth close over my cock as her hand pumped rapidly. She sucked my cock hard as her hand rapidly jacked on it. Then she stopped and left.

The video revealed she had pulled her sweatshirt down and gone in to play with the dogs after giving them time to finish their morning snack.

She left me with my rock hard cock sticking straight up like a fucking flag pole. I was a naked as a jay bird on the sofa with the throw clumped over my feet.

I am not sure how long Pamela stayed in there playing with those dogs, but my cock was beginning to go soft on me. Suddenly I heard, “GARY, you’re NAKED!” as Pamela walked back into the living room chuckling.

She eyed me closely as she approached. “Gary are you still sleeping,” she blurted as she shook my shoulder once again.

“What am I going to do with this,” she mumbled as I felt her gripping my cock and beginning to jack me off again.

Her hand left my now rock hard cock again and the video revealed she was undoing her baggy shorts and pushing them as well as her panties to the floor. She actually left her socks and sandals on as she stepped over me carefully and balancing herself she managed to lower herself onto my erect cock.

Her cunt was dripping wet as I felt my cock penetrate her. Her pussy was tight on my cock as she sunk inch by inch lower onto me. Her long firm legs easily held her as she began to rise up and then sink down on my cock. Slowly she was rising up then sinking a bit lower each time she descended until I felt her strong firm thighs resting on mine with my cock deep in her cunt.

She began to literally vibrate as she squirmed with my cock buried in her wet cunt. I heard her moan quietly as she continued to squirm on my cock. I felt my cock suddenly drenched inside her cunt. She was having an orgasm on my cock.

Suddenly she rose all the way up and off my cock saying, “No no no, you nasty boy. I can’t get pregnant,” as she giggled.

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