My teen trap “Darla.”

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My teen trap “Darla.”
I met “Darla” through another young friend. It wasn’t a secret among these gurls that I was extremely attracted to them and very generous and appreciative of their time. Because of this, I think I became very popular with them as well.

Darla was just so incredible. So open and confident, she knew she was beautiful. She also knew exactly what men wanted, especially this man! So young, pretty and thin, I could not get enough of her, her body and her sexual appetite.

Always willing to show off and tease, she would often strip down to expose her sexy little outfits, loving to pose and show them off. She loved sexy leggings and small, tight little girly thong panties. I loved to see her in them too!

The first time I met her she wore big, dark sunglasses like a movie star in the 60’s. She could tell I like her and she could tell I wanted her. She layed back on her bed, wearing only fish net leggings, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a tight red plaid top that. overhead her slim, flat chest and those wonderful sunglasses. She opened her legs and confidently showed me her beautiful, small, hairless cock and balls.

i moved onto the bed with her and pulling her little red red thong to the side, licked her perfect little asshole and smooth, tight balls. She threw her head back, clearly loving my attention.

Then Darla rolled onto her stomach and lifted her ass up, opening herself up for me. She looked amazing! So fucking sexy! My cock raged on my pants, I wanted her so bad. I continued to lick and taste her sweet little hole and she reached behind herself and with her face flat against the bed, pulled her ass open for me with both hands.

I quickly stripped down and moved to my knees behind her. So petite, so thin and tight, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her little ass so inviting. I guided my hard, lubed cock towards her opening and rubbed the head of my dick along her beautiful, perfect little gurl pussy.

I pushed my cock inside her and Darla cried out half in pain, half in pleasure. My hands could almost touch as I held her little waist tight and pushed my cock further inside her. So fucking tight, her asshole wrapped around and gripped my dick like a vise. She reached up and gripped my wrist, wanting me to stop, at least for the moment.

I held still and let her little opening adjust to my cock before I started to move slowly back and forth and shoved more of my rock hard dick deeper into her. Hearing her breathing and moans, feeling her tight asshole around me, I was so turned on, she was just so beautiful.

Soon I was pumping my cock güvenilir bahis şirketleri into her and she was rocking back onto me. Holding her hips, I pounded her little gurl pussy and felt an intense orgasm building. Darla knew it too and and said, “Cum inside me baby!” I might be in love! I thought to myself!

I felt it build then flood out. I filled and pumped my cum deep inside her and she responded with cries of, “Yes, yes!”

I collapsed onto my side, on the bed next to her, spent and panting. Darla, now laying on her back, caressed my shoulder and ran her fingers through my hair. Her hard little cock glistening with her own pre cum. I lowered her top and exposed her hard little nipples. First rubbing them, then licking and sucking them made Darla’s cock twitch.

“Mmmm, baby” she said softly as I reached down and began to stroke her pre cum lubed up dick. Licking her nipple, I ran my fingers along the head of her cock and down her shaft, then gripping it, I stroked her hard.

”Yes, Yes!” was all I heard right before I felt her jizz splash the side of my face. I continued to lick her nipple and stroke her off as she shot stream after stream of warm cum onto her stomach, chest and my face, rocking and shaking back and forth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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