My mother,me and servant

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My mother,me and servantI m from a rich family of Contractors from Gorakhpur. I m the only son of my parents. I m 22 now. In an accident my father died 5 years back. After that My mother, me and a servant named Milan are living in a big house. A part of the house is on rent now. After my father’s death my mother who is a very educated and nice lady joined a Co-ed college as teacher. She is a very attractive a nice looking lady of 44 years. She is 5’5′ and figure of 38d-30-37. I m studying in university in final year of Becoz father left a lot of money and property we have no financial problem. We have a servant who is about 40 years old and working before I was born. He has a nice body and he looks so hard. But he is very honest and faithful for our family for a quite long time.Me and my mom are very much attached since my c***dhood. Now we are so open and talks as friends on all types of topics except sexual before some time. She has provided me all types of facilities and freeness so that I can read freely. As she was teacher so lots of students visit to our house for guidance.After last Holi, One day my friends arranged a party and invited my mother as special guest. She and me went in the party enjoyed a lot and she came back early from there. My friend insisted me to stay more so one of my friends dropped her home by car and I stayed in the party till 1 pm and drunk hard with friends. Than they dropped me at home at 1 pm. It was a hot day. Mom opened the door and after seeing me she started shouting on me as I was not walking properly as I drunk.She holds me and took me to my room. Servant was sleeping in kitchen. She was shouting and brings my bormuda and t-shirt to change my cloths. She started helping to change cloth becoz I was not able to stand properly. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I had a close look of her that time she was looking so lovely that day in nighty. I forget that she is my mother. I pressed her backward on the bed and almost jumped on her all of sudden and climbed over her. With my one hand I started lifting her nighty up than she realized that I m not in my sense but forcedly I lifted her nighty and tore the upper part of nighty. In 1 minute she was almost naked as she was not wearing any undergarments.She started shouting but I kissed her hard on her lips and made me nude also. She was resisting and abusing me loudly but I took my all clothes and started pressing her boobs and vagina which was so hairy. After seeing her nude I became mad. She was looking so lovely without clothes. I was not hearing what she was saying; I only wanted to fuk her that time. I parted her legs wide and inserted my 7 inch penis as hardly as I can. She cried loudly with pain but I started stocking her so hard with all my force. After 2-3 min somebody said wah beta wah. Maa chod rahe ho. It stricken me hard I forget that our servant was at home and he came in the room as it was open, after listening loud noises. I was pumping my mother so hard and wanted to continue becoz mummy started moving her buttocks and moaning ahh uhh ohh hmm but stopped immediately and I got full sense suddenly. I left mother she tried to cover her and I mine becoz he saw both of us totally nude. He was smiling. He didn’t say anything and started undressing himself. Oh God he has a massive penis of 8 inches and so thick and it was jerking. He went near mother and started making her nude again as she covered herself with a bed sheet. She tried to say something tipobet güvenilir mi but he told her if she resisted he will told every body that what was going on here. We both were shocked. He took bed sheet from her hand and made her nude again. He ordered mother to suk that she resisted but forcely he gave his penis in her mouth but mother didn’t started sucking his penis. I tried to go but he said stay and learn how to fuk a mom. He ordered me to come on and suck my penis. I refused but he said u will not be able to face anybody. You was fuking ur own mother. If I tell about it to any one u can understand what can happen. I was helpless so I took his cock in my mouth and suked his penis. He was moaning and pressing boobs and vagina of mummy. After 5 min he left me and took mummy towards bed.He made mummy in doggee position she was not saying anything and following his orders. She was not looking much worried and hunger for penis was looking on her face. Than he smashed his massive cock in mom’s vagina in one hard stroke. She was feeling pain as she cried ahheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but in three stocks all penis was in. Mummy’s mouth was open wide with pain but he starts pumping mother. After 10-12 stocks mom started moving her hips and sound like ohh huuuuuuu ahhhhhhh started coming. Her mouth was on bed and hip was in air in doggee position and servant was pumping her hard, and now my mother was enjoying with him saying ha ya ohhh hhhhhhhhhhh hyyyyy ueeeeeeeee and now she started shouting on me, Chodwa diya na apni maa ko naukar se, I was feeling bad but seeing this I got excited again and started masturbating seeing fuking them. He was now about to come so he made mummy in normal position and started pumping again. Now mummy was tipobet giriş about to get orgasm so She was moaning loudly yessssssss haaaaaaaa laar jor se ahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh huuuuuuuu.Than she cried ahhhhhhhhhhhh and came. Now servant’s hips were moving as a piston, he was pumping so fast in mom’s vagina and fired his semen in her. Now I was so excited again.As he finished I caught mummy again and in noraml position I parted her legs wide and inserted my cock in her vagina. Servant’s seman was there so it slided in her vagian easily. Now she closed her eyes and in full force she tried to push me back but I started pumping her hard and after 3-4 minutes she started moving her hips again in pleasure and moaning again uhhhhhhh huuuuuuu haa uhhh hmmmmm aaaa sssssss. Than she said ab kar rahe tho aur jor se maro mera phir se nikalne wala hai. I accelerated my speed and she came again and shouted ayyyyyyy huuuuu. I also fired my semen deep in her vagina.After fucking mother I came back in sense again but it was too late. Servant was holding mother again and started kissing on her hips. Than he said mummy to make doggee style again. She resisted as she was not ready for sex but he applied shampoo on her ass hole. I tried to stop him but he smiled only. Than he pushed his cock in mummy’s ass. she was crying but he fuked her ass brutely in front of me and pumped her hard. When I saw blood was coming from mummy’s ass I told him to please stop. He said ok u come now and fuk ur mother with me. Without my consent he left mummy and asked me to pump mummy’s vagina. I fucked mummy kissing her hard again. Than servant and me both ejuculated again in her vagina.Now he is so open with mother. Mom also liking his fuking as he has hard and massive cock. Now she wants him to fuk her and she don’t care of me. In front of me servant is fuking mother in the entire house and all the positions. Now I want to sack the servant but he is not ready to go and always tells me that he will tell all about I fuked my mother and bring some other his friend to sex with mummy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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