My girlfriend’s little sister

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My girlfriend’s little sister
There was this girl I kinda grew up with, her name was Jennifer. When we got into our teens we began to hang out after school and, eventually, I ended up screwing her. Now, did I think Jennie was the love of my life? Well, no, but I was getting laid in High School so I wasn’t complaining!

The summer after graduation Jennie and I were sweating out a hot summer at my house where we had a swimming pool. No air conditioning, nobody had that back in the sixties but the pool did a pretty good job of keeping us cool.

Well, one afternoon Jennie shows up with her little sister in tow. Mary was a slender, still developing type of girl and kinda pretty in her own way. She had short blond hair and tiny tits which I guess she was embarrassed about. But she was friendly and promised to “stay out of the way” meaning, If we wanted to fuck, she would make herself scarce. She didn’t even bring a bathing suit insisting she would just watch TV or something inside the house.

But it was soooo hot! Eventually Mary, or “Baby” as Jennie and her parents referred to her, had to come outside and at least dangle her legs in the pool while we swam. I joked around with her a little asking if she wanted to skinny dip or something! She actually blushed when I said that.

Jennie and I finally went inside to have some “Private time” leaving little Mary alone güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri outside by the pool. Soon we were all over each other. Jennie’s bathing suit came off leaving her gorgeously nude before me. I dropped my trunks and freed my big hard cock which she admired. Some quick kisses and then salacious penetration! I slid all of my prick up Jennie’s well lubricated pussy and we went ahead and fucked like the lovers we were. My balls slapped into Jennie’s anus as I gave her all the cock I had. My position above her afforded me a view out the window of the small tract house bedroom and, outside, there was Mary getting undressed! She took off her jeans and little crop top leaving her tiny little tits bare and just white cotton panties covering her lower body.

Assuming we wouldn’t be back for a while, Mary dove into the water and cooled herself off doing a few laps before climbing up the stairs and out of the pool. She was looking pretty good. Cute little tits jiggling, wet white panties moulded to her pussy. She bent over to lay out a towel on the chaise and her ass was doing a good job of filling out those little panties. Yeah, I was screwing her sister but, Wow! Check out that tasty teen out by the pool!

And then, then I saw Mary glance towards the window. She’d seen me! I ducked my head but it was too late. The perabet pretty teen had seen me spying on her tight little body. I laid down and finished up with Jennie but it was her little sister who’s tight body had captivated me. I emptied my balls into Jennie’s horny pussy and we laid there recovering for several minutes.

Well, I assumed little Mary would have dressed by now so I headed into the kitchen to get a pitcher of lemonade. I glanced out the sliding glass door and saw Mary now sunning herself topless by the pool. I couldn’t help myself. I went out there thinking Mary would quickly cover up but that didn’t happen.

“Catching a few rays Baby?” I smiled. She smiled in return. “I don’t have much to see anyway.” The pretty blond teen replied. I beg to differ. Her tits were small but oh, those nipples! Firm and erect, they were magnificent! Better than her sister’s.

“You don’t want to get burned out here…” I started. “Here, I’ll oil you down with some Coppertone.” I didn’t give her a chance to object. I was quickly splashing some lotion on my hands while Mary climbed over onto her stomach. I began with her back and was enjoying massaging her tender young flesh as I applied the oil.

“Mmmmm!” She responded as I neared the waistband of her panties. I wondered what she would say if I were to go inside her panties. Still, I skipped them perabet giriş and moved down to her legs. I slid my hands up and down Mary’s shapely young legs coming really close to her pussy as I applied the lotion. I felt her subtly open her legs to allow greater contact with her excitable loins.

I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I glanced at the sliding glass door to be sure her sister wasn’t coming out and then I announced “Here, you don’t want tan lines do you Baby?” With that, I took the waistband of her panties in my trembling fingers and began to slowly pull them down!

“Jeff, no!” She complained. “Don’t take off my panties! It isn’t right!” But she made no further move to stop me and I watched as all of her spectacular teen aged ass came into view! I used both hands to lubricate her and easily opened her rear cheeks so I could check out her asshole and pussy. She had just a tiny dot of an asshole. Nice and pink too and just below, the tightly closed lips of her, I assumed, virgin pussy! Yes, her pussy lips were nice and pink too and I made sure she didn’t get sunburned there! I slid my fingers all over her bare pussy while she began to moan in appreciation. Taking an extra dollop of the Coppertone, I used my middle finger to briefly penetrate her tight little asshole!

“Jeff stop it!” She barked at me. “Don’t touch me there!”

Just then I glanced at the screen door and saw Jennie in the kitchen beyond. I quickly pulled up Mary’s panties and tossed a towel over her nearly nude body. Jennie didn’t say anything when she came back out by the pool but it must have looked pretty suspicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20