My get out of Jail for Free Card

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My get out of Jail for Free Card
It all started when I needed an SD card for my phone, the old one had stopped working. I went to the electronics drawer and found one that had the right amount of storage. But before putting it in my phone I decided to first copy any folders on my computer before formatting it. It was not one of the usual brands my wife and I buy, I thought but maybe it had come with something we had bought; us both being electronic junkies.

A week passed and one Saturday while my wife, Amy, was out at some art show she had set up I decided to go through the folder on my computer. First off the sub-folders were from a brand of phone we did not even own. Maybe she had borrowed the card from a friend? There was a folder with movies. I decide to violate my wife’s privacy just a bit in the name of finding who she might owe an SD card to. The first movie was of an art show she had run. The banner said “xxxx (artist’s name, omitted for reasons you shall soon see) 2018” so I knew it was a show she had run.

There was a few more including a shot of Amy presenting some awards. She was wearing that tight little black leather dress that had turned me on so much, until it vanished. Now that I thought of it the disappearance had occurred just around the time of the show.

There were two more videos left, I almost did not play them, and then impulsively I hit the second to last one. I could not make out what was going on at first then I realized it was a point-of-view (P.O.V.) of a large black cock being jerked off by a white hand. I know you have heard illegal bahis siteleri it all “monster-sized black” and “big black dick” etc. But this one was huge. The hand wrapped around it could not encircle it entirely. I wondered was this a bit of phone-porn then suddenly it hit me, that custom made wedding ring, it was my wife’s hand wrapped around that huge cock!

I looked at the video counter and there was some twenty-three minutes left of the video. I toggled the sound bar. “Just this once. And you can’t show that tape to anyone.” She said. The man laughed and said okay. “Shit it’s so fucking big.” Amy said as she pumped his cock.

The man quietly but commandingly told her to spit on it. She lowered her grip on him and let a big thick glob of spit drip from between her ruby red lipstick coated lips and slowly land on the top of his cock head. She used both her hands to rub the spit all over his shaft making it shine in the lights of the now empty art studio. I could not believe this was happening. My memory fired-up by what I was seeing seemed to recall a very difficult artist she had built an entire show around. He was going to bolt but at the last second but then he had changed his mind. Could this be why?

Another five minutes went by watching my wife relentlessly pull on his schlong and he seemed no closer to cumming. “My arm is getting tired. Cum already.”

“Well I’d come a lot quicker if you’d kiss me.”

“I told you no kissing.” After five minutes more she asked for an assurance that kissing him would help him cum quicker. He canlı bahis siteleri told her no doubt. “Okay but understand I love my husband, this is a onetime thing.” He smiled, he was so conceited that he turned the camera around to catch them kissing on the film, his eyes hidden behind his designer sunglasses.

Somehow their kiss made me even more jealous than her jerking him off. They kissed lightly, then heavier. His hand squeezed her leather encased tits. She brushed his hand off, but after some more making out she let his hand stay there.

“Please cum already!” she said.

He made a comment that maybe her mouth could finish him quicker. She told him no way. “Come on don’t make me do that. Come on.”

“You know you want to taste it just this once.”

My wife again told him no. “How about this? You kiss it just one. One little kiss and I promise to cum within a minute.”

My wife thought it over. “You promise? No bullshit? You are not going to push the back of my head down or anything?” He smiled and promised her he would not.

She looked around real quick then she lowered her face to his cock head and gave it a nice smack of a kiss. “How’d it taste?”

My wife laughed and said “Like black cock!” she said as she started to laugh.

“Want another taste?”

She thought for a second then to my disbelief lowered her head down. Holding his cock steady with one hand she kissed his head a second and a third time. Then she opened her mouth and took his cock head in. I was jerking off at this point and my cum splattered the computer monitor.

Cursing bahis firmaları myself I stopped the movie and cleaned the sticky screen. I could not believe she was doing what I was seeing. She sucked on his shaft while she jerked him off. All the while the artist filmed her.

I finally heard him start to moan. He said he was going to come. My wife quickly took her mouth off his cock and started to jerk him off two handed. When he exploded his cum splashed her neck, her leather encased tits and stomach. For her efforts thick ropes of his sperm clung to her breasts. He kept spurting for what seemed like minutes and she kept jerking him until she had milked him clean. “Now remember, nothing to anybody.”

Laughing he said sure. “Excuse me I have to use the bathroom.” he said putting down the phone.” The phone’s camera now gave a shot of the ceiling. My wife thought about it for a moment then she quickly popped open her purse and took out her cell phone. The movie ended.

I realized what the last video was, she turned back on her phone to make sure it worked when he suddenly came back. She pretended to be taking messages. She stood up and gave him a quick kiss. Taking some paper towels she tried to wipe off her stained dress the best that she could, then she said fuck it and put on her coat. She dropped her telephone into her purse, it went dark but I could hear her heels as she walked out. Outside she hailed a cab and then reached into her purse to shut off the phone.

I did not know what to do. I never thought my wife would cheat on me. And with a black man? She had always said little racist things here and there despite her liberal leanings. I decided the best thing to do was to hold the card as a sort of “get out of jail for free card.” Maybe one day I could parlay it into a threesome with her cute little uptight assistant…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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