My first 3some with 2 guys

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My first 3some with 2 guys
It started in a bar I’ve never been to last night. I was feeling kinda wild and kinky from my long dry spell, so I decided to check out this bar that was further than my usual spot, particularly because it has a reputation for guys to hook up. It’s not exactly a gay bar, but that’s also the cover for it.

So I ordered a beer and sat down at one of the tables alone. About ten minutes later, this hot older guy came up to my table, grinning. He introduced himself as Joe and straightforwardly asked if I was looking to get fucked tonight. I tried nervously smiling, without an actual response, but he caught me staring at his erection popping up in his jeans.

“Yeah, you don’t even have to say anything, lets go to my place right now.”

He grabbed my by the arm and dragged me outside. I didn’t fight him off, nor could I, seeing as he was much bigger than me. I could already tell he was in shape, regardless of his age.

He only lived about a block down from the bar, and kept grabbing on my ass the whole way there. At this point, I was rock hard, just thinking bahis siteleri canlı about what was gonna happen at his place.

We went up to the stairs to the building and got to his door. He opened it and turned on the lights. I walked in first, and when I did, another guy with his shirt off grabbed me from behind the door. I still couldn’t say anything, but my super hard dick was saying lots.

“Look at him, Mitch, he’s already hard as hell. What a total bitch!”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off Mitch’s chiseled body. I’m a sucker for muscles and this guy’s got them. Joe kept pulling on my clothes, and before I knew it, I was out of them, completely naked. There was no way I was gonna overpower any of these guys with my much smaller body.

Joe locked the door, as Mitch put his hand on my head, lowering me to my knees. He pulled my face towards his semi hard dick, and without hesitation I went right to town on it. My mouth tried to engulf his entire 9 inch dick, but even practicing on my dildos at home didn’t prepare me for it yet. I gagged at first, but there was bonus veren siteler no way I was getting out of being facefucked like that. I gave into it, putting my hand on it too, slurping and bobbing my head like a porn star.

“Damnnnnnnn, this bitch can really suck a dick!”

Joe grabbed the back of my head and turned it towards him, making me suck on his dick instead. I still kept jerking Mitch off at the same time, and I couldn’t believe that I was living out my long awaited fantasy.

After alternating sucking and stroking their dicks, Joe pushed me onto the bed and arched my back. Mitch sat on the bed in front of my face and told me to keep sucking. While I was giving him the best blowjob I can give him, Joe kept fingering my ass with his super lubed fingers. I knew what was coming next and the anxiety was killing me.

“Oh my god, just pound it!,” I blurted out. I couldn’t help it.

They both started laughing and Joe said, “Ok, if that’s what you want, you little anal bitch!”

Before I knew it, I felt a big pressure and some pain in my asshole, deneme bonusu but I went with it. After all, I fuck my ass all the time at home with my toys. So I was arched over the bed, getting pounded like a maniac by Joe and blowing the shit out of Mitch’s perfectly sculpted dick, at the same time. I felt like a porn star, it was crazy.

Eventually, Mitch couldn’t hold off anymore and blew his load down my throat. Of course I swallowed every drop of it. God I love the taste of cum. I would guzzle it by the gallon if I could.

Joe pulled out of me and laid on the bed. Without hesitation, I got on top of him, and it was funny because I was able to insert his dick into my ass with no problem now. I started riding him like I was riding a horse, groping his hot muscular body (which turned me on even more). Him slapping my ass really got me going, as I was riding him with long, hard strokes. Eventually, he groaned really loud and blew his load right into my asshole, then pushed me off him.

Mitch was already dressed again, but still shirtless. Joe just laid there, exhausted. Without letting me even catch my breath or let my ass relax for a second, he threw my underwear at my face and told me to get out.

“Ok, you can get out now. Next time we need ass or just our dicks sucked, we’ll let you know.”

Probably one of the best nights of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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