My black step cousin (part 1)

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My black step cousin (part 1)
It was a summer day, my parents and uncles decided to go for a trip letting me and my black step cousin at home for a whole weekend so we could help each other with cooking, cleaning and so on…

We kiss our respective parents goobye and promise to be good during the whole weekend. After they go we chat for a while and each one goes do own tasks until the night. We get comfortable clothes to watch a movie before going to sleep, he says he knows a good movie which name is Kin and we should definitely watch it, I agree and we start watching the movie.

He’s only wearing a grey sleeveless shirt and dark shorts while I only wear a t-shirt and white panties I pay attention to keep covered by my shirt all the time. Besides, we are (step) cousins and know each other for years so I don’t think he would ever think of looking at me in a dirty way. I feel confindent about that.

While we watch the movie, I am actually the one who look once at his crotch, not because I intended to do that but because I notice some weird form under his pants, I can’t really believe it but I think that’s his cock. I get a little bit nervous, but I try not to think about it. As I still can’t believe it I watch a second time and assure it is indeed his cock, I can’t believe it, can a penis really be that long? I notice some tingling between my legs and decide to stop looking at it, don’t want to even think about it again. Luckily he hasn’t noticed anything so we keep watching the movie.

Then suddenly a scene comes where a black boy lifts a white girl against the wall at the right height to lick her crotch, I get shocked, really love what I’m seeing but I don’t want to get too much into it because I’m watching the movie with my step cousin. I look just a short instant at him, I think he’s smiling but I’m not completely sure, and then watch back to the TV, the scene is fortunately over already so I can relax a little, just to notice my panties are slightly wet now. I get red in the face but try to be quiet for the rest of the movie and wait for my inner tensions to go down.

When the movie finishes he asks me if I liked it, I can’t really give him an answer because I was so unfocused the whole time that I didn’t really got the plot of it, and again kaçak iddaa I don’t really know if he has some kind of wicked smile in his face when he asks or if I’m thinking too much. So I just say “yes, it was good” and tell him it’s late and want to go sleep now.

We go to the bedroom, sleep in the same one but of course separate beds. I’m glad he doesn’t seem to have had any weird thoughts about me, I think I just carried it too far in my mind and now I’m glad we talk to each other as always and can go sleep without further weird situations. It was just a movie and movies have such kind of scenes, it was just a coincidence that it was a black man doing sex to a white girl in this one, I guess…

But it seems I guessed wrong. I feel asleep and with the summer heat I remove my blankets while sleeping, I’m laying on my back, my legs are slightly open and my panties are shown because my t-shirt went up by me moving while sleeping. My step cousin actually never felt asleep, he was waiting for me to do, and as soon as he notices he steps out of his bed, quietly approaches mine and without me noticing he is stepping into my bed.

He carefully puts his face between my legs and starts smelling me through my panties, the same I wet just one hour before. I still don’t notice but I move in sleep, he grabs my thighs to avoid me changing my posture, he wants me like that, so I half notice but am still asleep. He then starts licking me through my panties, trying to get my taste through them, sticking his tongue in the entrance of my vagina and licking my slit up and down several times, I react while half asleep, I’m liking what I’m feeling but I think it’s only happening in my dreams.

He keeps licking me while watching at my face, enjoying how I like it and how my face gets red from shamefulness. I’m liking it too much, so much I start noticing it feels too real, I open my eyes half asleep just to see how he’s grabbing my thighs to keep my legs open and is sticking his tongue in my pussy as if he were fucking me with his tongue with such a pleasant expression in his face that it looks like he has never eaten something as delicious as my little white pussy before. I call him by his name, surprised make a move as if wanted to stop him but he then sticks his tongue inside me as much as he cans and I fall back kaçak bahis again, leaning my head back and enjoying it, begging him to stop, buthe doesn’t believe my words and keeps fucking me with his tongue.

I grab my sheets with my hands, totally ashamed and even more excited. I can’t believe what’s happening. I keep telling him to stop while I moan at the same time and he has no mercy and keeps licking my pussy like no one has done before. My legs start to tremble, “no please don’t…” is all I can say before I start coming. He intensifies his tongue work on me to assure that I’ll definitely can’t help coming. And so I do, I cannot control my body, I’m trembling, grabbing the sheets of my bed, and moaning, almost crying… I can’t see him but I’m quite sure he’s putting that wicked smile on his face again while he makes me come like crazy.

When it’s finally over, he looks at me, I look back at him, totally ashamed and kind of thankful too, and he says “you taste so fucking good, little cousin”, I put a timid smile on my face and he comes nearer to me, leaning his fibred body on mine and starts kissing me passionately. I close my eyes and correspond kissing him too. It’s weird not just because we are step cousins but because I can taste my own sex in his lips in our very first kiss. And I like it. I like it a lot and it reminds me what he just did to me.

He then looks at me in the eyes, his eyes are so penetrating with just the moon and the night street lamps outside as the only light sources in the room. It kind of scares me and at the same time makes me want to have sex with him. Which I think is going to happen after what he just did to me. And this time I guessed right.

He moves his hand down to his crotch, pulls out his big black cock, that same one I couldn’t believe was real under his shorts before, and leads the tip of it agains my vagina’s entrance. I take some deep breath, I’m scared, but I’m wishing it to happen. He tries to penetrate me but his cock slides up my slit. It’s big and my pussy is tight and very wet. So he tries a second time, again I take a deep breath, and he penetrates me this time, puts just the tip of his cock inside my pussy and watches my reaction, I close my eyes, I’m liking it so he goes a little further, I notice every inch going in. He slowly takes a couple of inches güvenilir bahis out of my vagina just to thrust a couple of inches more inside every time.

He’s only half way inside and I’m already feeling like he’s put almost the whole thing inside me. But his cock keeps penetrating me. He goes slowly and it starts hurting me a little, but I try not to scream or show anything because I want him to enjoy me as much as he wants. He goes further, , his cock feels like an endless snake. I start clenching my teeth. Oh god, it is so big! He sees it and pulls a little bit out of me to let me adapt to his cock. Looking at me in the eyes, I assent with my head, breathing hard, just to tell him he can go on. And then again he makes me clench my teeth, oh god, it’s really too long, but I want to please him.

He starts fucking me slowly, trying not to trespass the point where he has noticed I can take as my top, trying not to hurt me. I grab him by the shirt while he starts fucking me in a good rhythm. Oh god, he does it really well. His cock rubs my wet vagina walls, it feels so good! I think I’m enjoying it way more than him, and it’s not like he’s not enjoying my pussy. “Oh little cousin, your pussy is so tight and wet, lovely…” I can’t help but moaning when I hear his words. And he starts doing it harder. He’s fucking me really good.

He pulls my t-shirt up to watch my pale body and tits, he starts licking my breasts and smelling my sweat whlie he fucks me harder and harder. He starts moving real quick now, his cock is going deeper now and even when it still hurts a little it seems like I can finally take him completely. I’m sure when I start feeling his big testicles tapping my buttocks.

God, I’m screaming now. He’s sweating and moving like crazy between my legs. I’m again clenching my teeth and closing my eyes in a painful expression but this time he won’t stop, he rather has a wicked expression in his face, an expression of mischievous joy. He makes me come again treating me like that, my vagina starts trembling, contracting around his cock as if it wanted to swallow it completely. He gets a lot of pleasure on his dick when feeling how my vagina vibrates and can’t help coming with me together. We are both screaming like crazy, he filling his little white slut up with a big load of semen. Oh my god, it feels so good!! My orgasm seems to even last longer when I feel how he’s coming inside me. Finally we come down slowly, both full covered in sweat, exhausted and very satisfied. At least for the next couple of hours… (to be continued)

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