Mowing the Neighbor ladies grass

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Mowing the Neighbor ladies grass
While a few doors down from me is a women in late 40’s with 14 grand k**s and her youngest daughter of 16 and her boyfriend, all living in one big old house.

I see her sitting porch every day, smoking and staring off into space with k**s running around like crazy, screaming their heads off. Well without fail she was out there at 9:00 am this morning.

In her moo-moo house dress, going stir crazy, with her cigarette and coffee, staring off into the sky.

She is not the most attractive women, and right now she looks awful and awfully stressed, but she’s Milf / Gilf for sure!!!

BBW, Heavy chested and a huge Bubbly ass… Enormous.

And as it’s been getting hotter and the k**s have been driving her nuts… running around like monkeys everywhere.

She lost something in the yard, and the grass was too high for her to see whatever it was she dropped, I could see her huge tits swaying from the gape in her neck opening as she bent over and her fat ass bent over in the yard. I pulled out the lawn mower kurtköy escort bayan and asked if she would like me to cut her grass, so she would be able to find whatever she lost in the future.

She sent her daughter over to Chief Gary Park with the k**s while I cut the grass.

So I decided to go over and mow her grass for free but and well…

we got to talking and she offered me a light beer. I was sweating… I don’t have the hottest body but I am not ugly either and tan skin… I am a hot dad!!! When I came in to take a piss…

She has no door on her bathroom or her bedroom. She stood in the kitchen smoking her cigarette in straight eye shot of the toilet while I was pissing.

She caught a wide open side view of my dick and watched me as I pissed …the whole time, without missing a second.

I zipped my pants up, and noticed her room again and lying on top of her bed was two Dildos one huge pink chrome vibrator and a thick blue dildo.

We mad small talk, and she knew I saw the dildo’s as well as her staring at my dick kartal escort bayan as a pissed, just moments before. She asked me if I wanted another beer (She didn’t want me to leave)

I jumped right into conversation told her plainly I couldn’t believe she could handle having 14 grand-k**s and her daughter still living with her and her boyfriend… with no man around or any help.

She told me her secrete…

She says “I watch them play during the day, with my cigarettes and coffee from the front porch where I can keep an eye one them” “They play all day…” (I know I here them screaming and running through my yard) “which gives me a lot of joy”

she continued ….

“I cant handle anything, after my husband left me, he used to fuck me, everyday like a dog as well, I was a fuck pig, his fuck pig, he took the doors off, he never allowed the doors in private areas because he wanted the k**s too see me as his whore… and they did everyday! Now I feel terrible lost that he is gone and have a insatiable sexual hunger that kaynarca escort bayan I cant fill.

“And at night, I just get stone drunk, and fuck myself with these toys, for hours”

… I got straight to the point … “Wanna fuck”

She responded by pulling up that Moo moo and bending over that king size bed in her room contented to the kitchen a with a straight path to the back door… I told her I was afraid her grand-k**s or daughter would come back from the park and see us… coming in the back door to the kitchen…

She said “Have another beer and just fuck me…don’t worry about it”

what a freak…

she must of asked me to slap her ass 500 times…

Told me a story about how her grandpa used to put his hands down her panties on his lap… “and make her feel good”

And just before I came in her ass!!!

She told me to “Spank my ass the way you spank you whore daughters” I came so hard in that bitches ass…

had another beer and came home.

I love being helping neighbor… her daughter came over, about 20 minutes ago and said she saw 10 minutes of us fucking and threatened to call the cops on me!!!

Cause they walked in while I was balls deep in her asshole while she was screaming and talking like a whore. I told her it is your moms fault… Get a door. And I’m telling everybody!!! Bitch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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