Mother and Daughter with BBC

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Mother and Daughter with BBC
Mother and Daughter with BBC

I split from my husband on when I turned 50. To be totally honest best thing I ever did. About 6 months later my Daughter bless her decided I needed some fun.
She was 24 at the time. She is hot really hot. She has straightened long blonde hair. 5ft 10 Size 12 with a C cup chest. Slender tanned sexy body. She is extremely attractive with green eyes that guys melt in. Be unlucky for men who want to be with her. Shes not the relationship type. She phoned me up and said to meet her at a property she manages at 1 o clock. Also to dress up nice.
I meet her there she is wearing a blue tightly wrapped short sleeved top around her body with a keyhole in the front showing her amazing cleavage buttoned under her neck. Black coat again tight buttoned under her breasts. A short loose orange skirt and blue high heels strapped around her feet.
” Hi Mum ” she said hugging me.
” Hi ” I said.
” Have a surprise for you ” she said.
I wore a tight red dress with a round neck with short sleeves white high heels and a black belt around my dress. The dress was short.
” Wonderful ” I said as we walked through the gate to the apartment block.
We got to the lift and walked in going to the tenth floor.
” Brace yourself ” she said walking to a door swiping a card in the swiper the door clicking open. I followed admiring my daughters legs and arse. Her long blonde hair down her back. This was a upmarket apartment. I looked out the lounge window the view of downtown and the Auckland harbour.
” Wow ” I said ” Nice ”
” View from the bedrooms nicer ” she said.
I walked into the master bedroom. Not expecting to see him. An african american guy 6 ft bald handsome wearing a suit.
” Hello ” he said introducing himself
” Hi ” I replied as my daughter hugged him kissing his lips.
” Who is this ” I said
” Chris ” she said. ”
” Chris ” I questioned.
” Yes hes my man and I want to share him with you. ”
” Your man and share him with me. ” I said knowing exactly what she meant.
” He’s been seeing me for a year. ” she said. ” Lets have a threesome. ” She replied.
” Threesome ” I said.
” He had a mother daughter fantasy. ” She said.
” How old is he ” I said
” 39 ” he replied.
” 39 ” I said you’re 24.
” Yes my daughter replied. ” He’s got a big cock. ” she undid his belt and trousers and sat on the bed her legs open pulling his trousers to the floor his cock springing out. ” See ” she said stroking it and sliding his knob into her mouth looking at me. I must admit seeing this monster did something illegal bahis siteleri to me. Watching my daughter suck this cock. Wow. I sat next to her watching her lick his circumcised knob and his thick shaft.
“Give mum a turn” He said.
My daughter presented me with his cock. I grabbed it sliding my lips down his shaft. I sucked it as my daughter watched. I circled his knob with my tongue as she licked and kissed his shaft. Then we swapped around.
Kim smiled at me as we sucked it. I couldn’t wait to get it into my pussy.
” So you’ve fucked my daughter ” I said to him.
” Yes ” he said.
” We had a threesome with another guy too ” Kim said to me smiling.
” Really ” I replied.
” Yeh ” she said ” It was wonderful “. I stood up and unbuttoned his shirt sliding it off his back. His solid chest and six pack. His hairless balls and groin. I kissed his lips as he caressed my bust. We french kissed as Kim sucked his cock groaning. He slid his hand to my belt undoing it dropping it to the floor. I felt his hand slid to my arse squeezing my cheeks his other hand groping my bust.
” Your a sexy woman ” he said ” Just like your daughter “.
” Thanks ” I said as he slid a hand up my dress feeling my bare arse cheek. He ran his fingers down my G String over my anus to my pussy. Rubbing me. I groaned as he kissed me. Kim put her hand on my outside thigh and ran it up my leg holding his cock with her other sucking his cock. Chris reached behind me unzipping my dress all the way to my hips. He pushed it off my shoulders revealing my black bra. I helped him slid it off my body dropping it to the floor standing there now in my bra and pantys.
” Nice cleavage ” he said groping my tits squeezing them. He leant in kissing my cleavage as he fondled them. My daughter rubbing my arse cheeks. Chris unclasped my bra pulling it off. My breasts falling out. He sucked my nipples and breasts squeezing and fondling them.
” Your turn Mum. ” Kim said. I sat down taking his cock sliding my lips down his shaft stroking it with my hand. Kim sat next to me kissing his shaft and reached over to fondle my breasts.
” Nice Tits aye Kim. ” Chris said.
” Yeh . Now you know where I got mine from. Kim sat back taking off her jacket and undid the button near her neck she lifted the top over here head revealing a red bra. Her erect nipples visible through the fabric.
” Bring those tits here ” Chris said. She stood up as I sucked his cock. He squeezed them kissing her bust. Again he slid his hand to her arse up her skirt. I saw canlı bahis siteleri her red G-String as he pulled her close kissing her lips she had a hand on his chest as he groped her arse and breasts. I heard him groan.
” Gonna cum Babe ” Kim said.
She sat down next to me.
” Fuck ” he said as I sucked harder.
” Make the wanker cum. ” Kim said. Chris held my head forcing my up and down his shaft. Seconds later he took it out. Kim opened her mouth next to his knob as I did waiting. Then he cum shooting his semen over out faces and chest. It ran down my chin to my breasts. He shot over Kim. Semen running down her chin to her breasts and inside and over her red bra.
God I thought. Here I am naked with my half naked daughter sucking cum off a cock that’s fucking my daughter who is 15 yrs older than her. It was enjoyable.
” Nice Mother ” Kim said.
” Yes ” I replied.
” Cool ” she said as we both stood up Chris caressed my breasts and Kissed Kim.
Kim removed her bra exposing her beautiful shaped tanned breasts. Her small nipples standing hard and erect. Chris lay me down on the bed and opened my legs. He knelt between my legs admiring my body. He rubbed my pussy circling my clit. He then kissed my lips then down kissing each nipple circling them with his tongue. I groaned as as he did it. My nipples and clit at the same time. He kissed down my chest to my pussy kissing my clit then circling it with his tongue as he slid his hand to my nipples rubbing them. He pushed hard with his tongue pleasuring me. He slid two fingers deep in my pussy as he licked me out. He looked up at Kim.
” Suck her tits ” he said .
Kim lay next to me and caressed my breasts. She sucked my nipples as Chris pleasured my pussy with his tongue. I reached over fondling Kim’s breasts as she slid a finger to my clit rubbing it as Chris worked further down my pussy with his tongue. Pushing it deep inside between my pussy lips.
He then stood up his huge cock waving in front of me. He grabbed it finding my pussy slid it deep inside me. I groaned as it entered me. Chris smiling as he pushed it in me and slowly fucked me in and out.
” Is that nice Mum.” Kim said as Chris fucked me. See fondled my breasts as she looked up at me.
” Fuck yes ” I said. As Chris watched his cock slid in and out of me. Kim stood up undoing her skirt dropping it to the floor. She then slipped her underwear off stepping out of them. I admired her naked body those breasts and her shaved pussy. She stood next to Chris kissing his lips. Chris fondled her bahis firmaları breasts as he fucked me. He then sucked her nipples Kim holding his head. After a few minutes. Kim lay down.
” Eat your daughters pussy. ” Chris said. We got into a 69. The view of her pussy was amazing. She lifted her leg bending it I leant over licking her pussy lips up to her clitoris licking it with my tongue. She groaned as I pleasured her she rubbed my pussy with her fingers watching Chris cock fuck me. Chris then withdrew he lay behind me lifting my leg guiding himself in me. Kim licked my pussy as Chris fucked me. He caressed my breasts from behind kissing my neck as I licked Kim’s pussy.
” Daughter taste nice. ” he said.
” Yes ” I replied.
Again he withdrew and lay down.
” Get on. ” He said. I got up straddling his groin Kim guided his cock to my pussy as I slid down it. Chris admiring my breasts as I rode him up and down. Kim straddled his face facing me. Chris gave her oral sex as we held each other. I rode his cock as he pleasured my daughters pussy. Kim groaned as he fingered pussy. I leant back resting my hands on his knees as I rode his cock. Kim reached out caressing my breasts.
5 minutes later Kim got off. I was now on my hands and knees on the bed. Chris stood over me he held my hips as he did deep in me doggy style. Kim lay in front of me. I began to eat her pussy as Chris fucked me. I circled her clit with my tongue. I slid my fingers inside her finger fucking my daughter. Chris slapping against me as his cock fucked me harder. I groaned and moaned. Kim got up and Chris withdrew 5 minutes later and rolled me onto my back he spread my legs putting his cock back in. He fucked me harder and harder I orgasmed for the second time as he kept fucking me.
” Fill her pussy. ” Kim said sitting next to me rubbing my clit. Chris groaned and let go. He filled my pussy with his cum filling it up.
” Fuck ” he said as Kim kept rubbing my pussy. ” Eat it out of her ” he said withdrawing. Kim got between my legs and started licking his cum out of my pussy. She then slid his cock in her mouth licking it clean then back to my pussy. Chris got onto the bed and slid it in my mouth. I tasted him and my juices as I cleaned his cock.
Afterwards I sat up. Kim stood reaching behind her head bunching up her hair and letting it go Chris stood up and slapped Kim’s arse. We talked for a couple of minutes. I got up and showered. Kim and Chris sat on the bed kissing and fondling. After showering I walked out to the kitchen. Chris and Kim stood naked drinking wine.
” Wine Mother ” she said holding out a glass. I grabbed it and took a sip.

We sat on the sofa and talked. I then watched Chris fuck my daughter. We them all dressed and left.

I still think about that day I was the most memorable sex I’ve had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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