Morning Surprise

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Everyone in this story are over 18 years of age.


Anal sex has become a regular part of our sex life. This suits me as Leanne refuses to go on the pill (worried about medical side effects) and I don’t much like using condoms; I also think of fucking her round ass all the time.


Last night was big, dancing and drinking at our favorite nightclubs til early in the morning. A friend of Leanne’s, Tracey, was with us and spent the night in our spare bedroom. She is a petit brunette, training to be a nurse. Leanne had an early Uni class so Tracey and I were alone for breakfast. She looks cute in her trainee nurse’s uniform; it’s tight across her breasts, her legs covered by tight pantyhose.

We make polite chit chat over the breakfast table until there is a pause in our conversation.

“Ah, did Leanne mention her… suggestion…?” Tracey slowly asks.

“No,” I had no idea where this was going.

“Well… last night she said I could have sex… with you… if I wanted.”

“I would have remembered her saying that… do you want to?” I ask, no point beating around the bush.

We sit across the table from each other, our gaze locked.

“Do… you… want to?” She quietly asks.

I take her hand and lead her to the stairs up to my bedroom without saying a word.

Halfway up the stairs she turns to me and asks, “Should we wait for Leanne… to get home… so she can join us?”

I answer by cupping her compact ass through the fabric of her nurses uniform. I lift the skirt up revealing her black pantyhose clad legs, white panties gracing her ass. Her bum is round and compact, bouncing slightly, as if asking for something; feeling naughty I spank her ass cheek lightly. Tracey yelps with surprise and pleasure and wiggles her butt in my face. I slowly pull her plain white panties down – all that covers her sex is her sheer black hose. Rubbing her pussy through the tight nylon I can feel her wetness growing; she pushes back against my hand. I probe her crotch stretching the pantyhose tight over her ass, a fabulous sight; I feel her inner heat and dampness – I can smell her sex.

Finger fucking her with one hand through her pantyhose I slap her ass cheek hard this time. Tracey yelps but doesn’t ask me to stop. Taking this as consent I proceed to redden her bum with a series of hard smacks. Her cheek glows hot and red through the hose. I remove my hand from her pussy and place them on her lips. Tracey’s tongue slips between her lips to lick her juice from my fingers. I fuck her mouth with two fingers and take that wetness back to her hungry pussy.

She spreads her legs, opening herself up to me. I pull the pantyhose up high – her sex spread open to me. I rub her anal opening with my thumb and spear into her cunt with my middle finger. It’s sexy that her pantyhose are stoping me from full digital penetration of her willing openings. I tear at the crotch of her hose, cool air suddenly on her bare sex. Bending her at the waist I lap at her dripping pussy, drinking her wetness, sucking her fat clit right into my mouth.

“Ohhhh!” Is the first sound to leave Tracey’s lips on the stairs.

I lead her by the hand to my bed.

We stand looking into each other’s eyes; I had never really looked at Tracey before. I am taken by her pixy face, deep green eyes, a cute up turned nose and straight bobbed raven hair.

I quickly undress her, unzipping the nurse uniform, she stands there in her bra and pantyhose torn at the crotch, her pussy lips peaking out. The bra comes off in a twist – pert breasts crowned by small hard nipples. I discard my own clothes to the floor and pull her to me, sucking her mouth and running a finger across her ass crack and deep into her open pussy.

“Before we… I need… to put in… my… thing,” she whispers, embarrassed.

“Your what… thing…?” I ask.

“Ammm, my… birth control thing… My cap.”

“Show me,” I tell her.

Tracey fishes out a tube of KY jelly and a black case.

“You sure I can’t… go to… the bathroom… to do this?” Tracey begs.

“No… I want canlı bahis to see… everything.”

With trembling hands she takes out her Dutch cap, spreads her thighs, squirting KY lube liberally on the device. This she inserts into her spread pussy, her hand almost vanishing up her cunt to get it in place. When she goes to wipe her lubed hands on my bed sheets I place my cock in her hands and wank myself with her slippery fingers.

Tracey lays back on the bed pulling me to her by my stiff rod, lining it up to drill straight into her wet well. I hold her face in my hands as I kiss her madly, my cock sliding effortlessly up her. The tip of my dick feels the cap over the opening of her cervix. I lift her hips so the top of my shaft rubs against her G spot; a shudder passes through her. My eyes never leaving hers as a push my cock into her.

Leaning back I continue fucking full strokes into her hot box; a sweaty sheen covers her compact tits; her stomach flexes in at the end of my thrust; her legs are crossed on my ass pushing me further in; my sweaty balls slam on her puckered anus. It is amazing to be fucking her pussy without wearing a condom, her love tunnel is satin smooth.

Cupping both butt cheeks in my hands I spread them as far as I can, allowing me to drill deeper into her pussy. I slide a sneaky finger over and rest it on her butt hole, pushing ever so gently.

“Leanne told me about your backdoor adventures.” Tracey whispers. I wonder how much Leanne has shared with her friend.

I have a feeling that Tracey is expecting something; I snake one finger up her butt; it slips easily all the way in, her breathing quickens. I pull my cock out of her sweet pussy and place my bell head at her anal opening and push in. It easily passes her first anal ring but the second is like a brick wall. I pick her up and flip her over onto her hands and knees and try again. This time I slide easily all the way in, her ass swallowing my cock to the hilt.

Reality strangely calls to me: “What time is it?” I wonder; Leanne will be home from class soon.

Knowing our time alone was quickly coming to and end I piston in and out of her tight ass, riding her like a bolting stallion. Not long now. One last punishing thrust and my cum spews out filling her back passage. Tracey grunts and we fall tangled together onto the bed.

A few minutes later I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and look to the door to see Leanne peak into our bedroom.

“You guys having fun?” She asks.

Tracey jumps a little at this, my soft cock falling out of her ass, cum dribbling from her puckered opening trickling over her butt cheek.

“What you been up to?” Leanne asks, knowing full well what has been happening.

“Show her,” I command Tracey.

She is a bit confused as to what is happening here; she looks at me appealing for me to stop. I stare back hard and she opens her legs slightly.

“No! On your HANDS and KNEES and SHOW her.”

Reluctantly Tracey couches like a dog on my bed, pointing her bum in the air burying her face in the sheets in shame. I smack her ass cheek hard, “Spread your ass, she wants to SEE!” She reaches back pulling her buns apart, I can see my cum oozing out of her. Leanne and I share a grin at the lewd sight.

“Chris likes that, doesn’t he?” Leanne asks.

Leanne steps forward sticking her finger up Tracey’s pussy. I quickly undress Leanne at the same time, squeezing her large tits. I push her to Tracey’s dripping hole and rub her hard nipple up the wet slit to catch the dripping cum. She pulls her breast up to lick off the cum that has just dripped out of Tracey’s ass. It is a spectacular sight, my cock is hard again in my hand.

I push Leanne under Tracey, her dripping hole over her face, and drive my cock back into Tracey’s cum filled ass. In the tight space back there my pumping pushes more jizz out of her quivering asshole. Leanne cranes her head up to lick my spunk off Tracey’s pouting cunt lips, spooning my balls at the same time.

I have almost forgotten Tracey is there, her ass is only a toy for my cock, something bahis siteleri to be used, a thing to be used by Leanne and myself. I want to try and drown Leanne in cum. I push Tracey’s ass down so her clit it wedged in Leanne’s mouth. As I fuck Tracey’s bung hole I force my hand deep into her cunt, wanting to rip her open, knowing she wants this.

Tracey is gasping from this assault. I rub against her G spot and her flood gates open. I had not seen a woman squirt before and was blown away as Tracey starts to spray her own cum over Leanne’s face and breasts.

I fall over the edge and start my own orgasm; first ropes sprayed up her ass, then I pull out and continue ejaculating on her ass, on her cunt lips, on Leanne’s open mouth. As my orgasm subsides I push my still hard cock back into her ass, forcing my cum out and on to Leanne’s face.

I pull Tracey back onto Leanne’s full breasts, my cock still deep inside. I side out and between Leanne’s titties, more cum running out and onto her waiting nipples. She laps up my pooling cum like a kitten with cream. She pushes her nipple into Tracey’s pussy, squelching up to tit fuck her still gaping ass hole.

What a fantastic morning!


We lie there tangled together on my bed getting our breathe back; their cum and my jizz a heavy scent in the air, together with the earthy smell of ass.

Tracey sits up, “I need to pee, the coffee has gone right through me”.

“There’s a potty on the floor over there” Leanne challenges her to push her boundaries, as well as our own.

Tracey looks nervously from the potty to me and then back to Leanne.

“Bring it over here, I want to watch you go”, Leanne demands.

Tracey gets up squeezing her legs together, her hands covering the mess dripping from her ass and pussy, and bending over clumsily she slides the potty towards the bed.

“Do it with your ass facing us so I can see the cum drip out too!” Leanne orders. I can see she is getting turned on ordering Tracey about.

Tracey must have been too slow to follow her order so she lands a cracking slap on Tracey’s ass cheek. A bright red hand mark forms there. Tears start to run down her face. Leanne smacks her hard again, “I said PISS for me!”

Tracey’s face is wet from her tears of shame, a little trickle of urine runs from her pussy folds to splash in the tin potty. Leanne fingers her cunt lips pushing piss back up into her, I hear a squelching noise. I can feel myself hardening yet again.

Tracey’s trickle has become a fast flow rushing around Leanne’s hand; she continues finger banging her as her morning coffee piss splashes into the potty. I hear Tracey moan out loud, an orgasm building.

This has really been a morning of firsts – water sports is one thing I could never have ever imagined being part of, strangely I find it arousing; Tracey is on all fours pissing herself as Leanne crouches behind her fucking her sopping cunt with her own ass pointing into the air. Tracey builds to a huge orgasm and squirts her lady jizz again. I move up behind Leanne and rub my throbbing cock up her wet slit and centre on her puckered anus, pushing my way in.

As I slowly bugger Leanne I ask her, “Do YOU need to piss?” As my cock bottoms out I reach under her pushing up onto her bladder.

“Hmmm”, moans Leanne nodding.

“Let… it… go…” I whisper into her ear.

A small dribble falls from her lips into my cupped hand. I bring it up and sprinkle it onto her beautiful curved ass; it slowly runs from there down her back. She giggles saying, “That tickles”.

I grab hold of her just above her hips and walk her towards Tracey, my cock still deep in her butt, forcing her to straddle Tracey’s own spread ass. In this position I push onto her bladder and her piss sprays over Tracey’s exposed cunt and ass, either running down her back and onto her hair or splashing into the potty. Both the girls are rubbing their clits hard and moaning; I start to slam hard into Leanne’s butt. A dirty thought crosses my mind; I stop thrusting and concentrate on my own bladder. As my erection subsides bahis şirketleri I manage a slow stream of piss into Leanne’s plugged colon.

Leanne’s hand is a blur rubbing her hard clit, I can feel her orgasm nearing; I want to cum at the same as her. I stop pissing up her ass and start fucking in and out, my cock quickly stiffening.

“Yeah!” She moans.

The feeling of my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her warm piss filled asshole is indescribable. As my thrusts speed up pee is forced out, dripping over her cunt lips and then onto Tracey’s ass. I can feel every ridge of her ass as I slide in and out; she’s super tight at the entrance, the rings squeezing, then loosening as I go deeper, my cock end swirling in my own warm piss as I bottom out, my ball sack smacking on her pee dripping pussy. I can feel my cum boiling – ready to erupt deep in Leanne’s rectum.

Leanne can tell I’m about to blow my load and is close herself and pulls Tracey’s face to her pussy forcing her to suck on her swollen clitty, slimy with her cum and my piss. I feel Tracey’s finger on my own ass opening, it’s slick and slips easily in and she starts to milk my prostate. “Fuck”, I’m not going to last long. I hammer faster and harder into her sloppy asshole Tracey’s finger pushing me over the edge.

I scream at the top of my voice as I erupt into her butt, churning the pee and cum into white soup; the girls moan together as I slowly pull my softening cock out. Leanne’s anus gapes open; I tilt her hips back and down. My cum and piss runs out of her gaping hole, over her splayed pussy to gush into Tracey’s open mouth.

“Wow. What. The. Fuck!!” I think to myself.

I have never seen anything remotely like this.

Leanne lays back on my bed and Tracey proceeds to spit the cum piss soup she collected onto Leanne’s sweaty tits, massaging my jizz around her hard nipples. These girls are driving me crazy! I’ve cum three times this morning but my cock is hardening again! I push Leanne’s legs up to her shoulders, squeezing her large, wet tits together. Her sex is wide and dripping; there is a constant dribble of piss and cum from her loose shit hole. Tracey straddles Leanne’s face and grinds her pussy down, moaning as her clit is sucked.

What a spectacular sight! My girlfriend spread on the bed, covered in my piss and jizz, sucking on her friends piss soaked cunt, sex heavy in the air, my aching still cock in my hand. Tracey is heading for an orgasm and Leanne is wanking her own clit. I lean forward and suck on Leanne’s nipples, my cock rubbing on her wet slit; I work it back and forth and line the hard, sticky cock head up on her puckered anus.

“Again!” she squeals in surprise.

My answer is my rod burying itself all the way up her soaked ass. It’s still slick with my load of piss and cum, but thicker. I stroke up there, my nuts bashing her spread buns, I look up at the beautiful sight of Tracey’s ass spread to me, Leanne’s mouth clamped on her cunt and her slimy breasts heaving in pleasure. She reaches for Tracey’s ass and slips her finger ALL THE WAY IN.

Taking the hint I pull out and replace her finger with my 7 inches easing it all the way in, in one thrust. I feel Leanne’s hot breathe on my ball sack, then her tongue, then her mouth sucking my nuts into her open mouth.

Counting I fuck Tracey’s arse hard, long strokes in and out, ten times; each time slapping my balls against her cunt lips and Leanne’s open mouth. At ten I pull out and fuck Leanne’s ass hard with 10 long thrusts, I hope the counting will delay my orgasm. At 10 I move back to Tracey’s butthole; I swap as quickly as possible between each of my fuck holes. My climax is building and I have to decide which asshole to unload up…

I look at Leanne’s beautiful, ample tits and slip from Traceys ass and straight between her love mounds. I push forward until she sucks the head of my cock into her mouth.


More jizz than I thought possible sprayed over Leanne’s tits and smiling face. I rub my cock in my man goo and then shove the semi hard monster up into Tracey’s cunt mashing jizz all over her. I thrust one more time and collapse on top of her, my cock still buried in her quim, and plant of wet kiss on my beautiful sexy girl’s lips.

As I drift off in a post coital bliss I wonder where we will go from here…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20