Morning Rituals

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He stepped into the shower and imagined her to be doing the same. How many times have they both woken up horny, only to have to hurry up and run off to work…

The hot water of the shower slowly begins to wake him up as he lets it cascade down his body. The warmth of the water, relaxes him and he begins to wash his hair, taking the shampoo in his hands he pours out a small amount and lathers up his head.

As he continues his morning ritual, he thinks back to the dream he was having, watching this beautiful woman masturbate for him. She was stunning in every aspect; of course he was dreaming, so why wouldn’t she be. And as he grabs the soap and begins to lather up his hands, his thoughts cause his cock to stiffen. He washes his arms as his erection grows and he moves from his arms to his chest, taking time to rub his nipples as they too have become aroused. Moving down his stomach, the soap bubbles build around his erection. He washes his sack slowly, feeling it tighten with his arousal. Slowly, stroking his cock, he moves his hands to his thighs and washes his legs and ass. Closing Casino oyunları arasında en güvenilir slot siteleri arayışınız varsa eğer sitesi üzerinden slot siteleri listesine ulaşabilirsiniz. his eyes he can see her as she, too, begins her day…

She has woken up from a wonderful dream, only to realize that her lovers were not really there. Yes, lovers, she realizes as the memory of the two men she was with in her dreams cuts through the fuzziness of her waking up. Looking around she realizes it’s time to get ready for work, but the warmth and wetness between her legs begs for attention and release. She gets out of bed and grabs a couple of toys as she heads for the bathroom.

She starts the shower and begins to slowly pull her nightshirt up over her head, allowing her wonderful breasts to come into view. Looking at herself in the mirror, she realizes her nipples are still hard and aroused from her dream. Reaching up with her hands, she cups her breasts and slowly free spin runs her fingers over her aroused nipples, eliciting a small moan from her lips. She smiles to herself thinking of her wonderful lovers in her dream and her right hand drops down to her pink cotton panties and rubs her mound through the soft material. She stops rubbing herself long enough to pull her panties down to her ankles and off. Standing up, she continues to let her hands massage her body as she watches herself in the mirror. She can feel herself becoming more aroused and wet, as she slides her hand down back between her legs, this time allowing her middle finger to part her labia, feeling how wet she is.

The warm water continues to cascade over his body as he keeps washing himself all over again. His erection very hard now as he continues to imagine her playing with herself, spreading her legs, sliding her hands up and down her thighs and pussy. His right hand grips his cock harder and he begins stroking himself slowly matching her movements as his dream plays over in his mind. Watching her masturbate is the hottest thing he can imagine, other than being there himself to pleasure her and he strokes his cock with his hand, causing more soapy bubbles to cascade down around his balls. Reaching down with his left hand he cups his sack, gently squeezing as he continues rubbing his dick with the other hand. Still stroking his cock, he slides his middle finger of his left hand over his asshole, causing a small shudder down his spine.

Stepping into the shower, she lets the hot water wake her up and cascade down over her breasts and stomach, mixing with the wetness already between her legs. Turning around she gets her hair wet, grabs the shampoo and lathers up her hair. All the time, thinking back to her dream and those two wonderful cocks and what they did to her. Already more than aroused, bonus veren siteler she grabs the soap and lathers up her hands. She again, cups her breasts, washing all of them, sliding her hands and fingers over her aroused, erect nipples. Continuing her shower, she washes her arms and shoulders, allowing the soothing water to run down over her shoulders and neck. Gathering more soap onto her hands, she slides them down to her thighs and legs, bending over she caresses her calves and feet. Standing back up, she washes her pussy and ass, sliding her hands back and forth over and around both orifices. She’s glad she has brought both her toys with her into the shower this morning. Closing her eyes, she sees her two lovers before her, ready to pleasure her as only they know how. One of them kneels before her and begins to lovingly lick at her wetness as the other steps forward and cupping her breasts, bends down to take one nipple into his mouth. She moans quietly as she bends down to retrieve her toys.

One of them is small and metallic, very smooth and the other is a pink jelly shaped penis. She has used her toys by themselves, but never together, until now. With her pink toy in her right hand and her smaller one in her left, she slowly begins to explore her pussy and ass as her thoughts return to her two lovers. She is straddling one of her lovers now as he lays on his back, slowly lowering her body down to meet his as her other lover kneels behind her and reaches around to play with her tits. Putting one foot up on the tub, spreading her legs, she slowly inches her pink penis up inside her. Her pussy is so wet and aroused the toy slides up inside her easily and she uses her little vibe to stimulate her clit as she grinds slowly down onto her hand. Closing her eyes, she feels the hardness of her lovers cock behind her against her ass, and takes deneme bonusu veren siteler her smooth vibe and plays with it against her asshole. As she continues to ride the lover below her, the lover behind her places his cock against her backdoor and slowly pushes in. She relaxes as she slides the toy into her ass, loving the feeling of the two cocks inside her, just like in her dream.

Still all sudsy from the stroking and the soap, he continues to watch her pleasure herself, while he strokes himself, still very slowly. It’s beginning to become difficult to maintain control. He loosens his grip on his cock, still stroking gently, while his left hand wanders below his balls to gently stroke his ass again. He imagines her with his cock in her mouth, using one of her hands to play with his ass, while she continues to suck him deep into her wet mouth. Increasing the pressure on his ass, he begins to stroke faster, longing for that release. He knows he’s close as his balls tighten up and he finally shoots his load out against the shower walls, keeping his eyes closed; she swallows his load in his dreams. Only in his dreams.

Her two lovers continue to give pleasure to both her pussy and ass, as she begins to quicken the pace, pushing each toy in as deep as possible and grinding her pussy down onto her hand. The vibe in her ass feels wonderful and she tries her best to keep it in, while also plunging her pink toy in and out of her pussy. As in her dream, it doesn’t take much to bring her to the edge and as she gives her jelly penis one final thrust into her pussy, she bites her lower lip as she comes. The warmth of the shower continues to wash over her as her orgasm subsides. Content and satisfied, she pulls her toys out, a sigh of regret escaping her lips. She rinses off and shuts off the water.

He steps out of the shower after rinsing off and begins to towel himself dry, still thinking of watching her, hoping to see her again in his dreams. He looks forward to another work day with a smile on his face.

Wrapping her robe around her as she steps out of the shower, she smiles to herself as she, too, looks forward to another wonderful day at work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20